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Hi again, I am just putting a few pictures on line, just select the name from the short description to view and click the back key to return. These are all pictures that my mother kept. They must of been dear to her and I would very much like to find out how. All of these pictures have Canby and Minneota, Minnesota connections and most were taken in the 1940's.

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In Memory of
of my mother,
Vivian Ann Sillman Dodd
April 7, 1927 -September 2, 1992

and my Uncle
Vernon Frank Sillman,
December 5, 1928 - September 5, 1998

In Jan 1949, Vernon was training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Flight 168, Sqdn 3753.

See Photo with Names of those who trained with Vernon

and look at and view

Sheppard Air Force Base, Christmas 1948 Menu
(complete with listing of Mess Personnel)

Vernon's Photo Album from his Military Service-
Maybe you can help identify those in the pictures and locations

Who is Donna? Several Pictures of Donna, with friends, patients and others addressed to Vern

Name? Description or identification
Church Choir 1952Hope Lutheran Church, Minneota, MN
From Vernon Sillman's albums
Church Choir 1956Hope Lutheran Church, Minneota, MN
From Vernon Sillman's albums
Wedding Picture of Frank Sillman and Alvina Hansen Wally wrote in the guest book and confirmed my suspicions that this was my grandparents. I thought it was either my grandmother or a sister that looked like her. She did not change as much as my grandfather did
From Vernon Sillman's albums

Billy Krug,

-Grandson of John Krug and Anna Hanson Krug   Some sort of uniform- Taken in the yard of a residence.
John M. Krug, -Grandson of John Krug and Anna Hanson Krug   US Navy - Taken on front Porch of a residence.

Maurine Krug, -

Granddaughter of John Krug and Anna Hanson Krug   Graduation Picture- Taken in front of a residence.
Leonard Krug and Vernon Sillman -Grandson of John Krug and Anna Hanson Krug   Taken in front of my grandmother's (Alvinia Sillman) garden,.
Lowell Sillman -   US Navy -
Norman -  US Navy - Who is he? Signed the picture "a Pal, Norman"
Gil Noles -  US Navy - Wrttien on Back "Love and luck Gil Noles
Eldon Wiese - Taken next to a residence. Looks like snow is on the ground
Lorraine -Written on back "wedding Sept 20, 1942 "Taken outside
Hank and Doris -Wedding picture Taken in front of auto next to a residence.
Ray & Vi Doughtery -Viola Minnie Mary Hansen and Raymond Leroy Dougherty, wedding picture taken July 9, 1944
Walt Hansen-two soldiers in front of a building, on the back is written "Its about the best 2 have right now - Walt Hansen"
I beleive this is My grandfather Frank Sillman -May be a World War I picure taken by a residence? Updated Oct 3, 2000
Walt Buyssee Wedding-Group picture of Wedding Party taken outside

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I found a great link for those searching their ancestor's with Lutheran heritage. Please check out "Lutheran Roots" Genealogy Exchange, sponsored by Aid Association for Lutherans (AAL). The "Lutheran Roots" Genealogy Exchange consists of two sections: the Family Registry which allows you to post your surnames and locations for others to see and maybe help locate information and the second section is a Genealogy Message Board where you can ask genealogy questions or share with your research experiences or tips. All they ask is that you read and follow the "Lutheran Roots" Genealogy Exchange guidelines.

I am searching for all of my relatives in the land of Ten Thousand Lakes, MN. If you have any Hansen's, Sillman's, Swenson's and this list could go on forever. If you have any relatives that lived in Yellow Medicine County, MN, or Lyon County, MN especially Canby, Minneota and Oshkosh, in the 1800's; please write me
  I look for and add information on the new GenConnect Surname boards for Rootsweb, for all my ancestors. These GenConnect surname resource pages includes Query, Bios, Obits, Wills, Bible, Pension boards plus more. Plus these boards will notifiy you when a query is made, if you want.

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Just Added Minnesota Relatives Notes page.Sillman, Hansen, Kirchgatter, Swenson, Krug, are a few of these Kin

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