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The cemetery records are alphabetized by state, then county, then cemetery.


Golden Gate National Cemetery San Bruno, San Mateo County, California

Goodrich, Clyde Betsinger, b. 08/31/1907, d. 04/05/1963, MAJOR USA, Plot: Y 485, bur. 04/09/1963.


LUSK CEMETERY, Albany County, Illinois

Betsinger, Lester J. November 8, 1936-March 3, 2002

Collins, Ofrin Jay Born Aug 19, 1879, died June 18, 1921. 40 yrs, 9 month, 27 days. John Betsinger owner of site.


NEW ALBIN CEMETERY, Allamakee County, Iowa
Betsinger, ? born 1925

Betsinger, Amy died April 7, 1891

Betsinger, Hattie born September, 1875-died April, 1890

Betsinger, Nicholas born ? died May 7, 1892

Betsinger, Ward born 1875-died 1916

GETHSEMANE CEMETERY Allamakee County, Iowa
Betsinger, Cletus born 1907 died December 10, 1974

Betsinger, Abraham, age 80. Died June 28, 1917

Betsinger, Ella (Mrs.) age 62, died June 11, 1928

Betsinger, Mary (Mrs. ) age 87, died August 22, 1935

Betsinger, Melvin L. age 59, died October 15, 1922

Betsinger, Charles L. died December 27, 2001

Betsinger, Edith (Mrs.) age 73, died December 1, 1960

Betsinger, George Edward, age 72, died December 25, 1951

Betsinger, Geo. Edward, age 40, died May 17, 1953

Betsinger, Leland Kenneth, son of Charles & Dora Betsinger, March 17, 1955-May 16, 1956

Betsinger, May, age 60, died July 14, 1930

Betsinger, Tommy Charles, son of Charles & Dora Betsinger, January 13, 1949-March 30, 1949

Chestnut, Dorothy Fay, age 62, died September 21, 1977

Cullinane, Ida (Mrs.) age 73, died May 14, 1941

Winklepleck, Cora Bell, age 98, died December 18, 1967

HORTON CEMETERY, Bremer County, Iowa
Zwanziger, Margaret Betsinger March 25, 1909-July 30, 1993

Betsinger, Georgia Ann died May 12, 1992

Betsinger, E. E. died August 11, 1910

Betsinger, Earl H. died February 11, 1960

Betsinger, Emma Del died October 30, 1925

Betsinger, Rose B. born ? died September 5, 1952

OAK HILL CEMETERY, Chickasaw County, Nashua Iowa

Betsinger, George E. September 12, 1943-September 28, 1985

Betsinger, Jay Edward July 14, 1969-March 21, 1970

ST. MICHAELíS CATHOLIC CEMETERY, Chickasaw County, Nashua, Iowa

Harrington, Irene Mae Betsinger, November 3, 1922-October 10, 2000

ST. FRANCIS CEMETERY, Fayette County, Iowa

Rohde, Mildred Blanche Betsinger, December 31, 1018-October 18, 1992


Bentsinger, A. F. Company D, Indiana 21st. Died July 4, 1865

Betsinger, G. W. Private, New York 21st Battery. Died November 29, 1864


LONDON CEMETERY, London, Freeborn County, Minnesota

Betsinger, James E. March 25, 1940-November 15, 1996

Betsinger, James Edward Jr.- June 3, 1974-January 7, 1996

Betsinger, Theodore G. July 7, 1938-August 4, 1999

CALVARY CEMETERY, Mower County, Austin, Minnesota

Finkelson, Betty Lou Betsinger, July 13, 1950-May 24, 2000

GRANDVIEW MEMORIAL GARDEN, Mower County, Austin, Minnesota

Betsinger, Lester C. March 3, 1916-March 25, 1990

Betsinger, Thera A. Eckert 1943-1997

Greenwood, Mary Ann Betsinger January 19, 1944-November 6, 1994

HILER CEMETERY Nodine, Winona County, Minnesota

Betsinger, Signa M. 1907-1991

Betsinger, Warren F. 1910-1975


Death Notice & Obituary Index for
Betsinger, Clifton 57 November 4, 1932

Betsinger, Elnora 73 March 7, 1930

Betsinger, Eugene 78 August 30, 1951

Betsinger, Harold Sanford 29 Oct 1898

Betsinger, Harvey 50 October 16, 1909

Betsinger, Hiram H. 83 July 12, 1940

Betsinger, Jack D. 55 February 10, 1988

Betsinger, James 82 April 9, 1970

Betsinger, James 84 January 20, 1939

Betsinger, Jennie Darling 78 April 5, 1951

Betsinger, Juliette Debrucque 40 December 12, 1930

Betsinger, Leona 21 Jan 1899

Betsinger, Louis March 1, 1919

Betsinger, Margaret 35 July 3, 1909

Betsinger, Margaret R. 70 May 19, 1933

Betsinger, Mary Sollitt 62 May 8, 1952

Betsinger, Walter D. 77 October 7, 1992

For information click on Newspapers Held at Canastota Public Library 1876-1999

CLOCKVILLE CEMETERY Town of Lincoln Madison County, New York

BETSINGER HENRY Feb.15, 1845 aged 51.

Betsinger Mary E. dau. Apr.13, 1846 aged 1 yr

Betsinger Daniel son Sept. 6, 1842 aged 3.

BETSINGER PETER (Bro of above) Nov. 6, 1878 aged 75 yr 9 mo

Betsinger Catherine wife (Forbes) Mar. 3, 1857 aged 53 yrs 7 mo.

Betsinger Charles son Jan.16, 1887 aged 38 yrs 10 mo.

Betsinger Daniel L. son Sept. 7, 1841-1911.

Betsinger Cornelia (Hurd)) wife D.L. 1848-1927.

Betsinger Grace dau above. Apr.24, 1883 aged 6 yr mo

Betsinger Clarence P. son D.L. 1877-1922.

BETSINGER LEWIS Sr. son of Henry June 20, 1891 aged 67. Veteran Civil War.

Betsinger Rachel wife Nov.24, 1894 aged 63

Betsinger Lewis O. son 1852-1919.

Betsinger Hiram H. son 1856-1940.

Betsinger Maggie wife 1802-1933.

Betsinger James M. son 1854-1939.

Betsinger Elnora wife J.M. 1857-1930.

Pearl B. Sykes 1882-1961 (daughter of James)

Fernold B. Smith 1890-1944 (Pearl's sister)

Vern R. Smith 1892-1963 (Fernold's husband)

Harold Betsinger 1898-1898 (Pearl's infant brother)

BETSINGER HARRIET. dau of J.M. 1898-1898.

BETSINGER LILY. Dau. of Lewis. June 3, 1881 age 3yrs.

Rouse Calista (Betsinger) Wife of Harrison. Apr. 17, 1827- 2nd wife

SMITH FERNALD B. Dau. James Betsinger. 1890-1944.

Timmerman Sarah J. (Betsinger) Wife. Silas. Mar.29, 1837-July l4, 1886.

To view the entire cemetery listing click on Clockville Cemetey.

FARM CEMETERIES Town of Lincoln, Madison County, New York.


BETSINGER JOHN. Vet. Rev. War. Died Canajoharie, NY. Mar 16, 1854.

Note: This cemetery is shown on the Town Highway Map and is 0.6 miles north of the intersection of Forbes Road and Seeber Road on the right hand side.

The inscription reads


Died May 29 1848

Aged 82 Years.

The stone is just off the road on the present Olden home. The stone is damaged but in good shape for its age.

Glenwood Cemetery

The stones are in a row

1 2 3 4 5

1: Daniel A. Betsinger 1844-1922

2. Caroline Moon-his wife 1848-1919

3. Lena R. Betsinger 1868-1936

4. Isaac M. Betsinger 1872-1937

5. Infant Stanley T. Emmons Nov 1-12, 1924

Betsinger, Mrs. Antoinette July 30, 1922

Betsinger, Beulah wife of Byron. October 17, 1976

Betsinger, Byron H. June 1, 1966

Betsinger, Edith Eva August 30, 1962

Betsinger, Eunice August 10, 1923

Betsinger, Everett December 3, 1937

Betsinger, Georgia January 20, 1919

Betsinger, Harold December 8, 1977

Betsinger, Harriett, age 60, November 9, 1952

Betsinger, Hezekiah May 17, 1913

Betsinger, Julia wife of Fred March 1, 1972

Thanks for Cheryl's help with the records for the Glenwood and Sunnyside Cemeteries. We still may not have everything correct, but we're working on it!!

LENOX RURAL CEMETERY Lenox, Madison County, New York
Betsinger, Harriet 1871-1951

Betsinger, Jacob L. 1876-1946

Betsinger, Martha 1875-1947

Betsinger, Stilman 1886-1930

Bettsinger, Grace Sheldon 1882-19?

HIGHLAND CEMETERY, Marcellus, New York

Betsinger, Nicholas N. 1843-1908

Betsinger, Sarah A. 1850-1939

MOUNT PLEASANT CEMETERY, Rural Canastota , New York

Mary Ann wife of Abraham Betsinger d. Feb 20,1922 age 80.

Abram Betsinger d. Apr 8,1921 Pvt 21st Reg NY Battery

Harvey Betsinger 1850-1909

Julia A. Campbell wife of Eugene E. Betsinger 1853-1930

Eugene Betsinger 1875-1951

Margaret Alice Dyer wife of Clifton Betsinger 1870--1909

Clifton Betsinger 1875-1932

Juliette Betsinger 1870-1930

SUNNYSIDE CEMETERY, Creek Rd, Merrellsville, New York

Betsinger, Berton. Born Wampsville, 1884-Died November 17, 1939 East Hartford, Connecticut

-Betsinger, Bertram 1884-1939

-Betsinger, Klda A. wife of Bertram 1880-1927

-Betsinger, Claude S. 2/28/1894-4/30/1977 PFC US Army WWI

-Betsinger, ____?___ J. Wife of Claude 1899-1980

-Betsinger, Henry 1853-1931 father

-Betsinger, Marion 1852-1928 mother

-Betsinger, John 1840-1910

-Betsinger, Matilda 1843-1907 wife of John H.

Walnut Grove Cemetery Wampsville, Madison County, New York

Betsinger, Daniel d. 9 May 1871 age 27y 6m

Infant child of D. & T.

Nicholas son Geo. A. & Martha d. 2 Sep 1867 age 21y6m

Betsinger, Mary dau Olivia & Getty d. 10 Sep 1863 age 3y4m

Most of the Madison County listings courtesy of the late Doug Ingalls (1999). Thanks also to Cheryl Pray for her help with the cemetery records.

Elbridge Cemetery Elbridge, Onondaga County, New York

Betsinger, Will died September 5, 1865. 35 years old. Member Company G, 122 Regiment, N.Y. Volunteers.

Carmichael Hill Cemetery, Western, Oneida County, New York

Carmichael Hill Cemetery, Carmichael Hill Road, Western, NY

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on September 20, 1999.

Betsinger, Abraham, b.1863, d.1933

Betsinger, Abram, d. June 26, 1880 age 16 yrs 11 mos 8 dys

Betsinger, Anna, d. April 1879, dau (of John H. & Jane Betsinger), age 8 mos 5 dys

Betsinger, Arlo, b.1905, d.(Jan. 23), 1984

Betsinger, Edward, b. 1838, d.1894

Betsinger, Esther A., b.1876, d.1929, wife (of Jacob H. Betsinger),

Betsinger, Gordon F., b.1899, d.(Dec. 13), 1971

Betsinger, Hazel I., b.1904, d.1996

Betsinger, Isaac, b.1871, d.1959

Betsinger, Jacob H., b.1869, d.1951

Betsinger, Jane, b. Oct. 8, 1839, d. Jan. 20, 1904, wife (of John H. Betsinger)

Betsinger, John H., d. Sep. 29, 1907

Betsinger, Lilly Johnson, b.1878, d.1910, wife (of Abraham Betsinger)

Betsinger, Martha Blazier, b.1845, d.1904, wife (of Edward Betsinger)

Betsinger, Mary, b.1857, d.(no date), wife (of Abraham Betsinger),

Betsinger, Nina Walker, b.1904, d.(Mar. 17) 1988, wife (of Arlo Betsinger),

Betsinger, Olive, b.1868, d.1946, wife (of Isaac Betsinger),

Betsinger, Paul G., b. Mar. 7, 1924, d. Nov. 28, 1997, US Army WW II

Betsinger, Warren, b.1898, d.1982

Lockwood, Jennie E., b.(Betsinger), wife (of Earl Lockwood)

Hall, Emma E. (Betsinger), d. Dec. 8, 1883, dau (of John H. & Jane Betsinger), age 23 yrs 10 mos 6 dys

Sprague, Helen Betsinger, b.1924, d.(no date), wife (of Karl D. Sprague) Smith, Amaziah 1835-1914
Smith, John Henry, son of Amaziah & Sarah J. Smith, died May 7, 1876 age 3 yrs 2 dys
Smith, Salome, dau of Amaziah & Sarah J. Smith, died Apr. 26, 1876 age 6 yrs 3 mos 18 dys
Smith, Sarah Jane,(Betsinger) wife (of Amaziah Smith), 1835-1906

Oneida Castle Cemetery, Oneida County, New York

Betsinger, Flora, died August 16, 1867
Betsinger, Frank, died October 5, 1965
Betsinger, Jasen Wayne, died August 9, 1981
Betsinger, Lila, died April 17, 1980
Betsinger, Marguerite S., died October, 1995
Betsinger, Mary, died March 9, 1851
Betsinger, Peter, died April 17, 1868
Betsinger, Richard, died October 12, 1980
Betsinger, Walter D., died October 5, 1992

Rathbunville Cemetery , Happy Valley Road, Town of Verona

This cemetery is adjacent to the New Union Cemetery on Happy Valley Road in the town of Verona. The only visible division of the two cemeteries is metal posts marking the boundary corners. The cemetery is well maintained is an active cemetery. There were many old stones that were completely illegible, making a transcription of these impossible. The tombstones were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on October 21, 2001.

Betsinger, Mildred 1903-1959

Betsinger, Otto 1899-1963

Whaley, Sarah Betsinger 1829-1903

Sunnyside Cemetery, Creek Rd, Merrillsville, NY
-Betsinger, Bertram 1884-1939

-Betsinger, Kilda A. wife of Bertram 1880-1927

-Betsinger, Claude S. 2/28/1894-4/30/1977 PFC US Army WWI

-Betsinger, ____?___ J. Wife of Claude 1899-1980

-Betsinger, Henry 1853-1931 father

-Betsinger, Marion 1852-1928 mother

-Betsinger, John 1840-1910

-Betsinger, Matilda 1843-1907 wife of John H.

Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery, Westernville, Oneida County, New York
Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Feb.2000

Westernville Presbyterian Cemetery, Stokes-Westernville Road, Westernville, New York

Millington, Minnie Betsinger, b.1869, d.1949

North Steuben Cemetery Steuben, Oneida County, New York

The cemetery is located next to the North Steuben Church on Buck Hill Road in the town of Steuben. The cemetery is well maintain and burials are still being made here. The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on Aug 17, 2000.

Betsinger, Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1815, d. Jun 29, 1884

Betsinger, Jacob, b. Aug. 2, 1809, d. Apr 18, 1869

Steuben Corners Cemetery,Oneida County, New York

This cemetery is located on Cemetery Road in the town of Steuben. It is well maintained and is still active. The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on Jul 10, 2000.

Drexel, Laura Betsinger, b., 1865, d. 1943, wife (of George T. Drexel)


Arpin Cemetery Wisconsin

Betsinger, Ed, b. About 1886, d. Jul 12, 1916

Green Mound Cemetery La Crosse, Wisconsin


Betsinger Esther L. 1919-

Betsinger Frank T. 1916- 1992

To view the entire cemetery listing for Long Coulee Cemetery

OAK GROVE CEMETERY La Crosse, Wisconsin

Betsinger, Candace Elaine born and died 1945

Betsinger, Etta Mael February 15, 1888- January 24, 1972

Betsinger, Frank A. July 29, 1885-January 16, 1950

Betsinger, George E. April 22, 1871-July 25, 1909

Betsinger, Irene 1900-1952

Betsinger, Harry August 6, 1928-2002

Marcou, Blance Betsinger March 6, 1906-January 5, 1991

I KNOW THIS IS NOT complete. Please feel free to contact me with additions or corrections. THANKS, :)

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