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located on Highway 16
just east of Benton, Mississippi.

Roger Bull has sent a group of researchers a copy of an email sent to the Mississippi State Department of History and Archives, Jackson, Mississippi upon learning that a Historic cemetery may be destroyed in order to widen a highway.

Subject:  James Hogan Bull Plantation
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 21:10:33 -0500
To: Mailing list members

Historic Preservation Division
Mississippi State Department of History and Archives
Jackson, Mississippi

Good people of the Preservation Division,

I have been informed by my cousins, John Ellison Bull, Jr. and his sister Susan Bull, that the Bull Cemetery on Highway 16 just east of Benton, Mississippi, may be plowed under to make room for the highway's widening. This seems to be an oversight.

James Hogan Bull brought his family to Old Brook (now Brookhaven, Mississippi) in 1814. He became the first post master of that community. Later, he served as its magistrate for eight years. He, also, served as the earliest representative of Lawrence County to the State of Mississippi Legislature. He is the son of Ambrose Bull, an American Revolutionary War soldier and a person documented by Daughters of the American Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution. His brother is a bonified War of 1812 soldier.

In 1820, the James Hogan Bull family moved to Yazoo County. They established a plantation of 3000 acres. The family lost 2000 acres after the Civil War. Bull family members have lived in the home and on the plantation continuously since 1820 to the present. That's almost 200 years of history. There are original pieces of history, pictures, documents, furniture, farm implements on the estate.

James Hogan Bull is buried in the Bull Cemetery along with his family members and family members' spouses and children. Included in those buried in the Bull Cemetery is Hugh Ambrose Bull. He served about 40 years as the Superintendent of Education for Yazoo County.

I would have to write a book in order to sustain the history and the importance of that home and that cemetery to the communities of Yazoo County. The connecting families that have married into the Bull line include the families of Fugate, Ellison, Battaile, Exum, Hendricks, Ledbetter, Pepper, Jordan, Maxwell, Alexander, Long, Sparks, Campbell, Johnson, Pearce, Stanford, Boyette, Broadfoot and many more.

Is there anything that we can do to preserve this historic location? Are there alternatives to destroying it?

Please, respond to this correspondence. Your input is vital.

Thank you for your time and considerations!

Roger Charles Bull
Son of Walter Lafayette Bull
Grandson of Henry Lafayette Bull
Great Grandson of John C. Bull
GG Grandson of Johnson Bull
GGG Grandson of Robert Bull
GGGG Grandson of Ambrose Bull
GGGGG Grandson of Robert Bull
GGGGGG Grandson of Thomas Bull, Sr.

Your comments, information and support would be greatly appreciated.

Roger Charles Bull- E-mail:

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Watch for more information - addresses to send any concerns about the destruction of this cemetery will be added as well as a sample letter.

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A Link for a sample letter will be place here later, That is, if the need arises. Jack, Margaret, Diane and others are looking into inside assistance with the family and friendly political contacts.... Hopefully, we won't have to start a letter writing campaign.

For now this is just for Information only to let interested parties in knowing of the danger of losing this cemetery and to be watchful for current events and updates. If you have any experience, comments, suggestions please contact Roger Charles Bull -E-mail:


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