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An Introduction to



Third Edition

July 2002

The third edition has been expanded and updated. In addition to the five basic records (Census, Civil, Parish, Primary Valuation and Tithe Books), reference to additional genealogical records from the sixteenth century is included. In addition to the principal repositories in Ireland, reference is made to repositories in: Britain; United States; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; and South Africa. In all cases with respect to repositories location; telephone; fax; opening times; fees; and websites are given. Basic information with respect to the hundred most numerous surnames in Ireland and county distribution of surnames is given. With respect to the keeping of family records there is reference to links that make genealogical forms available.

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An Introduction to Irish Ancestry

Chapter 1 Introduction to genealogical research 1

Chapter 2 Census Returns 5

Chapter 3 Civil Registration 9

Chapter 4 Parish Registers 13

Chapter 5 Primary Valuation of Tenements 17

Chapter 6 Tithe Composition and Applotment Books 19

Chapter 7 Additional Genealogical Records 21

Chapter 8 National Library of Ireland 37

Office of the Chief Herald

Chapter 9 National Archives 43

State Paper Office

Chapter 10 Public Records Office, Belfast 47

Chapter 11 Offices of the Registrar-General’s 50

Chapter 12 Registry of Deeds 53

Chapter 13 Other Repositories of Records 55

Royal Irish Academy

Linen Hall Library

Irish Land Commission

Land Valuation Office

Representative Church Body Library

Presbyterian Historical Society Library

Religious Society of Friend’s Library

Irish Jewish Museum

Dublin Local Studies Collection

Belfast Central Library

Centre for Migration Studies

Family Record Centre – London

Public Records Office

National Archives of Scotland

General Register Office for Scotland

National Library of Wales

Family History Library

National Archives of the United States

American Family Immigration Center

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Australia

Archives New Zealand

National Archives of South Africa

Chapter 14 Distribution of surnames 65

Chapter 15 Hundred most numerous surnames 70

Chapter 16 Keeping family records 73

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Irish, English, Scottish, and American surnames

Surnames in Ireland

First Edition

December 2000

Sean E. Quinn

* Seven hundred surnames

* Gaelic form

* English variants

* Septs

* Branches

* Territory of origin

* Distribution in Ireland

* Estimated number of bearers

* Frequency in England and Wales

* Frequency in Scotland

* Frequency in United States

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Ancient territories

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Evolution of Irish surnames 4

Chapter 3 Anglicisation of Irish surnames 6

Chapter 4 Surname groups 10

Chapter 5 Distribution and frequency of surnames 13

Hundred most numerous surnames 17

Chapter 6 Surnames in England, Wales and Scotland 18

Hundred most numerous surnames in

England and Wales

22 Hundred most numerous surnames in

Scotland 23

Chapter 7 Surnames in the United States

24 Most numerous Irish surnames in United States 25

Thousand most numerous surnames in United States 30

Main text Surnames in Ireland 37


Other Publications Available

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The Civil Survey

1654 – 1656

The English Parliamentary Government ordered a survey of the ownership of land in Ireland, following the defeat of the Irish in the Rising of 1641. This was in order that the war that had been waged in Ireland could be paid for with Irish land.


VOLUME III : Counties of Donegal, London-Derry and Tyrone


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Robert C. Simmington


Of the Quit Rent Office, Dublin


Published by the Stationary Office in 1937


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Irish Manuscripts Commission



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Genealogical Tracts I




A.   The Introduction to the Book of Genealogies, by Dubhaltach MacFirbhiaigh.

B.   The Ancient Tract on the Distribution of the Aithech-thuatha.

C.   The Lecan Miscellany, being a collection of Genealogical Excerpts in the Book of Lecan.


As prepared for publication by


Toirdhealbhac O’Raithbheartaigh M. A.,


Published by the Stationary Office in 1932


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Irish Manuscripts Commission