SS LOMBARDIA arrived in NYC on May 22


SS LOMBARDIA arrived in NYC on May 22, 1902


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I came across this list of detained aliens who were on the S.S. Lombardia which sailed out of Naples on May 8, 1902 arriving in NYC on May 22, 1902.  These people were detained because no one came to claim them, and eventually they were released to relatives who finally showed up. I think this is correct unless someone else knows why they would be detained ? This particular record is well written so I am going to send them to everyone and perhaps you may recognize a name. I will list the NAME, WHO CLAIMED THEM, and FINAL DESTINATION. Keep in mind women traveling alone always used their maiden name.

TRIMMERSI, Assunta father 15 Lake St. Newark, NJ

GUARINO, Rocco brother-in-law " "

CARDASCO, Rosa & 2 children husband Luigi Gomboro 607 6th. St. Newark NJ

CAFIERO, Rosa & 3 sons ?? 226 15th. St. Coney Island, NY

PATAFIO, Niccolina brother Gino 31 Grace Church St. Port Chester, NY

FAVONI, Roberto ?? 394 Grand St. NYC

LoCASCIO, Concetta husband Adolfo Pacciola 407 E. 12th. St. NYC

SIMI, Mario & wife ?? 98 Washington St.  Brooklyn, NY

PATERNOSTRO, Luigi ?? Williamsport PA

PARISI, Crocifisco aunt Antonia Leoni 215 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY

CONDUCAS, Giovanni ?? 71 N. Main St. Pittston?  PA

TROMBETTA, Franciska? brother Francesco 40 Sackett St. Brooklyn, NY

SILLITTO, Giovanni ?? Clementa? 221 E. 97th. St. NYC

CASABONA, Luigia brother ? 364 W. 19th. St. NYC

PORRETTA, Rosa & 4 children husband ?Cottone 38 Mulberry St. NYC

ROMEA, Cologera brother Cologero 120 Elizabeth St. NYC

DAIMA, Cologera brother Paola 356 Broome St. NYC

FALCO, Giuseppa brother Giacomo 120 Elizabeth St. NYC

MARTOCCIA, Giovanni brother Sebastian 4 Horatia St. NYC

SCADUTO, Accursia brother Cologero 40 Spring St. NYC

DiGIOVANNI Pietra brother Pietro 127 W. 60th. St. NYC

BONFILIO, Angela father Giuseppe ? ? ? ? ?

DeMARCO, Giuseppa ?? 338 W. 39th. St. NYC

CIOLINO, Pietro sister Marianina 518 E 14th. St. NYC

Good luck, Rich