I firmly believe in proper documentation for my genealogy. I research diligently, and MUST have two references in order to believe the fact and accept it! My goal in genealogy, besides finding who came to the U.S., is that whoever takes up genealogy after me, should be able to follow my leads and draw the same conclusions that I have.

Below are lists of sources I have used. These are just books, CDs, or other records. I have not listed court house records, census, cemeteries, obituaries, etc., as when a person observes that is where I got the information, they should know to go there. The following are more obscure references, that I have had trouble locating. I hope you will use them and if you find any instances where you donít agree with my decision, PLEASE do contact me. LINDA

UPSTATE NEW YORK in the 1760ís
By Florence Christoph. The book is a list of taxpayers and the militia in NY state. Available from the Sleeper Company.

HENRICK BEZSINGER listed as a taxpayer in Canajoharie, NY, in 1766. This is Montgomery County. Page 135.

Page 212, Henrick Bezsinger listed as member of Militia of Canajoharie.

SEPHRENUS BEZSINGER listed as member of Captain Abraham Cuylersí Company A, Return of the Granadier Company, of 1st Battalion of Albany Militia on May 1, 1767. Page 148.

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940
This is a CD of information that has been put together. The book the info is from will be listed under Source Name, then the info dealing with the Betsinger following that.

Source Name : Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, with the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808.

(Pennsylvania Archives, ser. 2, vol. 17.) Harrisburg [PA]: E.K. Meyers, 1890. 787p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1967. EGLE, WILLIAM HENRY, editor.

Besinger, Andreas

Place : Pennsylvania

Year : 1733

Primary Individual : Besinger, Andreas

Source Page # : 85

Source Annotation : Taken from original manuscripts in the state archives. Names given throughout pages 1-677. Foreigners arriving in Pennsylvania named on pages 521-667.

Source Name : Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808 by STRASSBURGER, RALPH BEAVER. Edited by William John Hinke.

Norristown [PA]: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. 3 vols. Vols. 1 and 3 reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1964.

Besinger, Andreas

Place : Philadelphia

Year : 1733

Primary Individual : Besinger, Andreas

Source Annotation : Contains 29,800 names, with annotations written by Krebs. This work (often referred to as Strassburger and Hinke) is much superior to no. 7820, Rupp, and no. 1804, Egle. It forms a revision with additions to Rupp and Egle, and was prepared and edited with great accuracy. Vol. 1 contains captains' lists, 1727-1775; vol. 2 has facsimiles of all signatures of signers of oaths of allegiance and oaths of abjuration, and was not included in the G.P.C. reprint; vol. 3 has captains' lists from 1785-1808, and indexes to captains, ships, ports of departure, and surnames in all volumes. The set was originally vols. 42-44 of the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings.

Source Page # : 120, 121

Source Name : BURGERT, ANNETTE KUNSELMAN. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America. Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society, 16/19. Birdsboro, PA: The Pennsylvania German Society. Vol. 1: The Northern Kraichgau. 1983. 461p.

Source Annotation : Date and port of arrival or date and place of naturalization. Span indicates period between last mention of emigrant in country of origin and first mention of his residence in the New World.

Besinger, Andreas

Place : Philadelphia Year : 1733

Primary Individual : Besinger, Andreas

Age : 24

Family Members : Wife Maria B. Ritzhaupt

Source Page # : 56

Source Name : PENNSYLVANIA (COLONY). PROVINCIAL COUNCIL. Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania, from the Organization to the Termination of the Proprietary Government. (Colonial Records of Pennsylvania, vols. 3-4.) Harrisburg, PA: State of Pennsylvania, Theo Fenn & Co. Vol. 3 (1840), containing the Proceedings of the Council from May 31, 1717, to January 23, 1735-1736.

Source Annotation : Lists Palatines arriving in Pennsylvania between 1718 and 1742. Note that the first printing of vol. 3, 1840, has been used in no. 2048, Filby and Meyer. Also in no. 717, Boyer, Ship Passenger Lists, Pennsylvania and Delaware, pp. 48-86; and printed in part in no. 7820, Rupp.

Besinger, Andreas

Place : Philadelphia

Year : 1733

Primary Individual : Besinger, Andreas

Source Page # : 556

Source Name : BOYER, CARL, 3RD, editor. Ship Passenger Lists, Pennsylvania and Delaware (1641-1825). Newhall, Calif.: the editor, 1980. 289p. 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992.

Besinger, Andreas

Place : Philadelphia

Year : 1733

Source Page # : 76

Source Name : RUPP, ISRAEL DANIEL. A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776, with a Statement of the Names of Ships, Whence They Sailed, and the Date of Their Arrival at Philadelphia, Chronologically Arranged, Together with the Necessary Historical and Other Notes, also, an Appendix Containing Lists of More Than One Thousand German and French Names in New York prior to 1712. Leipzig [Germany]: Degener & Co., 1931. 478, 89p. Reprint of the 2nd revised and enlarged ed., 1876, with index from 3rd ed. by Ernst Wecken, 1931, and added index of ships. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1985. 583p.

Source Annotation : An index by Marvin V. Koger, Index to the Names of 30,000 Immigrants...Supplementing the Rupp, Ship Load Volume, 1935, 232p. is inferior to Wecken's index in the third edition (above). Page 449 contains "Names of the First Palatines in North Carolina, as Early as 1709 and 1710"; and pages 449-451 contain "Names of Males, Salzburgers, Settled in Georgia, 1734-1741." Contrary to some opinions, this work by Rupp does not duplicate nos. 9041-9042 by Strassburger, although there are thousands of names which are duplicates. Strassburger's work, however, is more accurate and more reliable than Rupp's. See also no. 9330, Urlsperger. The Salzburgers mentioned above were immigrants from Salzburg, Austria.

Besinger, Andreas

Place : Philadelphia

Year : 1733

Source Page # : 89

1835 lists John as owning 115 acres valued at $1,600 for which he paid $5.84 in taxes.

In 1836 the land was assessed at $3,900, upon which a tax of $8.19 was levied.

He owned 114 acres in 1837 and paid $7.85 tax.

He still owned 106 acres in 1842, valued at $3,000.

File "52C" on the Betsinger family at the old Montgomery County court house (Fonda, NY)

Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German Speaking Lands to North America: Volume 1: The Northern Kraichgau,
by Annette K. Burgert, p. 56.

This work has the info of Andreasí immigration and the town in Germany he is from

Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette on 16 Nov 1733 noted that Andreas Baseener, a Dutch servant, aged ca. 25, was a runaway from Joseph Gray at the Middle Ferry on Skuylkil.

These records deal with baptisms and marriages. Stone Arabia and Palatine are just across the river from Canajoharie. If one goes into Canajoharie, a very small town, to the Beech-Nut Factory and then crosses the small bridge there then one is in Palatine and Stone Arabia is just down the road. I believe it is in Madison County, NY.

Families of Herkimer, Montgomery & Schoharie A Genealogical Compendium on Compact Disk (CD) By William V. H. Barker

Under Montgomery County records is MUCH information dealing with marriages, births, and deaths of Andreas Besingerís family.

By Henry Z. Jones, JR. Pages 33 plus, deals with Andreas Besingerís family.

By Henry Z. Jones, Jr. Page 47 has information on several Besinger names.




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