photos - austin and madison

History of Austin C. Atchison

Austin Chase Atchison was born in and around Jackson, MS.  He is the son of Mr. Atchison and Ms. Melanie Loper.  However, at the age of 3 weeks, his father was killed in a car accident.  Several months after the accident, Melanie met and eventually married Mr. James "Jimmy" Aaron Smith in 1998 in Newton Co. MS.  They moved to Nashville, TN and eventually to White House, TN where Austin still lives there today.

Austin began early in life very smart and very ambedextrious.  He has taken to sports very well.  

Austin Chase Atchison 
(c. 2000)

Carey "Pappy" Smith holding Austin, Madison, & Makenzie
(c. 1999)


Action Man Austin (c2006)



(c. 2003)

(c. 2004)

(c. 2001)


(c. 2005)

  (c. 2005)

(c. 2005)

(c. 2006)

26 July 2007