This is the information I have found concerning who and when the BETSINGER immigrants came to the United States. I know its not much, but I'm still looking. If you find anything, please leave me a message in the guest book.

ANDREAS BESINGER (Peasinger, called ANDREAS BESSING on 1741 record) - born Helmstadt Germany about 1709 (age 24 when arriving Philadelphia on ship Hope in 1733. Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette on 16 Nov 1733 noted that Andreas Baseener, a Dutch servant, aged ca. 25, was a runaway from Joseph Gray at the Middle Ferry on Skuylkil. )Is this the same person, I don't know. But sure is interesting!!) [information from H. Jones' "More Palatine Families," page 33.

The following is from Ellis Island Records

GEORGE D. BETSINGER (also spelt Betzinger) was a member of ship's crew and went though Ellis Island several times. I was surprised to find that the crew was listed in their records. George was born about 1890, an American citizen, and had unknown marital status.. Below is the info as to ships he sailed with, and when..

arrived July 21, 1920 aboard "General G.W. Goethals' from Cristobal, Canal Zone, Panana. Age 30 years.

arrived Dec 30, 1919, aboard 'Lake Strymon' from Montreal, Canada

arrived Feb 26, 1921, aboard 'Lake Fandon' from Para, Brazil

arrived Nov 28, 1920, aboard 'Lake Fandon' from Cuba

I'm not sure if contacting ship's records from shipping company would give more info, or not. But, I found this very exciting.

There were a couple other travelers:

H. BETSINGER, female, age 35, arrived Sept 25, 1906, departed Naples, Italy, aboard 'Adalbert'. US citizen

H. G. BETSINGER, male, age 45, arrived Aug 16, 1909, departed Rotterdam, The Netherlands, aboard 'Nieuw Amsterdam'. US citizen.

HELEN BETZINGER, female, age 35, arrived April 18, 1910, departed Bermuda, aboard 'SS Bermudian'. US citizen.

MARRY P. BEDSINGER, female, arrived May 21, 1920, ethnicity and marital unknown, departed France, aboard 'Adiatic'.

HELEN HOLT BETZINGER, female, arrived Aug 26, 1905, 58 years, single, aboard 'Adiatic' from Southampton, Eng. US citizen.

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940


Place : Philadelphia

Year : 1856

Primary Individual : Betsinger, Gottfried

Source Code : 9291

Source Name : UNITED STATES, WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION. Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and/or Oaths of Allegiance, 1789-1880, in United States Circuit Court, United States District Court, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Quarter Sessions Court, Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia. Compiled by W.P.A., Project No. 20837. [Harrisburg:] Pennsylvania Historical Commission, [1940]. 25 vols. in 11. Vol. 1. Letter B. 345p.

Source Annotation : Called Section II, Alphabetical Index of Naturalization Records, 1794-1880, Maritime Records, Port of Philadelphia. Entries include names of applicants, countries of former allegiance, courts of record, and declaration dates. Reproduced from typewritten material. Only a few copies exist. Republished in one volume by Gale Research Co. as Philadelphia Naturalization Records, no. 2041. Source Page # : 65

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