Pike County Civil War Veterans of 1913

The following item appeared in the Pike County Historical Society Newsletter of August 2001, pp 1-3.
Note: The names of all 42nd members appear in blue below.

Civil War Veterans of 1913

The following article appeared in the Pike County Democrat on 17 October 1913

Survivors of War

"Pike County sent something like 2,000 young men into the service of the civil war, a number of whom were killed and wounded in battle. Since the close of the war many have passed away until now the number who remain is comparatively small. We give below a list of those now living in Pike county, and as far as we are able, the company and regiment to which they belong:"

William C. Adams, B, 57; Calvin Adkinson, E, 19th Ky; Gabriel Adkerson, G, 80; Dan C. Ashby, H, 80; James N. Burton, K, 27; Albert Coleman, 26th battery; John W. Coleman, A, 58; Sam Conrad, G, 58; Zack T. Dyson, A, 143; John R. Dixon, E, 24; William Davidson, I, 42; Morris Frank, 25 artillery; Madison H. Frank, K, 146; William H. Ficklin, D, 2nd Ky; Daniel Grubb, C, 37; George Goodrid, F, 22; Thomas Henning, E, 65; James Hayes, D, 65; Isaac C. Higgins, G, 65; John M. Hammond, G, 65; J. B. Hendricks, 136; Daniel Harrison, C, 58; George G. Heuring, G, 1st cavalry; Edward J. Harris, D, 65; Jasper N. Kinman, F, 10th cavalry; Andrew J. Hawkins, H, 80; Thomas King, A, 8th Delaware; Shelby Lemmon, E, 24; Riley Lane, F, 137; Alvin T. Lett, I, 42; George D. Martin, F, 58; Charles Minehart, 27; Sampson McConnell, F, 10th cavalry; Joseph McCain, G, 26; Josiah Newkirk, C, 52; William A. Oliphant, K, 24; John W. Patterson, E, 42; Garrett W. Patterson, C 10th Ky cavalry; W. F. Rumble, G, 44; James J. Rusk, I, 41; Sol Snowden, C, 90th Ohio; Reuben C. Shepard, gunboat Lueaves; Charles Schaefer, F, 9th Ohio; Elijah Smith, E, 42; Fred Smith, B, 25; Thomas Stewart, C, 1st Missouri; Thomas Tislow, H, 24; Chris Timmie, G, 12th Ky; and Henry J. Wiggs, H, 80.

Washington Township
John Akens, C, 5th Conn; William Akridge, Q, 14th LY; Henry J. Ault, E, 9th Ohio; Nathaniel Burton, G, 65; Samuel Campbell, B, 25; J. S. Dukate, surgeon 33rd; John Demumbrum, D, 13th Ky; Alex Galbreath, H, 1st Ohio; C. J. Hoggatt, E, 24; Hennin Thomas, E, 65; J. B. Hadlock, C, 58; Henry Hollon, I, 58; Marion Jones, E, 27; W. S. Lemmon, E, 24; W. O. Medcalf, E, 12th Ky; William McFarland, L, 5th Perm; Eli McCain, D, 24; Samuel Stucky, A, 27; G. W. Selby, I, 42; Samuel Wolvin, C, 24; and Sol Wilson, G, 34.

Jefferson Township
A. P. Osgathorpe, F, 1st Term; Thomas A. Capehart, G, 58; Stephen Wadkinns, H, 58; Hardin Denham, K, 146; James Peach, I, 42; Robert Edmundson, E, 37th Ky; William H. Doads, I, 58; W. W. Jackson, G, 42; A. J. Abbott, K, 132; Robert E. Chappell, G, 42; James T. Scanland, D, 24; Philip Schell, K, 152; William E. Hayes, D, 44; Albert Pride, G, 42; George W. Jones, I, 58; George W Jones, I, 58; Thomas J. Traylor, I, 58; Silas H. Funk, C, 65; Lemuel L. Kelso, C, 126; John Bauer, K, 143; William M. DeMott, M, 10th cavalry; Joseph J. Traylor, M, 10th cavalry; Henry Coleman, D, 22; Alexander Hughes, C, 24; Qunicy A. Harper, 58; Beverly Radcliff, E, 58; Alfred Creighton, I, 42; Samuel Hobson, S, 38; Thomas Evans, H, 21; L. E. Lett, K, 132; S. W. Chappell, I, 143; Daniel Sullivan, K, 152; Jermiah Palmer, I, 42; John P. Hargrave, B, 17; George Willis, G, 13; A. D. Chew, H, 58; and Samuel McClellan, D, 24. 

Madison Township
W. H. Coleman, I, 42; and George W. McAtee, G, 65.

Clay Township
Thomas Barrett, G, 65; William W. Colvin, I, 42; Ransom Decker, K, 24; Banister Drew, I, 58; Albert Dillon, B, 65; John W. Grubb, 1,143; Elijah Hale, E, 42; Samuel Hargrove, E, 80; Frederick Lindy, F, 91; Benjamin McClellan, K, 117 & 143; Archibald McAtee, G, 65; James Reedy, C, 58; David F. Ramsey, K, 13 N.J.; Jacob A. Shrode, A, 143; and George Traylor, B & C, 24. 

Logan Township
George W. Barrett, H, 129; Marcellus Hightower, I, 143; George W. Borders, G, 58; Henderson Shoaf, G, 58; George W. Young, D, 32; William H. Carr, F, 44; David Ingler, C, 65; William F. Barrett, H, 129; William Clem, D, 58; John Shaver, E, 24; John B. Mitchell, G, 58; S. H. Shannon, K, 24; Michael Kirk, G, 143; Jackson W. McGilmm, D, 32; Daniel Beck, A, 58; Samuel N. Colvin, G, 58; Daniel Beck, G, 44; Joseph Spraglin, E, 24; and Calvin Grubb, A, 26. 

Patoka Township
J. D. Ashby, G, 58; George P. Burch, N.Y. Regiment; James M. Barnett, I, 58; Abe Corn, H, 80; John J. Chumbley, 16th Ky; Elijah G. Davis , G, 58; David D. DeTar, 24; David J. English, I,42; Spencer Gamble, H, 24; Alex Heacock, 24; Alvin T. Hardin, G, 58; Jacob Hayes; Newton Jones, G, 58; Isaac Johnson, 1st calvary; F. M. Kerr, 65; Andrew J. Stewart, 1,24; John H. McConnell, H, 80; John R. T. Dearing, I, 24; John A. Stephens, G, 25; John F. Thomas, I, 42; J. J. Whitehead, G, 58; and Logan Robling, G, 58.

Monroe Township
George Bowell, A, 22; William Caskey, G, 52; Thomas English, I, 42; Jackson Ferguson, H, 91; James V. Gillum, D, 58; Cicero Henager, D, 13th Ky; William Pirkle; Robert Richardson, K, 12; Preston Shepard,, 91; William W. Shy, F, 13; Henry Surton; Samuel Thompson, H, 80; James Barton, I, 25; and Alex Beatty, B, 91.

Lockhart Township
Joseph Corn, G, 58; John H. Cook, I, 148; William Beadles, A, 50th Ky; Daniel Davis, F, 91; Richard Lanham, H, 42; Charles Martin, H, 42; Henry McGumery, H, 91; Jasper N. McGrew, D, 58; Henry McCoy, C, 42; Jacob Norrick, G, 58; Samuel Nelson, A, 49; A. C. Sloan, A, 1st Ky; and Soloman Stillwell, F, 77.

Marion Township
Jackson Risley, G, 42; George W. Sorgius, D, 44; James A. Smith, C, 58; Garrett Stillwell, I, 24; Thomas Stillwell, K, 27; William Whaley, H, 22; John Y. Young, F, 19th Ky; Clark Brewster, G, 58; John W. Bryan, B, 91; Hiram Collins, C, 42; William Cato, E, 142; George F. Dickson, E, 42; Ben Doughty, A, 68; Joel L. Evans, G, 58; Henry C. Inman, E, 58; Pleasant Lutterell, D, 22; Clark Lynch, E. 143; Aaron F. Miller, E, 43; George D. Phillips, I, 50; Elijah E. Richardson, H, 80; and Jacob M. Risley, M, 10.

(Transcription was difficult on many of the numbers due to the condition of the newspaper print on microfilm. 3's and 5's were so similar it was hard to tell apart. Spelling of names are as they appear in the newspaper. Please double check before accepting as true fact for your genealogy research.)


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