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Sept / Branches

At the close of the fourteenth century an O'Neill took the name Quinn and his descendants settled in Galway.

There was no distinct sept of the O'Cuinn that had its origins in the County. However it is likely that bearers of the surname were of the abc sept

and the surname was in the County from an early date.

In County the bearers of the surname Quinn are of the Sept

1640 Civil Survey

O'Quinn was to be found in

1659 Census

Quinn/e was to be found in the baronies of

1830 Tithe Books

Quin/Quin was to be found in all baronies

1848/49 Griffiths Valuation

Quinn/Quinn was widely distributed in the county, the greatest concentrationwas in the Barony of Rathdown with 29 households.

1890 Birth Index

The principal surnames is listed, they are in order of the numerical strength in which they occur. The figure after the surname is the number of entries in the birth index for 1890. The estimated number of persons of each surname can be ascertained by multiplying the figure by the average birth rate, which for that year was 1 in 44.8 persons.

Kelly 119, Burke 89, Conneely 89, Joyce 85, McDonagh 80, Walsh 80, Fahy 63, Mannion 59, Flaherty 48, Murphy 47, Connolly 46, Keane 40, King 36, Forde 35, Connor 33, Lyons 30, Mullin 30, Egan 29, Kenny 27, O'Toole 25.

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