The History and Organization of Companies B, C, and H, 42nd Indiana Volunteers, From Goodspeed, 1885

The History and Organization of Companies B, C, and H,
42nd Indiana Volunteers

Source: History of Warrick, Spencer, Perry Counties, Indiana. 
Goodspeed Bros. & Co. Publishers, 1885.  pp  381-382

Early in September, 1861, two companies not quite full, were sent to Camp Vanderburg for the Forty-second Regiment. These men became Companies B and C and were officered during the entire war, as follows : Company B—Cyrus W. Medculf and Joseph M. Kirkham, Captains; Elijah Enlow, J. M. Kirkham and James E. Rust, First Lietenants; Thomas J. Jackson, J. M. Kirkham, J. E. Rust and Alamander C. Anderson, Second Lieutenants; Company C—Alfred Myler, John A. Scammahorn and Thomas B. Jones, Captains; Samuel D. Smith, Worthington W. Combs, William M. Jones. Thomas B. Jones and George T. Shook, First Lieutenants; W. \V. Combs, W. M. Jones, Ephriam C. Grigsby, G. T. Shook and James H. Carlton, Second Lieutenants. Company C was mustered into the three years' service mainly, October 9, and Company B, October 30. About the time these companies left the county another left, going from the vicinity of Gentryville. It became Company H. of the Forty-second Regiment, and was mustered in by squads during the month of October. Its officers during the war were James H. Bryant, Gideon R. Kellams, Allen Gentry and William W. Milner, Captains; G. R. Kellams, Adam Haas, W. W. Milner, and Joseph C. Nix, First Lieutenants; Adam Haas, Allen Gentry and James B. Payne, Second Lieutenants; James H. Bryant, who had served in the war with Mexico was presented with a fine sword by the citizens of Gentryville; G. R. Kellams, rose to Captain, then to Major then to Lieutenant-Colonel and then to Colonel; John A. Scammahorn went out as First Sergeant, rose to Captain, then to Major; Dr. W. D. Taylor went out as Surgeon. A few men in each of the above three companies were not from Spencer County.


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