Index, Past Remembrance

"Past Remembrance- A Gift of Love" Index of Names

Below is a list of names that can be found in Isabell's story. Clicking on the name of the person will take you to a page featuring that person (women are listed under both married and maiden names when known). Clicking on I, II, III, IV, V, or VI will take you to the first mention of that person in that part of Isabell's story. For a listing of places in Isabell's story, click here.

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As a guide:
Part I takes place in Indiana (Howard, and Tippecanoe, Counties), Iowa (Hardin, Jasper, Mahaska, and Warren Counties), and Missouri (Berry, Jasper, Lafayette, McDonald, and Newton Counties).
Part II takes place in California (Los Angeles, and San Francisco Counties), and Iowa (Dallas, Hardin, Jones, Madison, Polk and Warren Counties).
Part III takes place in California (Kern, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Counties), and Iowa (Warren County).
Part IV takes place in Arizona (Coconino County), California (Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Joaquin and Santa Barbara Counties) Colorado (Denver, and Logan Counties), Iowa, Indiana (Clinton, Tippecanoe, Vanderburgh, Vego Counties), Kansas (Cherokee, and Woodson Counties), Kentucky (Daviess, Fulton, Henderson, Hopkins, Union and Counties), Missouri (Buchanan, Holt, Jackson, and Jasper Counties), Nebraska (Perkins County), Oklahoma (Pawnee County), Tennessee, Texas (El Paso, and Harris, Tarrant Counties), Utah (Salt Lake County), and Mexico.
Part V takes place in California (Los Angeles, and San Francisco Counties), Salem, Oregon, Seattle, Washington
Part VI takes place in California (Los Angeles County)


Adams, Alf- Part III, IV

Adams, Alta- Part IV

Adams, Frances- Part IV

Adams, James- Part IV

Adams, Lottie- Part IV

Armstrong, Thomas- Part IV


Bacon Family- Part III

Bartlett, Maryann- Part I

Blaine, James Gillespie- Part II

Blankenship Family- Part IV

Blumfield, Alfred- Part IV

Blumfield, William- Part IV

Bond, Annie- Part IV

Bradbury, Tom- Part II

Bradbury, Rachel- Part II

Brand, Mrs.- Part V

Brunson, Henry- Part IV

Bunch, Isaac- Part

Burley (Dr.)-Part III, IV

Butler (Ms.)- Part IV


Clark Family- Part IV

Clemons, Jack- Part I

Close, Jesse- Part III, IV

Close, Napoleon "Barry"- Part II, III, IV

Close, Martha- Part II, III, IV

Close, William- Part II

Close Brickyard- Part II

Coats, John Jr.- Part IV

Coats, John- Part I

Coats, Mary Etta- Part I, IV

Cole, Albert- Part I

Cole, Clara- Part I

Cole, Helen - Part I

Cole, James- Part I

Cole, Marshall- Part I

Comfort, Fred- Part II

Crane (Mr.)- Part IV

Cunningham, Family - Part II


Davis, Austin- Part I, V

Davis, Betsy Ann- Part I, II

Davis Family (MO)- Part I

Davis Family (OK)- Part IV

Day Family- Part III

DeWolfe, Jessie F. (Miss)- Part III

Dixon (Pastor)- Part IV

Doty (Mr.)- Part III

Durrell Family- Part II


Eaton, Lexie Elizabeth- Part V

Edgerton, Martha- Part I

Ewing Family- Part II


Fisher (Doctor)- Part IV

Fisher, Addie- Part III, IV

Fisher, Alfred- Part IV

Fisher, John Edward- Part IV

Fisher, Effie- Part IV

Fisher, Howard- Part IV

Fisher, John- Part IV

Fisher, Mary Ann- Part IV

Fisher, Viola- Part IV

Forrester (Mrs.)- Part II

Forrester, John- Part II

Forrester, Tillie- Part II

Foster (Mr.)- Part IV

Fox, Clay- Part II

Fox, Daisy- Part II

Fox (Mrs.)- Part II

Franklin, L. A.- Part IV

Frazier, Alva- Part I, II, IV

Frazier, Amy- Part I, IV

Frazier, Anne- Part I

Frazier, Betsy- Part I

Frazier, Betsy Ann- Part I, II

Frazier, Christopher- Part I

Frazier, Clarissa C.- Part I, II, III, IV

Frazier, Daniel- Part I, IV

Frazier, David- Part I

Frazier, Della- Part II, III

Frazier, Dora- Part I, II, III

Frazier, Frank- Part II, III

Frazier, Fred- Part I, II, IV

Frazier, Isaac- Part I, II

Frazier, Isabell- Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Frazier, Joseph- Part I, II, III, IV

Frazier, Joseph Jr.- Part I

Frazier, Levi- Part I

Frazier, Lucinda- Part I

Frazier, Martha- Part I

Frazier, Martha- Part I, II, III, IV

Frazier, Nancy- Part I, IV, V

Frazier, Rachel- Part I, IV

Frazier, Rachel- Part II

Frazier, Rebecca- Part I

Frazier, Rebecca- Part I, II

Frazier, Rebecca Dora- Part I, II, III

Frazier, Richinda D.- Part V

Frazier, Sarah- Part I, II, IV

Frazier, Susannah- Part I, II, III

Frazier, Thomas- Part I

Frazier, William- Part I


Gibson, Stella- Part V

Gilbert Family- Part I

Gildow, Unknown- Part I

Gilfin, Sylvester- Part I

Goings (Pastor)- Part IV

Gooden, Dr. Jimmie- Part I

Grinnell, Fordyce - Part III

Grooms, Jesse W. - Part I

Grooms, Lilly- Part I

Grooms, Minerva- Part I

Grooms, Sarah Ann- Part I


Harpin, Dora- Part III, IV

Harpin, Harry- Part III, IV

Harpin, John Harold- Part III, IV

Hartley, Phoebe- Part I

Harvey, C. W. - Part III

Haworth, Addie- Part III, IV

Haworth, Alta- Part II, III, IV

Haworth, Alva- Part III, IV

Haworth, Betsy- Part I

Haworth, Cap- Part II

Haworth, Charlie- Part III, IV

Haworth, Charlie- Part III

Haworth, Effie- Part I, II, III

Haworth, Emaline- Part III

Haworth, Eva- Part IV

Haworth, Everett- Part IV

Haworth, Harmon- Part II, IV

Haworth, Harry- Part III, IV

Haworth, Hazel- Part V

Haworth, Helen- Part II, III, IV, V

Haworth, Isabell- Forward, Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Haworth, Isom- Part II, IV

Haworth, Isom, Jr.-Part II

Haworth, Jacob- Part I, II, III, IV

Haworth, James- Part II

Haworth, Jennie- Part III

Haworth, Jim- Part I

Haworth, Laura- Part IV

Haworth, Lillie- Part IV

Haworth, Louise- Part IV

Haworth, Lucille- Part IV

Haworth, Mahlon- Part I, II

Haworth, Margaret- Part II

Haworth, Margaret- Part II

Haworth, Martin- Part II

Haworth, Mary Etta- Part I, IV

Haworth, Minnie- Part II

Haworth (Wilkins), Minnie- Part II, III

Haworth, Nellie Rodema- Part II

Haworth, Phoebe Emaline- Part III

Haworth, Rebecca- Part II

Haworth, Reese- Part IV

Haworth, Solomon- Part I, III

Haworth, Richard- Part IV

Haworth, Rose- Part III

Haworth, Ruth- Part IV

Haworth, Stella- Part III

Haworth, Sue- Part II, III, IV

Haworth, Susannah Jane- Part II

Haworth, Walter L.- Forward, Part III, IV

Haworth, Wesley- Part III

Haworth Reunion, 1902- Part IV

Hitch, George- Part IV

Hill, Frank (Pastor)- Part III, IV

Hill, Melissa- Part III

Holcomb, Billy- Part I

Holcomb (widow)- Part I

Holcomb, Jimmie- Part I

Hollingsworth, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy"- Part I

Hollingsworth, Family- Part I

Hoover Family- Part II

Houghten (Brother)- Part V

Hubbard, Ed- Part I

Hubbard, Jim- Part I

Hughes, Lucinda J.- Part I

Hunsinger, Eva- Part IV

Hunsinger, Mahlon- Part V, IV

Hunsinger, Stanley- Part III




Jackson (Mr.)- Part II

James, Phoebe- Part I

James, Samuel- Part I

Johnson (Mrs.) - Part II

Johnson Achilles- Part I, IV

Johnson, Addison- Part I

Johnson, Aletha- Part IV

Johnson, Ann- Part I

Johnson, Anne- Part I

Johnson, Billy- Part I

Johnson, Clarissa- Part I, II, III, IV

Johnson, Christopher- Part I

Johnson, Ellis- Part I

Johnson, Fernando- Part I

Johnson, Frank- Part I

Johnson, Helen- Part I

Johnson, Isaac- Part I

Johnson, James- Part I

Johnson, John- Part I

Johnson, Lucinda- Part I

Johnson, Marshall- Part I

Johnson, Mary- Part I

Johnson, Milton- Part I, IV

Johnson, Norman- Part I

Johnson, Polly- Part I

Johnson, Rachel- Part I, IV

Johnson, Rosella- Part I

Johnson, Sara- Part I

Johnson, Susannah- Part I, IV

Jones, Helen- Part IV

Jones, Walter- Part IV

Jones Family- Part II

Joslin, Etta- Part II


Kelley, Willis M.- Part IV

Kenworthy, Susannah Jane- Part II

Kenworthy, Sylvanus- Part II

Kieth Family- Part III

King, Aletha- Part IV

Kurze, Hazel- Part V


Layman Family- Part II, III

League, Cornelia K.- Part V

League, Isabell- Part V

League, Lexie Elizabeth- Part V

League, R. Martin- Part V

League, Walter Brooks- Part V

Lewis, Rhodema- Part I


Macy Family- Part IV

Marsh (Mrs.)-Part II

Marsh, Margaret- Part II

Marshman, Hugh- Part I

Mason (Miss)- Part III

Matney (Brother)- Part V

McClellen, Unknown- Part I

McDaniels Family- Part II

Meador, John- Part IV

Merritt, John- Part IV

Miller, John- Part IV

Mills, Daisy- Part IV

Mills, Frank- Part IV

Mills, George- Part I, IV

Milner (Mrs.)- Part II, III

Missouri fever- Part I

Missouri River- Part I

Morgan (Preacher)- Part IV

Moore, Anderson- Part I

Moore Family- Part IV

Morris, Tom- Part III

Moxley (Mr.)- Part III

Moyle, Nellie- Part IV

Moyle, Theodore- Part IV


Newhouse, Albert- Part IV

Newlin, Rhodema- Part I

Nokes, Mary E.- Part III

Nokes, Philip O.- Part III

Nokes, Phoebe Emaline- Part III


Ormsby Family- Part IV


Pearson, Ben- Part IV

Pearson, Ephram- Part IV

Pearson Family- Part IV

Pillsbury (Doctor)- Part IV

Plumb, Lillie- Part IV

Plumb, Walter- Part IV


Quaker, old lady- Part I


Riley, Frances- Part IV

Reynolds, Charlie- Part III

Rhine, Jacob- Part I

Rodgers, Earl- Part IV

Rodgers, Stanley Hamilton- Part IV

Rodgers, Sue- Part IV

Roper Family- Part III

Rothrock, Abe- Part III

Rothrock, Jennie- Part III


Schafer, Fred- Part I

Scott, Charlie- Part IV

Shaw, Mary Jane- Part I

Shumacher (Dr.)- Part III

Simpson Family- Part IV

Smith, Mary E.- Part III

Smith, Steve- Part I

Smith, Tom (Pastor)- Part IV

Spring River- Part I

Stout, Henry- Part I

Strong (Mrs.)- Part III

Sutherland (Mr.)- Part III


Tench, Frank- Part IV

Triplett (Mr. H. Lee?)- Part III


Unknown, Alma- Part IV

Unknown, Amelia- Part IV

Unknown, Andy- Part I

Unknown, Anne- Part I

Unknown, Betsy Ann- Part I, II

Unknown "colored woman"- Part I

Unknown, Dave- Part V

Unknown, Doty- Part II

Unknown, Earnest- Part V

Unknown, Ella- Part II

Unknown, Eva- Part V

Unknown, German women- Part III

Unknown, Grace- Part IV

Unknown, Howard- Part II

Unknown, Jim- Part III

Unknown, John- Part II

Unknown, Kate- Part V

Unknown, Kittie- Part III

Unknown, Lena- Part IV

Unknown, Margaret- Part II

Unknown, Mary- Part I

Unknown, Mary- Part II

Unknown, Polly- Part I

Unknown, Rachel- Part I

Unknown, Susannah (Granny Johnson)- Part I

Unknown, Tyler- Part II

Unknown, Wilber- Part II


VanMeador, John- Part IV

VanMeador, Stella- Part IV

Vaughn, Mary Ann- Part IV

Vedder, Laura- Part IV

Vernon, Charles James- Part III


Wackerbarth (Mrs.)- Part IV

Walbash River- Part IV

Washburn, James F. (Pastor)- Part IV, V

Weed, Arthur- Part III

Weed, Francis F.- Part III

Weed, Helen- Part III

Weed Family- Part III

Westenberg, Jessie F. (Mrs.)- Part III

Westfal (Widow)- Part II

Wiese, Louise- Part III

Wilkins, Carl- Part II, III

Wilkins, Minnie- Part II, III

William's Brickyard- Part II

Winsel (Mr.)- Part II

Witherspoon (Sheriff)- Part IV

Wright, Charlie- Part I

Wright Family- Part I

Wright, Rachel- Part II

Wright, Rebecca- Part I, II

Wright, Tom- Part I

Wyatt (Mrs.)- Part I



Young, James- Part VI