Locating Ancestors in Co. Monaghan

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I collected as much information from the family as I could years ago and more
recently and there is conflicting accounts about the birth places of my
Irish Ancestors. Please can you help?

One relative told me that this family originated from Kells, Co. Meath,
Ireland. (Whereas another said it was the female side which came from there
- but the Meath Heritage people can find no trace of her birth in that
Parish, so I'm placing my bets on the first informant!)

Michael Duffy* born abt 1820+/- 10 years Coachman by trade. No
information on his wife. Born possibly Kells, Co. Meath (Or Dublin?)

James Duffy born 1852 Coachman by trade Born possibly Kells, Co. Meath (Or Dublin?)
Bryan Manning born abt 1820 +/- 10 years Coachman by trade No
information on his wife. Born possibly Co. Meath (Or Dublin?) Born possibly Co. Meath (Or Dublin?)

* Relatives told the tale that Michael Duffy lived to be 104 years old (although he was blind for the last 30 years). Surely this must have been noteworthy? Would it have been in the newspapers? Would he have been in a work house or home? Any suggestions or ideas if this could be a lead would be most welcome.

James Duffy married Ellen Manning in Kingstown, Dublin on January 7 1875. Their first child, a son - Michael -, was born at the end of the year. Their second child, Ellen, was born in 1877 whilst they were still in Dublin.

They moved to England and then Scotland where their other 8 children were born.

Any help in finding information about the wives, the places they lived, their siblings and any dates would be very welcome - and of course - ideas where I could look next.

Thank you, in anticipation of your help,
Myra Duffy:
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Looking to see if its possible to obtain any information on Thomas ADAMS and his wife Isabella (maiden name unknown) who married in County Monaghan around 1810. This is my first time on here, please can some one direct me to any resources to find their marriage date and Isabella's last name.
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I am looking for information on David and Hannah Wright Mehaffy, David was born 1818 in County Monaghan, Ireland. They are the parents to at least one son, John Mehaffy b. 5/28/1838, County Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.
Debbie Mehaffy Koch
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