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Dolby-Fleischauer History & Research Stories & Media

This site will hold family stories, research notes, media and media links related to my family, Dolby/Brannan, and my late wife's family, Fleischauer/O'Brien. As of now, this site is in its very early stages. A link to my Genealogy web site, also in the early stages of development, is included below.

Every family has a collection of stories and folklore. Some stories are true, some an amalgam of truth and supposition, and some just plain false. At least two stories involve a legal fraud. Part of the purpose of this web site is to expose some of these stories that are associated with my family.

I also will provide various other items and links that do not, properly, belong on my genealogy web site, and also will provide various research goals, notes, and accomplishments.

I also plan to include descriptions and photos of places my family has lived and worked.

For brevity, I will refer to my father, mother, and the like, but, certainly my siblings and other relatives exist and share the various relationships referenced here.

Not everything I report about these collected people will be considered praise. I feel it is my responsibility to report the truth as I know it, have learned it, or as it has been reported to me. I will take effort to ensure that any supposition or rumor is well identified as such.

Many of the photos included here have been edited to improve various characteristics but not to change their primary content.

I am John Sherwood Jack Dolby Jr., born 1946. My cat is CC, born circa 2009.

My paternal line is Dolby/Dalby and Young. The Dolbys were associated primarily with Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania, from the late 1800s on. Much of the clan used the spelling Dalby. My great grandfather, Jacob H. Dolby, married Emma Jane "Jennie" Moran.

My Dad's Mother's line,Young/Beatty, was most recently associated with Youngstown, Ohio.

My Mother's Father's line is Brannan/Daggett, from Richmond, Virginia at the time of the Civil War, perhaps both lines earlier from Baltimore, Maryland, and, by the late 1800s, great granddad Brannan was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My Mother's Mother's line was Griffith/Esch, associated with Indiana County and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

My late wife was Kathleen Mary Kate/Kathy Fleischauer, 1949-2016.

The rest of her paternal ancestors used the spelling Fleishauer. It appears Kathy's Dad "picked up" the "c" when entering the Navy during the WW2 era. Kathy's Dad's maternal line was Sullivan, with both sides associated with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kathy's Mother was an O'Brien, from the Philadelphia area, where Kathy's grandmother had been a Bennett. Kathy's parents apparently met while Kathy's Dad was stationed with the Navy in Philadelphia. There may be further ties back to the Boston area.

My hope is that by hosting both this family history site and my genealogy site on RootsWeb, a free hosting service provided by Ancestry, this information will persist sometime after I can no longer maintain it. Although many relatives find interest in some family history stories and genealogical findings, the deep interest required to do detailed and prolonged research often skips a generation or two. Hopefully my products, here and on other media, will be available when that passion shows up again.