Norman Rockwell - No Swimming
Thomas Kinkade - Forest Chapel
Norman Rockwell - No Swimming

    My Meditations © 2006
   by Jerry A. Smith

A Gift

Was it coincidence or was it destiny
Was it a hoax or was it pity
Just the mere chance that I may behold…
Its the fact that I have always been told…
It is unmistakable, undeniable, unpredictable
How can I explain such a transient spectacle
Didn't you see it, didn't you notice
You couldn't just pass by without taking focus
Some wait their entire lives just to witness
Same waste their entire lives searching the enchantress
And here, today, I have been given a gift
Enough for eternity to ponder, wonder, and sift
Oh, tell me you seen that which I saw
Tell me your blinders and reins were not on at all
It was so simple, unadulterated, refreshing
The beauty of it all; the majesty of being
Admiration and jealousy mixed as I gazed
Lost and bewildered in the moment, Oh, quite dazed
Watching as it played, caring not for time
Caring not for what others thought, nor meter or rhyme
Transfixed I was, struck beyond belief
To behold the wind playing with a leaf.

Carpe Diem

Seize the day, my friend, seize the day
Stop and smell the honey suckle along the way
Look at your surroundings, see it for what it really is
Life is what you make of it, love also is
Notice the morning mountains as the clouds crawl
Over the tops as if to protect the beauty below
Notice the autumn trees, red, golden, brown, orange, and yellow
Notice the afternoon sky, blue, white,… so deep
Notice the air you breathe, clean, fresh, and sweet
Close your eyes, listen to the wind, then the birds
Listen to the silence, it cannot be described in words
Hear the stream trickle down the rocks, the ruffle of the leaves
Follow the speed of the  turtle, be you busy as bees
Seize the day, my friend, seize the day
Stop and see the waves crash against the bay
Notice the dampness of the morning’s dew
Notice the persistence of the unspeakable view
Smell the ocean for all its worth
Grasp the awesomeness of one of the  greatest wonders on earth
Notice the wind in your face, in your hair
Close your eyes again, dream if you dare
Seize the day, my friend, seize the day
Stop and fell love given away freely
Notice how she fixes and brushes her hair
Notice the flowers on the table, the arrangement of the chairs
Notice the glances she gives without thought
Notice that none of these wonderful things can ever be bought
Hear the tone in her voice as she greets you Hello
See the color in her cheeks, the deep eyes that glow
Make note of the things that make her heart swell
Remember them earnestly, for she will return the favor ten fold as well
Seize the day, my friend, seize the day
For tomorrow may never come, then there is nothing to say
Open your eyes to a world waiting to be explored
Open your mind to a world yearning to be absorbed
Heaven on earth is what you’ll find
A world of beauty, love,… life of every kind
Open your heart to the people who care
Open your arms  to those who share
Seize the day, my friend, seize the day

A Mirror

Can’t you see
Can’t you tell what is happening
Don’t you see
Will not open your eyes
Will you not wait
To see if the mountain moves
Why do you refuse
To read between the lies

White elephants playing with a pale horse
Blinded by comfort on a path of discourse
Unsatisfied, never content
An east path; a graceful decent
White mice flirting with a knavish cat
Searching the high; a quick thrill that
Brings false hopes of precious fame
Yet nothing solid forms; nothing gained

Looking back I see
Many mistakes make, lessons learned
I see a wide, winding road
With hills, ruts, and bridges burned
I moved too quickly
Never focused on the now
Wasted moments in the hour glass
Only just beginning to understand how

The Pretenders

My Lords, I beseech thee, believe us none
Lend ear only to thine own heart
Actors, pretenders, liars, have we become
Heed no words of man, question all from the start
The motive is what matters most
Yea, how are we  to know one’s intent
No, my Lords, cling not to this wretched place
But may your time praying for our souls be spent
How mayest we know a man
Better than I knowest my brother's brother
And if we knowest not ourselves
How may we pretend to know another
Oh, the tragedy before us
Oh, the rope we have been given
Repent, my Lords, be ye humble
Honor God, as thy master in Heaven
Fear not death, my Lords, fear no evil
Yet, I beseech thee again, loose thy conscious not
For as Hamlet bestowed – as conscious beget cowards…
As cowards we shall be pious not
Change is constant if nothing else
And all wounds doth heal
Yet scars are thankfully left behind
To remind us we are among deceivers still
Therefore, once again, I beg your attention…
If thou wilt not be true to your own
If you begin to believe in your lies
A most perilous plight on our land will be sewn
If proof is what you require
Then cast thine eyes and ears to the ground
Listen to their common place and lack of concern
I beg thee, my Lords, hearken not to a sound
Choose thy path wisely
As well as you choose thy friends
For each can be thy undoing
Thus proving more than a means to an end.

Oblivious Pawn

Sometimes the pain was more than I can bear
Sometimes the burden is mine alone to share
Dark is my nature with a personality to match
Melancholy surrounds me as the web its catch
Insignificance, tiny, oblivious to our fate
What of your soul; have you cared of late
Of what importance will your claim uphold
How do we stand upright, noble, and bold
Penitent must every man be
To even touch the surface of His glory
So how doth my arrogant race
Think that we can stand face to face
 Close thine eyes and commune in thy heart
Make no mistake right from the start
We are but pawns, minions on earth
From our death, right on till birth

Simple Pleasure

Awakened in the woods
By a sound that eludes me
Awakened in the woods
By that which calms me…
Can you not hear it, My Lords
Quiet, shush… not a word
Close thine eyes
Draw not thine sword
‘Tis a soothing sound,
A simple, natural rhythm
A caress to mind and soul
Unlike any known hymn
As beautiful as a maiden’s song
Yet, with much simpler tone
No crescendos, not fortes
Just a beat of its own
Leaving the party
Knowing full well what they think
That I have lost what sense I had
Or am just on the brink
But nay my brothers
Eccentric I may be
Yet sane I now more than ever
Can prove for my soul doth see
The beauty that lies before us
The virtue we have taken for granted
I see things for what they are
Simply refined, enchanted…
The sound draws nearer
My curiosity is overwhelming
Though careful are my steps
As to keep the music from fleeing
I am alone again
Nay none came with me
Not that we were kindred
When together were we
But I have an inner peace
One that needs no man
One that takes pleasure in beauty
With every chance I selfishly can
The music gets louder and louder
As I crept near
Then a smile swept my face
As I seen the music to mine ear
The trees from our camp had hidden
A wonderful pool
Playing tricks on an unsuspecting
Though I being the chief fool
Still the music was serene
As I listen still
To the dew drops of the morning leaves
Falling seductively at will.

The Voice

One dark and lonely night some four odd years ago
While looking down wrong and well trodden paths
I was halted in my steps despite searching for my soul
By an enchanted voice of which I knew only heaven hath.

Why this single call from oh, so far away?
How could this voice hold so much sway?

For months I toiled… how could I leave?
For months I toiled… how could I stay?
How could I leave all that I know?
How could I not search out this voice I hear each day?

The Lord brought this voice into my life for a reason.
I could not believe it was mere luck or fate
Never in my life had I been placed in such a situation…
Do I take a leap of faith or do I sit back and wait?

I remembered lessons taught from my father,
“Nothing ventured, Nothing gained”
I remembered the security of my surroundings…
I was about to go insane.

Why this single call from oh, so far away?
How could this voice hold so much sway?

Then the voice came back, time and time again.
Helping me through some of the many thoughts that arose
If this voice was half as good as I dreamed it was,
I had no choice but to search out my rose.

Thus armed with only my beliefs, my tattered wit and reason
I chose to put caution aside as I had never done before
I chose to follow faith, my belief that all things happen for a reason
I chose to find the voice that I thought was only legend and lore.

The voice turned out to belong to the most beautiful lady
Of uncommon valour, courage, determination, and will
She is a lady who has more heart than anyone I know
And despite all my fat and short comings, loves me still

Thus the result was a bounty greater than any legend
For she gave me a family I could call my own.
A family who needed me as I needed them
A family that was still young and not over grown.

I was given a second chance at life
A second chance to have wonderful memories
Another chance to love again
Another chance to push the boundaries

I am in love with my wife, my family, my life
Situations come and go that bring stress and strife
But in the end when all is said and done
We are still together and that cannot be undone.

I am greatful for what the Lord hath given me
And I pray that it remains for many years for all to see.
I am honoured, happy, and proud to be married to you
Don’t ever forget that for as long as I live, “Ego Voluntes Semper Amo Tu”


My heart knows no confusion
Only the mind delivers such
Focus on the heart and it will deliver much

Don’t focus on emotion
Don’t focus on the what if
Feel the direction your heart gives and live

Not all things will come to pass
That the heart doth desire
Yet it is better to love and loose, than to never feel the fire

My Storm

Upon the stormy cliffs I stand
A mist in the air of sorrow and morn
Longing for what never was
I cast thy ashes to the winds unborn
There is purpose to the madness
A design that only God may know
In his time, he may reveal
But till that time, I beg him to bestow
Upon me a blanket of warmth
An understanding and compassionate arm
I ache in my heart so deeply
None, nay even the devil could cause me harm
I am lost and alone, not knowing what I am in search of
I need nothing tangible, nothing physical – only love
Caught in the eye of the storm
Trouble brewing in every direction
I am only able to look to the heavens
Which is the cause and cure of my tribulations
I know not how long I can weather this storm
I am weak, weary, and worn
My battle is only within myself
Not even the olden magi can remedy from his shelf
Is this end of a beginning or a beginning to an end
Oh, the confusion in the storm that God doth send.
Yea, all storms must and will cease to destroy
Leaving all that is sturdy and strong, I pray soon for joy

A Man

A man could never be a man
Without guidance along the way
After all where would the head be
Without a neck to stop the stray

A man could never be a man
Until the wife makes him so
Thus is the story that I
Have been more than twice told

Having been told once, you may be to blame
But being told twice, only the constant is at shame

Therefore, to endeavour to be a man
One must have a wife’s guidance and permission
But to find such a wife…..
And more, Maintain submission

You would sooner tame the oceans
With a tiny grain of sand
Than to attempt to subdue
That which grants permission to be a man

Yet there seems to be a paradox in this train of thought
Why a wife would wed not a man before he was caught

Should not the man be of some form of stature
Before some woman lay claim
Or must not the man possess a nature
That a woman may mold to her same

But these males do not bend, nor do they mold
Some are so rough, a woman dare not touch
Try as they may, the changes will not hold
For they are as they are, eventhough that may not be much

Thus, Men must be men within before the wife appears
Which is why the wife is perpetually in tears

At times the world around me
Seems to crumble without notice
But what I’ve learned is that a storm
Shakes loose the dead limbs to allow better focus
On those things which are new and budding
Yet always dependant upon its roots
For foundation and loving.

Clarity and focus are merely an illusion
Dancing around in our heads as an apparition
Black and white as some may be
Pale grey is all that most see
But left to ourselves to reflect
Other hues begin to intersect
Here and only here does our truth emerge
Save the occasional intoxication splurge
Man on his own can prove an intelligent thing
But men in abode only destruction bring

Loss of interest leads to disillusion
That the status quo is a satisfactory conclusion
Though it seems still a means to an end
Apathy destroys all on the mend.

The Decision

Before me, My path has shown
Two roads to travel, each unknown
For days I ponder which shall I take
How will I know; Oh the decision I make
Logic has no reason here for unknown is the way
Yet facts protrude and still some at bay
Let chance decide right or wrong, left or right
Yet experiences say different due to hind sight
Perplexed, I hear frost cooling my mind
Close mine eyes, to see the path I may find
I see the road which is trodden by many
Safe, secure, and lifeless seems its plenty
How easily one can flow
Always knowing what is to know
I see the road which is trodden by few
The grass grows tall covered in dew
‘Tis a path alright, yet very obscure
Many unknowns along the way I am sure
Eyes still closed, to focus and think
Then the answer will come, quicker than a blink
He who risks nothing, gains just that
Yet he who risks all, is rewardingly fat
I shall venture into the unknown
With nothing more than knowledge grown
The less trodden path is what I will take
And maybe my own path shall I make
But why do I travel this adventurous path
For logic is lost; it is in the past
I do so, so others will know where to start
One must always in life, feel free to follow the heart.

Blackbird, blackbird
How doth your day
Blackbird, blackbird
Why look at me that way
I see your tactics in the air
Chasing your lover here and there
Watched you light on yonder fence
Yet still you cocked with gaze of mince
Blackbird, blackbird
I mean you no harm
Blackbird, blackbird
I only admire your grace and charm
Noticed a feather dropped by you
Wondered why only one, not two
Wondered what thoughts you now see
As you stand cocked staring at me
Blackbird, blackbird
Tell me your name
Blackbird, blackbird
Oh, why do you play this game

A Queen's Honor

Clearer perception, observations come
The longer one ambles in the wood
Crystal come my very thoughts
Attending the brook billowing where it would
Gawping upstream, and by chance in the hill
Only beginning to notice the symmetry that lie still
Patches of white God sent dust proudly persist
Where the grasses instinctively dare not
Oh, blinding beauty which has been bestowed
A sanctuary for dreams many have sought
Close thine eyes, swell thy chest
Breathe, the crisp fragrance at last
Give ear to serenity, the seraphic brook
Stone over stone, in changes in harmony
Breezes touch thy hair arousing the senses
Suddenly warmth from unknown proclivity
With open mind, casting eyes in midst of wood
At mouth of spring she magnificently stood
On top of the highest hill gracefully seen
Able to survey all her fertile ground
Standing naked, beautiful
Her clothes thrown all around
She was not bashful, nor did she wear any pride
Wearing only calmness in her soul
Barren in the cold outside
She did not shiver, nor attempt to move
Her feet were planted on the ground
At if some point must be proved
Beckoning no one, yet drawing me as if to say
“dum vivimus, vivamus” this very day
Disturbing not her clothes, I crept even nearer
Transfixed I was, amazed at the stature
Overcast sky, blanketed with a magical haze
Warm rays broke free covering her with praise
Leaning only slightly with the breeze
And her toes in the ground firm
She remained alone
Living life on her own term
Seemingly not minding my presence
Nor actually hinting any care
We both now stood engrossed
In a view only we could share
She endures in silence as Daphne chose
Still grateful am I, her allowing me to impose
Hills over hills as far as I can see
What beauty this Queen commands
Her subjects honouring her
By shedding their clothes on to the lands
Each appears to be raising the arms
Mystically bestowing upon her – reverence
As  the wind picked up she seemed to bow
Gracefully accepting their benevolence
For hours I sat with her, though neither did speak
I slept as a newborn, for I found that which I seek.

The Knight

Darken wood, chilled by the winds of Neffleheim
Loneliness is the prize it was given by its procreation
A solemn vow to honour and protect its virtue
“Chivalry” its duty, “solas” its damnation
But Oh, the visceral hysteria; the hidden…
Oh, the irreproachable virginity that within lies
Enchants still our very souls with somatic gestures
That to this day is an enigma even to enlightened eyes
The imagination of the wanderer engulfs his every thought
Until sadistic madness overcomes the dogma of our time
Lost in his inability, the virtuous remains shielded
As if the magi cast his spell and rhyme
No one may enter the wood without provocation
And still there is no glimmer of guarantee
One may suffer a lifetime trying to reach their goal
And only loose one’s mind subsequently
Thus, the darken wood has fulfilled its duty
And once again retained its state of desolation
The role of knight is not a coveted one
But oh, the comfort he instils to those in desperation
Only ancient lore tells of the magnificence and beauty
Of the metamorphosis of what seems unforgiven
Only yarns of the overly experienced story teller
Hint of an inner peace such as promised in heaven
Tales of beautiful mountains blessed with unspeakable colors
Each having peaks of endless and pure splendours
It has been said that not even the muses
Could satisfactory describe the falls and rivers
One can only dream of standing high on its cliffs
Focusing on a single snowflake as it Basques in the spotlight
With the background of an awesome range
Encircling the lush valley below the glittering sunlight

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