Forward, Past Remembrance- A Gift of Love

My name is Isabell Frazier-Haworth-League and as I start writing this story, the date is February nineteenth, 1943. I presently live at 507½ Grande Vista Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

My youngest son, Walter L. Haworth, requested me to write a story of my past life. Well, I'm not much of a writer and I don't know exactly how to put my thoughts into words very well, but I'm going to begin now to write to a little story.

Isabell's great grand daughter, Sharon, edited and transcribed Isabell's story from a series of hand-written yellow note pads to the form you see in this Web site.

Thank you, Sharon, for your hard work and tenaciousness, and for being Isabell's story's care taker for so many years.

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