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My name is Dwayne Allen Jack and what started out with the name of one grandmother turned into a six year project.  My family tree has over 4,000 surnames, 17 generations, and a 500 plus year history.  While I try to verify and cite sources, my Family Tree may contain errors, omissions, and other non verified information.  Feel free to browse my tree and if you have any questions and/or find any of your family here, please don't hesitate to contact me.


The master family surnames consist of:


Earl Jack was born in 1915 and  is the son of Charles F. Jack and Ella G (Compton) Jack.  He married Mildred Leona Shelly, born in 1920, daughter of John and Beulah Mae (Dickinson) Shelly.  Earl and Mildred had 14 children which I am the youngest.  To browse my Family Tree, please use the Surnames button to the left.  Thank you.

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