The General Willich No. 543 GAR Post - Haubstadt, IN

The General Willich Post No. 543
Grand Army of the Republic, Haubstadt, IN


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GAR Post 543
Haubstadt, Indiana
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Left to right, standing in back row: Seraphin Petitjean (Private, Co. G, 91st Indiana), Henry Willem (Private, Co. F, 80th Indiana.), Joseph L. Schafer (Private, 6th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery?), Christian Reister (Captain, Co. D, 32nd Indiana), Fred Wehmer, John M. Wolf (1st Lieutenant, Co. F, 80th Indiana), Adam Handel (Co. E, 7th Illinois Cavalry), Jacob Lynn (8th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery), and Charles Riffert (32nd Indiana?).  Left to right, sitting in front row: Nick Adler (Private, Co. D, 91st Indiana), George Ulsomer (Private, Co. A, 63rd Indiana), Adam Emmert (Private, Co. F, 80th Indiana), and Joseph Singer (Private, Co. F, 80th Indiana). 

This photo was taken prior to 1893 in front of the Emmert Drug Store in Haubstadt.  

Special thanks to the following people who helped to make this photo available on this web site: Roger Emmert, Bernie Emmert, James U. Lamey, Sharon McClure Lamey, Bill Marshall, and Scott Cantwell Meeker.

GAR Post # 543
Roster of Charter Members
January 19, 1889

Source: Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records



Age Birth Place Occupation


1 Saraphin Petitjean 45 Germany Saddler 91st Ind. Inf.
2 George J. Senents 46 Indiana Carpenter 80th Ind. Inf.
3 Andrew Ervin 45 Indiana Farmer 80th Ind. Inf.
4 Nick Adler 52 Germany Farmer 91st Ind. Inf.
5 Joseph Singer (Not Mustered)        
6 Joseph L. Schafer 44 Indiana ? 38th Ind. Inf. (?)
7 Henry Willem 50 Germany Farmer 80th Ind. Inf.
8 Christian Reister 63 (?) Germany Tailor 32nd Ind. Inf.
9 Wm. Kitchen 45 Indiana Farmer 10th Ind. Cav.
10 John Wolf 40 New York Carpenter 32nd Ind. Inf.
11 Charles Holmes (?) 41 Ohio Farmer 32nd Ind. Inf.
12 George Ulsomer 44 Germany Blacksmith 63rd Ind. Inf.
13 Charles Riffert 44 Germany ? 32nd Ind. Inf.
14 Adam Emmert 48 Germany Carpenter 80th Ind. Inf.
15 Adam Handel 60 Germany Shoemaker 7th Ill. Cav.


GAR Post # 543
Officers Elected and Installed
January 19, 1889

Christian Reister P. C.
Wm. Kitchen S. V. C.
Joseph L. Schafer J. V. C.
Saraphin Petitjean O. D.
Andrew Ervin O. G.
George Ulsomer Chaplain
Henry Willem Q. M.
George J. Senents Adj't.

 A.J. McCutchan, Farragut Post No. 27, Mustering Officer



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