Pictures of the 140th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Perryville

OCTOBER 5-6, 2002

Pictures of the Sunrise Battle, October 5th
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battle01.JPG (135197 bytes)
Sunrise Over the Confederate Cavalry

 battle02.JPG (82533 bytes)
Confederate Cavalry Charge

battle02_5.JPG (97693 bytes)
Confederate Riffle Shots

battle03.JPG (94906 bytes)
More Confederate Riffle Shots

battle03_5.JPG (90714 bytes)
Sunrise Through the Smoke

battle04.JPG (96447 bytes)
Confederate Lines Advancing

battle05.JPG (94798 bytes)
Confederate Riffle Blast

battle06.JPG (98260 bytes)
Union Artillery Smoke 
on the Distance Hill

battle06_5.JPG (96500 bytes)
Union Lines in the Distance

battle07.JPG (88559 bytes)
The Confederate Lines Halt

battle08.JPG (89909 bytes)
The Union Line Advances 
Through the Smoke

battle09.JPG (91647 bytes)
The Smokey Battlefield 
Between Both Lines

battle11.JPG (92798 bytes)
The Confederate Charge

battle12.JPG (90214 bytes)
The Union Lines Holding

battle13.JPG (91492 bytes)
The Union Lines Near the End of the Battle


Other Pictures
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Perryville1.JPG (94761 bytes)
Union Camp on the Battlefield

Perryville2.JPG (90875 bytes)
Union Dress Parade in the Distance

Perryville3.JPG (88195 bytes)
Interpretive Sign
"Defense of Loomis' Heights"

Perryville4.JPG (212819 bytes)
Picture of Toliver Black, Co. I

Perryville5.JPG (91698 bytes)
Union Brigade Marching to the Sunday Afternoon "Sink Hole" Battle

Perryville6.JPG (96372 bytes)
Union Troops Continue Their March

The picture below shows where the heavily outnumbered 42nd Indiana would have taken their last defensive stand against the two Confederate Brigades of Celburne and Adams.  The H. P. Bottom House, surrounded by a clump of trees, is visible near the center of the picture just across the Hays May Road (known as the Mackville Road during the time of the battle).  Doctors Creek, which is situated behind and to the far side of the Bottom House, flows from right to left and under the Hays May Road near the left center part of the picture.  The 42nd Indiana was surprised attacked earlier in the day while in that portion of Doctors Creek just to the left of this picture.  This picture is oriented in a south-southeast direction with the town of Perryville barely visible in the far horizon two miles away.


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