Law Reform

Law Reform Commission of Ireland

The Law Reform Commission is an independent statutory body corporate established under the Law Reform Commission Act, 1975, to keep the law under review and to make recommendations for its reform. This includes work on consolidation of statutes and statute law revision.

The overall function of the Commission is to keep the law under review and, in accordance with provisions of the Law Reform Act 1975, to undertake examinations and conduct research with a view to reforming the law and to formulate proposals for law reform.

The Commission carries out its functions under the Act in two primary ways:

pursuant to programmes of law reform which it draws up in consultation with the Attorney General and which have been approved by the Government, and pursuant to specific requests (or "references") by the Attorney General to the Commission in relation to particular branches or matters of law.

The Commission has added a new method of work to the process of law reform. The Commission considers that there are many minor and uncontroversial but valuable legal reforms which can be implemented, in a timely fashion, without the need for extensive research or a lengthy report.

Office of Law Reform Northern Ireland

"To keep under review and ensure the modern and coherent development of those areas of the civil law for which the Office of Law Reform is responsible".

These areas include family law, property law, tort, contract, private international law, landlord and tenant law, limitations of actions, trusts, arbitration, enduring powers of attorney and mental incapacity and decision-making.

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