42nd Indiana Officers Picture


Special Thanks to Larry Harms who submitted this photo and the key of names, and to Kay Lant who first found this photo.
CORRECTION: This photo and key of names are NOT from "Wilson's History of Dubois County", but are from a descendant of Col. Gideon R. Kellams. Sorry for the mix-up.

Photograph by Swain Brothers, Indianapolis, 1865.


Note: The following names and rank were supplied with the picture. The names and rank were cross referenced with the Adjutant General Report roster and those officers who mustered out with the regiment at the end of the war. Any alternate names and spelling of names that appeared in the Adjutant General Report are listed in parentheses.
1. Colonel Gideon R. Kellams
2. Lieutenant Colonel William M. Cockrum
3. Major John H. Scamahorn (Scammehorn)
4. Chaplain Henry O. Chapman
5. Surgeon Dr. William W. Schapler (Shapley)
6. Assistant Surgeon Dr. Samuel L. Tyner
7. Captain Joshua A. Palmer, Co. G
8. Captain Joseph R. Ashmead, Co. E
9. Captain Tillotson M. Neaves (Neves), Co. K
10. Captain Thomas B. Jones, Co. C
11. Captain (Name and Company Unknown)
12. Captain Jacob D. Skelton, Co. F
13. Captain Joseph M. Keiherman (Kirkham), Co. B
14. Captain (Andrew) J. McCutchan, Co. A
15. First Lieutenant John B. T. Dearing (Daring), Co. I
16. First Lieutenant James E. Rusk (Rust), Co. B
17. First Lieutenant Ephraim Y. Perigo (Perrygo), Co. K
18. First Lieutenant William Shaw, Co. A
19. Lieutenat Brown (Does not appear in Adjutant General Report)
20. Captain (Harrison) Teacher (Peachee), Co. D
21. Adjutant James G. Stubblefield
22. First Lieutenant Adoniram A. Keyes (Keys), Co. F
23. Second Lieutenat John D. Linxwiler (Liuxwiler), Co. K
24. First Lieutenant William Jones, Co. E
25. First Lieutenant George T. Shook, Co. C
26. First Lieutenant Joseph C. Nix, Co. H
27. Second Lieutenant James H. Carrolton (Carlton), Co. C
28. Second Lieutenant (Rosalbro B.) A. Braselton (Brazleton), Co. E
29. Second Lieutenant John R. Dorethy (Daugherty), Co. E
30. Lieutenant Jones (Unknown Company)
31. Quartermaster Owen C. Walker
32. Second Lieutenant William A. Myers, Co. G
33. First Lieutenant William H. Ferrias (Farris), Co. G


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