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Dublin Family Heritage Centre Glasnevin Cemetery,Dublin Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin
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Catholic Parish of Donabate, Dublin
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Relationship's Chart

Seeking my grandfather Keough's ancestors and probably relatives. His name was John James and he was b. (according to him) July 4, 1869 although the year is not certain. He was born on Irish Sea. His father was John and his mother Margaret (poss. NELSON) of IOM The family lived in Dublin in 1920s on Little Britain St. His siblings were James, Dick and Tom (older) and Nicholas b. ca 1874 Dublin, Fred and twins Edward & Edwin. There were also girls and one was named Bridget, b. after 1884.

All efforts to find info so far have met with zilch. I am sure there are living relatives out there or some kind soul with some records that could offer a clue. We've been trying for 50 years now. They may have also owned land in Liverpool ca WW1.

Many thanks for any help, Eliz. in VT, USA : [email protected]

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