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This collection is mostly photos of grave markers taken since 2006.  Information not found on the markers came from various genealogy files or known family information.  There are also old family photos obtained from various sources.  We do have higher resolution (300 dpi) copies available on request for most of these photos.  (Many of our cemetery photos are also on Find A Grave.)

Album instructions:

Click on the book at the bottom of the page to go to the album index. On the index page, left click on any folder photo to open the folder. Then left click on any photo to enlarge.

The folders

The SCOTTS folder: some of the descendents of Joel and Elizabeth Scott and related families.  In October 2012, we discovered many new family photos from 1900 to the late 1920s.

The HARRELLS folder: Rebecca Pauline Harrell, some of her ancestors and relatives. Contains many photos of the Harrell family dating from about 1854 to the mid 1920s.

The MELCHERS folder: Ralph Leo Melcher, some of his ancestors and relatives.

The MUENSTERS folder: Robert Otto Muenster, some of his ancestors and relatives.

The USMC-WW2 folder: When my brother recently passed away, we found some photos from Dad Muenster's WW2 service in the Pacific (1st Marine Division).  The photos, taken at  Okinawa, Pavuvu and Peiping, were all about 2x3 inches and had names on the back.  We have been able to further identify only 3 of the Marines pictured.  If any of the names are familar, please let us know.  

    Click on the book for the photos.