Burnham Deepdale Font

Burnham Deepdale Font

The font at the Parish Church of Burnham Deepdale must be one of the most impressive fonts in Norfolk. This Norman font shows the labours of the farming year, month by month.

January:Drinking from a horn
February:Warming feet by a fire
May:Rogation-tide1 banner or possibly Beating the Bounds2
August:Binding a sheaf
October:Grinding corn in a quern
Burnham Deepdale Font

There are three Trees of Life3 on the West side of the font. The top frieze is of large animals (lions?) and foliage.


Although one of our ancestors William Ives was baptised in the Parish of Burnham Deepdale on 27th January 1835 it is unlikely he was baptised in this font.

The font was damaged when moved from the North aisle of the church at Burnham Deepdale in 1797 and was taken to Fincham for repair. There it remained for some forty years before being returned to Burnham Deepdale.

1 Rogation-tide - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before Ascension Day, observed by Christians as days of solemn supplication for the harvest and marked by processions, special prayers, and blessing of the crops.

2 Beating the Bounds - To define the boundaries of a parish by making a procession around them and hitting the ground with rods.

3 Tree of Life - A tree in the Garden of Eden, the fruit of which had the power of conferring eternal life (Genesis 2:9; 3:22).

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Last revised: 7 March 2000