SETTLERS OF MADISON CO, NY by Tuttle "Names and Sketches of the PIONEER SETTLERS of Madison County, New York." By William H. Tuttle.

The following information is taken from the preceding book. There is a caution contained in the forward that the information should be treated as a secondary source since Tuttle made no mention of where he obtained the information. I have verified much of the information using census records, wills, military records, newspapers, and civil records. If you notice a difference of information, PLEASE contact Linda

I have no further information from this book. Copies can be obtained from most booksellers.

BETSINGER, Catherine. See Forbes, Nicholas I.

BETSINGER, Catherine. See Randall, Warren.

BETSINGER, Celina. See Keller, Andrew S.

BETSINGER, Christian. Lived in Clockville in 1818.

BETSINGER, Clarissa. See Palmer, Seward. Went to Jackson, Michigan. Married Clarissa, daughter of Peter Betsinger. Russell Palmer from Lincoln married her sister, Diana, and had a son Seward Palmer.

BETSINGER, Clarissa. See Rouse, Harrison. Wife Clarissa, daughter of Hy Betsinge. She born Apr 17, 1827. Had no children.

BETSINGER, Chris. John. Lenox census of 1810. Eight in family.

BETSINGER, Daniel L. Son of Peter, Aug. 7, 1841-Jan. 24, 1911. Wife Cornelia Hurd (1849). Children Katie Yarrington (1879), Clarence P. (1878-1922). Buried at Clockville.

BETSINGER, David. Son of Henry (1827). Lived in Clockville with brother Lewis in 1890. Married Gillean, child of George Miller. Daughter Mary died Sept 10, 1862 aged 7. Buried at Wampsville. Veteran of Civil War. First NY Mounted Rifles.

BETSINGER, Diana. Daughter of Pete. See Palmer, Seward. Married Russell Palmer from Lincoln and had a son Seward Palmer.

BETSINGER, Eliza. See Morse, Gershon. Born 1822. Wife Eliza Betsinger, daughter of Henry. She died early 70's. Children Margaret (1839), Jane Gordon (1843), Angelina Lawrence (1846). Lived in stone house between Clockville and Lenox Furnace. Morse remarried and had othe children.

BETSINGER, George. Born in 1810. Son of John. Had sons Daniel, (1839), who had one son Stillman, and John (1840-1910). Wife Mitilda Eddy (1843-1907). Son George Washington who had sons George and Irving. Hezekiah, Feb 7, 1834-May 17, 1913. Wife Harriet, June 18, 1837-Sept. 28, 1897. They had sons Fred (1860-1928), wife Julia T. (1862-1922). Also son John (1840) and Nickolus (1837).

BETSINGER, George Washington. See Forbes, Rebecca.

BETSINGER, Hannah. See Twist, Alpheus. Married Harriet, daughter of Peter.

BETSINGER, Henry. (1790-1845) Wife Nancy, child of John Forbes. After Henryís death she married Elijah Rouse. Children, John, Eliza, Hannah Miller. Lived near Lenox Furnace. Owned 74 acres in 1837. Census of 1830. Eight in family. Other children of Henry were CalistaRouse, Nicholas, Daniel, Louis, Henry, David and Mary E. Henry Jr. went to California. Deed in State Office Book 30, Page 619.

BETSINGER, Henry. See Morse, Gershon. See Rouse, Elijah.

BETSINGER, Hiram. (1857-1940). Wife Maggie (1863-1933). Children Florence Rogers (1888), Frank (1890). Lived in Oneida.

BETSINGER, Hy. See Rouse, Harrison.

BETSINGER, Jacob. Son of John. Wife Mary. Lived in Clockville in 1840. Children J. Abraham (1838), Nancy, and Saphronia.

BETSINGER, James Abraham (1838). Son of Jacob. Wife Jane, child of Sarah. Son Jay. Veteran of Civil War. Lived in Clockville. (Was brought up by Henry Farrington.)

BETSINGER, John. Birth given as March 16, 1754 at Canajoharie and as 1760 in census. Volunteered in spring of 1780 in Capt. Lawrence Gross Co. Col. Willettís NY Reg. and immediately transferred to bake-house at Fort Plain where he served until summer of 1783. Pension was not granted to him as he was not serving at the front. Married Elizabeth Ochsen, Jan. 1792. (Geisenburg Church Record Hallsville, Town of Mindon, Montgomery Co.). Herkimer Co. Court House Book 9, Page 209. Bought lands-dees recorded at Fonda. Book 5, Page 2. Peter Schuyler to Johanus Betsinger and wife, Jan. 9, 1795. On South side of Mohawk River in Montgomery Co. 170 acres in 1794. John Betsingerís first wife Elizabeth Ochsen, the en denoting that the bride was unmarried. Her fatherís name was Ochs. Children Elizabeth Aug 1, 1794, Petrud (Peter) born in town of Lenox, jan 13, 1801, Nicholas, Jan 3, 1803, Nancy, Jan 19, 1805. George, 1810, John, Jacob, Henry, 1793, 1792, and 1790.

John Betsinger was married second time to Hannah, child of George Limbeck. John has a brother Chris-john. John is buried in a small plot on the Calnan farm that was reserved when the farm was sold. Plot is 16 feet square. All children baptized in Geisenburgh Church, Hallsville, Montgomery Co.

BETSINGER, John. Son of John. See Benn, Henry. Born 1804. Wife Nancy, daughter of John Betsinger. Children Timothy (1827), Adelia (1834), Elizabeth (1836), Helen (1840), Eveline (1842), Mirniva (1849). Moved to Yates County from Clockville. Buried Lydonville Cemetery, Town of Yates, Orleans County.

BETSINGER, Lewis O. (1852-1925). Wife Sarah Hall (1855-March 14, 1925). Children Maud (1876). Eva (1879), Bertha, Elias, and Martha born Feb 28, 1898. Purchased Pitten & Stafford rake factory in Dec. of 1888. Lived at Clockville.

BETSINGER, Louis. Son of Henry. (1824-June 20, 1891). Wife Rachel (1830-Nov. 24, 1898). Children Lewis O. (1852), James (1855), Hiram (1857), Child (1860), Hulda. Veteran of Civil War. Co. D 1st Reg. NY Mounted Rifles. Buried at Clockville.

BETSINGER, Nicholas. Born Jan. 3, 1803. Son of John. Wife Polly (Mary). She died and is buried at Oneida, March 9, 1851, aged 45. Nicholas was a juror in 1830. Owned 95 acres in Lenox in 1835. Children Catherine (1826), Malinda (1826), Catherine (1830), Barney ( 1833), Harriet (1834), Delia (1835), Thomas (1837), lana (1840), Martha (1842), and Cordelia (1847).

BETSINGER, Peter. See Forbes, Nicholas I. See Keller, Andres S. See Palmer, Seward. See Twist, Alpheus. Children married into these families.

BETTSINGER, B. Altus. Native of Germany. Settled in Sullivan. Son Leonard (1779-1868).

BETTINGER, Augusta. See Miller, Sylvester.

BETTSINGER, George. Died May 20, 1849, aged 20. Buried at Chittenango.

BETTSINGER, Isaac. Lived in Sullivan in 1830. Died in 1875, aged 69. Buried at Chittenango.

BETTSINGER, Leonard. (1779-1863). Wife Lucy Lower died in 1870. Sons John and Jacob. Lived in Sullivan. Buried at Chittenango. Owned Lot #25. Settled in 1795. Also son Isaac.

BETTSINGER, Samuel. Died in 1836, aged 71. Wife Catherine died in 1848, aged 69. Buried at old cemetery at Bridgeport.

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