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On the following pages you will find information from several cemeteries located in Halifax Regional Municipality, as well as other cemeteries located in Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada.  The information provided for each cemetery is listed in alphabetical order.  Under each letter you will find photos of headstones, some obituaries, and/or comments of the person.  It is by no means all the the stones from any of the cemeteries.  I will return to each cemetery to add more stones, or to get a better photo.


    Photographs on this site maybe copied and used for your personal use. 


If you have an obituary, picture or any information you would like to contribute, please send it to me and I will give you credit.


A personal thank you.

Some of the people I would like to thank are, Paul Landry without him this site would not be up.  I would also like to thank my  husband Paul; my sister-in-law, Rita Brousseau for the many trips she made to the cemeteries with me.  My daughter Holly Ann, who spent her days off work going to cemeteries to take photos of headstones and hoping she would not meet anyone she knew. She now knows more about FrontPage then she ever wanted. A special thank you to my Acadian lunch friends, Rufine Swan, Carol Bonin, Jeanne Stone.  I would also like to thank  my friend Iris Shea for all her help with the Jollimore Cemetery and her encouragement.   




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