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One story about the PETTYJOHN name in America:
James Pettyjohn, who was born about 1617 in Brixham, Devonshire, England, came to America and settled on the Eastern shore of Virginia around 1635. The first child of James and Isabell Pettyjohn was James Pettyjohn, Jr. James must have lived his whole life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for his son and grandson's births were recorded in the Hungars Parish records . His descendant, James Pettyjohn, IV, evidently moved to Sussex Co., Delaware and on Apr. 1, 1773 married a Patience Marvel . It is thought that their son, James Pettyjohn, V, fought in the War of 1812 and served in Captain John Kollock's Company, Delaware Militia. The second child of James and Isabell Pettyjohn was William Pettyjohn. William was recorded living in Accomac County, Virginia between 1684 and 1702 . William died in Prince Anne County, Virginia in 1712 and nothing more is known about William. However, it has been speculated by Jack Pettijohn of Rockville, Maryland, that William's descendants settled in Chowan County, North Carolina. It is interesting because a Thomas Pettijohn made a will in 1767 in Chowan Co., and his heirs were Frances, John, Thomas, Abraham and Sarah . Two of Thomas children, Thomas, Jr. and John, fought in the American Revolution in North Carolina. The third child of James and Isabell Pettyjohn was Isabell Pettyjohn. Isabell was recorded as being baptized on May 16, 1660 in Hungars Parish, Northampton Co., Virginia . On Dec. 11, 1678, Isabell married Richard Lester . Richard Lester died in 1694 and, by 1702, Isabell remarried, to John Oakman . The fourth and last child of James and Isabell Pettyjohn was John Pettyjohn. John was recorded living in Accomac Co. from 1682 until 1692. About 1685, John married Sara Virginia Willson . The Pettyjohns had two children, who were born in Accomac Co., Virginia. About 1692, the Pettyjohns resettled to Sussex Co., Delaware. The Pettyjohns had six more children, all of which were born in Sussex County. Moreover, all of John and Sara's children owned land in Sussex Co., and had children and farms of their own. To this day, many of the Pettyjohn descendants can still be found living in the same area of Sussex County, Delaware. Most of the Pettyjohn families stayed in Delaware and Virginia up until the American Revolution. After that, the Pettyjohns began their trek through America. Some of the Pettyjohns went to West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, others went to North Carolina and Georgia, while still others went to Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. During this period, the Pettyjohn surname had changed in some families to Pettijohn. In some cases, people were illiterate and weren't sure how to spell their name and in other cases people just preferred the "i" to the "y". Also, there is a natural tendency for most people to write Pettyjohn as Pettijohn. In spite of the differences in the surname, there is a good chance that most of all the Pettyjohn (Pettijohn) families in the United States are probably related and probably all came from the original James Pettyjohn who immigrated to America from England. Furthermore, there has been evidence that states that some families like Peregen, Pettingil, Paragon and others, actually stem off our very own Pettyjohn branches.
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John Goodwin "Jack" ESSEX

1900 Federal Census, Iowa, Lucas Co, Washington Twp: 18 Jun 1900, #270-271,
John G. Essex, head, white, male, bd. May 1872, age 28, married 3 years, bp.IA, parents' bp. unknown, farmer, 0 months unemployed, can read, write and speak English, rents farm #96;
Susan, wife, white, female, bd. Apr 1864, age 36, married 3 years, 1 child born, 1 child living, bp. Penn., parents' bp. Penn., can read, write and speak English;
Berdenia, stepdaughter, white, female, bd. Aug 1887, age 12, single, bp. IA, father's bp. IA, mother's bp. Penn, at school, attended 10 months, can read, write and speak English;
Nicholas C. Bers, lodger, white, male, bd. Apr 1877, age 22, single, bp. IA, parents' bp. blank, farmer, 0 months unemployed, can read, write and speak English.

In his mother's 1924 obituary, John is said to be living in Tupper Creek, British Columbia. The town of Tupper is just SE of Dawson Creek, but in Alberta. There is a Dominion Western Land Grant issued to: The Synod of the Diocese of Athabasca - John G. Essex, NW S32, Twp. 79, Rge. 14, W6 - Liber 658, Folio 22, Reel # C-6459. This land location is now in the town of Rolla, a northern suburb of Dawson Creek, B.C.

DEATH: A search of BC Vital Indexes reveals no death record in British Columbia, so likely in died in Tupper Creek, Alberta.

BURIAL: Rolla Cemetery.

Charles Ellsworth ESSEX

1900 Federal Census, Iowa, Lucas Co, Pleasant Township: 11 Jun 1900, #89-90:
Charles Essex, head, white, male, birthdate Sep 1867, age 32, married 3 years, bp. IA, father's bp. IL, mother's bp.Tenn., farmer, 0 months unemployed, can read, write and speak English, owns mortgaged farm #81;
Annie S., wife, white, female, bd. Nov 1869, age 30, married 3 years, two children born, two children living, bp. IA,
father's bp. OH, mother's bp. IN, can read, write and speak English;
Myrtle B., daughter, white, female, bd. Mar 1898, age 2, single;
Frank, son, white, male, bd. Sep 1899, age 8 months, single.

Clipping from and unknown newspaper found in the McCarty-Antrim bible:
"Knoxville - Henry Caulkins and Chas. Essex with their families, stock, farming implements, etc., started for Yellow Grass, Canada, on Tuesday of this week. Each of the gentlemen have purchased quarter sections in the semi-polar regions and expect to become millionaires within a few years through raising wheat."

The family eventually farmed 1 & 1/2 sections plus 1/4 section of pasture. His homestead was on Sec. 7, Twp. 11, Rge. 15, W2nd, 2 miles west of Colfax and 2 miles south, which placed it about 7 or 8 miles as the crow flies northeast of Yellow Grass.

His family tell that Charles was somewhat wealthy when he settled in Saskatchewan; but also somewhat eccentric where money was concerned. He frequently loaned large sums to others so they could buy farms and/or for other reasons; but then forgot about the loans and so never got repaid. It seems he would hide rolls of money in various places around the farm, such as in the oats bin. One day, for example, after feeding the pigs grain, someone discovered them munching on a $500 roll of money. Although he was able to increase the size of his land holdings to one and a three quarter sections, his monetary policies depleted the family's wealth.

BURIAL: Yellow Grass Cemetery.

Sarah Ann (Annie) ANTRIM

BIOGRAPHY: Listed as Annie S. in the 1900 census of Pleasant Twp, Lucas Co, Iowa.

BURIAL: Yellow Grass Cemetery.

Azel Forest ESSEX

BIOGRAPHY: His niece, Carolynn Essex reports that Azel had once been struck on the back of the neck by a board which had a nail in it that pieced his pituitary gland. This disturbance caused him to grow and he would have died eventually from too much growth. Further, it seems his school teacher was a passenger in the car that struck him.

OBITUARY: Iowa Genealogical Society, Marion County, Knoxville Journal obituaries, J22 1918,
4 July - "Azel Forest Essex, a son of Charles E. and Anna Essex, was born one mile south of Belinda, in Lucas County, Iowa, April 6, 1903. Twelve years ago last spring he went with parents to Saskatchewan.... Besides his bereaved father and mother, he leaves two sister and three brothers, as follows: Mrs Myrtle Ross, Birdview, Sask.; Frank, Cecil, Lillie and the baby, Lloyd, all at home near Colfax.... The last sad rites were solemnized by the Rev. J.F. Robertson, at Olive Chapel, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30...."

11 July - "Azel Essex, a boy about fifteen years of age, son of Charles Essex, formerly of Knoxville, was instantly killed at Colfax, near Yellowgrass, Canada, last Friday when struck by an automobile while riding his bicycle to a picnic. His neck was broken and the body otherwise bruised and mangled, death coming so suddenly that the boy probably never fully realized what was happening.
"The Essex family have resided in Canada for the past twelve years, going there from Knoxville in 1906. Last Friday, a big picnic which had been widely advertised among the country folk was held at Colfax and Azel Essex and other members of the family were to be among the merrymakers. Azel decided to make the trip on his bicycle and was approaching the town when he met an auto at a right angle turn in the roadway. The auto driver and the bike rider, according to witnesses, both became unnerved at the prospects of an accident and, in the excitement of the moment, both turned out on the same side of the road. The result was "head on" collision of the two machines and the death of the boy.
"Charles Essex, father of the victim of the accident, is a son of Mrs. Mary Essex of West Knoxville.
"The body of the boy, accompanied by the bereaved parents and two of the smaller children, a boy and a girl, arrived Knoxville Tuesday morning, taking the remains direct to Mrs. Mary Essex home.
"Azel Essex was born at Belinda, just south of the Marion County line, April 6, 1903. In his death, he leaves his parents, three brothers, Frank, Carl and Lloyd, and three sisters, Myrtle, wife of Ray Ross, of Birdview, (unreadable)
"It is certainly a sad homecoming and one in which the bereaved family has the sympathy of all their old time Marion County friends. Mrs. Charles Essex is a sister of Mrs. William McCarty, of the vicinity of Harvey.
"Funeral services were held yesterday. Burial at Olive Chapel cemetery."

BURIAL: Olive Chapel cemetery.

David "Marion" ESSEX

Census, 1900, Iowa, Marion Co, Knoxville Twp -
Essex, Marion, age 31, b. Jan 1869, IA, married 9 years, renting home, father b. IL, mother b. TN, day laborer.
Betsie, wife, 30, b. 1870, IA, mother of 2 ch., one child living, father b. TN, Mother b. IA.
Minnie, daughter, 8, b. 1892, IA.

BURIAL: Marysville Cemetery, Row 8N

Clifford ESSEX

BIRTH: Date calculated from cemetery records, d. 21 Sep 1894 - 1y 20d.

BURIAL: Olive Chapel Cemetery

John "William" MCCARTY

BIOGRAPHY: Parents, Siblings, Marriages & children taken from his obituary copied from: Iowa Genealogical society, Marion County, Knoxville News, Vol. 5, pg 200-368, 1944-48, pg. 354.

"John William, son of Mike and Sarah McCarty, was born in Marion county, Feb. 12 1865, and passed away at his home, October 18, 1948 at the age of 83 years, 8 months and 6 days.
"He was married July 9, 1890, to Matilda Antrim. To this union eight children were born; his wife and three children preceded him in death.
"On October 9, 1934, he was married to Mercena Anderson. She also preceded him in death in February, 1939.
"A sister, Ann Gullion, passed away in April of this year at North Platt, Neb.
"Surviving are five daughters: Beulah Main, Colfax; Golda Davis, Kenosha, Wis.; Leona Mann, Des Moines; Waneita Post, Manchester, Iowa; and June at home; three step-children: Ray Anderson, Sacramento, Calif.; Rolland Anderson, Knoxville; and Ruth Thornton, Lynnwood, Calif.; ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; also three brothers: John, Tom and Fred, Oskaloosa, and one sister, Mary Beaver, Harvey.
"The entire life of the deceased was spent in Iowa with the exception of three years in Nebraska.
"Funeral services were held at the Dybee & Davis funeral home
Thursday, Oct 21 at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Paul M. Hann officiated. Burial was in the Bellfountaine cemetery.

Matilda Elizabeth ANTRIM

BIOGRAPHY: The 1910 census states Matilda had given birth to 7 children, 4 were still living. Apparently, one more child, June, was born in 1910 or later.


BIOGRAPHY: From an article in the Columbia, Iowa newspaper, August 25, 1905:
"Mrs. Heaton...having been born in 1808 making her within 3 years of the century mark. She is a native of South Carolina, was married to Bolden (sic) Heaton when 23 years of age. To them were born six children, all of whom are dead except her daughter [Sarah Jane] who is standing behind her in the picture. Her husband died after they had been married 55 years and 6 months."
"She early gave her heart to the Lord and over eighty years ago united with the church. Her neighbors speak of her as being one of the best women and kindest neighbors that ever lived."

Myrtle Bell ESSEX

When Myrtle was still single prior to 1917, she and her sister, Lillian, vistied Rose Ann and Benjamin Essex at their homestead near Rosetown. About 1967, Rose Ann visited the widow Myrtle Brown for a week in Leader, Sask. Sometime thereafter, according to Frances Morressey, Myrtle moved to 2256 N Oak Rd, Davison, MI.

BIOGRAPHY: SSN 379-05-2572, issued Michigan.

George E. BROWN

BIOGRAPHY: George was a widower with six children when he married Myrtle.

Myrtle Bell ESSEX

When Myrtle was still single prior to 1917, she and her sister, Lillian, vistied Rose Ann and Benjamin Essex at their homestead near Rosetown. About 1967, Rose Ann visited the widow Myrtle Brown for a week in Leader, Sask. Sometime thereafter, according to Frances Morressey, Myrtle moved to 2256 N Oak Rd, Davison, MI.

BIOGRAPHY: SSN 379-05-2572, issued Michigan.