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McKillop Township 1851 census Huron Co Ontario
849 persons     Birth Place
Canada   322 (348)   Cape Brettan    1      Nova Scotia 25
Ireland    258             Scotland       205      England        22
Germany   14             United States    1      unknown        1

McKillop Township 1861 census   
This census was extremely difficult to transcribe so will be a lot of mistakes
2383 persons     Birth Place
Canada 1321 
(Canada  268  Canada West 5 Lower Canada 37 Upper Canada 988  Nova Scotia 23)
United States    21     New York    2      Jamacia   1         Cape Brettan   
Ireland            599    Scotland   331      England  37         Ardenney         1 
Germany           47     Prussia    1    Switzerland 7   at sea  2       unknown  7

McKillop Township part of 1871 census   

McKillop Township 1871 Div 1 and 2 (Div 3 is only heads)
2594 persons     Birth Place
Canada       1640    (Ontario       1620    Quebec   11     Nova Scotia 8 New Brunswick 1)
Ireland        464       Scotland        272    England  44
Germany     156       United States   10    France      1 Unknown 1
Switzerland     4       African (birthplace nor given)   1     Aldernney 1

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Records include/will include church records from St Columban, St James, St Peters as well as census for McKillop (all census records not included yet)

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