The History and Organization of Company K, 42nd Indiana Volunteers, From Goodspeed, 1885

The History and Organization of Company K, 
42nd Indiana Volunteers

Source: History of Warrick, Spencer, Perry Counties, Indiana. 
Goodspeed Bros. & Co. Publishers, 1885.  pp 100-101.

        In the fall of 1861 the fourth company in Warrick County was organized for actual service in the field. This was Company K, Forty-second Regiment. It was composed mostly of men from the vicinity of Boonville and the northern part of the county. The organization was effected on the 12th of September with the following officers: Daniel G. Thompson, Captain; James H. Masters and Thomas S. Denny, Lieutenants; Edward N. Knowles, Hays White, Lemuel W. French, John­son Ewing, John Carnahan, Sergeants; Elias Ashley, William H. H. Shelby, Alexander Stookey, Frank Bilderback, Robert Sinclair, Oliver Buzingham, Thomas W. Lacer and Willis Brown, Corporals ; Daniel Hudson and West H. Camp, Musicians; John Swaney, Wagoner. The original number of men in this company was ninety-two, and from first to last was recruited with ninety-nine. At the final discharge of the company in July, 1865, nineteen of the original men of the company were mustered out. Other commissioned officers of the company were Captain, James H. Masters, December 2, 1862; Tillotson M. Neves, May 23, 1865; First Lieutenant, E. M. Knowles, December 2, 1862; Ephraim Y. Perigo, May 23, 1865; Second Lieutenant, E. M. Knowles, March 15, 1862; Emery Johnson, November 9, 1862; John D. Linxwiler, May 1, 1865; this company rendezvoused at Camp Vanderburg, where it was mustered into the service October 11, 1861. The first Colonel of the Forty-second Regiment was James T.(G.) Jones, of Evansville; Samuel L. Tyner, of Lynnville, was Assistant Surgeon. It was transferred to Nashville, Tenn., and from there it followed the division of Gen. Mitchell to Huntsville, Ala. On this march a portion of Company K were engaged at Wartrace, and Sergts. White and Carnahan, Christopher C. Broshears and George W. Floyd were wounded. The last three were disabled for the balance of the war.
     After lying at Huntsville until August, 1862, the regiment retreated with Buell to Louisville. From there it pursued Bragg and on October 8, 1862, was engaged in the battle of Perryville in which Oliver Buzingham was killed and others mortally wounded. Others wounded in this battle were James Humphrey, George L. Masters and James Reed. In the battle of Stone River which began December 81, 1862, the company lost in-killed Rinaldo Edwards and Warrick H. Clifford, and in wounded Elias Ashley, John W. Coleman, John Ross and Joseph Martin. At Chickamauga Miles Matthews and Lieut. Edmund M. Knowles were taken prisoners. The former died in Andersonville Prison and the lat­ter was killed while a prisoner of war. In January, 1864, the company re-enlisted and out of the original enrollment twenty-seven were still able for service and they all veteranized. During the year 1864 the regiment took part in the campaign against Atlanta, in the pursuit of Hood, and in Sherman's inarch to the sea. It then went up through the Carolinas to Washington and from thereto Louisville, where it was discharged, July 21, 1865. On the 11th of April, 1864, Ephraim Broshears, of Company K, was wounded and made a cripple for life, and on the 14th, following, George L. Masters was wounded in the right lung and through the right shoulder. Capt. James H. Master was crippled for life by a wound in the right shoulder on the 22d of July, 1864, and Lieut. Emory Johnsonn was instantly killed. A few days later William Stuckey and Pleasant Shepherd were also killed. Those who died of diseases contracted while in the service were Reason Barrett, Absalom B. Hendson, Charles H. Lewis, Joseph D. Lemasters, Wesley Spilman and C. M. Williams. In Company D of the Forty-Second Regiment Warrick County furnished several men and they were mustered in October 10, 1861. At that time Henderson McAdams, of Newburgh, was First Sergeant, and on the 1st of May, 1864, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant, but died of wounds before mustered in as such.


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