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The Bahnsen family came to the United States from Schleswig-Holstein in April 1880 aboard the SS Gellert and settled in Ottawa County, Ohio. Thanks in part to a distant relative in Germany, we have been able to trace the family back to Marcus Bahnsen, who died in Horsbüll, in 1752. Because of the patronymic naming system in use at the time, his father's given name would have been Bahne, but we have not yet been able to determine his surname. This naming system also explains why Marcus Bahnsen's son was named Bahne Marcussen.

For more on the patronymic naming system, check under Names on the Schleswig-Holstein Links page.

Quick overview of my line of descent


Below is a list of my direct ancestors with this surname.
It begins with the earliest known and (usually) ends when a female ancestor marries into another family.

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Note: All places are in Schleswig-Holstein unless otherwise stated.

  1. Marcus BAHNSEN died 17 April 1752 in Horsbüll. He married Catharina RICKLEFFS (born about 1710; died 9 June 1768 in Horsbüll; buried there 15 June 1768). Their children included:
  2. Bahne MARCUSSEN, born 1735; died 24 May 1785 in Horsbüll; buried there 28 May 1785. He married on 11 May 1764 in Horsbüll Sösche JENSEN. Their children included:
  3. Marcus BAHNSEN, born 12 March 1765 in Horsbüll; christened there 15 March 1765; died 2 July 1810 in Horsbüll; buried 7 July 1810 in Horsbüll. He married (2) on 14 March 1800 in Horsbüll, Ingeborg JENSEN (born 21 July 1781; christened 28 July 1781 in Rodenäs; died 24 June 1836 in Alt-Horsbüll; buried 28 June 1836 in Horsbüll). Their children included:
  4. Andreas Marcus BAHNSEN, born 16 March 1802 in Neu-Horsbüll; died before 1835. He married on 10 May 1826 in Horsbüll, Maria Catharina CHRISTIANSEN (born 4 June 1805 in Diedersbüllfeld). Their children included:
  5. Martin August BAHNSEN, born 2 January 1830 in Horsbüll; christened there 21 January 1830; died 16 November 1911 in Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio; buried there 19 November 1911 in Lakeview Cemetery. He married on 5 November 1852 in Emmelsbüll, Magdalena Maria SÖNNICHSEN (born 26 June 1832 in Emmelsbüll; christened there 1 July 1832; died 24 August 1898 in Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio; buried there in August 1898 in Lakeview Cemetery). Their children included:
  6. Anton Meinrad BAHNSEN, born 31 August 1873 in Horsbüll, Schleswig-Holstein; christened there 5 Oct 1873; died 30 April 1953 in Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio; buried there 2 May 1953 in Lakeview Cemetery. He married on 9 March 1904 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, Ida "Edith" PIEPLOW (born 7 November 1878 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany; died 28 April 1954 in Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio). Their only child was:
  7. Monroe John BAHNSEN, born 5 March 1906 in Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio; died 4 February 1950 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; buried 8 February 1950 in Lakeview Cemetery, Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio. He married on 23 December 1933 in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, Jane Byrns CUTLER (born 13 November 1910 in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana; died 20 September 2001 in Seattle, King County, Washington; buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio).
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