Kiely, Keely, Kealy, Keily, Keeley The anglicisation of a number of distinct septs : ó Cadhla, meaning descendant of Cadhla meaning ‘beautiful, comely. graceful’. A sept of Connacht who were Chiefs in Connemara. A sept of Thomond who were Chiefs of Tuath Luimnigh near Limerick. MacCaochlaoich, meaning son of the blind hero. A sept of west Cork, translated as Keily, Kelly and Coakley (see above). ó Caollaidhe, meaning descendant of Caollaidhe, also written ó Caollaighe. A sept, who were Chiefs of Ui Bearchon in the present barony of Ida in Kilkenny. A sept of Laois who were Chiefs of Crioch O mBuidhe, in the present barony of Ballyadams. A sept of Tipperary who were Chiefs of Aolmhagh. In 1890 Kiely and Keily was principally found in Cork, Limerick and Waterford, Keely and Keeley was principally found in Dublin, Wicklow and Galway, and Kealy in Kilkenny. The estimated number of bearers for all variants was 4,920. In the United States Kiley is the 8,127th most numerous surname with an estimated 2,750 bearers.