The name Walter, at least in Germany, is derived from the verb verwalten, which means to manage or administer, from which the noun verwalter is derived and means manager or administrator. It was probably also a term used to describe watchman or maybe even a term given to ranking officiers. The 'ver' was probably dropped to create Walter. Walter is an old German word meaning "hunter". It has a variant spelling Walther pronounced Valter.

How did the Betsinger family connect with the Walter surname?

My grandfather, George Edward Betsinger, married Edith Fay Pratt. Edith's parents were Charles Lewis Pratt and Rebecca Elizabeth Walter. So, this will begin with Rebecca Elizabeth Walter.

REBECCA ELIZABETH WALTER (1848-1915) She was born in Bremer County, Iowa, and married Charles Lewis Pratt there. Charles was born in Groten County, New York. Both died in Bremer County, Iowa, and are buried at Andrews Cemetery, Bremer Couny.

Their children included:
George Washington Pratt (1864-1950) married Abbie Cross
Edmond Wellington Pratt (1867-1895)
James Monroe Pratt (1869-1869)
Etta May Pratt (1870-1930) married Stephen Bailey
Millie Mylvia Pratt (1877-1915) married George Weber
Minnie Sylvia Pratt (1877-1921) married Sidney Cross
Lena Belle Pratt (1881-1975) married several times.
Willie Ray Pratt (1885-1887)
Edith Fay Pratt (1887-1960) married George Betsinger

I do have contacts with several of these families, if you are interested. Leave me a message in the guestbook.

Rebecca's parents were:

Jacob was born in Pennsylvania, and christened in the Arendts Church, York, PA, on April 19, 1807. Plessy was born in Tuscarawas, Dover County, Ohio. They met and married in Columbiana County, Ohio, March 31, 1829. Both died in Elk Township, Clayton County, Iowa, and are buried in Harmony Cemetery, Clayton County, Iowa. Their children were:

Mary Ann Walter (1830-1911) married Albert Lewis
Mathias John Walter (1832-?) married Mary Ann Baker
James Solomon Walter (1835-?) married Mary Ann Rodenbeck
Joseph Woodford Walter (1837-?)
Jacob Jefferson Walter (1839-?)
John Gardner Walter (1841-?)
Sarah Matilda Walter (1844-?)
Rebecca Elizabeth Walter
Albert Lewis Walter (1850-?)

Jacob John's parents were:

MATHIAS JOHN WALTERS (1763-1854) and Anna Marie Knouse (1772-1831).

They were married in 1790, in Pennsylvania. Their children included: Henry Walter (1791-?) married Salome Bowman
Daniel Walter (1794-?) married Mary A. Mayer
Johannes Walter (1796-?)
Elizabeth Walter (1797-?)
Sarah Walter (1797-?) maried Christian Bowman
Mathias Walter (1804-?)
Jacob John Walter
Solomon Walter (1810-?)

Mathias was born in Lehigh or Adams County, PA, and died in Columbiana County, Ohio. He served in the military during the Revolutionary War. He is buried in Bowman Cemetary, Columbiana Co., OHio. Anna was born in Lehigh County, PA and died in Columbiana County, Ohio.

Mathias Walters parents were:


Their children included:

Mathias John Walters
Anna Walters (1768-?)
George Walters (1772-?)
Elizabeth Walters (1774-?)
Henry Walters (1776-?)
John Walters (1778-?)
Jacob Walters (1780-?)

Heinrich was born in Schuylkill Co., PA, and died in Adams County, PA.

I would like to learn more about the Walter family, so if you have information, please contact me. I'm sure they will have come to America from Germany, just would like to find out who and when. Thanks.

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