Table of Penalties

The Table of Penalties following lists offences or classes of offences in alphabetical order. All indictable offences contained in the text are included as are some summary offences.

The information in respect of the offences listed is:

1. How created whether at common law or by statute and the section. The statute may be identified by reference to the Table of Statutes. Some common law offences have statutory provisions as to penalties.

2. The maximum penalty on indictment in respect of imprisonment (mts or yrs) or amount of fine, a fine is both an additional and an alternative penalty (a/o). Where no amount is specified “fine” means an unlimited fine. Note the provisions as to summary trial of indictable offences at [04.55], and as to where accused pleads guilty to indictable offences [04.60].

3. The maximum penalty on summary conviction (S) be it imprisonment or fine. Sometimes a summary penalty is dependent upon whether there is a first, second or subsequent conviction.

4. Where a fine is denominated in pounds the euro amount is given in brackets. The pound amount is the amount contained in the statute. Many penalties have been substituted in recent times by increased euro amounts.

5. The proposed class (A, B, C, D, E.) as provided for in the Fines Bill. If it is passed as initiated the fine penalties will be according to the designated class.

6. The paragraph number (Para.) where the offence may be found in the text, the actual penalty may be found in a different paragraph. Sometimes there are additional penalty provisions which cannot be properly abbreviated in a table.

In relation to Road Traffic Offences there are additional penalties [50.03]. These include: a contribution towards the costs and expenses incurred by the Bureau (Bureau Costs) as provided for by section 22 of the 1994 Act [50.118]; consequential disqualification order (CDO) as provided for by section 26 of the 1961 Act (for periods of disqualification see the Table in subsection 4 of such section) [50.163], there are in addition provisions as to ancillary disqualification orders provided by section 27 [50.165], and as to special disqualification orders provided by section 28 [50.166]; and penalty points (P) as provided for by the 2002 Act [50.176], see First Schedule to such at [50.189].