Lally, Mullally, ó Maolalaidh A Gaelic surname meaning descendant of Maolaladh (speckled chief according to Woulfe). A sept of th Uí Mhaine, whose territory comprised the plain of Maonmhagh, lying around Loughrea. At the time of the Cambro-Norman invasion they were dispossessed by the Burkes, and settled at Tulach na dála (Tullaghnadaly, or Tolendal), four miles north of the town of Tuam in Galway. In 1890 Lally was principally found in Mayo and Galway, and the estimated number of bearers was 1,520. The estimated number of bearers for Mullally was 630. In the United States Lally is the 6,858th most numerous surname with an estimated 5,500 bearers.