The name Bowman comes from the Gaelic occupation name of cattle man Bo being the Gaelic name for 'cow'. The family of Bowmans were under the Clan MacHardy before the MacHardys joined the Clan Farquharson. They were under both the Farquharson of Invercauld and Farquharson of Inverey. There was a James Bowman at Gate side under Farquharson of Tullochcoy in February 19, 1772.
BOWMAN is an anglicized version of the BAUMAN surname, pronounced the same. BAUMAN is of German origin, meaning builder or construction----BAU MAN(N). From the earth, man. Comes from Palitinate region of Germany. Other vaiations BAUMANN, BAUGHMAN(N), ETC. In researching the Bowman name you will also find the spelling different from what we use today. You will find the Bowman surname to be Boman, Beauman, Bauman. These are just a few.
Research indicates that our name is associated with the English and Scots, meaning, "one who was an archer; one who made bows." This explanation is one of many who have researched our name. I am sure you will find other meanings for the Bowman family name. Also, if you have a picture of the Bowman Coat Of Arms you will find two bows placed on the shield. The one I have was officially documented in Burke's General Armory.

This Bowman Genealogy concerns how they relate to the Betsinger family.

Mary Jane Bowman

born in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in 1844, married Abraham Betsinger, in June, 1860, in Winnebago County, Illinois.

Mary Jane's parents were:


George was born February, 1817, in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Catherine, the daughter of John and Catherine Countryman Miller, was born in February, 1816, in Winnebago County, Illinois. They had three children:

John Seymour Bowman
Edward Bowman
Mary Jane Bowman

George and Catherine Bowman died in Jewel County, Kansas. George in 1900, Catherine in 1893.

George's parents were:


George Sr. was born in 1792, in North Hampton County, Pennsylvania.

George Sr.'s parents were:


Edward was born in 1770, in South Carolina. Nellie was born in 1776 in South Carolina. They had two children:
John Bowman born in 1792
George Sr.

Edward's parents were:


born 1745, Glasgow, Scotland. He immigrated November 13, 1768, from Scotland to S.C. He did travel to Georgia and Florida, but returned and settled in S.C. He was trained as a lawyer, and also was a planter on the Santee River, in S.C. Nothing is known about his wife, or other family.

The above information was found in the book "Voyagers to the West", and also in the Scottish Presbyterian Church records, in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Also some DAR records.

I do have some other information on siblings, or other members of the family, but would LOVE to connect with someone working on the BOWMAN family. I would like to know why John Jr. immigrated, and who went to Pennsylvania, when and why.

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