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The Wullenbaecker family is first found in Tressentin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin in the latter half of the eighteenth century. This surname has multiple spellings including Wullenbäcker, Wullenbäker, and Wullenbecker.

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Below is a list of my direct ancestors with this surname.
It begins with the earliest known and (usually) ends when a female ancestor marries into another family.

No information on living persons is included.
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Note: All places are in Mecklenburg-Schwerin unless otherwise stated.

  1. Hans Heinrich WULLENBAECKER, born about 1749; died 14 August 1789 in Tressentin; buried 16 August 1789 in Tressentin. He married on 18 November 1784 in Stadtkirche parish, Ribnitz Sophia Dorothea Juliana REHBERG (born in Tressentin village, christened 30 March 1750 in Stadtkirche parish, Ribnitz; died 16 June 1831 in Tressentin village; buried 19 June 1831 in Tressentin). Their children included:
  2. Joachim Johann Christian WULLENBAECKER, born in Tressentin village, christened 8 November 1786 in Stadtkirche parish, Ribnitz; died 23 July 1841 in Tressentin village; buried 26 July 1841. He married on 18 May 1814 in Stadtkirche parish, Ribnitz, Catharina Maria Carolina Sophia HOLTFOTH (born 8 September 1789 in Pastow village; christened 8 September 1789 Kessin parish; died 6 November 1836 in Tressentin village; buried 8 November 1836). Their children included:
  3. Maria Sophia Juliana Christiana WULLENBAECKER, born 26 June 1817 in Tressentin village; christened 29 June 1817 in Stadtkirche parish in Ribnitz. She married on 20 October 1843 in Stadtkirche parish in Ribnitz, Johann Joachim Heinrich PIEPLOW, born 3 March 1821 in Brünkendorf village; christened 5 March 1821 in Kuhlrade parish; died 27 February 1854 in Tressentin village; buried 2 March 1854).
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