Who came first and when?


THAT is a question we would all like to answer. This page will be used to collect the information we can find concerning immigration and name spelling changes.

As you browse the guest book signings, notice how several deal with the spelling changes. Many have shared their input as to how the BETSINGER might have been spelt. Many think the name was BeLLinger. I don’t understand how it would have got from ‘LL’ to ‘TS’ There is another group who spell their name BeTTinger. This is easier for me to understand, but this group does NOT think Betsinger came from them. I‘m beginning to agree. I have found MY family listed as BEDsinger in Oneida County, NY records. The other line of Betsinger‘s can NOW be traced to BESSinger coming to the United States in 1733, on the Ship ‘Hope‘ into Philadelphia. Info on this below. The main idea here is to check other spellings.

Found in ‘PALATINES TO AMERICA: SHIPS TO PHILADELPHIA’ and ‘PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS’ by Ralph Strassburger and William J. Hinkey, 1934.

The ship “Hope” arrived in Philadelphia on August 28, 1733, from Rotterdam, with the last stop Cowes. Daniel Reid was the master. The ‘Hope‘ was a ship carrying passengers from Holland, who had left the Palatine area of Germany.


From Montgomery County, NY records:


ANDREAS BESINGER (Peasinger, called ANDREAS BESSING on 1741 rec.) - born Helmstadt, Germany about 1709 (age 24 when arriving Philadelphia on ship Hope in 1733 [from H. Jones' More Palatine Families, page 33]); married 1st time: Hoffenheim, Germany 26 Feb 1733 MARIA BARBARA RIZHAUPT, daughter of ADAM RIZHAUPT (MPF/33- More Palatine Families, p. 33);

married 2nd MARIA ELISABETH MILLER (called MARIA ELISABETH on 1743 and 1745 ).

Andreas was naturalized at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 19 May 1739 and subsequently moved to New York (MPF/33). Andreas and Maria Elisabeth were at Stone Arabia 1743-45 (Book of Names, page 62).

Andreas Pesingery sponsored with Elisabeth Peringery, the Feb 1749 Elisabeth, daughter of Conrad Fritscher & Elisabet Lauks.

Sergt Andries Besinger and Andries Besinger jr. were in Capt. Philip Schuyler's militia company at Rennselaerwyck, Albany County NY, 14 Jun 1755.

Andreas apparently moved to Niskatha, NY by 1762 (his residence there noted on marriage record in 1762 for son Andreas and in 1765 for daughter Margaret).

Andreas and Maria Barbara Rizhaupt Besinger’s children:

1: CATHERINE born 1733; married by 1754 HARMANUS VAN ALSTINE +

2: HENRICH born 1735; d about 1778; married by 1771 MAGDALENA ... (Stone Arabia Luth. bp) +

3: ANDREAS born Oct 1740 (sponsor: Casper Janse Halenbek, Marytje Klauwen); married 1762 JANNETJE BRATT

Andreas and Maria Elisabeth Miller Besinger’s children:

4: MARIA ELISABETH born Canajoharie/Stone Arabia 2 Jul 1743 (sponsor John Emige & w Elisabeth)

5: daughter born Stone Arabia say 1745; must have died young.

6: MARGARET born 1746; married 1765 JOHN SMITH +

7: SEVERINUS born 1748; married 1773 MARIA YOUNG

8: GERTRAUD birthplace Mohawks 18 Feb 1751/52 (MPF/33,)

9: MARIA birthplace Schaghticoke, NY 26 Aug 1753 (sponsor: Lewis Viele, Maria Viele)

BESINGER - 2nd Generation 1001:

2: HENRICH BESINGER - died about 1778; married 1771 MAGDALENA ...

In Van Alstein's 1763 Canajoharie militia next to Adam Hutmacher & Godfrey Ratenauer.

In April 1778 a Henry Besinger, deceased, left an estate encumbered with debt (Mohawk Valley in the Revolution, page 150).

Henry and Magdalen Besinger’s children:

2-1: SALOME born 1765; married 1783 CONRAD FRANTZ

2-2: CATHERINE born1767; married 1789 JACOB CHRISTMAN +

2-3: JOHN born1769; married 1792 ELISABETH OCHSEN

2-4: ANNA born 5 May, 1771 (sponsor Pet. Dunkel, Anna Jordan). Married Nicholas SCHAKO

3. ANDRIES PEESING (called ANDRIES BEESSNG on marriage record, ANDRIES PEESSING on 1763 record) - born New York state October, 1740, birthplace Loonenburg, NY (son of Andreas Besinger & Maria Barbara Ritzhaupt [MPF/33]); married Albany NY Nov, 1762 JANNETJE BRATT of Niskitha.

Andrew Pesinger and Jenny Bratt sponsored the Feb, 1801 baptism of Andrew, son of John Graft & Catharina Pesinger. Probably the Andrew Passinger on the 1800 Bethlehem NY census (00021-10201) next to Andrew Passinger Junr.

Children of Andrew and Jenny Bratt Pesinger:

3-1: ANNATJE born 5 Dec, 1763 (sponsor: Sefring Pessing, Lena Hoogteling)

3-2: PETER born 11 Jun, 1765 (sponsor Peter Bratt, Catherine V Aalstein) +

3-4: ANDRIES bprn 5 Jun, 1769 (sponsor Jelles & Fytje Winne) married by 1804 LENA SAGER +

3-5: ISAAC born 16 Aug, 1774 (sponsor John & Catherine Lansing) married 1796 ALIDA BRATT

3-6: CATHARINA born 10 Mar, 1780 (sponsor Herman & Catherine V Aalstein) married 1798 JOHN GRAFT

4: SEVERINUS BESINGER (called SAFRINUS PESINGER on 1782 birthplace record) - married 18 Oct, 1773 MARIA YOUNG, probably the Maria (born 24 March, 1754) daughter of WILLIAM YOUNG & HELENA FONDA.

Severinus was in the Albany County NY militia in 1755, and probably was the "Sophia" Pesinger who sponsored, with Anna Bratt, the July, 1759 baptism of Anna Rosina, dau of Harmanus Van Alstyne & Catherine Pesinger. Zepherinus Peesinger and Marytje Young sponsored the November, 1775 baptism of Willem, son of Guy Young & Dirkje Winne.

Children of Severinus and Maria Young Besinger:

4-1: WILLIAM born 30 Oct, 1776 (sponsor Guy Young, Dirkje Winne)

4-2: JOHN born 1 April, 1779 (sponsor John Miller, Marytje Fonda)

4-3: HENDRICK born 28 July, 1782 (sponsor Hen. Merkel, Marg. Merkel)

4-4: DANIEL born May 1789 (sponsor Daniel Young & Elisabeth)

BESINGER - 3rd Generation

3-4: ANDREW PESINGER - probably the Andries born 5 Jun 1769 (son of Andries Besinger & Jannetje Bratt); possibly married 1st 1792 CATHARINA DEVENPOORT; married by 1804 LENA SAGER (her name on 1804-12 baptism record). Andrew Passinger Junr was on the 1800 Bethlehem NY census (20010-00010) next to Andrew Passinger.

Children of Andrew and Lena Sager Pesinger:

3-4-1: PETER born Jerusalem NY 29 May 1804 (no sponsors)

3-4-2: JANE ANN born Jerusalem, NY 7 Jul 1809 (no sponsors)

3-4-3: ADAM born Jerusalem, NY 3 May 1812 (no sponsors)

3-5: ISAAC PESINGER (ISAAC PASSENGER on mar. rec.) born 16 Aug 1774 (son of Andrew Besinger & Jannetje Bratt); married 10 Nov 1796 ALIDA BRATT (her full name also on 1798 to 1804 baptism records).

Children of Isaac and Alida Bratt Pesinger:

3-5-1: MARGRITTA born Jerusalem, NY 11 Mar 1798 (no sponsors); died young 3-5-2: CATHARINA born Jerusalem 11 Aug 1800 (sponsors Andrew Pesinger, Jenny Bratt)

3-5-3: MARGRITTA born Jerusalem 18 Nov 1804 (no sponsors)

3-5-4: PETER born Jerusalem 23 Dec 1806 (no sponsors)

3-5-5: JENNY born Jerusalem 5 Mar 1810 (no sponsors)

2-3: JOHN BESINGER (or BETZINGER, PETZINGER)(son of Heinrich); married 19 February, 1792 ELISABETH OCHSEN.

2-3-1: ELISABETH born 1 Aug, 1794 (sponsors Conrad Frantz & w. Salome)

2-3-2: PETER born 19 February, 1802 (sponsors Peter Miller & w. Catherine)

2-3-3: NICHOLAS born 3 January, 1803 (sponsors John Monk jr., Margaret Gress)

2-3-4: NANCY born 19 March, 1805 (sponsors Peter Manck, Maria Gress)

Following are some birth and baptismal Records of

Lutheran St. Paul Church of Geisenberg Hallesvile, Town of Minden, Montgomery Co., New York.
Notice the different spellings.

(child) (parents) (these must be god-parents)

Bapt. May 21-1794 Petrus Heinrich Schafer, Petrus Miller,

Maria Bezinger, Elizabeth Counterman

Born Aug. 1-1794 Elizabeth Johannes Petzinger, Conrad Frantz

Bapt. Sep. 14-1794 Frau Elizabeth, Frau Salome

Born Dec. 9-1799 Martinue Johannes Bettinger, Martinus Bettinger,

Frau Catherina, Frau Magdalena

Born Nov. 13-1801 Margretha Johannes Bettinger, Johannes Chneyder,

Frau Catharina, Frau Margretha

Born Jan. 13-1801 Petrus Johannes Bezinger, Petrua Miller,

Bapt. Feb. 19-1802 Frau Elizabeth, Frau Catharina

Born Jan. 3-1803 Nicholaus Johannes Bezinger, Johannes Monk Jr.,

Bapt. Sep. 14-1804 Frau Elizabeth, Margaretha Gress

Born Mar. 19-1805 Nancy Johannes Bezinger, Peter Manck,

Bapt. Apr. 6-1806 Frau Elizabeth, Maria Gress

There are more listed, but this gives you an idea. If anyone can help interpret these, please let me know!!

THANKS to Anne and Cheryl for finding these records.

are another good source of information. The following shows Gottfried Betsinger arrived in the U. S., port of Philadelphia, in 1856, from Germany. And that his name was spelt “BETSINGER.’

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940

Betsinger, Gottfried Place : Philadelphia

Year : 1856

Primary Individual : Betsinger, Gottfried

Source Code : 9291

Source Name : UNITED STATES, WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION. Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and/or Oaths of Allegiance, 1789-1880, in United States Circuit Court, United States District Court, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Quarter Sessions Court, Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia. Compiled by W.P.A., Project No. 20837. [Harrisburg:] Pennsylvania Historical Commission, [1940]. 25 vols. in 11. Vol. 1. Letter B. 345p.

Source Annotation : Called Section II, Alphabetical Index of Naturalization Records, 1794-1880, Maritime Records, Port of Philadelphia.

Entries include names of applicants, countries of former allegiance, courts of record, and declaration dates. Reproduced from typewritten material. Only a few copies exist. Republished in one volume by Gale Research Co. as Philadelphia Naturalization Records, no. 2041. Source Page # : 65



Betsinger, Christine Age : 15

Country of Origin : Wurtemburg

Arrival Date : Apr. 07, 1882

Final Destination : USA

Ship's Name : Allemannia

Occupation : Single

Gender : Female

Manifest ID Number : 36526

Country : Wurtemburg

I interpret this that Betsinger was the correct spelling.

There are instances, in the census, where the name is spelt Bedsinger, Bettsinger, Betzinger, Bedzinger.

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