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Many people have worked diligently for years compiling and sharing information on numerous branches of the family Elgie / Elgy / Elgye / Elgee / Elgey.   Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

These linked pages contains the descendants of John Elgye/Elgie of Darlington, Durham, England.  It is presented  in a brief outline format.

Data and family connections were initially provided by Teresa Harvey of Riverside, CA;  Michael Beezer [deceased] of  Farnsfield, Nottingham; Jeremy Elgie of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire; Marie Burke of Toronto, Ontario, Ross McCurdy of Cumberland, RI; and Molly McDonald of Toronto, Ontario.

Later contributors were, and are, Bruce Gordon of Ottawa, Ontario; Brian Massey of Port McNicoll, Ontario;  Karen Alton; Ken & Mona Sherwood Parker of Salmon Arm, British Columbia;  Suzanne Graves of England; Jerry Wilson of Hamilton, Ontario; Richard James Elgie  of San Mateo, CA, Donna Di Lello of Richmond Hill, Ontario; Marjorie Bourbonnais of Toronto, Ontario;  Judith Elgie of London, England; Todd J. Elgie of Siloam Springs, AR; Diana Facey Bobo; Leanne Elgie Whitehouse of Sudbury, Ontario; Vivian Elgie; Carolyn McGilvray of Kingston, Ontario;  Lynda Ellis LaBute of Windsor, Ontario; Mary Anne Elgie Connell of Palmerston, Ontario; Wayne Elgie of Burlington, Ontario;  David Elgie, Bill Elgie, Eileen Elgie Hutton, and Jane Hutton Perry of  London, Ontario;  Bob and Nancy Elgie of Keswick, Ontario; Dorothea Elgie Beatty of Toronto, Ontario;  brothers Bill and Earl Elgie, Evelyn Elgie Giangregorio, Beverly Elgie Whitelaw, and Kae Elgie of Ontario;  Howard Gregson of Baltimore MD; Lynn Morrison of Oshwa, Ontario; Lynn Gray-Ross of Thornloe, Ontario; Charlotte Martin of Shelton, WA; Judy Geerdes of San Antonio, TX, Sherry Williamson of Canton, MI; Jennifer Elgie Becker of Ontario, Mary Garrod of Tampa Bay, FL; Rosalyn Greenwood, Mandy Wood, and Elaine Sayers of Yorkshire, England, Amanda Elgie of Middlesborough, Yorkshire,  and some of my immediate family members.  

Much detail comes from  family stories and traditions, including written narratives handed down, but sources are also available for much of this information.   Due to the  enormity of this file, I have elected to omit the sources, but will happily make them available to anyone who inquires and is willing to share information to add to this family.

If you think you have identified an error in the data, please contact me with a documented correction and I will  be happy to make a change.  If you are researching this family and are willing to share information on your  branch, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Dates will always be shown as a 2 digit day, 3 letter month, and 4 digit year.  Where data is missing, the  reader will see three underlines for a date and a single underline for a location or a  name.

You may search for an individual in any page by utilizing your browser's "find in page" feature, but please keep in mind the number of times a name may reoccur; i.e., there are now more than 73 William Elgies in the file -- and many of them married a lady whose name was Mary!

In order to make this site more user friendly with shorter pages that will load faster, several branches now have the descendants linked on a separate page.  Clicking on any linked individual will allow you to see the descendants of that person.  Use the Back button of your browser to return to the previous page.

Descendants of John ELGYE / ELGIE of Darlington, Durham, England

This symbol    represents my direct lineage.

  John Elgye/ ELGIE, b. 06 Nov 1594 in Darlington, Durham, England, d. __ ___ ____, buried probably in Ingleby Arncliffe, N. Yorkshire, England. 

Married 24 Mar 1622 in Ingleby Arncliffe, N. Yorkshire, England, Margaret HODGSON, b. __ __c 1600 in England, d. __ ___ ____, buried probably in Ingleby Arncliffe, N. Yorkshire, England. 

I.       Ralph ELGIE, b. 06/26 Apr 1622 in N. Yorkshire, England, d. 08 Dec 1678 in N. Yorkshire, England.  

       Married __ ___ 1644 in prob Ingleby Arncliffe, N. Yorkshire, England, Ann HOWTHWAITE, b. __ __c 1622 in England (possibly Ingleby Arncliffe, N. Yorkshire), d. 22 Mar 1679 in Ingleby Arncliffe, N. Yorkshire, England.

    II.        John ELGIE, b. __ ___ ____ in ______________, d. __ ___ ____ in ______________.

Elgie-1   Descendants of John Elgye/Elgie of Darlington, Durham, England and Margaret Hodgson
Elgie-2   Descendants of Ralph Elgie and Ann Howthwaite
Elgie-3   Descendants of William Elgie and Anna Adamson
Elgie-4   Descendants of Ralph Elgie and wives Joanna Sherwood and Isabell Murton
Elgie-5   Descendants of Richard Elgie and Mary Cawthray
Elgie-6   Descendants of Henry Robeson Elgie and Ann _____
Elgie-7   Descendants of William Elgie and Tamar Appleton
Elgie-8   Descendants of Matthew Elgie and Mary Weighell
Elgie-9   Descendants of Henry Elgie and Cecily Kelsey
Elgie-10 Descendants of William Elgie and Jane Walker
Elgie-11 Descendants of Thomas Walker Elgie and Elizabeth Pybron
Elgie-12 Descendants of James Elgie and Margaret Roduck
Elgie-13 Descendants of Cicely Elgie and Partner Unknown and Abraham Dunn
Elgie-14 Descendants of William Elgie and Mary Ann Watson
Elgie-15 Descendants of George Elgie and Christina Kidson
Elgie-16 Descendants of Thomas Walker Elgie and Catherine Kennedy
Elgie-17 Descendants of  Matthew Watson Elgie and Isabelle Tennant
Elgie-18 Descendants of Sarah Jane Elgie and Walter Nichol
Elgie-19 Descendants of George Elgie and Sarah Randall
Elgie-20 Descendants of Ralph Elgie and Elizabeth Hopper
Elgie-21 Descendants of William James Elgie and Susan Baker
Elgie-22 Descendants of William "Doc" Elgie and Agnes Jane Murray
Elgie-23 Descendants of Robert Elgie and Elizabeth Hopps


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