By Michael W.J. Caughey

I do'nt know anything about James CAUGHEY, except that he is my great great grandfather and the father of my great grandfather, Matthew James CAUGHEY, who was born in 1856 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland. Matthew James Caughey married Agnes HEWITT on 28 Jan 1876 in Elenhead Presbyterian Church, North Queen Street, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland. Agnes HEWITT was born abt 1854; her father Samuel HEWITT.

Children of Matthew James CAUGHEY and Agnes Hewitt:

William CAUGHEY, born 25 Aug 1878, at 45 Lepper Street, Belfast, baptised 2 Oct 1878.married Ellen Wright-Hyde, on 11 July 1899 at Clifton Street Presbyterian, Belfast
Ellen CAUGHEY, born 22 May,1881, baptised 6 Jul 1881 in Belfast. She was alive in 1901 and employed as a Damask Weaver.
James CAUGHEY, born 8 Oct 1883, baptised 7 Nov 1883 in Belfast. He was alive in 1901 and employed as an Iron Moulder Apprentice.
Agnes CAUGHEY, born 27 Sep 1885, baptised 18 Nov 1885 in Belfast. She was alive in 1901 and employed as a Damask Weaver.
Matthew James CAUGHEY, born 22 Oct 1888, baptised 27 Jan 1889.
Matthew CAUGHEY, born 26 May 1890, baptised 2 Jul 1890.
Anna CAUGHEY, born 4 June 1891, baptised 1 July 1891.
David CAUGHEY, born 8 April 1893, baptised 8 May 1893.
Florence CAUGHEY, born 26 Nov 1894, baptised 31 Jan 1895.
Maud CAUGHEY, born 10 Sep 1896, baptised 25 Oct 1896 in Belfast
Ruth CAUGHEY, born 18 June 1900, baptised 16 July 1900 in Belfast

Comment: The family lived at 45 Lepper Street and 34 Warkworth Street, Belfast
Matthew James was employed as a Bottler and as a Distiller. He was alive in 1901 when the Census was taken. All the children were baptised at Ekenhead Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

The children of my paternal grandparents, William Caughey and Ellen Wright Hydes:

Samuel CAUGHEY, born 14 June 1901 at 40 Heather Street, Belfast, died 15 Feb 1964 at Havelock Hospital, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England. Buried 18 Feb 1964 in Bishopwearmounth Cemetery, Sunderland. Agnes Wright CAUGHEY, born 5 Jan 1904 in Belfast, died 5 July 1913, Belfast, buried in Shankill Cemetery, Belfast.
Nellie Wright CAUGHEY, born 21 Oct 1908 in Belfast. Buried with her mother and husband in the City Cemetery, Belfast.
Matthew CAUGHEY, born 6 May 1912 in Belfast. Died 22 August 1963 in Belfast.
William CAUGHEY, born 3 December 1915 in Belfast. He is still alive and went to Canada. 

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