I believe, at this time, that ALL Betsinger's can be traced to brothers, John and Christ-John,(or Christian) in late 1700's New York State. Christ-John is my family, father of Jacob. Go to my family for information on this family.

Following are the children of John.

All have people researching them, and they would LOVE to share information with you. You can leave a message in the guest book, and I will forward it for you.

John BETSINGER, born 1754, Montgomery Co., NY. married Elizabeth Ochsen. He served in the Revolutionary War. John died 1848, Madison Co., NY. They had 8 children. Among them was:

1) HENRY BETSINGER. With Henry, John's first-born son, is another clue that John was the son of Henry. Henry was born 1790, died 1845. He married Nancy Forbes (1799-1864). They had eleven children. I don't have complete info on each family, but the names of Henry's children were Calista, Mary, Nicholas, John, Eliza, Louis Sr., David, Hannah, Henry, Daniel and Nancy. One of the sons is:
A)John BETSINGER. Married Mary Neimyer. Had at least five children:Ebenezer, Harvey, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary. One of whom was:
a)Ebenezer E. BETSINGER, born 1845, Wampsville, NY. Married Emeline Holmes. He died 1910, Clinton, IA. They had three sons, of which one was :
1) Edward Wayland BETSINGER, born 1871, Oneida Lake, NY. Married Mae Lillie ____. Died 1940, Clinton, IA. Their son is:
aa) Robert W. BETSINGER, 1908-2002.
We just made the connection that John is a son of Henry, son of John. This family I have known about the longest. They are the group that has the information on origin and meaning of the BETSINGER family name.

2) JACOB BETSINGER Born 1792-died 1848. Married Mary. They had eight children:Nancy, Saphronia, William, James Abraham, Sarah J., Charles B., and Frankie; among them James Abraham (or J. Abraham). I do not have much info on this line.

3)JOHN BETSINGER Born 1793, died 1849. Married Ann Tuttle. I do not know of any children for them.

4) ELIZABETH BETSINGER, born 1794, cied 1845. Married Henry March.

5) CATHARINE BETSINGER, born 1795. Married John Cubbins. That's all info I have on them.

6)PETER BETSINGER, born 1801, Madison Co., NY. Married Catherine Forbes. Peter died 1876. They had twelve children, among them: Celina, Catherine, Harriet E., Diana, Henry, Melissa, Sarah J., Peter R., Daniel L., Nicholas N., and Clarles L. One that I have info on is:
A)Daniel BETSINGER, born 1841. Madison Co., NY. Married Cornelia L. Hurd. Daniel died 1911. They had four children,Wiliam, Grace, Clarence and Katie.
a)Clarence BETSINGER, born 1878.

This is a large, active family. Several missing links have been found just recently.

7) NICHOLAS BETSINGER born 1803, died 1855. Married Polly(Mary) Packard. They had 12 children: Caroline, Catherine, Malinda, Catherine, Barney, Harriet, Delia, Thomas, Lana, Martha, Cordelia, and John. This family came west and settled in Wisconsin and Michigan.

8) GEORGE BETSINGER Born 1810, died 1877. He married Martha Sipe, and they had the following children: George Washington, Nancy, Hezekiah, Nicholas, Daniel and John. Among thier children are:
A) Nicholas BETSINGER, born 1840, Madison Co., NY. married Emily Bellows. Nicholas served in the Civil War. Died 1892, Allamakee Co., IA. They had eleven children, among them: Alice, Hattie, Clara, George, Amy, Warren, Minnie, Leonard, Reuben, Edward, Frank.
1) Reuben BETSINGER, born 1879, New Albin, IA. married Margaret Strub and Beulah Nack. Reuben died 1916, Tacomah, WA. He had three children, among them:
Cletus Arnold BETSINGER, born 1907, Lansing, IA. Married LaVonne Clancy. They eleven children, among them:
Robert K. BETSINGER, born 1944, IA. married Debra .They had four children.

This family just discovered genealogy, and is working hard to find their missing link.

B) Hezekiah BETSINGER married Harriet Bortle. Their son was
Everett D. BETSINGER. He married Eunice Snow Moon December 11, 1889 in New York state. They had three children, among them
Harriet Rebecca BETSINGER. She was born October 4, 1893, in Munnsville, NY. She married Gerald Cole, and had two children. Hezekiah is a son of George, son of Henry, son of John.

C)Erwin/Irving BETSINGER born March 1837, Madison Co., NY. Married Francis Blanchard March,1859, Delaware Co.,NY. They had two children, among them Clarence BETSINGER, born December 24, 1882.Otsego Co., Ny. Married Lena M. Shaver April 9, 1913, Walton, NY. They had one child.

I just got in contact with this family, they will be adding more information soon.

WE JUST CONNECTED HEZEKIAH AND IRVING'S FAMILIES WITH THE FIRST JOHN!! So, we ARE making progress. Actually, we have only TWO family groups now!! Can YOU help?


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