The First Old 42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Guest Book

The First Old 42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Guest book

Name: John Otto (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 17 13:29:49 2002
Comment: Thank you!I have searched high and low for my Great Great Grandfather.Family is org from Evansville Ind.August Otto vol in Oct 9.1861-Mustered out Oct 10 1864.His son,Hugo,moved to Butte,Mt.One of 3 son's August,1 of 2 son's Charles, I am 1 of 2 son's..John.Thank's!!!!!!

Name: Jack Riggle (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 5 13:49:59 2002
Comment: Great job! Very interesting!

Name: William B. McKinney (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 1 11:24:25 2002
Comment: Sgt. John J. McCracken was my gr-gr-grandfather. He and his three brothers enlisted with the 42nd on the same day. The fifth McCracken is believed to be their cousin. Excellent website.

Name: Mary Katherine Risley Williams (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri May 25 19:25:59 2001
Comment: My great-grandfather was Jackson Risley of the 42nd Indiana Vol. Infantry,

Name: Phyllis (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 29 23:15:44 2001
Comment: Hi Tim,
I was just looking to see what you have added. Thanks for your site.

Name: Bob Jordan (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 29 13:33:14 2001
Comment: Am descendant of Alfred Lindsey, Co. H, 42nd IN Reg. He was from Grass Twp., Spencer Co. IN.

Name: Warren M. Archer (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 29 09:58:14 2001
Comment: Thank you for all

Name: Leslie Allen (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 10 13:23:42 2001
Comment: Thank you for this information. My great-great-great grandfather, George Rutter, served in the 42nd Indiana.

Name: Jim Davis (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 26 23:44:08 2001
Comment: Great site and good music to.Great work ,Keep it up TIM,And thanks for the link to my Songer War Memorial site,I'll link yours also.

Name: Rhonda Friedman (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 24 19:52:46 2001
Comment: Loved your site. decendent of Alexander Parke(Parks)(Park) have seen it spelled so many ways, Who served in the 42nd.

Name: cheri ciaravino (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Wed Mar 14 09:52:19 2001
Comment: i enjoyed looking at your site. Thank you for making it available to everyone.


Name: Ann Cott (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 26 10:47:29 2001
Comment: PS: William H. McCleary was my great grandfather.

Name: Ann Cott (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 26 10:44:55 2001
Comment: Tim -- I'm the one who transcribed the diaries of William H. McCleary. I got Dan Reigles notes (amazing, I might add) and he gave me your web site address. Quite a wonderful site! Thank you for all the work you are doing.

Name: joyce White (Homepage)
Country: usa/indianaWond Date: Wed Feb 21 21:10:38 2001

Name: Connie D. Poole Hurley (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Feb 8 09:48:31 2001
Comment: What a wonderful job you have did and I have found such interesting information too.

Thank you for sharing with all of us.


Name: Stuart W. Sanders (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 6 16:22:09 2001
Comment: I work for the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association, a non-profit organization that is preserving Kentucky's largest Civil War battleground. I thought you would be interested to know that last July we purchased seven acres of the battlefield where the 42nd Indiana was pinned against the banks of Doctor's Creek. We are very pleased about this acquisition, and we have now increased the amount of protected bat

Name: J.PAYNE (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 3 22:39:43 2001

Name: Barbara Hunter (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Feb 2 07:48:24 2001
Comment: Tim, are you aware of the book titled "History Of The Forty-Second Indiana" compiled and written at the request of W.M. Cockrum, late Lt.-Col 42nd by S. F. Horrall, late Capt. of Co.G, 42nd Indiana Reg. published for the author 1892. Be on the lookout for this book!

Name: Norma Wallace (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Feb 1 11:47:47 2001
Comment: This is a wonderful site, one of the very best I
have visited. I will be back.

Name: Barbara Hunter (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 30 19:36:05 2001
Comment: Great site!!! I was able to view today and must say how impressive and great to have this tribute to the men who fought with such valor.

Name: Barbara Hunter (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Jan 29 16:51:18 2001
Comment: I was disappointed that I was not able to view any fields today. I am anxious to view this site when complete. I am a g-grand-daughter of Franklin (Francis) M. Hunter who served in the Indiana 42nd.

Name: Gale Lee Payne (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Dec 6 02:18:37 2000
Comment: Thanks so much for all your work on this website. It is an invaulable tool for all researchers. I have atleast one ancestor, William Levin DORSEY that was a part of the 42nd Reg.

Name: Margaret Kirkpatrick Erickson (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 28 15:21:09 2000
Comment: I am the grand daughter of George Morgan Kirkpatrick. Many thanks to Tim Beckman for including my grandfather's Civil War book in this web site. As a little girl I remember this tall,dignified,bearded man visiting us in River Vale,N.J. I remember visits also from two of his daughters, Lyda Kirkpatrick Brown, and Margaret Eaton Moore. I was 7 when he died.

Name: Roger M. Leonard (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 27 20:43:48 2000
Comment: I am the great grandson of George Morgan Kirkpatrick, and the first cousin once removed of Margaret Kirkpatrick Erickson. I am very pleased to see my great grandfather's memoirs on your website. His book has been a family treasure.

Name: (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Nov 26 00:17:48 2000
Comment: francis carlisle, co d, and g.w. harris, co. g, have personal diaries in the chickamauga park museum library

Name: Carlene Morrison (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Nov 21 10:22:22 2000
Comment: Tim,
Have thoroughly enjoyed your site on the 42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry. My great grandfather, John D. SPENCER was a recruit in Company F. I especially like the photograph that was taken at the reunion. I am sure my great grandfather was probably there but since I have no photographs of him, I have nothing to compare. When was that reunion photograph taken? Could it have been taken at the fairgrounds in Princeton? I und

Name: Robert L. Shadle Jr. (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 8 20:13:52 2000
Comment: I may be related to Richard E. Shadel of the 42nd
Ind. Co. E, if anyone can add any info about Richard I would appreciate hearing about what you
have. Thanks

Name: Linda Daffron (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Nov 5 08:34:32 2000
Comment: Hi Tim,

My gr grandfather, Franklin Harrison Ross was in K company of the 42nd regiment, but isn't listed in the records. I have sent pension information and pictures already and am eagerly awaiting the biographys that you have under construction. This is quite an undertaking and I'm happy to see someone willing to do it. I would be happy to hear from any Ross descendants from Warrick and Pike counties.


Name: Sandra (Adams) Monroe (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 28 10:26:28 2000
Comment: I have a cousin who's husband (Joe Foust) is a re-enactment man of civil war times. This site is very good to relate the facts of the 42nd Indiana Vol. group. I (like my cousin) was also born in that is a place that holds a special spot in my heart.
I am also related to Abraham Lincoln...a cousin. His father and my grandfather several times removed were our family has done a great deal of research on Lincoln and his ancestors. The Civil War has al

Name: Paul Barnett (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 23 20:17:23 2000
Comment: This is a exciting page to me, my Great Grandfather was Francis M. Carlisle of the 42nd Company D, any info I have would be glad to share, Thank God P Barnett

Name: RUTH RISLEY PRIDE (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Oct 8 15:48:47 2000
Comment: nice.includes mine and my husband's great-grandfathers and my great, great uncle...

Name: Kathy Tretter (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Sep 18 18:13:00 2000

Name: Peggy Brooks (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Sep 14 11:29:55 2000
Comment: Hi Tim!
Just wanted to let you know that I have visited the site. Didn't have much time to look around a lot. I just found a descendant of Colonel Kellams, to whom I am providing the information about your site. I hope he contacts you. I have also sent a link to your hemw page to a newspaper editor who will be contacting you soon for a story. Kathy Tretter of the Spencer County Leader.

Name: William A. Reiners (Homepage)
Country: Vanderburgh Date: Mon Sep 4 21:09:18 2000
Comment: My greatgrandfather was in the 42nd Co.G, but is not listed in the Horrell history but he had a CW headstone and his wife a small service pension. according to family history, not always correct, he was wounded at Perryville.

I plan to attend the reunion in Gentryville and the next round table meeting. Please let me know if you have any other info. Great site.

Name: Clara Marie Gootee-Arnold (Homepage)
Country: Hayes, Virginia Date: Fri Aug 25 10:17:21 2000
Comment: What a wonderful website, and the Regimental history is fantastic! My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Andrew Jackson Allen (1828-1911) Co. G 42nd Ind. Vol. Inf.. I would love to exchange information with any distant cousins! Clara Arnold/ Hayes, Virginia

Name: Marge Rice (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Aug 22 22:26:02 2000
Comment: My husband is the great grandson of Martin W. Rice, shown on records as William W. Rice (and later changed, at the time he obtained his pension). He was from Lynnville, Warrick Co., and lived there after the war until his death. Very willing to share with any "cousins". Marge Rice, Joliet, IL

Name: Richard P. Thivierge (Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Fri Jul 21 11:54:33 2000
Comment: In doing research on my wifes ancestors, I found that one of them, David M. Stroube, was a private in Company C, 42nd Indiana Infantry. After reviewing this site and checking the rest of the roster, I now know that his father, Nicholas N. Stroube, was a Sergeant in this same Company. Their name is spelled Straube in the roster but the correct spelling is Stroube. I love your site and although I have not rev

Name: Brandon (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Jul 17 09:21:58 2000
Comment: Your website is cool Uncle Tim!!!! You really did a good job at it!

Your Nephew,

Name: Carol Bartlett (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 10 21:40:23 2000
Comment: Gabriel Medcalf of Company B was my GGG Grandfather. I am very happy to see his listing on this site and to be able to read the Regimental History. It was wonderful. You will see a picture of Gabriel on my family web page at

Thanks, Carol

Name: McCrum, Donna (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Jul 4 18:27:00 2000
Comment: Hi Tim,
How is it coming with Edwin Hathaway's information that was mailed to you some time back?

Name: Larry Harms (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Jun 5 12:56:38 2000
Comment: Great Information on your site! Please check out my page. At the bottom of my site I have some info on the 42nd. They were in Perryville, KY., as was Joseph (Fightin' Joe) Wheeler. He was just a Col. of the 16th Alabama infantry at the time.
Keep up the good work!

Name: Juanita Ruff (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Apr 23 20:17:44 2000
Comment: John W. Marvel was my great great grandfather. I really enjoyed the site.
From what I have gathered, John died at the Old Soldiers Home in Lafayette, Indiana on Sept. 2, 1905 and is buried there.
I look forward to watching the site grow.

Name: Deborah Marvel Wesley (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Apr 13 22:59:10 2000
Comment: I am descended from John W. Marvel of the 42nd Company E. I was born and raised in Indaian, and still make the Hoosier state my home. What a great gathering of data. I am looking forward to seing the site continue to grow.

Name: Lisa Wyatt (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 11 14:51:10 2000
Comment: Descentant of Nathaniel Black

Name: Phyllis (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Apr 9 22:50:06 2000
Comment: I really like what you are doing in the memories of the soldiers of the Civil War. Keep up the good work.

Name: Joe Reinhart (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 2 14:07:56 2000
Comment: I enjoyed your site. I plan to prepare one for the Sixth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry U.S. in connection with the publication of its regimental history.

Name: jean (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Apr 1 01:02:16 2000
Comment: I hope your site provides me with help in locating the parents/realatives of William See, Co A. Thanks.

Name: Phil Cordes (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Mar 28 20:21:01 2000
Comment: You are to be congratulated for a job VERY well done. What a lot of work. Through your efforts, many people will be able to find information.

Name: Frank Carroll (Homepage)
Country: ID, USA Date: Sat Mar 11 12:33:03 2000
Comment: Three members of my family served in the 42nd. They were Nathaniel Green Carroll, Robert F. Carroll, and Dixon Carroll. Nathaniel was wounded at Stones River and died in 1864 form his wounds. Robert was wounded at Perryville but went on to live a long life. Dixon was the baby of the family and moved after the war to Spokane, WA hwere he is buried. I am continuing to do research into my Civil War family and would appreciate any information about any of them. They grew up on a farm six miles

Name: Dan Reigle (Homepage)
Country: US Date: Sun Mar 5 22:10:55 2000
Comment: Excellent site, and I am happy to see the interest in the 42nd Indiana. My wife had one great-grandfather in Company K (Frank Bilderback) and one great-great-grandfather in Company F (William H. McCleary). McCleary's father also served a short time, and several brothers served, including one (James) killed at Stone's River. The Skelton's were related to the McCleary's, as were the Martin's.

So far, we have not found any photographs or documents to share, but will certainly be interes

Name: Debbie Galloway (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Mar 4 22:27:01 2000
Comment: This is a wonderful site. I have many relatives listed. So far I have found ancestors in the following companies: A, B, C, D, E, F and I. Susie Rose sent me to this site, as many of our relatives are the same. I will be forwarding your address on to many other people also. There is only one relative that I couldn't find. His name is Thomas B. Mitchell and He enlisted July 2, 1861 to serve 3 yrs. Discharged December 31, 1863 La. Enlisted Jan. 1, 1864 to serve 3 yrs. Discharged July 11, 1865. Galv

Name: Glenn Young (Homepage)
Country: Florida Date: Sun Feb 27 14:30:21 2000
Comment: Hi Tim,
I sent you an e-mail with clarifying info. This is a great site and you hve done a marvelous job. If I find anymore info I will be glad to share it with you. Glenn

Name: Susie Rose (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 26 21:51:40 2000
Comment: You have put a lot of work into this site and have done an exceptionally good job. Wish I could find pictures or biographys of my ancestors from the 42nd Co's A & D to share with you.
There are very few sites with information for the 42nd. It will be a big help to others to see the listings for each Company.
Keep up the good work.
Susie Rose

Name: Allisson Ulliman (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 15 17:51:36 2000
Comment: It is a wonderful site that gave me information about part of my family that i knew nothing about. I never knew that my great great grandfather fought in a war, or even who my great great grandfather was. This is a beautiful way to educate others.

Name: William Beckman (Your Father) (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Feb 15 11:22:03 2000
Comment: I would like to congratulate my son on a job
well done. I also left him some information on
some additional history about the Schwartz family
during this period. It could add some color to
your story of the civil war.

Name: Paul Calloway (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Feb 14 08:44:16 2000
Comment: Excellant work! Will bookmark and visit often.

Warm Regards,
Paul Calloway (1st Sgt., 42d Indiana Reenactment Group)

Name: Brian Smith (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Feb 13 21:47:39 2000
Comment: It shows that you have done a great deal of research.
The sight looks great!

Name: Stewart DeVane (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Feb 13 18:09:03 2000
Comment: Tim,
I am impressed with your work thus far. The inclusion of the flags is a wonderful addition. Your passion for the 42nd Indiana and what it stood for does show in your work. The men of the 42nd Indiana Company H reenactors are honored by your inclusion and your site will enhance their efforts as reenactors representing this glorious regiment. I am delighted you have chosen to build this site and will be willing to provide any additional information as you see fit. Most Kindest Regards, <

Name: Tim Beckman (Homepage)
Country: Indiana, USA Date: Sun Feb 13 15:50:58 2000
Comment: Testing the Guest Book!!

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