Photos - Makenzie

History of Makenzie Taylor Smith


Master Makenzie Taylor Smith (b. 23 Sep 1997) is the son of Jerry A. Smith and Julie Jo Ruth.   He was born in the evening of the 23rd at Riley Hospital in Meridian, MS.  He was so big when he came out.  He was 9lbs 1oz and about 22 inches long.  He was healthy and had all his parts.  He spent the first night in the hospital with his mother and me.  And we went home the in the following couple days.  His first address was Melvin Leach Rd., Union, MS.  The house belonged to James Cockerham (I went to school with his daughter).  Julie has an uncle on her mother’s side of whom died at an early age that they all loved.  His name was Mickey.  Julie wanted to name Mickey, Makenzie, but call him Mickey, after his great uncle.

The doctor did say he was a bit jaundice but all we had to do was soak him in the sun a few minutes a day.  He grew up so fast.  He loved his bouncer but quickly out grew it.  He had his own room that Julie’s mother painted with balloons, and all the Noah’s ark animals all over it.  He would have thought he was living in the clouds.  Mickey took his first steps at 7 months.  He was very smart.  He learned by being told things and he listened well.  If we told him something was hot, he learned not to touch it.  I can’t remember what his first word was, although it is convenient to believe it was dada. 

At just a year old, he and his mother moved to north MS into a house that we had bought.  I stayed behind until I could find a job in that area.  After many months of trying to find a job to no avail, Julie and I drifted apart and eventually divorced.  This situation proved disastrous for Mickey and me.  I was able to see him on every other weekend, but as the distance was great, is was hard.  I moved to Nashville, TN and thus increased the distance by another half hour.  I tried to see Mickey as much as possible but over the years it became harder and harder for reasons I will not disclose.  I have tried to maintain contact with Mickey but over the past couple years; he has been hard to reach.  Through my father, as he is allowed to see Mickey, I find out how he is doing from time to time.  I understand he has become very smart and keeps my father broke as he pays Mickey $5 for every "A" on his report card.  I now believe his mother broken all communication with my side of the family.  To the best of my knowledge he still lives in MS.  I love you, my son, and miss you terribly.  I will be here waiting for you when God sees fit to bring us back together.

Jerry A. Smith - father of Makenzie