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Is Grandma Caraway really related to Jesse James?

Is James Courtney really Jesse James?

Want to find out the truth?

Courtney, Caraway, James Family Comparison Chart-
Closer to linking Pleasant James and James L. Courtney aka Jesse W. James

Note from the Webmaster, Sharon Ivy-
"I Hope the New Year is properious and healthy and Happy for everyone and also hope to learn facts and truth of James L. Courtney, aka Jesse W. James - I Invite all those who truly have an open mind and wants to find out for sure- one way or the other. My opinion is that the easiest way to prove Betty Dukes wrong is the DNA tests and if the other side, who claims that Jesse James could not of faked his death, are so sure they are correct, then it should be a simple process to arrange. Then one side or the other would have to admit they were "wrong" only the one is who is afraid of the truth would not want to settle it once and for all. It does not change the genealogy of those already connected, it would just add "new family member's" if it turned out to be true. Remember, I am searching the Blood lines, not the crimes


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David Hedgpeth Dallas, TX has set up email updates on the new edvidence and information on the search for the truth. If you want to be added to David's Mailing list, simply send a request by e-mail:
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The article is in Texas CO-OP Power Magazine, Volume 55, Number 7, January 1999 issue, article, Titled "Jesse James was my Great Grandfather, a Missing arm points to the real Jesse James", by Betty Dorsett Duke Pages 22 &23.
Texas CO-OP Power is published monthly by Texas Electric Cooperative Inc. 8140 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757 (512) 454-0311
Click here for a review of an Extract of the article If you have comments to add about the article or book, please Write/email Me  and I will add your comments

Personal Genealogy pages

The Ivy Place The original site started in 1996
Ivy Place Ivy's including Jarrett Ivy, and Descendants Research Notes
Ivy Place Robeson County, NC Ivy/Ivey's
Ivy Place Texas Kin 

Ivy, Caraway, Cason, Niemann and Kunkel

are just a few of the surnames we are researching.

Check out the GenConnect boards for
Kunkel and Niemann that the Ivyplace volunteers to maintain
Ivy Place Research Notes  Family stories and myths vs Facts <
Ivy Place Minnesota Relatives  New Pictures, just click on name or description
Ivy Place Minnesota Relatives Notes page Sillman, Hansen, Kirchgatter, Swenson, are a few of these Kin
Ivy Place Dodd Relatives in Tennessee Now With Dekalb Co, TN and other County GenConnect Boards
Ivy Family Tree Maker Pages and Reports
Coming Soon, my Granddaughter's, Harley Chase Covey, "Covey" Ancestors

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Military pages

Spanish American War  1895 - 1902
"Civil War Records"
"Burial location for Civil War Veterans"
"World War I Records" ; 1914-1918
"Burial Locations for World War I Veterans"
"World War II Records"  1941-1945
"Mills County Mother's" with four or more sons figthing in the War (WWII)
"Burial Locations for World War II Veterans"
Korean War   1950-1953  "The Forgotten War"
"Burial Locations for Korean War Veterans"
Vietnam War
"Burial Locations for Vietnam Veterans"   

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Mills County Pages

Goldthwaite Memorial Cemetery Mills County, Texas
Current Funeral Services related to Mills County, TX
Mills County and Surrounding Counties Schools List of known links to Mills County schools
Mills County Historical Commission
Zion Lutheran Church
Bethel Cemetery (Partial listing)
Bismark Cemetery - Kunkel-Grelle Graves
Mills County Affidavit for Marriage License Records 1893 - 1906  
The Upcoming Events Page  Current events for Mills County, TX
Confederate Veterans Memorial of Mills County   historical Marker text not available, but have some old letters about the formation of
Listing of Military Veterans buried in Mills County Cemeteries  Civil War, WWI and II, Spanish American War, Vietnam and more
Mount Olive Cemetery
Nabors Creek Cemetery
Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Priddy, Texas
Priddy Cemetery, Priddy, TX
St. John's Cemetery (not available yet)
Trigger Mountain Cemetery, Mills County, Texas
North Brown Cemetery   this site include's the historical marker text
Pleasant Grove Cemetery  this site include's the historical marker text
Goldthwaite Eagle  Newspaper  this site include's the historical marker text

Price Family Cemetery  In Hamilton County, Texas
Leesville, TX Ivy and Caraway Headstones
The Regency Suspension Bridge (Near Extinct Town of Regency, 22 mi. SW)   this site include's the historical marker text

plus several pages that only have pictures related and linked to the pages above and a Hamilton County Page:

Hurst Ranch Cemetery Just outside of Star, Texas

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San Saba County Pages

San Saba County TX Gen Web Page 

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Lippe  Familyhistory COM
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Here are some pages that are searching the same surnames in our Texas Kin other then Ivy listed above. They may not be in Texas, but share the same surname

Genealogy: Kunkel, Kunkle, Conkle, Gunkel, Konkel, Kunkelmann, Kunkler

The Schuster Family Home Page   Kunkel, Zschiesche, Wagner, Schwartz, Meyer, Lippe, and many more.

Ken Ewald Family HomePage   Researching Drueckhammer, Lippe, and more

Tom Blackwell's Home Page  Researching Hohertz, Berry, Feldmann, Kopp, Wagner, and more

Kincheloe Family History   Webmaster Jim Kincheloe

Steinman Family Webmaster Jim Kincheloe

Great  Caraway Page

Caraway, Collins, Horton, Stark by Ann Overton

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