SS Patria partial passenger list

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Hi listers...

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? The passenger list for the ship SS Patria that my great-grandmother came on! Remember about a week ago I found the info myself on a microfilm? Well, the National ARchives finally mailed me the request that I had sent in December! So I paid for info I already had! Oh well :-)

Here are some other names from the page that I have: April 4, 1900 SS Patria

Guiseppe Nurmisa???? from Sciacca

Michele Bivone from Sciacca

son Calogero

Antonino Malteti?? Sciacca

Mario Manisculetri? from Sciacca

Antonino Agnello from Geraci

Maria Costarici? Sciacca

son Giuseppe

Vincenza Scarduto Sciacca

Anna Bucalo Sciacca

GIuseppa Fridei? Sciacca

daughter Giuseppa


Maria Cataldo Sciacca

daughter Antonina

Antonio Geneo Villadolmo

Carlo Miagliotti Mafi

Natale Collovi Mafi

Nunzia Aiello Sciacca

Giuseppa Gallafo??? Altanillo??

son Giacomo

son Giuseppe

son Angelo

daughter Carmela

Vincenza Cuneo Carnigatti

Diego Guadazammo??? Carnigatti

Stefano Chimano Carnigatti

Vincenzo Lo Bue Marineo

Felice Santangelo Sciacca

Let me know if you need further info for any of these, or if you have a suggestion for some of these spellings marked with a ???

My other microfilms will be arriving to the FHC this week, and when I go, I will print the microfilm list (if i can) so I can tell all of you which films to order to find your ancestors arriving to the ports...

Jennifer Petrino in Pensacola

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Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO