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WELCOME TO THE BETSINGER BUNCH WEB PAGES!! Iím glad you could stop by for a visit. If you have the Betsinger surname in your family tree, I GUARANTEE you will learn something new here. Grab a drink and a snack and settle down for a LONG chat!!

My goal in genealogy has always been to find my BETSINGER ancestor that came from Europe.

I have been researching the BETSINGER surname for over twenty-five years. I have traced my family to New York State, mid 1800's. In the 1980's, I wrote many BETSINGERs asking for their genealogy. I had a good response, so I may already have information on your family. Thus far, all BETSINGER families come from New York State. The next question to answer is why they left, and where they went. I think we are all related! I believe that if we can get back one more generation, we might all connect up.

I designed this site to honor my Ďrootsí- my Betsinger family members- past, present and future. Genealogy is like doing a puzzle; its making all the pieces fit correctly. I HAVE to prove my information to accept it; I canít just think this should be and accept it. To me, genealogy is more than dates; I have to know how my ancestors lived, worked, and why then emigrated, or chose a certain occupation. This is a blueprint for the future. This website is the beginning of passing this information on to my granddaughters. I donít have much to leave them; but I can leave them information about their family.

I was always that kid that stood and listened to the stories told at family reunions. I miss hearing my grandmother Betsinger and my aunts laugh as they talked at gatherings. This site is lovingly dedicated to my grandmother, Edith Fay Pratt Betsinger, and her daughters, my aunts.

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AWARDS ____________________________________________________________________________________

WHAT IS A BETSINGER? BEGINNINGS ____________________________________________________________________________________


A different spelling. Are they related? Let me know what YOU think.




CEMETERY RECORDS are important. To view a list of where BETSINGER'S are buried, click on CEMETARY These are not complete, feel free to add or correct me when you sign the guestbook.



Worth your visit. Let me know if you have some that aren't listed.


I have much more information on siblings, cousins, and more. If you are interested, please leave me a message in the guest book.
Wouldn't you like to know more?
Please leave me a message when you sign the GUEST BOOK

PLEASE remember I have MUCH information that is not posted here. Write me and tell me who you are looking for.


HISTORY of the Betsinger family appears to link us up with the BESINGER surname, but I'm still looking for more proof on that. Look at WHO FIRST CAME TO THE U.S. AND WHEN? This Let me know what you think of this info and if you can add anything to it.


Pioneer Settlers of MADISON County, New York Betsinger names found in Madison County in 1800's. You WILL want to visit!!



of the individual states will help us understand the migration patterns of our ancestors. Here are a couple to help you get started.


These are articles, marriages, military information, graduations, etc. pertaining to Bremer County, Iowa, which my aunt Marie collected from the last sixty years. You may find some new information here!! __________________________________________________________________________________

This has what information I have been able to gather concerning military service. I ALWAYS welcome corrections or additions. Let me hear from YOU!




I have a few old obituaries that show family relationships. These are mostly taken from newspapers. OBITUARIES


Genealogy is my hobby, and my passion. I get very excited about connecting a missing link. I know I bore my family - hopefully, I haven't bored you, TOO MUCH. To show you how passionate I am about genealogy, go to this page, and find out if you are OBSESSED!


Do you know the origin and meaning of the BETSINGER name?

I always wanted to know what country we came from.

If you want to know more about the BETSINGER name, go to ORIGINS


There are four other branches of the BETSINGER tree.
If you want to know more, go to OTHER FAMILIES



SOURCES of information
used to draw conclusion are important reference tools. I hope by following these sources, you will find the same genealogy information I have. If you do NOT agree with my conclusions, let me know.


There are many other SURNAMES that intersect with the Betsinger name. These are just a few. I probably have more information on the name, or can connect you with someone researching it, if you will leave me a message. ____________________________________________________________________________________

There are several names I have not been able to put into a family group YET.

View UNCONNECTED NAMES and perhaps help me match them up!!


Do you know where your relatives live? Do you know where your great-grandparents moved from? To find out where Betsinger families currently reside, or where they emigrated to in the past, click on



Why I do genealogy!

A nice explanation as to why some people are called to do genealogy.

This says much of what I feel about my family lineage. ENJOY!!



This is a link to a new site I've started. I will write a biography of your relative. There are heros within your own family. Find them and share them with your children or grandchildren. Every family has a story!! I will help you! ________________________________________________________________________________

There are groups of sites that link to each other, called WEB RINGS. These sites help to encourage use of each other and have MUCH information to share. I have joined a few, and encourage you to visit them. Also, hopefully, SOMEDAY, there will be some awards for me to display here!! Please take a look at some of these other sites. ________________________________________________________________________________

There are several websites that are competing for the most votes. Below, and scattered though out my pages are ways to vote. If you like my site, and want to vote, please click on one of the banners or below. If you didnít like my site, or had problems, please let me know!! Linda ALSO, these voting areas are GREAT places for finding more web sites to research. Look around while you are there voting for me!! (Grin)

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