My Nesbitt Connections My Nesbitt Connections
By Michael W. Caughey

Bernard Nesbitt, my brother-in-law, born 27 Oct 1930, married 26 Dec. 1951, died 15 July 1991, buried at Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.
Barney was a gas worker and worked at Belfast Gasworks for most of his working life. His parents.. John Nesbitt and Elizabeth Sinnett. I think she came from about Castlewellan, Co Down. Either him or her were married twice. John and Elizabeth married in St. Malachy's Catholic Church, Belfast. John died 12 Jan 1942. Elizabeth died 18 Feb 1951. Both are buried in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast, with Barney.

In Ireland this name is common only in Dublin, and Ulster where it is most numerous in counties Antrim, Armagh and Cavan. It can be of English or Scottish origin.
The name is local in origin. In Scotland it derives from the old parish of Nesbit in Berwickshire and is first on record in the twelfth century. In England it can be of the same origin, or from Nesbitt in Durham ir Nesbitt in Northumberland. The placename is from the Old English nese, meaning 'nose', and byht, meaning a 'bend', and originally described a nose-shaped bend.
The Nesbitts of Cavan are a branch of one of the Nisbet or Nesbitt families who came to the extreme west of Donegall after the Plantation.
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