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My name is Linda.  And you have arrived at Isumpin's Interests! I am 30-something years old and live in Jackson, Mississippi. I work at a Call Center or Answering Service.  I have interests in Genealogy and Diabetes. Genealogy because I am nosey and diabetes because it runs in my family and I have it. I have a little diabetes page that I have had for a while and I just linked ya to it. As for what other fun things you will find here, Well let's see. There's My genealogy links page. If you like digging up old ancestors then check it out! I am also involved in Online genealogy, I have been involved in the MSGenWeb Project for 3 years.  Then My Honey needed to have a page and since he wouldn't let me show those pictures...Greg's Getaway, with some interesting Postal Service stuff.  Then Stop by and visit Taylor, my favoriteThree year old!!!  So I guess I'll let you get to your surfing, Come back now, Ya'hear!

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