An important note regarding the following abstracts.  Unlike my abstracts for the McClintock families in the 1790-1850 census records, for 1880 I gleaned the material from the LDS abstract.  Thus the errors are unfortunately compounded here.  I could tell that the LDS or their contractor, Precission Indexing, made numerous typos and omissions.  Plus I am human too, and I am sure that I  errored.  So be careful and check the original!  I also made another departure from earlier abstractions, I did not use any abbrieviated names, like Alex or Jno, etc.  I wrote them out in full: Alexander and John, for instance.  I  did not use McClintoc or McClintok, instead I used McClintock.    I did this because Google.com indexes my page and other researchers will get a hit instead of a miss.  I have had historical training in a master’s program and I know that I have violated the rule of maintaining the integrety of the source, but I think the good outweighs the harm. For getting a hit in our hobby far outweighs all the misses that we usually get!  As usual, let me know of any typos or ommisions. 


An explaination to those who are unfamilar with the 1880 census.  When I include the birthplaces after each individuals name: the first is for the individual’s place of birth, the second is for their father’s birthplace and the third for their mother’s.   So if you see: OH/PA/NJ: the person was born in OH, their father in Pennsylvania and their mother in New Jersey. 








Oxford, p. 710A

Sylla McClintock                  62f           black       keeps house          SC/SC/VA

Joe McClintock                    7m           black       grandson               AL/AL/AL

Francis McClintock             4f             black       grandaughter        AL/AL/AL

Buddie McClintock              14m         black       grandson               AL/AL/AL

Ann Mattison                       70f           black                                       SC/SC/SC


Anniston, p. 727B

Augusta McClintock           37f           keeps house                          SC/SC/SC

Lawrence McClintock         18m         son                                         SC/SC/SC





Campbells, p. 442A

James E McClinton              70m         farming                   SC/SC/SC

Matha C McClinton             30f           dau                         AL/SC/SC

Adelia C McClinton             26f           dau                         AL/SC/SC


Campbells, p. 446A

S W McClinton                    28m         farming                   AL/SC/GA

Malissa McClinton              22f           wife                         AL/AL/NC

Earnest McClinton               3mon      son                         AL/AL/AL

James Smith                          15m                                         AL/AL/AL





Delta, p. 6D

M F McClintock                   40m         farming                                   SC/SC/SC

Artemesa McClintock         36f           wife                                         AL/SC/SC

Henry McClintock               14m         son                                         AL/SC/AL

John McClintock                  12m         son                                         AL/SC/AL

Syntha McClintock              9f             dau                                         AL/SC/AL

Nancy McClintock               7f             dau                                         AL/SC/AL

Allen McClintock                 5m           son                                         AL/SC/AL

Ida McClintock                     2f             dau                                         AL/SC/AL

Thomas McClintock            3mon      son                                         AL/SC/AL


Delta, p. 7A

James McClintock                67m         farming                   SC/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  52f           wife                         SC/SC/SC

Sidney McClintock              24f           dau                         AL/SC/SC

Allice McClintock                15f           dau                         AL/SC/SC

Charly McClintock               13m         son                         AL/SC/SC

George McClintock              10m         son                         AL/SC/SC

Mathew McClintock            9m           son                         AL/SC/SC

Columbus McClintock        5m           son                         AL/SC/SC


Delta, p. 7A

J F McClintock                     23m         farming                   AL/SC/SC

Sarah McClintock                17            wife                         AL/GA/SC


Delta, p. 7A

J W McClintock                   25m         farming                   AL/SC/SC

Haldy McClintock                25f           wife                         GA/GA/SC

Harvey   McClintock           2m           son                         AL/AL/GA

Robert McClintock              3mon      son                         AL/AL/GA


Delta, p. 7B

Wesly Pane                           37m         farming                   GA/NC/NC

Marget Pane                         32f           wife                         SC/SC/SC

Eura Pane                              12f           dau                         AL/GA/SC

Charly Pane                           10m         son                         AL/GA/SC

James Pane                            6m           son                         AL/GA/SC

Harvy Pane                           2m           son                         AL/GA/SC

Nancy McClintock               62f           mother-in-law        SC/SC/SC  needle work


Delta, p. 8C

J McClintock                         30m         farming                   GA/SC/SC

Nancy McClintock               25f           wife                         GA/AL/GA

Daniel McClintock               8m           son                         AL/GA/GA

Martha McClintock             5f             dau                         AL/GA/GA

Leroy McClintock                2m           son                         AL/GA/GA


Delta, p. 9A

Mathew McClintock            40m         farming                   SC/SC/SC

Mary McClintock                 34f           wife                         GA/AL/GA

Nancy McClintock               14f           dau                         AL/SC/AL

Lilia McClintock                   12f           dau                         AL/SC/AL

Louis McClintock                6m           son                         AL/SC/AL


Delta, p. 10D

R McClintock                        41m         farming                   SC/SC/SC

Nancy McClintock               34f           wife                         GA/GA/GA

Billie McClintock                  12m         son                         AL/SC/GA

Alice McClintock                 9f             dau                         AL/SC/GA

Mathew McClintock            7m           son                         AL/SC/GA


Delta, p. 11A

T J McClintock                     23m                                         AL/SC/GA

with Harvey Howell             44m         SC

Louisa Howell                       44f           AL


Delta, p. 13A

H McClintock                       18m         boarder at school AL/SC/GA





Union, p. 35D

Sarah McClintoch                43f           black       keeps house          VA/VA/VA

William McClintoch             20m         black       son                         AL/VA/VA

Cairy McClintoch                 17f           black       dau                         AL/VA/VA

Edmund McClintoch           10m         black       son                         AL/VA/VA

John McClintoch                 7m           black       son                         AL/VA/VA

Margaret McClintoch          3f             black       dau                         AL/VA/SC





p.       534B

John McClintic                     55m         farmer     TN/NC/TN

Nancy McClintic                  47f           wife         AL/SC/KY

Winnie McClintic                 25f           dau         AL/TN/AL

Sarah McClintic                    22f           dau         AL/TN/AL

Emma McClintic                   16f           dau         AL/TN/AL

Louiza McClintic                  12f           dau         AL/TN/AL

Bettie McClintic                   10f           dau         AL/TN/AL

Harriet McClintic                  6f             dau         AL/TN/AL

Mary McClintic                    3f             dau         AL/TN/AL

John McClintic                     6mon      son         AL/TN/AL





Linden, p. 732D

Sophy McClinton                                30f           black       laborer    AL/AL/AL

Mary Ann McClinton         15f           black       dau         AL/AL/AL

Baily McClinton                   14m         black       son         AL/AL/AL

Lydia McClinton                  7f             black       dau         AL/AL/AL

----- McClinton                     4f             black       dau         AL/AL/AL

Sally McClinton                   100f         black                       VA/--/--





Mobile, 5th ward, p. 333B

Robert McClintock              29m         fisherman               AL/Scotland/Scotland

Margret McClintock            25f           wife                         AL/IR/PA

William McClintock             2m           son                         AL/IR/AL





Bear Creek, p.  330D

Robert C McClinton            29m         farmer                     AL/SC/NC

Mary A McClinton              31f           wife                         GA/SC/SC

Samuel C McClinton            7m           son                         AL/AL/GA

Lovena M McClinton          4f             dau                         AL/AL/GA

Mary M McClinton             1f             dau                         AL/AL/GA


Columbiana, p. 161B

J R McClinton                       49m         farmer                     AL/SC/SC

Harriet McClinton                44f           wife                         AL/VA/SC

Claricy E McClinton            18f           dau                         AL/AL/AL

Samuel M McClinton          12m         son                         AL/AL/AL

Allin B McClinton                10m         son                         AL/AL/AL

Ann E McClinton                 7f             dau                         AL/AL/AL


Columbiana, p. 164C

Thomas B Cost                     28m         farmer                     AL/AL/AL

Madora Cost                         32f           wife                         AL/SC/SC

Matilda McClinton              28f           sister-in-law          AL/SC/SC


Columbiana, p. 172D

Nathan A McClinton           46m         farmer                     AL/SC/SC

Sarah J McClinton               36f           wife                         AL/TN/AL

David F McClinton              19m         son                         AL/AL/AL

Mary E McClinton               14f           dau                         AL/AL/AL

Henry A McClinton             11m         son                         AL/AL/AL

Charles P McClinton           9m           son                         AL/AL/AL

Lula B McClinton 7f             dau                         AL/AL/AL

Hattie W McClinton            5f             dau                         AL/AL/AL

Joseph E McClinton            3m           son                         AL/AL/AL

Theopholous McClinton    2mon      son                         AL/AL/AL


Spearmans, p. 300A

Wills McClinton                   68m         farmer                     SC/IR/SC

Elizabeth McClinton            62f           wife                         AL/AL/AL

Martha McClinton               25f           dau                         AL/SC/AL

Nancy McClinton                                1f                                             AL/SC/AL

Willis D McClinton              5m                                           AL/SC/AL


Spring Creek, p. 190B

Savila Averaret                     45f           black       keeping house      AL/SC/GA

Luiza Averaret                      3f             black       dau                         AL/AL/AL

Lee McClinton                      17m         black                                       AL/AL/AL

Ella Watkins                          16f           black       dau                         AL/AL/AL

Joel Watkins                         14f           black                                       AL/AL/AL

Rockey Watkins                   12f           black       dau                         AL/AL/AL

Parry L Watkins                   9f             black       dau                         AL/AL/AL

China Watkins                      8f             black       dau                         AL/AL/AL


Yellow leaf, p. 159B

Elizabeth McClinton            42f           keeping house      SC/SC/SC

Winngi I McClinton            23f           dau                         AL/SC/SC

Nancy C McClinton             21f           dau                         AL/SC/SC

Elijah B McClinton               18m         son                         AL/SC/SC





York, p. 388B

B E McClinton                      35m         machanic               AL/SC/GA

I Z McClinton                       28f           wife                         AL/TN/AL

L A McClinton                     6f             dau                         AL/AL/AL

Gilbert McClinton                3m           son                         AL/AL/AL

Joe James                              10m         nephew                  AL/TN/AL

Ses Drake                              25f           sister-in-law          AL/AL/AL

Hennie Drake                        4f             niece                       AL/AL/AL

H A Drake                             2m           nephew                  AL/AL/AL




Springs, p. 492C

Alfred McClinton                 54m         black       farm laborer           GA/GA/--

Laura Murphy                      15f           black       stepdau                  AL/AL/AL

Alfred McClinton                 10m         black       son                         AL/GA/AL









Osage, p. 486A

J McClinton                          40m         sheriff                     OH/MD/PA





Clay, p. 30B

William W Maroney            30m         farmer                     AL/NY/NC

Dane W Maroney                                16m                                         AR/NY/NC

J Rilly McClintoc                  35m                                         IL

M E McClintoc                     20f                                           TX

E E McClintoc                       14f                                           IL

Laney B McClintoc              4mon                                      AR





Amity, p. 392A

Mary Hardin                         54f           keeping house      TN/SC/--

Marcus Hardin                     16m         son                         AR/TN/TN

Henry McClinton                 21m                                         AR/GA/GA





Hot Springs, p. 124B

A B McClintock                   32m         driving hacks        NE/KS/KS

Jennie McClintock               23f           wife                         MO/TX/TX





Albany, p. 501C

John McClinton                   51m         black       farmer     GA/SC/MD

Sylva McClinton                  28f           black       wife         GA/GA/GA

George McClinton               9m           black       son         LA/GA/GA

Joseph McClinton               7m           black       son         AR/GA/GA

Emma McClinton                  5f             black       dau         AR/GA/GA

John Bell                                19m         black                       LA/SC/GA





Wattensas, p. 229B

Ralph McClintock                66m         farmer                     PA/ PA/PA

Agnes McClintock              64f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Maggie J McClintock          33f           dau                         --/PA/PA

James McClintock                18m         son                         IL/PA/PA



Wattensas, p. 229B

Ralph McClintock                37m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          30f           wife                         Eng/Eng/Eng

Munroe McClintock            7m           son                         IL/PA/Eng

Charles H McClintock         5m           son                         IL/PA/Eng

Oscar McClintock                1m           son                         AR/PA/Eng



Duvalls Bluff, p. 231A

Joel M McClintock              40m         judge county court              PA/PA/PA

Sallie A McClintock             32f           wife                                         IL/VA/IL

Frank F Crossen                   19m         brother-in-law                       AR/VA/IL





Big Rock, p. 400D

W H McClintock                  49            prisoner                                 OH





A McClintick                        33m         farmer                                     TN/TN/TN

Mary C McClintick              28f           wife                                         KY/TN/TN

James D McClintick             1m           son                                         AR/TN/TN








Phoenix, p. 103A

Sarah A McClintock            45f           keeping house      MD/--/--

Charles E McClintock          24m         son                         CA/IR/MD

James H McClintock            17m         son                         CA/IR/MD





p 146C

James McClintock                32m         laborer                    Can/Can/Can


p 276 C

J S McClintock                     31m         laborer                    IL/IN/IL


Luttrell, p. 347C

R M McClintock                   27m         teamster                 ME/ME/MO





Prescott, p. 442A

G H McClintock                    23f           telephone operator              CA/MD/MD









Oakland, p. 351B

Joseph McClintock              56m         laborer                    Eng/Eng/Eng

May McClintock                  42f           wife                         Ger/Ger/Ger

George McClintock              9m           son                         CA/Eng/Ger

Eddie McClintock                8m           son                         CA/Eng/Ger

Willie McClintock                6m           son                         CA/Eng/Ger





Excelsior, p. 4D

Samuel McClintock              32m         laborer                    IN/KY/KY

Louella McClintock             20f           wife                         CA/IL/MO

George McClintock              10mon    son                         CA/IN/CA

George McClintock              24m                                         CA/KY/KY works a saw mill


Big Valley, p. 73A

Joseph T McClintock          65m         farmer                     KY/KY/KY

Jemima McClintock              59f           wife                         OH/VA/OH






Ukiah, p. 201A

William McClintock             50m         laborer                    KY/KY/KY





Cedarville, p. 5B

Frank McClintock                41m         farmer                     IR/Scot/Scot

Catherine R McClintock      42f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Maggie J McClintock          15f           dau                         Can/IR/IR

Delia S McClintock              11f           dau                         Can/IR/IR





Monterey, p. 248B

Oren Phelps                          40m         laborer                    MI/NY/NY

Elva Phelps                           24f           wife                         CA/NY/NY

Ida McClintock                     18f           sister-in-law          MI/NY/NY





Nevada City, p. 24C

W T Holland                         40m         teamster                 MO/MO/IA

Alice Holland                        35f           wife                         IL/IR/IR

Ben McClintock                   17m         brother-in-law       IR/IR/IR


Nevada, p. 57C

Christopher McClintock     47m         teaming                  Can E/IR/Can E

Anne E McClintock             40f           wife                         Can W/Eng/Eng






Sacramento, p. 1B

C McClintock                        15m                                         CA/PA/--  in city jail





San Francisco, p. 359C

Alvira McClintock               32f           servant                   IR/PA/PA


San Francisco, p. 63D

Samuel McClintock              38m         soldier                    IR/IR/IR


San Francisco, p. 275D

Thomas McClinton              25m         horse shoer           CA/Scot/IR


San Francisco, p. 179D

J G McClinton                       42m         minning                  IL/SC/SC

Helen McClinton                  32f           wife                         WI/OH/WI

Amberson McClinton         13m         son                         CA/IL/WI

Myron McClinton                13m         son                         CA/IL/WI

Jeston McClinton                                10m         son                         CA/IL/WI

Roy McClinton                     4m           son                         CA/IL/WI

Ray McClinton                     4m           son                         CA/IL/WI

Belle Brandon                       12f           sister-in-law          CA/OH/Can

Julia Emmerson                     25f                                           ME/ME/ME






Redwood, p. 333C

Edmund McClintock            34m         farmer                     IN/KY/--

Anna McClintock                                32f           wife                         IN/IN/IN

Minnie McClintock              13f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Harry McClintock                7m           son                         CA/IN/IN

Martha Bell                           22f           sister-in-law          IN/IN/IN





Bogue, p. 259C

W K McClintock                  52m         dairyman                MA/MA/MA

Jane McClintock                  38f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

George L McClintock          20m         son                         CA/MA/KY

W K McClintock                  18m         son                         CA/MA/KY

Isabell R McClintock           14f           dau                         CA/MA/KY

Mary L McClintock             1f             dau                         CA/MA/KY






Woodland, p. 280D

F J Broderick                         39m         carpenter               IN/IN/IN

Mary Broderick                    34f           wife                         Nor/Nor/Nor

George McClintock              36m         carpenter               ME/ME/NH


East Grafton, p. 384C

S E McClintic                        35m         farmer                     MO/VA/MO

S O McClintic                       15m         son                         CA/MO/--

Emma McClintic                   14f           dau                         CA/MO/--

Annie McClintic                   12f           dau                         CA/MO/--

Nellie McClintic                    10f           dau                         CA/MO/--

Maggie McClintic                8f             dau                         CA/MO/--

Hugh McClintic                    6m           son                         CA/MO/--

Ruth McClintic                     3f             dau                         CA/MO/--


East Grafton, p. 390C

Maggie McClintock             37f           keeping house      IR/IR/IR

Cary McClintock                  12m         son                         CA/OH/IR

Wurt McClintock                 9m           son                         CA/OH/IR

James McClintock                7m           son                         CA/OH/IR









Denver, p. 206B

Washington McClintock    35m         real estate              PA/PA/PA

Anna C McClintock             31f           wife                         MA/VT/MA

Mary McClintock                 8f             dau                         PA/PA/MA

Alice McClintock                 6f             dau                         CO/PA/MA

Anna McClintock                                2f             dau                         CO/PA/MA






Canfield, p. 492A

Albert McClintock               20m         works on farm       OH/--/--





South Pueblo, p. 294A

T M McClintock                   26m         Planing Mine        OH/OH/OH

Sarah McClintock                27f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Lisa McClintock                   3f             dau                         OH/OH/OH





Gold Hill, p. 396B

Henry McClintock               28m         miner                      OH/NY/PA








New Britain, p. 541C

Robert McClintock              70m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Jessie McClintock                42f           wife                         Scot/Scot/Scot

Robert McClintock              19m         son                         CT/IR/Scot

Mary McClintock                 17f           dau                         CT/IR/Scot

Alice McClintock                 15f           dau                         CT/IR/Scot

Jennette McClintock           13f           dau                         CT/IR/Scot

William McClintock             11m         son                         CT/IR/Scot

Walter McClintock              8m           son                         CT/IR/Scot

John McClintock                  5m           son                         CT/IR/Scot


Farmington, p. 668C

John Tompson                     64m         farmer                     CT/CT/CT

Ann Tompson                      50f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 70f                                           IR/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          53f                                           IR/IR/IR





Litchfield, p. 539D

John McClintock                  70m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 50f           wife                         IR/IR/IR


New Milford, p. 554A

Maggie J Clarke                    26f           Dress maker          IR/IR/IR

Libbie McClintock               19f           Dress maker          NY/Scot/IR





Carnes Steen                         48m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Abby McClintock                                60f           sister                      IR/IR/IR





New Haven, p. 368A

Martin C Parker                    51m                                         MA

Almira Parker                        45f           wife                         MA

Ellen McClinton                   28f           servant                   IR/IR/IR


New Haven, p. 266B

James McClinton                 34m         works in armory    IR/Scot/Scot

Mary J McClinton                28f           wife                         IR/Scot/Scot

Eliza C McClinton                8f             dau                         CT/IR/IR

James McClinton                 5m           son                         CT/IR/IR

Mary J McClinton                3f             dau                         CT/IR/IR

Robert McClinton                1m           son                         CT/IR/IR


Waterbury, p. 9D

Andrew McClintock            43m         Brass mill               CT/Scot/Scot

Mary McClintock                 30f           wife                         CT/CT/CT


Derby, p. 124D

John McClintock                  72m                                         CT/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 70f           sister                      CT/CT/CT





New London, p. 77C

Hat McClintock                    68f           keeps house          RI/RI/RI

Pet H Decarlton                    21f           granddaughter      CT/CT/CT





Vernon, p. 56D

Thomas McClinton              24m         Gingham Dryer     Scot/Scot/Scot







p 66B

Daniel D McClinton             40m         farmer                     Can/Scot/Scot




Golden Gate, p. 216C

John McClintock                  53m         miner                      IR/IR/IR


Deadwood, p. 258D

George McClintick               40m         carpenter               NY/PA/PA


Deadwood, p. 266C

J S McClintock                     33m         cattle dealer           MO/TNVA





Township 107, p. 33C

David McClintock                37m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Rebecca McClintock           31f           wife                         Can/Can/Can

Henry McClintock               9m           son                         WI/OH/Can

Elva McClintock                   7f             dau                         IA/OH/Can

Maude McClintock              5f             dau                         IA/OH/Can









Mispillion, p. 203C

Thomas McClintock            11m                                         PA/PA/PA

with Elisha Morris                34m                                         MD

Eliza Morris                           28f                                           DE





Brandywine, p. 11A

George W Coyle                   34m                                         DE/IR/IR

Maggie J Coyle                    35f           wife                         DE/IR/IR

Lizzie McClintock 15f           niece                       DE/DE/PA


Brandywine, p. 22B

Hugh Ramsey                       50m                                         IR/IR/IR

Jane Ramsey                         43f                                           IR

Laura McClintock                19f                                           NJ/IR/IR


Christiana, p. 257A

John McClintock                  37m         wheelwright          DE/PA/DE

Mary E McClintock             31f           wife                         PA/PA/MD

Mary A McClintock            7f             dau                         DE/DE/PA


Christiana, p. 257A

William Graves                     35m                                         DE

Mary A Graves                     32f                                           DE

Mary McClintock                 55f                                           DE/DE/DE


Wilmington, p. 143C

William McClintock             43m         machinist               DE/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 42f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Anna McClintock                                15f           dau                         DE/DE/PA


Wilmington, p. 264D           

Daniel McClintock               54m         supt car works      NY/IR/IR

Emma L McClintock             45f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Cora B McClintock              20f           dau                         DE/NY/PA

Daniel McClintock               18m         son                         DE/NY/PA

Frank L McClintock             15m         son                         DE/NY/PA

Delaware L McClintock       13m         son                         DE/NY/PA

Rachel McClintock              10f           dau                         DE/NY/PA

Lizzie H McClintock             3f             dau                         DE/NY/PA

Jane McClintock                  76f           mother                    IR/IR/IR


Wilmington, p. 266D

Alexander McClintock        31m         works in machine shop       DE/NY/IR

Martha L McClintock          32f           wife                                         PA/DE/DE

Dela A McClintock              8m           son                                         DE/DE/PA

William R McClintock         5m           son                                         DE/DE/PA

Annie L McClintock            3mon      dau                                         DE/DE/PA


Wilmington, p. 37C

Lewis McClintock                33m         clerk in store         DE/PA/PA

Emily J McClintock              31f           wife                         MD/PA/PA











Key West, p. 262A

William McClintock             41m         bookkeeper           PA/IR/IR

Virginia S McClintock         32f           wife                         Bahamas/Bahamas/Bahamas

William McClintock             16m         son                         FL/PA/Bahamas

Harriet McClintock              14f           dau                         FL/PA/Bahamas

Eliza McClintock                  12f           dau                         FL/PA/Bahamas

Robert E Lee McClintock    9m           son                         FL/PA/Bahamas

Sidney V P McClintock       7m           son                         FL/PA/Bahamas

Samuel J McClintock           4m           son                         FL/PA/Bahamas

Maggie McClintock             2f             dau                         FL/PA/Bahamas

James McClintock                32m         brother                   PA/IR/IR

George W McClintock        23m         brother                   PA/IR/IR   Grocer









District 733, p. 602A

Lipton McClintoc                 28m         black       farm laborer           GA/GA/GA

Eliza McClintoc                    28f           black       wife                         GA/GA/GA

Leona McClintoc                 10f           black       dau                         GA/GA/GA

Emma McClintoc                  5f             black       dau                         GA/GA/GA






North Carolina, p. 238B

Alec McClintock                  20m         mulatto   works on farm       AL/SC/SC


Chulio, p. 334B

Leah McClintock                  35f           black       works on farm       AL/AL/AL

Daniel McClintock               18m         mulatto   son                         AL/AL/AL works on farm

John McClintock                  16m         mulatto   son                         AL/AL/AL

Henry McClintock               14m         black       son                         AL/AL/AL

Joseph McClintock              8m           black       son                         GA/AL/AL

----McClintock                      1mon      black       dau                         GA/AL/AL

Lucy McClintock                 70f           black       mother                    AL/AL/AL

Jesse McClintock                 12m         mulatto   nephew                  AL/AL/AL

Benjamin Barnett                  25m         black                                       GA/GA/GA works on farm






Atlanta, p. 239C

Robert McClintock              34m         private 5th Artillery US Army              IR/IR/IR





Hampton, p. 171A

Randall McClintick              28m         black       woodchopper       SC/SC/SC







Idaho City, p. 119C

Dried McClintock 53m         liveryman               PA/PA/PA

Threasa McClintock            33f           wife                         NY/Eng/Eng

Sadie McClintock                 15f           dau                         NY/PA/NY

Gertrude McClintock           5f             dau                         ID/PA/NY







Camp Point, p. 36A

Thomas McClintock            83m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Susana McClintock             74f                                           PA/PA/PA


Camp Point, p.40A

Mary McClintock                 37f           keeping house      NC/NC/NC

Joseph McClintock              15m         son                         IL/IR/NC

Samuel McClintock              13m         son                         IL/IR/NC

Anna McClintock                                10f           dau                         IL/IR/NC

Mary Laslie                           32f           sister                      NC/NC/NC


Camp Point, p. 41D

Samuel McClintock              30m         farmer                     IL/IR/IR

Liddia McClintock               24f           wife                         IL/IL/IN

Charley McClintock             2m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Albert McClintock               7mon      son                         IL/IL/IL


Camp Point, p. 45D

John W McClintock            31m         farmer                     IL/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          23f           wife                         OH/OH/OH


Camp Point, p. 45D

William McClintock             82m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          56f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary M McClintock            23f           dau                         IL/IR/IR


Clayton, p. 54C

Mary McClintock                 60f           farmer                     IR/IR/IR

James McClintock                36m         son                         OH/IR/IR

William McClintock             34m         son                         IL/IR/IR

John T McClintock              25m         son                         IL/IR/IR


Clayton, p. 54C

David S McClintock            31m         farmer                     IL/IR/PA

Eliza A McClintock              29f           wife                         IL/VA/KY

David W McClintock          7m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Laura E McClintock             5f             dau                         IL/IL/IL

Jennie F McClintock            3f             dau                         IL/IL/IL


Clayton, p. 67C

Sarah McClintock                60f           keeping house      IR/IR/IR

Catherine Marshall              50f           sister                      IR/IR/IR


Liberty, p. 198B

Barbara McClintock             60f           keeping house      IL/PA/VA

Jacob McClintock                27m         son                         IL/KY/IL  farmer

James Gaunt                          17m                                         IL/KY/PA

Jennie Bellmire                      22f                                           IL/PA/IL


Quincy, p. 384C

John McClintock                  38m         R R office clerk     PA/PA/PA

Margareta McClintock        37f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Margareta McClintock        14f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Sarah McClintock                10f           dau                         OH/PA/PA

Mary Collins                         30f                                           IR/IR/IR


Quincy, p. 578B

William S McClintick           64m         grain buyer            KY/KY/KY

Margaret McClintick           56f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

Lucy F McClintick               24f           dau                         IL/KY/KY

Ann J McClintick                 18f           dau                         IL/KY/KY


Quincy, p. 615B

Lewis S McClintock             34m         blacksmith             IN/IN/IN

Frances M McClintock       30f           wife                         IN/IN/IN

William D McClintock         10m         son                         IL/IN/IN

Edward McClintock             2m           son                         IL/IN/IN

Adelia McClintock               1f             dau                         IL/IN/IN


Quincy, p. 625B

Daniel L McClintock            22m         works in nursery  IL/KY/KY

Sarah McClintock                24f           wife                         IL/TN/OH

Sarah Hutchison                  59f           mother-in-law        OH/KY/KY

Maggie Hutchison               24f           sister-in-law          IL/KY/KY

Frank Stewart                        6m           nephew                  IL/IL/IL





Manchester, p. 430D

Nathaniel Ramsey                                54m         farming                   OH/Scot/NY

Nancy Ramsey                     48f           wife                         Can/IR/Can

Edeth L Ramsey                   20f           dau                         IL

Carra J Ramsey                     13f           dau                         MN

William F Ramsey                2m           son                         IL

Harriet McClintoc                75f           mother-in-law        Can/NH/NH





Missouri, p. 583A

James McClintock                57m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Lucinda McClintock            50f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary E McClintock             23f           dau                         IL/IR/IR

Samuel McClintock              16m         son                         IL/IR/IR

Alexander Greer                    44m         brother-in-law       IR/IR/IR





Wysox, p. 622A

Martin Gouff                         29m         servant                   MD/MD/MD

Hulda McClintock                22f           servant                   PA/PA/PA





Bremen, p. 466B

Thomas McClinton              37m         farmer                     NY/IR/IR

Mary McClinton                  82f           mother                    IR/IR/IR

Sary Hamer                            22f                                           MI/MI/MI


Chicago, p. 166A

John A McClintock             33m         penciler                  NY/NY/NY

Bernice McClintock             25f           wife                         IL/Scot/Scot


Chicago, p. 63D

George M McClintock         30m         R R supervisor      NY/NY/NY

Frances McClintock            22f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Albert B Nicholson              14m         brother-in-law       NY/NY/NY

Annie Murnane                    18f                                           IL/IR/IR


Chicago, p. 142D

Owen McClintock                20m         medical student    KS


Blue Island, p. 371B

T F McClintock                    69m         surveyor                                NY/MD/PA

L R McClintock                    74f           wife                         MA/MA/CT

M L McClintock                   45f           dau                         OH/NY/MA

E F McClintock                     41m         son                         OH/NY/MA


Jefferson, p. 165A

Nettie McClintock                24f           school teacher      IL/VT/VT





Button, p. 288D

William McClintock             73m         farmer                     OH/IR/IR

Ellen McClintock                  51f           wife                         NJ/IR/IR

Ralph E McClintock             21m         son                         OH/OH/NJ

Chase McClintock               18m         son                         IL/OH/NJ





Cave, p. 579D

John McClintock                  52m         farmer                     TN/VA/SC

Mary McClintock                 34f           wife                         TN/TN/TN

John McClintock                  12m         son                         IL/TN/TN

William McClintock             9m           son                         IL/TN/TN

Dora McClintock                  7f             dau                         IL/TN/TN


Cave, p. 577C

Andrew J McClintock         33m         farmer                     IL/NC/VA

Eliza J McClintock                34f           wife                         TN/NC/TN

Charles E McClintock          10m         son                         IL/IL/TN

Samuel C McClintock          8m           son                         IL/IL/TN

Andrew J McClintock         5m           son                         IL/IL/TN

John W McClintock            4m           son                         IL/IL/TN

Robert R McClintock           1m           son                         IL/IL/TN


Frankfort, p. 598B

Robert E McClintock           52m         farmer                     TN/NC/VA

Mary McClintock                 51f           wife                         TN/TN/VA

Jane McClintock                  22f           dau                         IL/TN/TN

Cordelia McClintock            20f           dau                         IL/TN/TN

Robert McClintock              19m         son                         IL/TN/TN

Isaac McClintock                 17m         son                         IL/TN/TN

John McClintock                  15m         son                         IL/TN/TN

Miles McClintock                                11m         son                         IL/TN/TN


Frankfort, p. 601C

Berry J Eason                        28m         farmer                     IL/TN/TN

Milla Eason                           23f           wife                         IL/TN/TN

Robert McClintock              13m         works on farm       IL/TN/TN


Frankfort, p. 609C

Maggie McClintock             18f                                           IL/NC/NC





Bear Creek, p. 39C

James Wedding                    65m         farmer                     KY/MD/MD

Rosannah Wedding            59f           wife                         VA/VA/VA

Caroline Wedding                38f           dau                         IL/KY/VA

James Hendrix                       17m         nephew                  IL/IL/IL

Joseph McClintock              37m         son-in-law             IL/KY/KY


Bear Creek, p. 39C

James McClintock                42m         teacher & farming                IR/IR/IR


Prairie, p. 232A

George McClintock              57m         farmer                     Scot/Scot/Scot

Mary A McClintock            41f           wife                         IN/IR/SC

Charles McClintock             14m         son                         IL/Scot/IN

Grant McClintock 11m         son                         IL/Scot/IN

Gail McClintock                    9f             dau                         IL/Scot/IN


Saint Albans, p. 284B

G W McClintock                  42m         farmer                     IL/KY/IL

Nancy McClintock               41f           wife                         IL/PA/KY


Saint Albans, p. 288D

J McClintock                         74m         farmer                     KY/PA/PA

Elizabeth R McClintock       46f           wife                         IL/VA/VA

George McClintock              12m         son                         IL/KY/IL

Mary E Richie                       12f                                           IL/PA/IN





Sheldon, p. 382D

Zach McClintick                   25m         works on farm       IN/--/--





Murphysboro, p. 134C

Alexander McClintock        53m         coal digger            Scot/IR/Scot

Elizabeth McClintock          53f           wife                         Scot/Scot/Scot

John McClintock                  19m         son                         IL/Scot/Scot

Archibald McClintock         17m         son                         IL/Scot/Scot

James McClintock                15m         son                         IL/Scot/Scot

Margarett McClintock         10f           dau                         IL/Scot/Scot

Daisy McClintock                8f             dau                         IL/Scot/Scot

Charles McClintock             6m           son                         IL/Scot/Scot


Murphysboro, p. 162

Alice Daily                            20f           keeping house      IN/IN/IL

Jacob McClintock                22m         brother-in-law       IL/--/New Foundland

Zora McClintock                  18f           sister                      IL/IN/IL

Elizabeth McClintock          3mon                                      IL/IL/IL





Jerseyville, p. 72D

Livey A Thompson             50f           keeping house      IL/IL/IL

Henry McClintic                   29m         son-in-law             MO/MO/MO

Rosa McClintic                     23f           dau                         IL/IN/IL


Quarry, p. 135B

John A McClintock             34m         silversmith             IL/--/--

Sarah McClintock                38f           wife                         IL/PA/OH

Nettie McClintock                13f           dau                         IL/IL/IL

Laura McClintock                10f           dau                         IL/IL/IL

Edmund McClintock            9m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Edgar McClintock                9m           son                         IL/IL/IL

John McClintock                  5m           son                         IL/IL/IL

James V McClintock            3m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Jean McClintock                  8mon      dau                         IL/IL/IL





Sumner, p. 28B

Charles McClintock             20m         farmer                     OH/--/--

Mary O’Donnell                   17f                                           IL





Allen, p. 24D

William McClintock             35m         farmer                     MA/IR/IR

Julia C McClintock               29f           wife                         IL/IR/IR

John M McClintock             9m           son                         IL/MA/IL

Mary McClintock                 8f             dau                         IL/MA/IL

William McClintock             6m           son                         IL/MA/IL

Charles McClintock             5m           son                         IL/MA/IL

Sarah McClintock                3f             dau                         IL/MA/IL

Ellen F McClintock              6mon      dau                         IL/IL/IL


Allen, p. 26C

John McClintock                  67m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Sarah McClintock                60f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Hugh McClintock                                21m         son                         MA/IR/IR


Brookfield, p. 38A

James McClintock                30m         farmer                     MA/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 26f           wife                         IL/IR/IR

Margarette McClintock       1f             dau                         IL/MA/IL

John McClintock                  10mon    son                         IL/MA/IL


Tonica, p. 179B

C B Moffatt                           77f           keeping house      PA/IR/PA

B McClintock                        69f           sister                      PA/IR/PA





Eppards Point, p. 117C

John T McClintock              60m         farmer                     KY/KY/PA

Angeline G McClintock      60f           wife                         KY/VA/VA





Eldorado, p. 375D

William Foster                      54m         farmer                     IN/SC/SC

Elizabeth Foster                    50f           wife                         OH/VA/OH

Ann McClintock                  73f           mother-in-law        OH/VA/NJ


Macomb, p. 456B

Karr McClintock                   48m         city marshal           OH/PA/NJ

Samantha McClintock         46f           wife                         VA/PA/PA

Susannah McClintock         12f           dau                         IL/OH/VA

Richard F McClintock         10m         son                         IL/OH/VA

Samantha A McClintock     74f           mother                    NJ/NJ/NJ


Macomb, p. 477C

James McClintock                42m         clerk in store         OH/PA/KY

Pheba McClintock               36f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

Minnie McClintock              17f           dau                         IL/OH/KY

Everett McClintock              15m         son                         IL/OH/KY

Louie McClintock                13f           dau                         IL/OH/KY

Clyde McClintock                9m           son                         IL/OH/KY

William McClintock             2m           son                         IL/OH/KY





Carlinville, p. 115C

William McClintock             53m         laborer                    IR/IR/IR

Ellen McClintock                  48f           wife                         IR/Eng/Eng

Mary J McClintock              18f           dau                         IL/IR/IR

Charles J McClintock          16m         son                         IL/IR/IR

William T McClintock         14m         son                         IL/IR/IR


Carlinville, p. 122A

John McClintock                  56m         laborer                    IR/Scot/IR

Jane McClintock                  57f           wife                         IR/IR/IR





Crane Creek, p. 472B

John McClintick                   34m         farmer                     IL/VA/VA

Frances McClintick              26f           wife                         IL/VA/VA

Porterfield McClintick         8m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Henry E McClintick             5m           son                         IL/IL/IL





Mercer, p. 339A

Thomas McClintock            45m         farming                   OH/Scot/PA

Harriet McClintock              41f           wife                         IL/KY/VA

Augusta Waterburg            18f           stepdaughter        IL/CT/IL





Peoria, p. 93A

E B McClintock                    34m         locomotive engineer            PA/IR/PA

Letitia McClintock               27f           wife                                         GA/IR/GA

Edith McClintock                 3f             dau                                         IL/IR/GA


Peoria, p. 190B

Henry Shofe                          63m         cooper                    PA/PA/PA

Rohama F Shofe                   38f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Suston McClintick               22m         son-in-law             IL/--/--

Florence McClintick            19f           dau                         IL/PA/OH


Peoria, p. 316A

Maria A McClintick             46f           carpet weaver       OH/MD/PA

Charles McClintick              17m         son                         IL/KY/OH

William McClintick              13m         son                         IL/KY/OH


Peoria, p. 101A

Ellen B McClintock              60f           housekeeping       PA/PA/PA





Cerro Gordo, p. 238A

Al McClintock                      28m         pat right man         IN/OH/IN

Maggie McClintock             23f           wife                         IL/PA/OH

Nellie McClintock                4f             dau                         IL/IN/IL

Maud McClintock                2f             dau                         IL/IN/IL





Atlas, p. 339C

J McClintock                         66m         farmer                     TN/SC/PA

M McClintock                      60f           wife                         KY/VA/KY

U D McClintock                   22m         son                         IL/TN/KY

Larefita McClintock             17f           dau                         IL/TN/KY

John M McClintock             12m         son                         IL/TN/KY


Atlas, p. 340A

R A McClintock                   30m         farming                   IL/TN/KY

Emily McClintock 29f           wife                         IL/KY/KY

Lanora McClintock              10f           dau                         IL/IL/IL

William McClintock             7m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Della McClintock                 5f             dau                         IL/IL/IL

Ollie McClintock                  2f             dau                         IL/IL/IL

John Renock                         27m                                         IR


Hardin, p. 489D

Daniel McClintock               35m         farmer                     IL/TN/IN

Margaret McClintock          28f           wife                         IL/KY/IN

Richard McClintock             3m           son                         IL/IL/IL


Hardin, p. 492B

Henry Benn                           46m         farmer                     IL/KY/MO

Matilda Benn                        43f           wife                         IN/TN/KY

Malinda McClintock            31f           sister-in-law          IL/TN/KY


New Hartford, p. 523A

Joseph McClintock              39m         farmer                     IL/TN/IL

S McClintock                        41f           wife                         IL/NC/KY

Mamma McClintock            20f           dau                         IL/IL/IL

Desota McClintock              17f           dau                         KS/IL/IL

Harvy McClintock               9m           son                         IL/IL/IL



Milton, p. 536D

Alexander McClintock        62m         farmer                     TN/NC/TN

Amanda McClintock           52f           wife                         MO/NY/NY

Mollie McClintock               18f           dau                         IL/TN/MO


Milton, p. 536D

Wash McClintock                39m         farmer                     IL/TN/KY

Millie McClintock                31f           wife                         NY/CT/NY

Arthur McClintock              7m           son                         IL/IL/NY

Virgil McClintock 4m           son                         IL/IL/NY


Pittsfield, p. 640B

W B Grimes                           51m         clerk                        IL/IR/--

Nancy J Grimes                     39f           wife                         IL/IN/IN

B McClintock                        28f           at home                  IL/--/IL


Pittsfield, p. 643D

William McClintock             68m         ret farmer               TN/SC/VA

Barbara McClintock             67f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

Susana McClintock             56f                                           TN/SC/VA

William D McClintock         34m         son                         IL/TN/KY


Pittsfield, p. 660A

I McClintock                         38m         farmer                     IL/TN/IN

Julia E McClintock               36f           wife                         IL/MD/IR

Charles W McClintock        11m         son                         IL/IL/IL

George B McClintock          8m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Harry H McClintock            6m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Lena M McClintock             3f             dau                         IL/IL/IL

Douglass McClintock         22m         brother                   IL/TN/MO

Arthur McClintock              21m         brother                   IL/TN/MO

Belle Wilson                         16f                                           IL/OH/OH


Pittsfield, p. 663C

Anna McClintock                                20f           servant                   IL/TN/TN


Pittsfield, p. 666A

James McClintock                41m         farmer                     IL/TN/IN

Sarah C McClintock             35f           wife                         IN/SC/SC

Alice McClintock                 13f           dau                         IL/IL/IN

William F McClintock          12m         son                         IL/IL/IN

James L McClintock            10m         son                         IL/IL/IN

Barbara C McClintock         7f             dau                         IL/IL/IN

Paul D McClintock               5m           son                         IL/IL/IN





Baldwin, p. 384A

Robert McClintock              35m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

E J McClintock                     34f           wife                         IL/IR/IR

Anna J McClintock              13f           dau                         IL/IR/IL

James N McClintock            11m         son                         IL/IR/IL

T G McClintock                    8m           son                         IL/IR/IL

Louis E McClintock             7m           son                         IL/IR/IL

Maggie B McClintock         5f             dau                         IL/IR/IL

R M McClintock                   3f             dau                         IL/IR/IL

----- McClintock                    1mon      dau                         IL/IR/IL


Coulterville, p. 592D

James R McClinton              30m         farming                   IL/IL/TN

Mary B McClinton               28f           wife                         IL/IL/TN

John Levingston                  19m                                         OH/OH/OH


Coulterville, p. 596D

Russel R McClinton            45m         farmer                     IL/SC/IL

Sarah McClinton                  42m         wife                         IL/GA/IL

Maud McClinton                 14f           dau                         IL/IL/IL

Alice McClinton                   7f             dau                         IL/IL/IL


Sparta, p. 552C

David A McClinton             39m                                         IL/SC/SC

L McClinton                          25f           wife                         IL/TN/IL

Charles McClinton               8m           son                         IL/IL/IL

William McClinton               4m           son                         IL/IL/IL


Sparta, p. 584C

John McClinton                   57m         farmer                     IL/SC/SC

Mary O McClinton              56f           wife                         TN/SC/SC

Samuel L McClinton            24m         son                         IL/IL/TN

Joseph C McClinton            22m         son                         IL/IL/TN

John F McClinton                                17m         son                         IL/IL/TN

Allen C McClinton               13m         son                         IL/IL/TN

Milley V McClinton             16f           dau                         IL/IL/TN               


Tilden, p. 607C

Joseph G McClinton            35m         farmer                     IL/SC/SC

Agness McClinton              74f           mother                    SC/Scot/SC

Nancy McClinton                                35f           sister                      IL/SC/SC

James McClinton                 41m         brother                   IL/SC/SC

William P McClinton           25m         nephew                  IL/IL/TN



Tilden, p. 607D

William McClinton               47m         farmer                     IL/SC/SC

Ellen C McClinton                41f           wife                         IL/SC/SC

Lydia M Marshall                                6f             dau                         TN/TN/TN

Henrietta Marshall               30f           sister-in-law          IL/SC/SC







Canoe Creek, p. 228D

Samuel McClintock              58m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA





p 295B

Greer C Patterson 48m         farmer                     IL/VA/--

Maria Patterson                    47f           wife                         IL/PA/KY

William McClintock             77m         uncle                      KY/PA/PA retired farmer


p 534D

Catharine McClintock         56f                                           VA

Martha J McClintock           30f           dau                         IL

John Henderson                   27m         son-in-law             IL





Illiopolis, p. 336D

William McClintock             21m         merchant                IL/VA/NY

Sarah G McClintock             21f           wife                         IL/KY/KY

Rachel McClintock              65f           mother                    NY/NY/OH





Brooklyn, p. 340C

William McClintock             30m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 29f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

William McClintock             7m           son                         OH/IR/OH

Bessie McClintock               4f             dau                         OH/IR/OH


Brooklyn, p. 340D

John McClintock                  65m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Eliza McClintock                  62f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Hugh McClintock                                21m         son                         OH/IR/IR





Naples, p. 597A

William A McClintock         21m         druggist                 IL/Scot/NC





Toulon, p. 426A

Alexander McClintick          32m         farm laborer           IR/IR/IR

Emily McClintick                  22f           wife                         IR/Eng/IR

Emily McClintick                  30f           sister                      IR/IR/IR





Sand Prairie, p. 572D

Adam McClintock                77m         farmer                     VA/VA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          68f           wife                         VA/IR/MD

Ila McClintock                      16f           granddaughter      IL/IL/IL


Cincinnati, p. 593B

Robert P McClintock           40m         farmer                     IL/VA/VA

Charololta McClintock        35f           wife                         IL/Swi/Swi

Cyrus E McClintock            6m           son                         IL/IL/IL

Letitia McClintock               4f             dau                         IL/IL/IL

Clara M McClintock            2f             dau                         IL/IL/IL

Mary McClintock                 65f           mother                    VA/PA/PA


Cincinnati, p. 593B

Cyrus McClintock                20m         farm laborer           IL/VA/--

Milton S McClintock           17m         brother                   IL/VA/--


Malone, p. 673D

James McClintock                40m         farmer                     IL/VA/VA

Annie McClintock               38f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Jacob McClintock                15m         son                         IL/IL/PA

Alford McClintock               13m         son                         IL/IL/PA

Amos McClintock                10m         son                         IL/IL/PA

Charles McClintock             7m           son                         IL/IL/PA

Carrie McClintock                4f             dau                         IL/IL/PA

William McClintock             1m           son                         IL/IL/PA





Jonesboro, p. 83D

Zachariah Gettings              33m         farmer                     TN/MO/TN

Sarah E Gettings                   36f           wife                         IL/TN/TN

Nellie H Gettings                  7f             dau                         IL/TN/IL

Thomas J McClintock         18m         stepson                  IL/IL/IL  farm laborer





Danville, p. 351D

Joshua McClintock              45m         blacksmith             OH/--/--

Martha McClintock             33f           wife                         CT/CT/CT

Charles McClintock             7m           son                         IL/OH/CT





Mt Carmel, p. 86C

Julias McClintock                                41m         brickmason            IL/VA/NJ

Martha McClintock             40f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Dora McClintock                  20f           dau                         IL/IL/NY

Clorica McClintock              13f           dau                         IL/IL/NY

David McClintock                10m         son                         IL/IL/NY

Jamie McClintock 7f             dau                         IL/IL/NY

Harry McClintock                2m           son                         IL/IL/NY


Mt Carmel, p. 89A

William T McClintock         26m         blacksmith             IL/OH/IL

Mildred E McClintock         24f           wife                         IL/PA/PA

Alma P McClintock              8mon      dau                         IL/IL/IL


Mt Carmel, p. 92D

Samuel C McClintock          45m         carpenter               VA/OH/VA

Rebecca McClintock           37f           wife                         VA/VA/VA

Tobias W McClintock         16m         son                         IL/VA/VA

Carrie McClintock                14f           dau                         IL/VA/VA

John McClintock                  12m         son                         IL/VA/VA

Frank McClintock                9m           son                         IL/VA/VA

Prudence McClintock          7f             dau                         IL/VA/VA

Daisey McClintock              5f             dau                         IL/VA/VA

Paul McClintock                   2m           son                         IL/VA/VA

Jessie McClintock                4mon      son                         IL/VA/VA


Mt Carmel, p. 93B

David McClintock                37m         county clerk          IL/OH/NJ

Eliza McClintock                  30f           wife                         IL/Eng/NJ

Mattie McClintock               9f             dau                         IL/IL/IL





Arrington, p. 48A

Joseph McClintic                 59m         farmer                     TN/NC/VA

Virginia McClintic                45f           wife                         TN/TN/TN

Susan T McClintic               16f           dau                         IL/TN/TN

Samuel McClintic                 14m         son                         IL/TN/TN

William McClintic                12m         son                         IL/TN/TN

James L McClintic                9m           son                         IL/TN/TN





Carmi, p. 347A

James I McClintock             42m         lawyer                    OH/OH/OH

Mary E McClintock             34f           wife                         IL/OH/MI

Frederick C McClintock      16m         son                         IL/OH/IL

Frank McClintock                13m         son                         IL/OH/IL

Mary E McClintock             11f           dau                         IL/OH/IL

Katie McClintock                 8f             dau                         IL/OH/IL

Rolla McClintock                 1m           son                         IL/OH/IL





Nothren, p. 395C

Thomas McClintock            34m         farm hand              TN/TN/TN

Evaline McClintock             27f           wife                         TN/TN/TN

Amanda B McClintock        9f             dau                         IL/TN/TN

Anna May McClintock       7f             dau                         IL/TN/TN

Audihin F McClintock        5m           son                         IL/TN/TN


Northern, p. 395C

Samuel McClintock              20m         work hand             IL/TN/TN





Channahon, p. 2D

William McClintock             46m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Ann McClintock                  41f           wife                         IL/IR/IR

Robert McClintock              20m         son                         IL/IR/IL

John McClintock                  19m         son                         IL/IR/IL

Joseph McClintock              16m         son                         IL/IR/IL

William McClintock             13m         son                         IL/IR/IL

Frederick McClintock          4m           son                         IL/IR/IL


Joliet, p. 272C

Elanor McClintock               50f           keeps house          IR/IR/IR





Guilford, p. 47D

James McClintock                50m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Catherine McClintock         75f           mother                    IR/IR/IR





Eureka, p. 531C

John McClintock                  80m         none                       PA/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          69f           wife                         MD/MD/MD


Eureka, p. 531C

Joseph R McClintock          27m         laborer                    IL/PA/PA

Emmie McClintock               22f           wife                         IL/TN/OH

Edward Leroy McClintock  1m           son                         IL/IL/IL


Olio, p. 547C

E L McClintock                     30m         farmer                     IL/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 34f           wife                         IN/IN/IN

Jennie McClintock               3f             dau                         IL/IL/IN

W S McClintock                   29m         stock dealer           IL/PA/PA


Montgomery, p. 567D

Jesse McClintock                 42m         farmer                     IL/MD/PA

Sarah McClintock                37f           wife                         OH/OH/PA

Mary McClintock                 11f           dau                         IL/IL/OH

Jeniva McClintock               7f             dau                         IL/IL/OH

Susie McClintock                 5f             dau                         IL/IL/OH

Myrtie McClintock              2mon      dau                         IL/IL/OH









Clifty, p. 12B

David McClintic                   36m         farmer                     IN/KY/KY

Sarah McClintic                    36f           wife                         IN/OH/TN

Dora McClintic                     11f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Mattie McClintic                  7f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Estella McClintic                  4f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Anna McClintic                    2f             dau                         IN/IN/IN


Clifty, p. 15C

William McClintic                70m         farmer                     OH/PA/--

Anna McClintic                    69f           wife                         GA/VA/VA

George McClintic                 15m         grandson               IN/IN/IR

Elisha McClintic                   32m                                         IN/OH/GA

Nellie McClintic                    23f           wife                         IN/Scot/KY

Wallace McClintic               3m           son                         IN/IN/IN

----- McClintic                       3mon      dau                         IN/IN/IN

Samuel McClintic                 30m                                         IN/OH/Scot

Laura McClintic                    24f           wife                         IN/NC/IN

Louie McClintic                    2f             dau                         IN/IN/IN


Clifty, p. 15D

Martin McClintic                  39m         farmer                     IN/KY/VA

Mary E McClintic 31f           wife                         IN/NC/NC

Willie McClintic                   13m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Jennie McClintic                  11f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Eddie McClintic                    8m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Albert M McClintic             3              son                         IN/IN/IN


Clifty, p. 15D

Daniel McClintic                  49m         farmer                     IN/KY/GA

Julia McClintic                      33f           wife                         IN/OH/OH

Ida McClintic                        11f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Homer McClintic                  8m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Walter McClintic                  5m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Daniel W McClintic             2m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Charles McCalip                   17m                                         IN


Burnsville, p. 212D

Sarah McClintoc                  9f                                             IN/IN/IN

with Joseph Hess                 51m         farmer                     TN/TN/TN

Mary Hess                            45f           wife                         KY/KY/KY





Gilboa, p. 279C

Emma McClintock                26f           servant                   IN/PA/PA





Center, p. 120C

A Robinson                          56m         retired banker        WV/WV/WV

S Robinson                           45f           wife                         IN/KY/WV

S A McClintic                       29f           sister-in-law          IN/KY/VA





Charlestown, p. 32A

Ann McClintock                  15f                                           IN/--/--


Jeffersonville, p. 189

Sarah McClintock                53f           housekeeping       IN/PA/IN

Hugh McClintock                                26m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Laura McClintock                24f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Ella McClintock                    24f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Florence McClintock           18f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Stella McClintock 12f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Arthur McClintock              10m         son                         IN/IN/IN





Posey, p. 436B

Grand McClintick                 40m         farmer                     IN/KY/KY

Nancy McClintick                81f           mother                    KY/NC/NC

Victoria McClintick              28f           wife                         KY/KY/KY


Posey, p 455A

D R McClintick                     42m         farmer                     IN/KY/KY

Sarah A McClintick             43f           wife                         IN/IN/IN

Ida McClintick                      16f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Harley McClintick                9m           son                         IN/IN/IN


Decatur, p. 319B

John McClintic                     45m         farmer                     IN/IN/IN

Nancy J McClintic               43f           wife                         IN/VA/VA

William McClintic                19m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Martha McClintic                 17f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Charles McClintic                                6m           son                         IN/IN/IN





Troy, p. 49A

Jeremiah McClintock           41m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 34f           wife                         OH/VA/Ger

Elias McClintock                  12m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Elizabeth McClintock          7f             dau                         IN/PA/OH

Mattie McClintock               2f             dau                         IN/PA/OH

Hattie McClintock                2f             dau                         IN/PA/OH





Muncie, p. 393C

Emma McClintick 20f           school teacher      IN/NC/--


Muncie, p. 400B

Sanford McClintock            24m         school teacher      IN/NC/OH





Olive, p. 277D

Eston McClintic                   39m         farmer                     IN/PA/PA

Barbry McClintic                  35f           wife                         OH/Swi/Ger

Sylvester McClintic             19m         son                         IN/IN/OH

Edward McClintic                16m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Ida McClintic                        13f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Charles McClintic                                9m           son                         IN/IN/IN


Elkhart, p. 411C

James McClintock                41m         farmer                     CT/CT/CT

Magdeline McClintock       43f           wife                         Swi/Swi/Swi

Cora McClintock                  10f           dau                         IN/CT/Swi





New Albany 2nd Ward, p. 291B

George W McClintock        47m         feed store              Clark Co.

Frances McClintock            31f           wife                         Floyd Co., MD/KY

Charles McClintock             10m         son                         New Albany, IN/Clark Co./Floyd Co.

Robert S McClintock           8m           son                         New Albany, IN/Clark Co./Floyd Co.

Henry F McClintock            5m           son                         New Albany, IN/Clark Co./Floyd Co.

Mary J McClintock              2f             dau                         New Albany, IN/Clark Co./Floyd Co.


New Albany 2nd Ward, p. 291B

Jane McClintock                  38f           sewing                   Clark Co, IN/KY/KY


New Albany, p. 303B

Benjamin McClintick           48m         feed & produce merchant   IN/IN/VA

Matilda McClintick              38f           wife                                         IN/FR/IR

Anna  McClintick                 15f           dau                                         IN/IN/IN

Mary Cummings                   25f           cousin                                    IN/IR/IN


New Albany, p. 333D

Isabella McClintock             39f           keeps house          AL/KY/GA

Florence McClintock           17f           dau                         LA/OH/AL

George McClintock              7m           son                         AL/OH/AL


New Albany, p. 334A

James McClintock                58m         machinist               IN/PA/MD

William S McClintock          11m         son                         IN/IN/PA

Byron McClintock               7m           son                         IN/IN/PA

Howard McClintock            4m           son                         IN/IN/PA

Mary Jane McClintock        42f           sister                      KY/PA/IN


New Albany, p. 354D

Penelope C Davis                 55f           milliner                   OH/Eng/NJ

Etta McClintock                   20f           niece                       NY/OH/LA

Blanche McClintock            16f           niece                       AL/OH/LA





White River, p. 317B

Emma Rickets                        33f           keeping house      PA/PA/PA

Ann McClintock                  38f           sister                      PA/PA/PA





White River, p. 255C

Walker McClintock              43m         farmer                     IN/IN/IN

Marica McClintock              35f           wife                         IN/NY/IN

Enick McClintock 15m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Mary McClintock                 67f           mother                    IN/NY/NY


Wayne, p. 457A

Alexander H McClintock    54m         farmer                     IN/OH/OH

Emeline McClintock             48f           wife                         IN/PA/VA

Elizabeth Ann McClintock 28f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Henrietta C McClintock      25f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Marietta McClintock           21f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Emma McClintock                19f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Rosa Sherman McClintock 14f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Lily Grant McClintock         11f           dau                         IN/IN/IN





Middle, p. 438D

Sarah A McClintic               32f           servant                   IN/NC/NC


Union, p. 449C

William McClintick              21m                                         IN

Jennie McClintick                                21f           wife                         IN

Burgie Stewart                      5m                                           IN


Union, p. 449C

George W McClintick          48m         merchant                KY/KY/KY

Ann McClintick                    34f           wife                         IN/KY/KY

Gracie McClintick 1f             dau                         IN/KY/IN





Huntington, p. 713A

John O McClintock              37m         agent for agricultural implements      OH/PA/OH





Redding, p. 179B

Ben McClintick                     35m         farming                   KY/KY/KY

Susan McClintick                 22f           wife                         IN/IN/IN

James McClintick                 8m           son                         IN/KY/IN

Jennie McClintick                                5f             dau                         IN/KY/IN

Jessie McClintick                 3m           son                         IN/KY/IN

John McClintick                   6mon      son                         IN/KY/IN


Redding, p. 183A

James Hercules                     64m         farmer                     OH/NH/OH

Mary Hercules                      34f           wife                         IN/PA/PA

Jennie McClintock               4f             granddaughter      IN/OH/IN


Reddington, p. 181A

Elizabeth McClintick            50f           widow                    IN/IN/TN


Regging, p. 183A

James McClintick                 49m         farmer                     KY/KY/VA

Pemela McClintick               31f           wife                         IN/NY/IN

Ella McClintick                     17f           dau                         IN/KY/IN

Alfred Shindler                     49m                                         IN/KY/VA


Redding, p. 183A

James Anderson                  58m         farmer                     OH/MD/MD

Isabelle Anderson                               57f           wife                         IN/VA/NC

Jennie McClintick                                6f             niece                       IN/IN/IN





Turkey Creek, p. 10B

William McClintic                45m         farmer                     IN/PA/PA

Polly McClintic                     40f           wife                         IN/OH/OH

Jasper McClintic                  21m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Edmund McClintic               19m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Esten McClintic                    17m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Eliza Jane McClintic             15f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Clara McClintic                     3f             dau                         IN/IN/IN


Turkey Creek, p. 13D

John McClintic                     43m         farmer                     IN/PA/PA

Lydia McClintic                    30f           wife                         OH/MD/OH

Esten McClintic                    5m           son                         IN/IN/OH

Charles F McClintic             3m           son                         IN/IN/OH

Martin McClintic                  2m           son                         IN/IN/OH

Mary McClintic                    72f           mother                    PA/PA/NJ


Turkey Creek, p. 13D

Aaron McClintic                  27m         farmer                     IN/PA/PA

Susannah McClintic            22f           wife                         IN/Ger/OH

William McClintic                5m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Josephine McClintic            3f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Ann Eliza McClintic             6mon      dau                         IN/IN/IN


Oswego, p. 96A

William Wilkinson               61m         farmer                     VA/VA/VA

Elizabeth Wilkinson             55f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Charles C Wilkinson            16m         son                         IN/VA/PA

Jennie Paugh                        16f           niece                       IN/IN/PA

Margrett McClintock           75f           mother                    PA/PA/PA





Pipe Creek, p. 83A

John N McClintick               31m         farmer                     IN/IN/IN

Rebecca J McClintick          27f           wife                         IN/KY/KY

Luella McClintick                 8f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

George Niccum                     24m                                         IN/IN/IN


Jackson, p. 119C

Alexander McClintock        36m         farmer                     IN/OH/OH

Elisabeth McClintock          34f           wife                         DE/DE/DE

Lily McClintock                    8f             dau                         IN/IN/DE

Charles McClintock             7m           son                         IN/IN/DE


Jackson, p. 128A

Alexander McClintock        67m         farmer                     OH/IR/PA

Elisabeth McClintock          58f           wife                         OH/--/--

Elsworth McClintock           17m         son                         IN/--/--

Beecher McClintock            15m         son                         IN/--/--


Jackson, p. 129C

Daniel McClintock               48m         farmer                     IN/OH/--

Elisabeth McClintock          47f           wife                         IN/--/--

George McClintock              25m         son                         IN/--/--

Oliver McClintock                21m         son                         IN/--/--

Isabell McClintock               19f           dau                         IN/--/--


Jackson, p. 129C

Lucinda McClintock            65f           keeping house      VA/--/--

Naoma McClintock              33f                                           IN/--/--


Jackson, p. 131B

James McClintock                64m         farmer                     OH/--/--

Phoeba McClintock             59f           wife                         IN/--/--

Joseph McClintock              25m         son                         IN/--/--

William McClintock             23m         son                         IN/--/--

William Chatman                  19m                                         IN/--/--


Stoney Creek, p. 166B

A McClintick                        45m         farmer                     IN/OH/VA

Delila McClintick                  42f           wife                         IN/NJ/NJ

E C McClintick                      19m         son                         IN/IN/IN


Stoney Creek, p. 166B

A W McClintick                   39m         farmer                     IN/OH/VA

Melinda McClintick             33f           wife                         IN/OH/VA

Mary L McClintick               12f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Augustus E McClintick      4m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Orestes E McClintick           1m           son                         IN/IN/IN





Lawrence, p. 334C

Adam W Reid                       24m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Johnston Reid                      64m         father                      IR/IR/IR

Nancy Reid                           65f           mother                    IR/IR/IR

Adam R McClintock            4m           nephew                  IN/IR/IR

Willie Clark                            14m         nephew                  IN/IR/IR


Perry, p. 532A

Charles Schoeneman           44m         gardner                  Ger/Ger/Ger

Mary Schoeneman               26f           wife                         Ger/Ger/Ger

Harriet White                        58f                                           IN/IN/IN

Fred McClintock                  4m                                           IN/IN/IN

Charles McClintock             5m                                           IN/IN/IN


Center, p. 609C

Thomas McClintoc              36m         farmer                     IN/KY/KY

Mary McClintoc                   30f           wife                         IN/NC/NC

Maud M McClintoc             10f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Fannie E McClintoc             3f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Bessie McClintoc                 7mon      dau                         IN/IN/IN


Indianapolis 1st Ward, p. 5B

William H McClintock         68m         ret farmer               KY/PA/KY

Sarah A McClintock            54f           wife                         KY/PA/--



Indianapolis, p. 684D

William McClintock             38m         works for city        IR/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          35f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Joseph McClintock              15m         son                         IN/IR/IR

Matilda McClintock             8f             dau                         IN/IR/IR

Adam R McClintock            5m           son                         IN/IR/IR

Thomas McClintock            2m           son                         IN/IR/IR

John Reed                             30m                                         IR/IR/IR


Indianapolis, p/ 688D

Robert McClintock              38m         works for city        IR/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  35f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

John R McClintock              11m         son                         IN/IR/IR

Nancy N McClintock           9f             dau                         IN/IR/IR

Maggie McClintock             7f             dau                         IN/IR/IR





Center, p. 106B

Joseph McClintoc                                56m         farmer                     NJ/IR/NJ

Maria L McClintoc               58f           wife                         OH/CT/VT

Hannah McClintoc              21f           dau                         IN/NJ/OH

Martha Wilhelm                   19f           granddaughter      IN/--/OH

Clyde Wilhelm                      2m           grandson               IN/OH/IN





Jefferson, p. 475B

Brown S McClintic               54m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintic              54f           wife                         OH/CT/VT

Love Mehafie                       23f           niece                       OH/PA/PA

Charles Carleson                  32m                                         Swed


Peru, p. 555A

William B McClintic             27m         lawyer                    IN/PA/PA


Harrison, p. 631A

G S McClintic                        51m         mill hand                PA/PA/PA

Hannah McClintic                19f           dau                         IN/PA/PA

Barbara McClintic                9f             dau                         IN/PA/PA





Clark, p. 421B

George W McClintock        37m         drayman                 IN/KY/KY

Isadore McClintock             31f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Freddie McClintock             1m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Catherine Kiser                     52f           mother-in-law        PA/PA/PA

Blanche Kiser                       13f           sister                      IN/PA/PA





Iroquis, p. 258A

James McClintock                43m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Margaret J McClintock       48f           wife                         NC/NC/NC

John McClintock                  22m         son                         IR/IR/NC

Ida M McClintock                15f           dau                         IL/IR/NC





Noble, p. 536C

William McClintock             37m         farming                   IN/IR/NJ

Nancy McClintock               28f           wife                         IN/PA/PA

William S McClintock          13m         son                         IN/IN/IN

George McClintock              10m         son                         IN/IN/IN

James E McClintock            9m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Rosella McClintock             8f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Mary Lillie McClintock       7f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Joseph H McClintock          3m           son                         IN/IN/IN





Rushville, p. 139D

Perry McClintock                 23m         farmer                     IN/NC/IN

Catherine McClintock         19f           wife                         OH/OH/OH


Rushville, p. 156A

Robert McClintock              58m         farmer                     NC/NC/NC

Mary J McClintock              35f           wife                         IN/VA/VA

Ina I McClintock                  14f           dau                         IN/NC/IN





South Bend, p. 397C

Sam Weisner                         26m         butcher                  OH/Wurt/Wurt

William McClintock             48m         butcher                  OH/PA/PA

Catherine McClintock         44f           sister                      OH/Wurt/Wurt





Washington, p. 358B

Sarah McClintock                30f           keeping house      OH/MD/MD

Willie McClintock                13m         son                         IN/IN/OH

Edgar McClintock                9m           son                         IN/IN/OH

Elijah McClintock 5m           son                         IN/IN/OH

John McClintock                  3m           son                         IN/IN/OH





Jefferson, p. 69A

George McClintock              43m         farmer                     IN/NY/IN

Merrick McClintock             31f           wife                         IN/VT/OH

Guy McClintock                   2m           son                         IN/IN/IN

John McClintock                  48m         brother                   IN/NY/IN


Jefferson, p. 70C

William McClintock             51m         farmer                     IN/NY/IN

Sarah McClintock                40f           wife                         IN/IN/IN

Harvey McClintock             16m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Louvina McClintock            13f           dau                         IN/IN/IN





La Gro, p. 291A

Joel McClintock                   58m         farmer                     ON/PA/KY

Rachael McClintock            50f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Madison McClintock          31m         son                         IN/OH/PA

Warren B McClintock         25m         son                         IN/OH/PA

Reubin T McClintock          20m         son                         IN/OH/PA

Susan E McClintock            20f           dau                         IN/OH/PA

Florence H McClintock       14f           dau                         IN/OH/PA





Perrysville, p. 14C

Robert McClintock              44m         wagon maker         OH/OH/OH

Ann C McClintock               33f           wife                         IN/VT/NY

Alice McClintock                 21f           dau                         IN/VT/NY

Harry McClintock                19m         son                         IN/OH/OH

Mary E McClintock             13f           dau                         IN/OH/IN

Lotta H McClintock             11f           dau                         IN/OH/IN

Joseph McClintock              4m           son                         IN/OH/IN





Nevins, p. 129D

James McClintock                54m         farmer                     KY/VA/KY

Martha McClintock             52f           wife                         IN/PA/NC

Catharine McClintock         24f           dau                         IN/KY/IN

James T Beauchamp            20m                                         IN

Samuel Black                         73m         stone mason         PA/PA/PA


Nevins, p. 141C

William S McClintock          54m         farmer                     KY/VA/KY

Christina McClintock          50f           wife                         IN/NY/OH

John W McClintock            26m         son                         IN/KY/IN

Jacob G McClintock            22m         son                         IN/KY/IN

Jeremiah McClintock           20m         son                         IN/KY/IN

Mary E McClintock             18f           dau                         IN/KY/IN

Charles McClintock             15m         son                         IN/KY/IN

David V McClintock            12m         son                         IN/KY/IN

George W McClintock        10m         son                         IN/KY/IN


Nevins, p. 141D

John M McClintock             40m         farmer                     IN/PA/KY

Catharine McClintock         29f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Harry McClintock                10m         son                         IN/IN/OH

Birddie McClintock              4f             dau                         IN/IN/OH

Sarah McClintock                82f           mother                    KY/VA/PA

Jane McClintock                  54f           sister                      IN/PA/KY

Permelia Moriarty 25f           domestic                                IN/NY/PA





Brown, p. 370B

W T McClintick                    59m         farmer                     IN/KY/KY

Mary A McClintick              59f           wife                         IN/MD/KY

George W McClintick          35m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Benjamin F McClintick        23m         son                         IN/IN/IN


Brown, p. 372B

Samuel McClintick               27m         farm laborer           IN/IN/IN

Martha J McClintick            30f           wife                         NC/NC/NC

William E McClintick           7m           son                         IN/IN/NC

Mary A McClintick              3f             dau                         IN/IN/NC


Brown, p. 373C

Milton McClintick                54m         farm laborer           IN/KY/KY

Mary Jane McClintick         45f           wife                         IN/KY/KY

James H McClintick             22m         son                         IN/IN/IN

William M McClintick         20m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Comodore McClintick         13m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Theodore McClintick          10m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Finley McClintick                 4m           son                         IN/IN/IN


Salem, p. 568A

Charles McClintock             29m         drugist                   IN/IN/IN

Nellie McClintock                27f           wife                         IN/KY/NC

Deborah Rice                        37f                                           IN/IN/IN

Jane Rice                               34f                                           IN/IN/IN





Union, p. 258C

S K McClintic                       42m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Anna E McClintic                                39f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Acenath B McClintic           18f           dau                         IN/PA/PA

W H Snyder                          6m           nephew                  IN/IN/IN

Jacob Nuff                             61m                                         PA


Norway, p. 260A

William McClintic                33m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Catherine McClintic             37f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Elmer McClintic                    12m         son                         IN/PA/PA

Allen McClintic                    10m         son                         IN/PA/PA

George McClintic                 7m           son                         IN/PA/PA

Riley McClintic                     4m           son                         IN/PA/PA


Monticello, p. 268A

Jesse Tice                              42m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Margaret Tice                       37f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Joseph Tice                           1m           son                         IN/PA/PA

Emma McClintic                   24f           sister-in-law          IN/PA/PA


Big Creek, p. 322B

Robert McClintick                40m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mattie McClintick                37f           wife                         IN/OH/OH

William McClintick              13m         son                         IN/PA/IN

Mary McClintick                  6f             dau                         IN/PA/IN

Frank McClintick                  2m           son                         IN/PA/IN

Clara Kevers                         20f                                           IN/PA/PA





Thorn Creek, p. 375

J McClintock                         32m         farmer                     IN/OH/OH

Katharine McClintock         30f           wife                         IN/OH/OH

Morgan McClintock            3m           son                         IN/IN/IN

Thomas McClintock            1m           son                         IN/IN/IN


Smith, p. 392D

John M McClintock             53m         farmer                     NJ/IR/NJ

Eliza McClintock                  51f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

John McClintock                  19m         son                         IN/NJ/PA

Catharine A McClintock     17f           dau                         IN/NJ/PA

Mary M McClintock            14f           dau                         IN/NJ/PA













Franklin, p. 284C

James McClintock                38m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 40f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Narsissa McClintock           20f           dau                         IA/PA/PA

Emery McClintock               9m           son                         IA/PA/PA


Franklin, p. 288C

Elizabeth McClintock          70f           keeping house      PA/PA/PA

Jackson McClintock            47m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Joanna McClintock              37f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Franklin, p. 291B

John Uhle                              26m         farm laborer           NY/NY/NY

Ann Uhle                               39f           wife                         Eng/Eng/Eng

Fred McClintock                  13m         step son                 WI/Eng/Eng

Girty McClintock                  11f           step dau                 WI/Eng/Eng

George McClintock              8m           step son                 IA/Eng/Eng

Margarett Uhle                     1f             dau                         IA/NY/Eng


Jefferson, p. 324D

Archable McClintick           31m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Rachel McClintick                30f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Augustis McClintick           9m           son                         IA/PA/OH

Grace McClintick                  7f             dau                         IA/PA/OH

Eddie McClintick                  3m           son                         IA/PA/OH

Nellie McClintick                  10mon    dau                         IA/PA/OH

Elizabeth Powell                   70f           mother-in-law        PA/NY/NY





p 211C

John McClintock                  25m                                         PA/PA/NJ





Byron, p. 404A

Charles McClintock             19m         farm laborer           OH/OH/OH


Jefferson, p. 515A

Samuel McClintick               46m         farmer                     PA/PA/IR

Hannah McClintick              41f           wife                         OH/OH/MD

Lula S McClintick 13f           dau                         IA/PA/OH

Jonathan McClintick           12m         son                         IA/PA/OH

Emmet McClintick                10m         son                         IA/PA/OH

Frank McClintick                  8m           son                         IA/PA/OH

Ella McClintick                     5f             dau                         IA/PA/OH





Butler, p. 134B

James H McClintock            57m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Ruth McClintock                  45f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Charles McClintock             24m         son                         IA/PA/NY

Debra McClintock                17f           dau                         IA/PA/NY

Andy McClintock                                15m         son                         IA/PA/NY

James H McClintock            10m         son                         IA/PA/NY





Cass, p. 519B

Mary S McClintock             29f           keeping house      IA/NY/NY

Augusta McClintock           9f             dau                         IA/NY/NY

Martin McClintock              7m           son                         IA/NY/NY

Clara McClintock                 6f             dau                         IA/NY/NY

Nettie McClintock                5f             dau                         IA/NY/NY

Mary McClintock                 4f             dau                         IA/NY/NY

Willie McClintock                1m           son                         IA/NY/NY


Cass, p. 519B

C M McClintock                   30m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Ida A McClintock                24f           wife                         IL/OH/NY

Mabel McClintock               9mon      dau                         IA/OH/IL





Elk River, p. 78C

Frank McClintock                56m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Susan McClintock               55f           wife                         Scot/Scot/Scot

Frank McClintock                25m         son                         IA/PA/Scot

William McClintock             20m         son                         IA/PA/Scot

George McClintock              17m         son                         IA/PA/Scot

Marshall McClintock           14m         son                         IA/PA/Scot

Nellie McClintock                12f           dau                         IA/PA/Scot

Susan McClintock               10f           dau                         IA/PA/Scot





Benton, p. 59A

William McClintock             29m         farmer                     PA/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          23f           wife                         IA/IR/IA

Thomas  McClintock           6mon      son                         IA/PA/IA


Benton, p. 59B

Thomas McClintock            54m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  40f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary King                             14f                                           IA/--/--

C McClintock                        12m                                         IA/--/--


Burlington, p. 228C

John C McClintock              36m         minister                  PA/PA/PA

Mary E McClintock             35f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Mary A McClintock            23f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Paul McClintock                   11m         son                         MA/PA/PA

Willie McClintock                9m           son                         IA/PA/PA

John J McClintock               7m           son                         IA/PA/PA





West Union, p. 222B

William McClintock             58m         editor                      IA/--/--

Athalia M McClintock        53f           wife                         IA/--/--

Adelaide L McClintock       25f           dau                         IA

Nellie B McClintock             22f           dau                         IA

William H McClintock         17m         son                         IA

Fred L McClintock               1m           son                         IA


West Union, p. 235A

Catharine McClintock         56f           keeping house      PA/PA/PA

Clara E McClintock              31f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Belle F McClintock              25f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


West Union, p. 237B

Frank P McClintock             27m         surveyor                                IA/NY/OH

Fannie McClintock              25f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Ray McClintock                   3m           son                         IA/IA/PA

Merl McClintock                  10mon    dau                         IA/IA/PA





Niles, p. 274B

James R McClintock            39m         farmer                     Can/Scot/Can

Margaret McClintock          34f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

James G McClintock            14m         son                         IL/Can/NY

Frank B McClintock             8m           son                         IA/Can/NY

Elmer A McClintock            3m           son                         IA/Can/NY





Richland, p. 450C

Napoleon B McClintock     29m         farmer                     PA/--/--

Elizabeth McClintock          24f           wife                         --

Francis M McClintock        3m           son                         --

Alice L McClintock              1f             dau                         --

James McClintock                32m         brother                   --/Eng/Eng





Fremont City, p. 32D

Walker McClintic                 19m         brickyard hand     IA/IN/IN


Sidney, p. 178C

Thomas Seater                      65m         farmer                     Scot/Scot/Scot

Elizabeth Seater                    55f           wife                         KY/NY/NY

Belle Seater                           14f           dau                         IA/Scot/KY

Alonzo McClintick               22m         stepson                  IA/IN/KY

Walker McClintick               19m         stepson                  IA/IN/KY





Jackson, p. 3A

Norton L McClintock          35m         farmer                     IN/KY/KY

Sarah A McClintock            23f           wife                         IN/VA/KY

Dora McClintock                  15f           dau                         IA/IN/IN

Effie McClintock                  12f           dau                         IA/IN/IN

Lilliam McClintock               10f           dau                         IA/IN/IN

Arthur McClintock              8m           son                         IA/IN/IN

Mary McClintock                 5f             dau                         IA/IN/IN






Jefferson, p. 190A

Mich McClintoc                   46m         farmer                     IN/IN/IN

Esther A McClintoc             39f           wife                         IA/PA/IN

William McClintoc               18m         son                         IA/IN/IA

John McClintoc                    14m         son                         IA/IN/IA

Samantha McClintoc           16f           dau                         IA/IN/IA

Nelly McClintoc                   8f             dau                         IA/IN/IA

Eva McClintoc                      6f             dau                         IA/IN/IA





Newton, p. 108D

Charles McClintock             68m         carpenter               Can/Can/PA

Ellen McClintock                  34f           dau                         Can/Can/NY


Fair View, p. 197D

Jefferson Rush                     57m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth Rush                      48f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Melvin Rush                         26m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Liddie Rush                           13f           dau                         IA/PA/PA

Alexander McClintock        80m         father-in-law          PA/IR/IR





Black Hawk, p. 296D

William S McClintic             37m         farmer                     IA/NY/NY

Clarissa McClintic                30f           wife                         IA/NY/KY


Black Hawk, p. 298D

Alexander McClintic            34m         farmer                     IA/KY/OH

Isabel McClintic                   20f           wife                         IA/NY/NY

Rachel McClintic                  10mon    dau                         IA/IA/IA

John McClintic                     27m         brother                   IA/KY/OH





Oxford, p. 90C

A McClintock                       40m         minister                  Can/PA/NY

Nancy McClintock               31f           wife                         OH/PA/NY

Effie M McClintock             12f           dau                         IA/Can/OH

James E McClintock            10m         son                         MO/Can/OH

Alvah K McClintock           8m           son                         IA/Can/OH

Nellie B McClintock             4f             dau                         IA/Can/OH

Sarah L McClintock             2f             dau                         IA/Can/OH





Fayette, p. 194D

Samuel McClintick               47m         farmer                     IN/OH/VA

Margaret McClintick           41f           wife                         IN/TN/OH

Mary L McClintick               19f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

William D McClintick          15m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Martha E McClintick           13f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Francis McClintick               11m         son                         IA/IN/IN


Fayette, p. 194D

George McClintick               24m         farmer                     IA/OH/OH

Mary McClintick                  21f           wife                         IA/MI/MI

Oval B McClintick                2mon      son                         IA/IA/IA


Fayette, p. 194D

Walker J McClintick            30m         farmer                     IA/OH/OH

Rachel McClintick                25f           wife                         IA/VA/IN

Pearl McClintick                   2f             dau                         IA/IA/IA

Rose E McClintick               9mon      dau                         IA/IA/IA


Fayette, p. 195A

John W McClintick              63m         farmer                     OH/IR/IR

Sarah McClintick                  62f           wife                         OH/AL/VA

Angeline Meskimen            32f                                           IN

Mary B Meskimen               2f                                             IA





Jefferson, p. 28D

John McClintock                  27m         farmer                     IA/PA/NY

Lavinia McClintock             23f           wife                         OH/VA/NJ

Joseph H McClintock          5m           son                         IA/IA/OH

William McClintock             3m           son                         IA/IA/OH

Seth McClintock                  11mon    son                         IA/IA/OH


Winterset, p. 123A

Silas W McClintic                32m         marble cutter         IA/VA/NY

Anna C McClintic                28f           wife                         IA/OH/OH

Gilbert A McClintic              7m           son                         IA/IA/IA

Viola McClintic                     5f             dau                         IA/IA/IA

Mildred McClintic                3f             dau                         IA/IA/IA

Dale E McClintic                  4mon      son                         IA/IA/IA


Grand River, p. 151D

John E McClintic                  42m         farmer                     IN/VA/VA

Eliza A McClintic                 37f           wife                         IN/NC/NC

Joseph H McClintic             20m         son                         IA/IN/IN

Laura J McClintic                 18f           dau                         IA/IN/IN

J Walter McClintic               15m         son                         IA/IN/IN

Rufus B McClintic               12m         son                         IA/IN/IN

Josiah W McClintic             8m           son                         IA/IN/IN

Mary E McClintic 5f             dau                         IA/IN/IN

Minnie M McCintic             2f             dau                         IA/IN/IN





Pleasant Grove, p. 236A

Edward McClintock             16m         farm hand              OH/OH/OH





Perry, p. 476B

Andrew McClintock            52m         farmer                     PA/PA/--

Dianna McClintock              50f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Elsa McClintock                   20f           dau                         IA/PA/PA

Harrison McClintock           3m           grandson               IA/PA/IA





Franklin, p. 73A

C McClintock                        25m         farm laborer           PA/PA/PA





Albia, p. 191C

William S McClintock          31m         carpenter               IN/--/--

Anna McClintock                                28f           wife                         MO/KY/MO

Lora E McClintock               9f             dau                         IA/IN/MO

Bessie McClintock               6f             dau                         IA/IN/MO

Mary McClintock                 8mon      dau                         IA/IN/MO





Muscatine, p. 200C

Edward McClintock             37m         fire insurance salesman       Can/PA/NY

Eliza McClintock                  33f           wife                                         Eng/Eng/Eng

Charles  McClintock            9m           son                                         IA/Can/Eng

Frank A McClintock            8m           son                                         IA/Can/Eng

Henry A McClintock           5m           son                                         IA/Can/Eng

Edna McClintock                 3f             dau                                         IA/Can/Eng





Le Mars, p. 96A

William McClintock             31m         clerk in county tax office     Can/NJ/IR





Des Moines, 4th ward, p. 328A

George Smith                        39m         clerk in store         IA/NY/NY

Mary I Smith                         37f           wife                         OH/NY/OH

Cora E Smith                         15f           dau                         IA/IA/OH

Jesinth McClintock              61f           mother-in-law        OH/PA/PA

George W Smith                   2m           son                         IA/IA/OH





Council Bluffs, p. 228A

G McClintock                        31m         brick maker            PA/PA/PA

Belle McClintock                  18f           wife                         IA/VA/VA

Lulu McClintock                  3f             dau                         NE/PA/--

Mary Watten                        45f           mother-in-law        VA/VA/VA

Allie Watten                         12f           sister-in-law          IA/VA/VA


Council Bluffs, 4th Ward, p. 341D

J McClintock                         30m         R R clerk                IA/IL/NY





Coon Valley, p. 190A

Joseph McClintock              56m         farmer                     PA/PA/NJ

Mary McClintock                 46f           wife                         NY/ME/NY

Joseph J McClintock           20m         son                         IA/PA/NY

Sarah McClintock                15f           dau                         IA/PA/NY

Mary McClintock                 12f           dau                         IA/PA/NY

Frank McClintock                10m         son                         IA/PA/NY

James H McClintock            4m           son                         IA/PA/NY


Coon Valley, p. 193C

Augustus McClintock        24m         farmer                     OH/--/--

Prudence E McClintock      17f           wife                         IL/VT/IL

Amanda A McClintock       5mon      dau                         IA/--/IL






Washington, p. 346D

W McClintock                      17m         student                  IA/--/--





Grant, p. 64A

Elliot McClintock                 22m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Abigal McClintock              21f           wife                         Can/IR/IR


Grant, p. 64A

Grisella McClintock             72f                                           IR/IR/IR

James McClintock                28m         son                         IR/IR/IR

Rebecca McClintock           30f           dau                         IR/IR/IR

John McClintock                  26m         son                         IR/IR/IR

Robert McClintock              24m         son                         IR/IR/IR

Thomas McClintock            23m         son                         IR/IR/IR






Dahlonega, p. 70B

John M McClintick              17m         works on farm       IA/PA/PA


Greene, p. 273B

J Y McClintock                     30m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Emma McClintock                29f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Alice McClintock                 3f             dau                         IA/PA/NY





Carlisle, p. 307D

John McClintoc                    75m         farmer                     VA/VA/VA

Nancy McClintoc                 63f           wife                         VA/PA/VA


Washington, p. 362A

James W McClintic              55m         farming                   VA/PA/VA

Sarah R McClintic                47f           wife                         IL/KY/KY

Mary A McClintic                22f           dau                         IA/VA/IL

Sarah J McClintic                 16f           dau                         IA/VA/IL

Ella M McClintic                  13f           dau                         IA/VA/IL

Curtis M McClintic              11m         son                         IA/VA/IL

James L McClintic                7m           son                         IA/VA/IL


Washington, p 54

Lorenzo D McClintic           54m         farmer                     VA/PA/VA

Amanda McClintic               54f           wife                         NY/PA/VT

Ella McClintic                       19f           dau                         IA/VA/NY

Charley McClintic                16m         son                         IA/VA/NY


Palmyra, p. 317C

Otis McClintic                      25m         farmer                     IA/IL/IL

Maranda McClintic              29f           wife                         OH/PA/OH

Vina A McClintic                 4f             dau                         IA/IA/OH

Mary A McClintic                5mon      dau                         IA/IA/OH

James Liston                         15m         cousin                    CO/OH/IL


Virginia, p. 428B

William McClintoc               48m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Katherine McClintoc           49f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Emma McClintoc                  20f           dau                         OH/PA/OH

Stuart McClintoc                  21m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Ann McClintoc                    19f           dau                         OH/PA/OH

Helen McClintoc                  17f           dau                         OH/PA/OH

Francis McClintoc               12f           dau                         OH/PA/OH





Dutch Creek, p. 171B

Joe McClintick                      50m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

S J McClintick                       39f           wife                         OH/DE/DE

Kittie McClintick                  9f             dau                         IA/OH/OH


Clay, p. 179a

John McClintic                     62m         farmer                     KY/PA/KY

Demeris McClintic               32f           dau                         IA/KY/OH

George W McClintic            30m         son                         IA/KY/OH

Martha A McClintic            27f           dau                         IA/KY/OH

Robert E McClintic              18m         son                         IA/KY/OH





Frankville, p. 116A

Charles A McClintock         56m         farmer                     PA/MD/MD

Nancy McClintock               42f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Robert McClintock              20m         son                         IA/PA/OH

Albert McClintock               17m         son                         IA/PA/OH

Sylvester McClintock          15m         son                         IA/PA/OH

Eugenia McClintock            12f           dau                         IA/PA/OH

Charles McClintock             9m           son                         IA/PA/OH

Edward McClintock             3m           son                         IA/PA/OH


Hesper, p. 148A

Ben McClintock                   22m         farm laborer           IA





Sioux City, p. 400B

William McClintock             26m         R R conductor                      WI/NY/NY


Sioux City 3rd Ward, p. 408D

Carol McClintock                 46f           keeps house                          OH/OH/CT

Leonard McClintock            24m         son                                         WI/OH/OH


Sioux City 3rd Ward, p. 411A

J A McClintock                    27m         R R brakeman                        WI/WI/IN

Mary McClintock                 26f           wife                                         WI/Eng/Eng

Elizabeth McClintock          5f             dau                                         WI/WI/WI

May B McClintock              3f             dau                                         IA/WI/WI

Albert E McClintock            1m           son                                         IA/WI/WI





Northwood, p. 438B

Joseph McClintock              40m         laborer                                    WI/NY/NY








Atchison City, p. 289D

Rose McLintock                   27f           R R employee        IA/IL/IN


Walnut, p. 513B

Nathaniel McClintock         68m         farmer                     VA/--/--

Ruth McClintock                  57f           wife                         VA/--/--

Millard F McClintock          25m         nephew                  IA/VA/VA





Fort Scott, p. 214C

A H McClintock                   43m         Real Estate            OH/OH/OH

Harriet McClintock              38f           wife                         OH/OH/PA

Willard C McClintock          3m           son                         KS/OH/OH

----- McClintock                    1mon      dau                         KS/OH/OH





William McClintock             27m         farmer                     OH/VA/VA

Loulitha McClintock            21f           wife                         MO/TN/TN

Harry McClintock                3m           son                         KS/OH/MO





Ninnescah, p. 536C

Andrew McClintock            22m                                         IL/IR/NY





Grant, p. 61C

Mahlon  Spangler                                26m         farmer                     PA/PA/MD

Annie Spangler                    20f           wife                         IL/MO/VA

William S Spangler               1m           son                         KS/PA/IL

Charley McClintock             11m         brother-in-law       MO/MO/VA

Andrew McClintock            59m         father-in-law          MO/VA/MD  peddler


Grant, p. 64B

William McClintock             18m         farm laborer           IL/KY/VA





Wheatland, p. 334B

John McClintock                  24m         farm laborer           PA/PA/PA





Wolf River, p. 517C

William McClintock             28m         farming                   IL/OH/OH

Anna McClintock                                23f           wife                         MO/KY/KY

Mabel McClintock               4f             dau                         IL/IL/MO





Wakarusa, p. 197B

William C McClintock         52m         farmer                     NY/PA/PA

Allison H McClintock         24m         son                         NY/NY/NY

Carlton L McClintock          19m         son                         NY/NY/NY

Herschell J McClintock       16m         son                         NY/NY/NY

Mary L McClintock             19f           dau-in-law             IL/OH/OH


Edward L McClintock          30m                                         VA/VA/MD

with C C Carson                   33m         farmer                     OH/OH/PA

Mary E Carson                     24f           wife                         IL/OH/OH





Howard, p. 304C

George Vaughn                    38m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary Vaughn                       38f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Thomas McClintock            9m                                           OH/--/--





Peoria, p. 144D

James W McClintic              47m         farmer                     IN/VA/VA

Mary S McClintic                 42f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

John W McClintic                18m         son                         KS/IN/KY

Minerva McClintic               14f           dau                         KS/IN/KY

Barsheba McClintic             11f           dau                         KS/IN/KY

Luella McClintic                   9f             dau                         KS/IN/KY

Albertie McClintic               7f             dau                         KS/IN/KY





Douglas, p. 101D

Joseph McClintic                 78m         farmer                     WV/WV/VA

Hester A McClintic              68f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

Harriet S McClintic              47f           dau                         OH/WV/MD

Albert McClintic                  21m         son                         IA/WV/MD

Josephine McClintic            24f           dau                         IA/WV/MD





Kentucky, p. 276B

Lorenzo D McClintic           40m         farmer                     IA/VA/VA

Margret McClintic               34f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

John W McClintic                15m         son                         KS/IA/KY

James W McClintic              13m         son                         KS/IA/KY

Charles H McClintic            10m         son                         KS/IA/KY

Minerva J McClintic            5f             dau                         KS/IA/KY

Edward G McClintic             2m           son                         KS/IA/KY






Gardner, p. 19C

William J McLintock            42m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary A McLintock              43f           wife                         Eng/Eng/Eng

William A McLintock          12m         son                         IL/PA/Eng

Ralph E McLintock              8m           son                         KS/PA/Eng

Agnus M McLintock          7f             dau                         KS/PA/Eng

Georgeina S Bell                   20f           stepdaughter        Chilli/PA/Eng

James A Bell                         19m         stepson                  Chilli/PA/Eng


Lexington, p. 28B

Oscar McClintock                33m         farmer                     IL/TN/TN

Rebecca E McClintock        24f           wife                         OH/PA/OH

Corah McClintock                11m         son                         KS/IL/OH

Lewis McClintock                4m           son                         KS/IL/OH

Charles Barr                          9m           step son                 KS/IL/OH

Eva Barr                 5m           step dau                 KS/IL/OH

Reginald Barr                        3m           step son                 KS/IL/OH


Lexington, p. 33D

Harvey McClintock             59m         farmer                     TN/TN/TN

Lidia McClintock                  56f           wife                         IL/NJ/NJ

Robert McClintock              18m         son                         KS/TN/IL

Grant McClintock 16m         son                         KS/TN/IL

John McClintock                  13m         son                         KS/TN/IL


McCamish, p. 55C

Daniel McClintock               31m         farmer                     IL/TN/TN

Anna McClintock                                30f           wife                         PA/IR/IR

Gertrude McClintock           9f             dau                         KS/IL/PA

Harry McClintock                8m           son                         KS/IL/PA

Andrew McClintock            1m           son                         KS/IL/PA





White, p. 201A

Joseph McClintick               43m         farmer                     IN/PA/PA

Sinthia McClintick               32f           wife                         IN/VA/OH

Harriet McClintick                11f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

Minea M McClintick           7f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Genory McClintick               4f             dau                         IN/IN/IN

Esther McClintick                1f             dau                         KS/IN/IN





Elm Grove, p. 275B

John McClintick                   28m         farmer                     IN/--/---

Neddie McClintick               23f           wife                         OH/VA/OH

Ellen McClintick                   7f             dau                         KS/IN/OH

Orion McClintick                  5m           son                         KS/IN/OH

Nora McClintick                   3f             dau                         KS/IN/OH

Goldie McClintick                1f             dau                         KS/IN/OH


Howard, p. 306D

W J McClintick                     53m         farmer                     KY/KY/KY

Sarah McClintick                  52f           wife                         IN/KY/KY

George E McClintick            21m         son                         IL/KY/IN

Elizabeth M McClintick       13f           dau                         IL/KY/IN

Charlie McClintick               9m           son                         KS/KY/IN


Howard, p. 306D

W M McClintick                  24m         farmer                     IN/KY/IN

Frances J McClintick           21f           wife                         IL/OH/IN

Flora McClintick                   2f             dau                         KS/IN/IL

Bertie McClintick                 1m           son                         KS/IN/IL





Lincoln, p. 49A

J H McClintock                     69m         farming                   VA/VA/VA

Margarett McClintock         69f           wife                         VA/VA/MD

Mary McClintock                 38f           dau                         OH/VA/VA


La Cygne, p. 54B

C E McClintock                    38m         minister                  IL/VA/NJ

Josephine McClintock        30f           wife                         KY/CT/CT

Charles McClintock             12m         son                         IL/IL/KY

Edy McClintock                   6m           son                         IL/IL/KY

Paul McClintock                   4m           son                         IL/IL/KY

----- McClintock                    11mon    son                         IL/IL/KY

Bulia McClintock                 8f             dau                         IL/IL/KY





Lindsburg, p. 416C

H McClintock                       31m         hotel keeper          PA/PA/CT

Susan McClintock               26f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Gracie M McClintock          1f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Glen Ray McClintock          5m           son                         PA/PA/PA


McPherson, p. 485B

George W McClintick          28m         editor                      OH/PA/VA

Hester A McClintick            22f           wife                         KY/KY/KY

Mattie McClintick                3f             dau                         KS/OH/KY

Eura McClintick                    2f             dau                         KS/OH/KY


McPherson, p. 487A

John R McClintick               19m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA


McPherson, p. 490D

William McClintick              18m         printer                    MI/OH/WV



MIAMI COUNTY, Valley, p. 494D

John L McClintock              53m         farmer                     NC/NC/NC

Sarah W McClintock           44f           wife                         NC/NC/NC

Robert C McClintock           26m         son                         IN/NC/OH

Levicy M McClintock         22f           dau                         IN/NC/OH

Morton McClintock             19m         son                         IN/NC/OH

Ella F McClintock 16f           dau                         IN/NC/OH

Willie S McClintock             9m           son                         IN/NC/OH

Benjamen Adams                 47m         brother-in-law       OH/OH/PA


Richaland, p. 460D

Charles W McClintock        53m         farmer                     MO/TN/TN          

Mary J McClintock              43f           wife                         IL/KY/KY

Susan M McClintock          21f           dau                         IL/MO/IL

Harvey McClintock             19m         son                         IL/MO/IL

Gertrude McClintock           17f           dau                         IL/MO/IL

Grace McClintock                14f           dau                         IL/MO/IL

Charles McClintock             13m         son                         IL/MO/IL

Edgar McClintock                8m           son                         KS/MO/IL

Sadie McClintock                 6m           son                         KS/MO/IL

Fred McClintock                  3m           son                         KS/MO/IL

Franklin F McClintock         57m                                         TN/TN/TN


Richland, p. 460C

Frank McClintock                24m         farmer                     IL/MO/IL

Josephine mcClintock         21f           wife                         MN/ME/ME

Laura McClintock                3f             dau                         KS/IL/MN

John McClintock                  2m           son                         KS/IL/MN





Solomon Rapids, p. 32A

Joseph McClintock              67m         farmer                     VA/PA/VA

Thersesa McClintock          46f           wife                         TN/TN/TN

Anna R McClintock             7f             dau                         MO/VA/TN

Albert C McClintock           5m           son                         MO/VA/TN

Thomas Kingcaed                15m         step son                 TN/TN/TN





Louisburg, p. 302B

Samuel McLintick                53m         farmer                     IN/KY/IN

Elizabeth McLintick             53f           wife                         IN/KY/KY

Mandenville McLintick       30m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Andrew J McLintick            27m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Louisa McLintick                 20f           dau                         IL/IN/IN

Joseph McLintick                                16m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Jonathan McLintick             16m         son                         IN/IN/IN

Mary F McLintick                12f           dau                         IN/IN/IN

P B Sheffard                          63m                                         CT






Canville, p. 162A

Robert McClintock              53m         farming                   DE/DE/PA

Louisa McClintock              39f           wife                         OH/OH/VA

Mary McClintock                 19f           dau                         IL/DE/OH

Elmer McClintock 14m         son                         IL/DE/OH

Louie McClintock                6f             dau                         KS/DE/OH

Frank McClintock                4mon      son                         KS/DE/OH






Sheridan, p. 399D

Robert Whitley                     39m         farmer                     Eng/Eng/Eng

Jane Whitley                         35f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

John E Whitley                     6m           son                         KS/Eng/IR

Mary M Whitley                  4f             dau                         KS/Eng/IR

Esabella Whitley                  2f             dau                         KS/Eng/IR

Ellen J McClintock               13f           step dau                 IR/IR/IR

David C McClintock            11m         step son                 IR/IR/IR

Heusy McClintock               9f             step dau                 IR/IR/IR

Margaret E McClintock       7f             step dau                 IR/IR/IR





Marvin, p. 168A

T H McClintock                    35m         mason                    MI/PA/OH

J A McClintock                    27f           wife                         WI/NH/WI

A J McClintock                    8f             dau                         IA/MI/WI

A L McClintock                    4f             dau                         NV/MI/WI

E L McClintock                     3f             dau                         NV/MI/WI

T O McClintock                    5mon      son                         KS/MI/WI





Hutchinson, p. 437D

E McClintick                         37f           keeps house          IL/KY/KY

Leona McClintick                 15f           dau                         IL/--/--

Mary McClintick                  12f           dau                         IL/--/--

Thomas McClintick             10m         son                         IL/--/--

Bertha McClintick                6f             dau                         IL/--/--

George McClintick               4m           son                         IL/--/--





Atlanta, p. 229C

Lafayett McClintock           44m         blacksmith             OH/PA/PA

Josephine McClintock        43f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Clyde McClintock                21m         son                         IA/OH/OH

Walter McClintock              19m         son                         IA/OH/OH

Grace McClintock                16f           dau                         IA/OH/OH

William McClintock             8m           son                         IA/OH/OH


Farmer, p. 247C

R C McClintock                    34m         farmer                     IN/--/--

M C McClintock                   33f           wife                         IN/KY/OH

Flaurence McClintock         13f           dau                         IA/IN/IN

Rawley McClintock             11m         son                         MO/IN/IN





Brookdale, p. 559C

Joseph W B McClintock     30m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary M McClintock            25f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Lula M McClintock              6f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Lena L McClintock              2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Martha M McClintock        10mon    dau                         PA/PA/PA





Wichita 2nd Ward, p. 284C

George McClintock              36m         horse trader           IL/KY/IL





Topeka, p. 34A

John McClintock                  53m         physician               OH/IR/PA

Harriet McClintock              55f           wife                         OH/MD/MD

Owen S McClintock             21m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Charlie McClintock              18m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Saline Kimball                       25f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Charlie Kimball                     4m           grandson               KS/IA/OH


Topeka, p. 93A

S McClintock                        36m         speculator             IN/IN/IN

Emily McClintock 28f           wife                         IL/IL/IL


Topka, p. 117C

L B McClintock                    32m         real estate agent   PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 31f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Nellie McClintock                6f             dau                         KS/PA/PA

Edna McClintock                 2f             dau                         KS/PA/PA


Topeka, p. 148D

John McClintock                  26m         doctor                    OH/OH/OH

Ray McClintock                   27f           wife                         Eng/Eng/Eng


Mission, p. 223A

E S McClintock                     40m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Olivia McClintock                40f           wife                         OH/VA/KY

C S McClintock                    15m         son                         OH/OH/OH










Paris, p. 5B

Edward McKimmey             blacksmith             48            OH/VA/MD

Mary McKimmey                 wife                         48            KY/KY/KY

Edwin McKimmey                sone                       15            KY/OH/KY

Dick McClintock                  sister                      40f           KY/KY/KY


Paris, p. 13C

Lenard McClintock              carpenter               50            KY/KY/KY


Paris, p. 32C

James McClintock                grocer                     68            KY/IR/Holland

Margaret G McClintock      wife                         55            KY/KY/KY

James D McClintock            son                         24            KY/KY/KY

Maggie W McClintock       dau                         13            KY/KY/KY


Dist. 18, p. 60A

John McClintock                                                  31            KY/KY/KY

Kate McClintock                  wife                         25            KY/KY/KY


Millersburg, p. 81D

R P Milam                              farmer                     35            SC/SC/SC

Mattie Milam                        wife                         24            KY/KY/KY

Lucile Milam                         dau                         4              KY/SC/KY

M J McClintock                    mother-in-law        55            KY/IR/KY


Millersburg, p. 83C

Thomas McClintock            farmer                     41            KY/KY/KY

Addie McClintock               wife                         39            KY/KY/SC

Lizzie Lee McClintock         dau                         16            KY/KY/KY

Willie G McClintock            son                         12            KY/KY/KY

Jimmie A McClintock          dau                         10            KY/KY/KY

Charles G McClintock         son                         7              KY/KY/KY

Lelia May McClintock         dau                         5              KY/KY/KY

Julian A McClintock            son                         2              KY/KY/KY


Millersburg, p. 83D

Alexander McClintock        farmer                     46            KY/KY/KY

Cornelia McClintock            wife                         44            KY/KY/KY

William D McClintock         son                         22            KY/KY/KY

Charles T McClintock         son                         19            KY/KY/KY

John McClintock                  son                         17            KY/KY/KY

Mary H McClintock             dau                         15            KY/KY/KY

Sallie P McClintock              dau                         13            KY/KY/KY

Emma McClintock                dau                         10            KY/KY/KY

Samuel McClintock              son                         8              KY/KY/KY

Russel McClintock              son                         2              KY/KY/KY


Ruddles Mills, p. 165D

I McClintock                         farmer                     34m         KY/KY/KY

Jane McClintock                  wife                         34            KY/KY/KY

Thomas McClintock            son                         7              KY/KY/KY

John McClintock                  son                         5              KY/KY/KY

Joseph McClintock              son                         2              KY/KY/KY






White Sulphur Springs, p. 200B

Charley McClintoch            railroad hand         35            VA/VA/VA

Heneretta McClintoch         wife                         27            KY/VA/VA

Laura McClintoch                dau                         7              VA/VA/KY

Mary E McClintoch             dau                         4              OH/VA/KY

Robert McClintoch              son                         2              KY/VA/KY

Anna McClintoch                                dau                         1mon      KY/VA/KY





Owensboro, p. 295B

George McClintock              farmer                     48            KY/KY/KY

Fanny J McClintock            wife                         40            IN/KY/KY

William S McClintock          son                         11            KS/KY/IN

Anna McClintock                                dau                         6              KY/KY/IN






Cynthiana, p. 4D

Richard Taylor                      farm laborer           29            mulatto   KY/KY/KY

Amanda Taylor                    wife                         22            mulatto   KY/KY/KY

James Taylor                         son                         6              mulatto   KY/KY/KY

Eliza Taylor                           dau                         5              mulatto   KY/KY/KY

Mary Taylor                          dau                         1              mulatto   KY/KY/KY

Louis McClintock                brother-in-law       16            black       KY/KY/KY


Cynthiana, p. 6D

J B McClintock                     farmer                     45            KY/KY/KY

Nannie McClintock              wife                         38            KY/KY/KY

Henrietta McClintock          dau                         6              KY/KY/KY

Mary McClintock                 dau                         4              KY/KY/KY

Nannie McClintock              dau                         1              KY/KY/KY

Alexander McClintock        father                      79            KY/PA/IR

Lizzie McClintock niece                       7              KY/KY/OH

John McClintock                  nephew                  6              KY/KY/OH


Cynthiana, p. 17A

Julius McClintock                farmer                     52            KY/KY/KY

Nancy McClintock               wife                         37            KY/KY/KY

William T McClintock         son                         13            KY/KY/KY

Effie McClintock                  dau                         7              KY/KY/KY

Samuel J McClintock           son                         3              KY/KY/KY





Earlington, p. 440C

James McClintock                carpenter               60            VA/IR/IR

Ame McClintock                  wife                         50            KY/KY/KY

Albert McClintock               son                         20            KY/VA/KY

Jefferson McClintock          son                         18            KY/VA/KY

William McClintock             son                         14            KY/VA/KY

Robert McClintock              son                         13            KY/VA/KY

John McClintock                  son                         11            KY/VA/KY


Earlington, p. 440C

George McClintock              works in mines      30            KY/VA/KY

Jennie McClintock               wife                         30            TN/TN/TN





Louisville, 8th ward, p. 564B

J S McClintock                     keeps house          29f           NJ/SC/NJ





Vanceburg, p. 51A

Harry H McClintick              farmer                     38            --/KY/--

Rachel McClintick                wife                         22            --/--/WV

Baylam McClintick               son                         1              KY/--/--

Laura P McClintick              dau                         1mon      KY/--/--





Richmond, p. 347C

James Miller                          farmer                     61            KY/KY/KY

Julia Miller                             wife                         54            KY/KY/KY

Florence Miller                     dau                         26            KY/KY/KY

Willie McClintock                                                23m         KY/KY/KY


Richmond, p. 363D

Singleton Walters                                banker                    62            KY/VA/VA

Ann Walters                         wife                         48            KY/VA/VA

M McClintock                      sister                      50            KY/VA/VA





Head Quarters, p. 393D

Nancy Thompson                                farmer                     55            KY/KY/KY

William Thompson              son                         26            KY/KY/KY

H Anna Thompson              dau                         22            KY/KY/KY

Robert McClintock              brother                   45            KY/KY/KY





Jones, p. 274B

James H McClain                 farmer                     39            KY/KY/KY

Mary C McClain                   wife                         32            KY/KY/KY

Ollie J McClain                     son                         3              KY/KY/KY

James S McClintock            father-in-law          84            KY/IR/IR

Hannah McClintock            mother-in-law        77            KY/PA/PA





Linton, p. 384B

G W McClintock                  farmer                     52            KY/TN/KY

Bernety McClintock            wife                         52            KY/KY/NC

C J McClintock                     dau                         23            KY/KY/KY

M H McClintock                  son                         15            KY/KY/KY

Polly Crage                                                            79            NC/NC/NC

Joel Futsell                                                            78            NC/NC/NC








1st Ward, p. 34C

James Middelton                  33m         black       laborer    SC/SC/SC

Mariah Middelton                40f           black       wife         VA/VA/VA

Frank Middelton                  15m         black       son         LA/SC/VA

Rase McClinton                   21m         black                       LA/LA/LA





New Orleans, p. 108D

Samuel E McClintock          33m         saddler   PA/PA/PA

Adelaide McClintock          21f                           LA/Ger/Ger

Ada McClintock                   5mon                      LA/PA/LA





5th Ward, p. 384A

Alida McClinton                  40f           black       laborer    LA/LA/LA

Barra marie McClinton        24f           black       dau         LA/LA/LA

Alie McClinton                     14m         black       son         LA/LA/LA

Francois McClinton             14m         black       son         LA/LA/LA

William McClinton               5m           black       son         LA/LA/LA

Jane McClinton                    8mon      black       dau         LA/LA/LA







Augusta, p. 18C

Ella McClintock                    23f           kitchen girl            ME/ME/ME


Winslow, p. 558A

Albion H McLintock           34m         farmer                     ME/ME/ME

Sarah M McLintock             31f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Wilber F McLintock            8m           son                         ME/ME/ME

Charles W McLintock         6m           son                         ME/ME/ME

Mercy Robinson                  78f                                           ME/MA/ME


Winslow, p. 558B

James M McLintock            40m         farmer                     ME/ME/ME

Julia McLintock                    71f           mother                    ME/MA/MA

Carrie B McLintock              30f           sister                      ME/ME/ME

Angie S McLintock             34f           sister                      ME/ME/ME


Winslow, p. 559C

Robert McLintock                45m         farmer                     ME/ME/ME

Elizabeth McLintock            40f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Eliza McLintock                    18f           dau                         ME/ME/ME

William McLintock              10m         son                         ME/ME/ME






Boothbay, p. 389A

Harriet McClintock              59f           keeps house          ME/ME/ME


Boothbay, p. 399C

William G McClintock         29m         machinist               ME/ME/ME

Delia McClintock                 24f           wife                         ME/ME/ME


Boothbay, p. 399C

Edgar C McClintock            39m                                         ME/ME/ME

Kate S McClintock               37f           sister                      ME/ME/ME

John H McClintock              34m         brother                   ME/ME/ME

George P McClintock          26m         brother                   ME/ME/ME


Boothbay, p. 403C

Charles H McClintock         30m         Huckster                ME/ME/ME

Cora G McClintock              22f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Mildred McClintock            1f             dau                         ME/ME/ME


Boothbay, p. 406B

Leonard S McClintock        40m         ship master            ME/ME/ME

Sarah H McClintock            26f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Albert M McClintock          1mon      son                         ME/ME/ME


Bristol, p. 433A

William McClintock             71m         farmer                     ME/ME/ME

Hannah D McClintock        61f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Angie McClintock               22f           dau                         ME/ME/ME


Wscasset, p. 623B

Wilder F McLintock            34m         clerk                        ME/ME/ME

Mary A McLintock              32f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Mary W McLintock             6f             dau                         ME/ME/ME

Edward H McLintock          2f             dau                         ME/ME/ME

Sarah A McLintock             62f           mother                    ME/ME/ME





Bingham, p. 219A

Henry A McClintic              38m                                         Eng/Eng/Eng

Isabell T McClintic              39f           wife                         Can/Scot/Scot

Edgar E McClintic                16m         son                         ME/Eng/Can

Elizabeth A McClintic         14f           dau                         ME/Eng/Can

James H McClintic               11m         son                         ME/Eng/Can

William G McClintic             7m           son                         ME/Eng/Can

Mary E McClintic 4f             dau                         ME/Eng/Can





Belfast, p. 237A

J Y McClintock                     78m         landlord                 ME/ME/ME

Rachael McClintock            65f           wife                         Nova Scotia/Novia Scotia/NJ

Aixene L McClintock           40f           dau                         ME/ME/Nova Scotia








Cumberland, p. 348A

Henry C McClitock              31m         physician               PA/PA/PA

Rosa McClintock                 29f           wife                         MD/VA/MD

Mabel McClintock               1f             dau                         PA/PA/MD





Baltimore, p. 25C

George McClintock              41m         supervisor of RR  DE/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  32f           wife                         IR/IR/--

Robert McClintock              11m         son                         PA/DE/IR

Jenny McClintock                4f             dau                         PA/DE/IR

Henry McClintock               6m           son                         PA/DE/IR

Martha McClintock             2f             dau                         PA/DE/IR

James Pyles                           74m         father-in-law          IR/IR/IR  stone cutter


Baltimore, p. 541C

John W McClintock            20m         laborer                    DE/DE/DE


Baltimore, p. 567C

Robert McClintock              32m         supervisor of RR  PA/IR/IR

Martha McClintock             26f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

----- McClintock                    1f             dau                         MD/PA/PA


Baltimore 4th Ward, p. 641C

William Cating                      30m                                         IR

Eliza Cating                           30f           wife                         IR

Ella Cating                             9f             dau                         MD

Julia Cating                           7f             dau                         MD

Mary Cating                          2f             dau                         MD

Bridget McClinton               35f           keeping house      IR/IR/IR


Baltimore 5th Ward, p. 12C

Eddie McClinton                  17m         hostler                    MD/IR/IR


Baltimore 6th Ward, p. 155B

Matthew McClintock          70m                                         IR/IR/IR

Jane Culver                           45f           dau                         PA/IR/MD

Frank Culver                         11m         grandson               MD/MD/MD

Clarence Mayes                   10m         grandson               MD/MD/MD


Baltimore 6th Ward, p. 170C

Alexander McClintock        35m         retail grocer           MD/MD/MD

Mary McClintock                 27f           wife                         MD/MD/MD



Baltimore 6th Ward, p. 171A

Winfield McClintock           40m         clerk at court         MD/MD/MD

Mary McClintock                 35f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

Cora McClintock                  17f           dau                         MD/MD/MD

Susie McClintock                 15f           dau                         MD/MD/MD

Winfield A McClintock       9m           son                         MD/MD/MD

Lizzie Pierce                           18f           niece                       VA/VA/VA


Baltimore 6th Ward, p. 280C

Mathew McClintock            33m         grocery clerk         MD/MD/MD

Mary McClintock                 22f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

William McClintock             4m           son                         MD/MD/MD

Lizzie McClintock 2f             dau                         MD/MD/MD


Baltimore 10th Ward, p. 230C

John McClinton                   35m         tailor                       MD/MD/MD


Baltimore, p. 70C

Matthew McClintock          32m         clerk in store         MD/IR/IR


Baltimore, p. 157B

Leahman Leach                    32m                                         MD/MD/MD

Sarah Leach                          29f                                           PA/IR/IR

Josh McClintock                  58m                                         PA/IR/IR


Baltimore 16th Ward, p. 45A

John M McClintock             68m         US Marshall          NY/IR/IR

Mary J McClintock              58f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Isabella Kessler                    33f           dau                         MD

Walter Kessler                      12m         grandson               MD/PA/MD

Benjamin B Davis                 30m         nephew                  NY/NY/NY





Port Deposit, p. 232A

James McClintock                58m                                         PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 51f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

Johnann McClintock           23f           dau                         MD/PA/MD

James McClintock                17m         son                         MD/PA/MD

James McClintock                2m           grandson               MD/MD/MD


Port Deposit, p. 236A

Fred McClintock                  18m         farm laborer           MD/MD/MD





Frederick, p. 94D

William F Colliflower           66m                                         MD/MD/MD

Ann E Colliflower 68f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

Sarah C B Colliflower           39f           dau                         MD/MD/MD

Cornelia Colliflower             35f           dau                         MD/MD/MD

Laura McClintock                9f             granddaughter      PA/PA/MD

J Fred Galbraith                    6m           grandson               PA


Frederick, p. 113A

Young McClintock              43m         stone mason         DC/MD/MD

Louisa McClintock              42f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

Helen McClintock                16f           dau                         MD/DC/MD

Elizabeth McClintock          12f           dau                         MD/DC/MD

Ella L McClintock 2f             dau                         MD/DC/MD









Fall River, p. 156A

James McClintock                48m         carpenter               IR/Scot/Scot

Catharine McClintock         45f           wife                         IR/Scot/Scot

Mary McClintock                 21f           dau                         MA/IR/IR

James McClintock                16m         son                         MA/IR/IR

Lucy McClintock                 10f           dau                         MA/IR/IR

Jennie McClintock               8f             dau                         MA/IR/IR





Lawrence, p. 461D

J McClintock                         58m         works in wool mill                MA/MA/MA


Lawrence, p.457C

Mary McClintock                 40f                                           IR/IR/IR

Catherine McClintock         16f                                           NH/ME/IR

June McClintock                  14f                                           ME/ME/IR

Agnes McClintock              13f                                           ME/ME/IR

Richard McClintock             11m                                         ME/ME/IR


Lawrence, p. 461D

Hugh McClintock                                28m         works in box shop                ME/IR/IR


Newburyport, p. 529C

William C McClintock         37m         engineer                 ME/Scot/Scot

Mary A McClintock            34f           wife                         ME/IR/NS

A Lillie McClintock              14f           dau                         ME/ME/ME

K Gennivive McClintock    10f           dau                         ME/ME/ME

Mary H McClintock             7f             dau                         MA/ME/ME

Charlotte T McClintock      5f             dau                         MA/ME/ME

Josephine McClintock        1f             dau                         MA/ME/ME

William T McClintock         3mon      son                         MA/ME/ME





Springfield, p. 241D

James W McClintock          39m         works in US Armory            IR/IR/IR

Margarette McClintock       37f           wife                                         IR/IR/IR

Margarette M McClintock  11f           dau                                         MA/IR/IR

William McClintock             10m         son                                         MA/IR/IR

Edward A McClintock         8m           son                                         MA/IR/IR

James V McClintock            6m           son                                         MA/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 3mon      dau                                         MA/IR/IR


Springfield, 6th ward, p. 302A

Margarett McClintock         65f           keeps house          IR/IR/IR

Margarett McClintock         26f           dau                         IR/IR/IR

Sarah McClintock                23f           dau                         IR/IR/IR

Hugh Clark                            19m         nephew                  IR/IR/IR

Joseph Gleason                    16m         nephew                  MA/IR/IR


Springfield, p. 341A

Julia McClintock                  54f           keeps house          CT/CT/CT

Frederick McClintock          26m         son                         WI/MA/CT

Annie McClintock               16f           dau                         IL/MA/CT





Ware, p. 508A

Bonum McClintock              61m         farmer                     MA/MA/MA

Julia McClintock                  56f           wife                         MA/MA/MA

Annie N McClintock           20f           dau                         MA/MA/MA






Lowell, p. 39B

John McClinton                   27m         works in cotton mill             NH/NH/NH


Malden, p. 333B

Joseph C Robinson             57m         B&M R R yardmaster          MA/MA/MA

Mary Robinson                    61f           wife                                         NH/NH/NH

Addie M Robinson              21f           dau                                         MA/MA/NH

Rosella K Robinson             15f           dau                                         MA/MA/NH

J G McClintock                     27m         son-in-law                             ME/MA/MA

Mary E McClintock             22f           dau                                         MA/MA/NH


Somerville, p. 357A

Jessie McClintock                20f           domestic servant  NB/NB/NB


Somerville, p. 386C

Frank McClintock                26m         stenographer        MA/NH/MA

Bessie McClintock               23f           wife                         NJ/Eng/Eng

Henry McClintock               3m           son                         MA/MA/NJ

Arthur McClintock              1m           son                         MA/MA/NJ






Cohasset, p. 62D

Eli C McClintock                  40m         book agent            PA/PA/PA

Eva D McClintock                33f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

E Clare McClintock              12m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Roy White McClintock       3m           son                         NY/PA/PA


Brookline, p. 381B

Mary McClintock                 28f           servant                   Can/Scot/Can





Boston, p. 430D

E McClintock                        33m         station engineer   ME/ME/ME

Hattie McClintock                35f           wife                         MA/Eng/MA

Blanche McClintock            11f           dau                         MA/ME/MA

Mable McClintock               7f             dau                         MA/ME/MA


Boston, p. 162A

Elizabeth McClintock          48f           nurse                      MA/MA/MA


Boston, p. 296C

Jennie McClintock               20f           servant                   Can/Can/Can


Boston, p. 596A

G W McClintock                  44m         manufacturer         PA/--/--

Delia McClintock                 39f           wife                         CT/--/--

Hattie O McClintock            17f           dau                         CT/PA/CT

J W McClintock                   15m         son                         ME/PA/CT

Chuzzlewit McClintock       11m         son                         CT/PA/CT

Lettie McClintock                9f             dau                         CT/PA/CT


Chelsea, p. 420B

William E McClintock          31m         civil engineer        ME/ME/ME

Mary E McClintock             27f           wife                         MA/NH/MA

William J McClintock          1m           son                         MA/ME/MA

Sarah B Currier                     56f           mother-in-law        MA/MA/MA







Hopkins, p. 214B

William B McClintick           48m         farmer                     NY/PA/PA

Jane McClintick                    37f           wife                         MI/NY/NY

Charlie C McClintick            18m         son                         MI/NY/MI

Libbie A McClintick            16f           dau                         MI/NY/MI

Mina L McClintick               14f           dau                         MI/NY/MI

Mabel E McClintick             4mon      dau                         MI/NY/MI

Albert Briggs                        22m                                         MI/OH/OH


Hopkins, p. 220B

Martin J McClintick             53m         farmer                     CT/MA/CT          

Harriet McClintick                36f           wife                         NY/NY/RI

Florence A McClintick        6f             dau                         OH/CT/NY





Alpena, p. 471C

Ollian McClintock                30m         carpenter               IR/IR/IR

Charlotte McClintock          30f           wife                         Can/Can/Can

Mary McClintock                 10f           dau                         MI/IR/Can

William McClintock             7m           son                         PA/IR/Can

Jennie McClintock               5f             dau                         PA/IR/Can

Louis McClintock                3m           son                         MI/IR/Can





Rutland, p. 95C

Sarah McClintock                47f           keeping house      NY/VT/NY

Netti Hindershot                  24f           dau                         MI/NY/NY

Isa Hindershot                      21m         son                         MI/NY/NY

Ort Hindershot                     10m         son                         MI/NY/NY

Ora Hindershot                     9f             dau                         MI/NY/NY





Homer, p. 242C

Wesly W McClintic             33m         farm laborer           OH/OH/OH

Sarah C McClintic                29f           wife                         MI/PA/PA

Albert Lee McClintic           7m           son                         MI/OH/MI





Windsor, p. 136A

George McClintock              37m         farmer                     OH/--/--

Susan McClintock               37f           wife                         OH/MD/MD

Alfred G McClintock           16m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Minnie B McClintock          13f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Margeret McClintock          10f           dau                         OH/OH/OH


Eaton, p. 188D

George McClintic                 71m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintic              66f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth Conly                    40f                                           OH/PA/PA

Michael Malon                     21m                                         NY

Elizabeth Smith                     26f           dau                         OH

Zachary Smithe                    4m           grandson               MI


Eaton, p. 188D

Joseph McClintic                 37m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Mary E McClintic 31f           wife                         OH/KY/OH

Archie McClintic                  7m           son                         MI/OH/OH

Glendelien McClintic           3f             dau                         MI/OH/OH


Eaton, p. 191B

Francis McClintic                 29m         farming                   OH/OH/OH

Lydia A McClintic               28f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Ida R McClintic                    7f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

William F McClintic             5f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

George O McClintic             2m           son                         OH/OH/OH

John Henry McClintic         6mon      son                         MI/OH/OH


Carmel, p. 202A

Warren McClintock             29m         farmer                     OH/CT/NY

Ida Rosetta McClintock      22f           wife                         IN/OH/OH

Rena A L S McClintock      1f             dau                         MI/OH/IN


Carmel, p. 204B

Lucius McClintock              58m         farmer                     CT/MA/CT

Elizabeth C McClintock       51f           wife                         NY/MD/MD


Charlotte 4th Ward, p. 223D

Lovina McClintic                 47f                                           OH/--/--

Elmer McClintic                    16m         son                         MI/OH/OH  painter


Kalamo, p. 247B

Fred A McClintic                 23m         farmer                     OH/CT/NY

Ella McClintic                       18f           wife                         MI/NY/NY





Fife Lake, p. 487A

Frank McClintick                  31m         clergyman              OH/PA/PA

Mary E McClintick               24f           wife                         MA/MA/MA

Arthur McClintick                8m           son                         MI/OH/MA

Albert McClintick                6m           son                         MI/OH/MA

Mertle B McClintick            4f             dau                         MI/OH/MA

Jessie M McClintick            10mon    dau                         MI/OH/MA





Huron, p. 84B

William McClintock             63m         farmer                     Can/PA/Can

Maria McClintock                50f           wife                         Can/IR/Can





Pulaski, p. 173D

David McClintic                   24m         farm laborer           MI/OH/OH

Viola McClintic                     14f           wife                         MI/NY/NY

Ida McClintic                        6mon      dau                         MI/MI/MI

Minerva Deforest                 55f           mother-in-law        MI/MA/VT


Pulaski, p. 176B

Newton McClintic                28m         farming                   OH/PA/OH

Mary Ann McClintic           24f           wife                         MI/Eng/Eng

George T McClintic             5m           son                         MI/OH/MI

Ernest D McClintic              2m           son                         MI/OH/MI


Pulaski, p. 178A

Thomas McClintic               70m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Margaret McClintic             66f           wife                         OH/PA/Wales

Henry McClintic                   25m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Lucinda McClintic               20f           dau                         MI/PA/OH

Marinda Bell McClintic       17f           dau                         MI/PA/OH





Burnside, p. 162C

Adolphus McClintock        25m         farmer                     Can/Can/IR

E Ida McClintock                 23f           wife                         NY/NY/NY


Burnside, p. 165B

Edward McClintock             46m         farmer                     Can/PA/Can

Elizabeth McClintock          24f           wife                         Can/IR/Can

E Mary McClintock             14f           dau                         MI/Can/Can

E Clara McClintock              10f           dau                         MI/Can/Can

John McClintock                  8m           son                         MI/Can/Can

Effa McClintock                   2f             dau                         MI/Can/Can





Manistee, 3rd and 4th Wards, p. 135D

C M E McClintock               35m         imports lumber      Can/IR/Can

Marareta McClintock          34f           wife                         Eng/Scot/Eng





Muskegon, p. 185A

James McClintic                   26m         boiler maker           Can/Can/Can

Lavina McClintic                  19f           wife                         MI/OH/OH

Jessie McClintic                   1f             dau                         MI/Can/MI





East Saginaw, p. 288B

E J McClintock                     39m         fire insurance agent             PA/PA/PA

Linda D McClintock            26f           wife                                         NY/NY/NY

Edith McClintock                 6f             dau                                         MI/PA/NY

Arthur E McClintock           4m           son                                         MI/PA/NY



Saginaw 1st Ward, p. 74C

William McClintock             34m         painter                    Can/--/--

Rosamund McClintock       28f           wife                         NY/NY/NY





Three Rivers, p. 386C

Henry McClintick                 58m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Ann McClintick                    44f           wife                         MD/--/Eng

Sylvester McClintick           20m         son                         OH/PA/MD

Mary E McClintick               16f           dau                         MI/PA/MD

Hattie May                            19f                                           PA/PA/PA





Owosso, p. 470C

George W McClintock        36m         carpenter               MI/CT/MI

Rebecca J McClintock         31f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Mattie McClintock               7f             dau                         MI/MI/PA

Mary McClintock                 5f             dau                         MI/MI/PA

Adella McClintock               3f             dau                         MI/MI/PA


Scotia, p 506D

Alfred McClintock               29m         farmer                     CA/VT/NY

Sarah McClintock                26f           wife                         NY/Eng/Eng

Lewis McClintock                2m           son                         MI/CA/NY

Orion McClintock                1m           son                         MI/CA/NY

Alice Scott                            13f                                           NY/NY/NY


Laingsburg, p. 516C

Nellie McClintock                55f                                           NY/NY/MA

Alta McClintock                   17f           dau                         MI/NH/NY


Laingsburg, p. 517A

Freeman B McClintock        42m         blacksmith             OH/NH/NY

Elizabeth McClintock          35f           wife                         IL/OH/IN

Cora Bell McClintock          9f             dau                         MI/OH/IL


Laingsburg, p. 518D

Gilma F McClintock             47m                                         NY/NH/MA

Freeman McClintock           14m         son                         MI/NY/OH





Dayton, p. 61B

Hugh McClintock                                20m         farm laborer           Can/Can/Can


Vassar, p. 268B

Ephraim McClintock            67m         laborer                    Can/Can/Can

Abigal McClintock              51f           wife                         Can/--/Can

Ephraim McClintock            11m         son                         MI/Can/Can

Emily McClintock 17f           dau                         MI/Can/Can





Hamilton, p. 452D

Joseph McClintock              72m         farmer                     NY/PA/PA

Ann McClintock                  67f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Cappa Sugars                       20f                                           MI

John Blackmer                      19m                                         MI











Lakeville, p. 186D

Richard McClintock             47m         farmer     SC/Scot/Scot

Elizabeth McClintock          43f           wife         PA/PA/PA

Elmor F McClintock             16m         son         MN/SC/PA

Theodore McClintock         13m         son         MN/SC/PA

Gussie M McClintock         10f           dau         MN/SC/PA

Friday McClintock               8m           son         MN/SC/PA

Stella McClintock 5f             dau         MN/SC/PA

Etta McClintock                   3f             dau         MN/SC/PA

baby McClintock                 3mon      son         MN/SC/PA





Claremont, p. 392A

A McClintock                       20m                         WI/NH/NH

with S S Beckwith                64m         farmer     NH/NH/NH

Electra Beckwith                   63f           wife         NH/NH/NH





Pickerel Lake, p. 142C

Elisia McClintock                 49m         farmer     PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 50f           wife         PA/PA/PA

Sigle McClintock                  19m         son         IA/PA/VT

Charles Stanley                    16m                         MN/PA/NY


Mansfield, p. 153C

Duke Hazel                            33m         farmer     Can/Can/Can

Martha Hazel                        24f           wife         IA/PA/PA

Mary L Hazel                        7f             dau         MN

Wallace D Hazel                   1m           son         MN

Albert McClintock               22m         brother-in-law       IA/PA/Can  farmer






Red Wing, p. 457A

Dwight M Baldwin               42m         constable               CT/CT/CT

Susan C Baldwin                  35f           wife                         CT/CT/CT

Mary E Baldwin                    18f           dau                         CT/CT/CT

Damine McClintock             17m         RR brakeman         WI/WI/WI

Hugh McClintock                                20m         RR conductor       WI/WI/WI





Middle River, p. 147B

P McClintock                        22m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Margret McClintock            21f           wife                         Can/Can/Can

Annie McClintock               8mon      dau                         Dakota/PA/Can





Austin, p. 591D

William H Sutton                  30m         Tinner                    OH/OH/OH

Lizzie M Sutton                    30f           wife                         Eng/Eng/Eng

Annie V McClintock            23f                                           MO/VA/MO





Edgerton, p. 247A

William McClintock             49m         farmer                     OH/PA/--

G F McClintock                    21m         son                         WI/OH/OH





Euclid, p. 395B

George F Smith                     25m         farmer                     IA/VA/KY

Abe McClintock                   24m         laborer                    IA/TN/PA





Redwood Falls, p. 34A

E D McClintock                    35m         machine agent      WI/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          26f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Everett McClintock              1m           son                         WI/WI/NY

Oliver McClintock                14m                                         WI/PA/PA

Rosella Mather                     79f                                           NJ/NY/NY





Grey Eagle, p. 324A

Joseph Lewis                        25m         farmer                     IN/IN/PA

Charlotta Lewis                    21f           wife                         WI/PA/IN

----- McClintock                    28m         brother-in-law       WI/PA/IN











District 4, p. 332A

Rebecca McClintock                           64f                           keeps house          NC/NC/NC

Columbus McClintock                        24m                         son                         MS/NC/NC

Mishy McClintock                               20f                           dau-in-law             MS/TN/TN

T F McClintock                                    3m                           grandson               MS/MS/MS

Evaline McClintock                             2f                             granddaughter      MS/MS/MS





Newport, p. 114C

Martha McClintock                             30f           black       works in field        MS/MS/MS

Laura McClintock                                8f                             dau                         MS/MS/MS

Sam McClintock                                   4m                           son                         MS/MS/MS

Sally McClintock                                  2f                             dau                         MS/MS/MS


p.       166B

James B McClintock                            24m                         farmer                     GA/SC/SC

Nancy E McClintock                           23f                           sister                      GA/SC/SC

Marietta C McClintock                        12f                           sister                      MS/SC/SC



p. 167A

Samuel H McClintock                          32m                         salesman                                SC/SC/SC

Fannie E McClintock                           25f                           wife                         MS/KY/MS

Myra McClintock                                 9f                             dau                         MS/SC/MS

James W McClintock                          7m                           son                         MS/SC/MS


p. 167B

Henry A McClintock                           19m                         clerk                        MS/SC/SC





Hart Town, p. 532B

S McClintic                                           18m         black       farm laborer           MS/MS/MS

Mary Martial                                         20f           black       sister                      MS/MS/MS

Annie Martial                                       4f             black       niece                       MS/MS/MS

Edd Martial                                           2m           black       nephew                  MS/MS/MS











Clark twp., p. 479A

Thomas McClintoc              Farmer    29            VA/VA/VA

Florence McClitoc               wife         23            OH/OH/OH

Essie McClintoc                   dau         4              MO/VA/VA

Denzell McClintoc               son         2              MO/VA/OH





Prairie twp., p. 74D

J I McClintoc                        Farmer    46            VA/VA/VA

Mary McClintoc                   wife         34            DE/DE/MD





Deer Creek twp., p. 111C

W G McClintock                  Farmer    50            IL/KY/IL

N A McClintock                   wife         45            IL/PA/PA

M J McClintock                    dau         21            IL/IL/IL

J F McClintock                     son         17            IL/IL/IL

Wm A McClintock               son         15            IL/IL/IL

H U McClintock                   son         10            MO/IL/IL

A A McClintock                   dau         7              MO/IL/IL


Mt. Pleasant twp., p. 173B

Wilson McClintock             Woolen Manf.      75            PA/IR/IR

Love McClintock                 wife                         63            OH//PA/VA


Mt. Pleasant twp., p. 174C

J M McClintock                    Wooden Manf.     41            OH/PA/OH

Jennie McClintock               ----                           33            NY/IR/IR

Gertrude McClintock           dau                         10            MO/OH/NY

Howard McClintock            son                         8              MO/OH/NY

Wilson McClintock             son                         3              MO/OH/NY

---- McClintock                     dau                         1mon      MO/PA/OH


Lone Oak twp., p. 218A

H D McClintock                   Physician               48            VA/--/VA

Ellie McClintock                   dau                         22            VA/VA/VA

Lula McClintock                   dau                         19            VA/VA/VA





St. Joseph., p. 105A

J E McClintock                     Traveling Salesman             26            MO/--/--


St. Joseph, p. 150B

John W McClintock            Traveling Salesman             24            IA/IA/IA





Fulton, p. 571A

Nannie McClintic                 at school                16            MO/--/--

boarding school


Liberty twp., p. 617C

Samuel McClintic                 Farmer                    62            MO/VA/VA

Mary F. McClintic                dau                         26            MO/MO/MO

Georgie A. McClintic           dau                         24            MO/MO/MO


Liberty twp., p. 617D

Moses McClintic                 Farmer                    57            VA/VA/VA

Mary McClintic                    wife                         49            VA/VA/VA

Horace McClintic                 son                         24            MO/VA/VA

Maggie McClintic                dau                         22            MO/VA/VA

Annie McClintic                   dau                         16            MO/VA/VA

Emma McClintic                   dau                         13            MO/VA/VA





Harrisonville, p. 83B

D McClintock                       Butcher  44            OH/VA/OH

Jane McClintock                  wife         44            OH/OH/KY

Mary McClintock                 dau         17            OH/OH/OH

Watt M McClintock            son         14            MO/OH/OH

E W McClintock                   son         12            MO/OH/OH

S V McClintock                    dau         9              MO/OH/OH

Maggie McClintock             dau         2              MO/OH/OH


Polk twp., p. 238C

Joseph McClintock              Farmer    42            KY/PA/MD

Sallie McClintock                 wife         34            KY/KY/KY

Henry K McClintock           son         6              MO/KY/KY

Thomas C McClintock        son         5              MO/KY/KY

Susan R McClintock            dau         3              MO/KY/KY

Nellie McClintock                dau         3mon      MO/KY/KY


Polk twp., p. 246C

Andrew McClintock            Works on farm      22            MO/--/--

with Lot F. Davis 34 PA and Liddie Davis 36 OH






Chariton twp., p. 373C

J N McClintock                     Farmer    40            OH/OH/OH

Martha McClintock             wife         29            PA/PA/PA

Ada McClintock                   dau         6              MO/OH/PA

Joda McClintock                  dau         4              MO/OH/PA





Liberty, p. 391B

Robert McClintock              farm laborer           56            VA/VA/VA

Melinda McClintock            wife                         46            KY/KY/KY

Robert McClintock              son                         13            MO/VA/KY

Charles McClintock             son                         11            MO/VA/KY

Catharine McClintock         dau                         5              MO/VA/KY





Cameron, p. 492C

Frank McClintock                shoveler on RR     23            OH/PA/PA

Laura McClintock                wife                         21            PA/PA/PA


Atchison, p. 515C

J McClintock                         farmer                     31            MO/KY/VA

Myrmda McClintock           wife                         27            NC/NC/NC

Effa M McClintock              dau                         3              MO/MO/NC

George W McClintock        son                         2              MO/MO/NC

Florence McClintock           dau                         3mon      MO/MO/NC





Adams, p. 295C

David McClintock                laborer                    20            IL/--/--


Colfax, p. 313D

David McClintock                farmer                     63            PA/PA/PA

Margrett McClintock           wife                         61            PA/PA/PA

Lawrence B McClintock      son                         17            OH/PA/PA





Brookline, p. 132B

Richard Rose                        farming                   36            MO/TN/TN

Angie Rose                           wife                         25            MO/TN/KY

Walter Rose                          son                         12            MO/MO/AR

Author Rose                         son                         10            MO/MO/AR

Sally Rose                             dau                         4              MO/MO/MO

Eliza McClintic                                                      21            MO/AR/AR

Minnie McClintic                                                 2              MO/TN/MO





Glasgow, p. 361D

L McClintock                        capitalist                                27            IA/PA/PA


Glasgow, p. 361D

William McClintock             saloon keeper       31            IA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 wife                         30            OH/IR/IR

Clara McClintock                 dau                         7              MO/IA/OH

Warren McClintock             son                         4              MO/IA/OH

Ora McClintock                    dau                         1              MO/IA/OH


Glasgow, p. 361D

D McClintock                       retail grocer           37            OH/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 wife                         33            OH/OH/EG

Wilson McClintock             son                         7              MO/OH/OH


Glasgow, p. 367D

George McClintock              brickmaker             35            OH/PA/PA

Charlotte McClintock          wife                         26            OH/PA/PA

Edith McClintock                 dau                         4              MO/OH/OH

Everett   McClintock           son                         2              MO/OH/OH

------ McClintock                  son                         1mon      MO/OH/OH





Kansas City, p. 45A

Robert McClintock              Bakery                    31            PA/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 wife                         22            OH/PA/SC

Agnes McClintock              dau                         1              MO/PA/OH

Mary McClintock                 mother                    63            IR/IR/IR


Kansas City, p. 97D

C H McClintock                    baker                      31            NY/NY/NY


Kansas City, 3rd Ward, p. 291A

Thomas McClintock            physician               34            OH/NY/NY

Sarah McClintock                wife                         29            OH/--/--


Kansas City, p. 462B

Charles H McClintock         carpenter               45            PA/PA/DE



Kansas City, p. 555B

John McClintock                  baker                      33            PA/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 wife                         26            MO/VA/SC

Minnie McClintock              dau                         7              MO/PA/MO

Gertrude McClintock           dau                         5              MO/PA/MO

John Eugene McClintock   son                         3              MO/PA/MO


Prairie, p. 204C

John McClintock                  farmer                     43            IN/--/--

Nancy McClintock               wife                         42            IL/OH/OH

Mary McClintock                 dau                         20            IL/IN/IL

William McClintock             son                         18            IL/IN/IL

Lillie McClintock                  dau                         15            IL/IN/IL

Edward McClintock             son                         13            IL/IN/IL

John McClintock                  son                         10            IL/IN/IL

Louisa McClintock              dau                         6              IL/IN/IL





Salt River, p. 600C

Ash McClintick                                                    56            KY/VA/SC

Sarah J McClintick               wife                         46            IL/KY/IL

Albert A McClintick            son                         22            MO/KY/IL

Hiram McClintock                son                         19            MO/KY/IL






Ozark, p. 432C

J McClintic                            servant                   36f           AR/OH/TN  in poor farm

W McClintic                                                         4m           MO/AR/AR





Waverly, p. 332B

Henry McClintock               teamster                 36            IL/IL/IL

Jennie McClintock               wife                         33            MO/MO/MO

Clemont McClintock            dau                         6              MO/IL/MO

Henry McClintock               son                         11            MO/IL/MO

Edwin McClintock               son                         8mon      MO/IL/MO





Brookfield, p. 414A

James McClintic                   farmer                     48            IN/IN/KY

Jarusha McClintic                                wife                         41            MO/MO/MO

James W McClintic              son                         19            MO/IN/MO

John E McClintic                  son                         14            MO/IN/MO

Charles McClintic                                son                         12            MO/IN/MO

Minnie McClintic                 dau                         10            MO/IN/MO

Lenod McClintic                  son                         7              MO/IN/MO

Elizebeth McClintic              dau                         2              MO/IN/MO



Brookfield, p. 441C

John McClintick                   farmer                     45            IN/IN/VA

Rachel J McClintick             wife                         42            MO/IN/PA

Laura McClintick                  dau                         19            MO/IN/MO

John McClintick                   son                         17            MO/IN/MO

Sarah McClintick                  dau                         14            MO/IN/MO

Hattie McClintick                 dau                         11            MO/IN/MO

George McClintick               son                         10            MO/IN/MO


Brookfield, p. 441D

Lucinda McClintick             farmer                     48            IN/IN/IN

Pearson F McClintick          son                         29            IN/IN/IN

Thomas N McClintick         son                         12            MO/IN/IN

Oliver W McClintick            son                         10            MO/IN/IN


Yellow Creek, p. 569B

Andy McClintick                 farm laborer           22            MO/--/--





Warren, p. 141D

Richard McClintic                farmer                     30            VA/VA/VA

Elizabeth McClintic              sister                      28            VA/VA/VA


Warren, p. 414D                  

John H McClintic                 farmer                     34            VA/VA/VA

Mary McClintic                    wife                         29            DE/DE/PA

James McClintic                   brother                   23            VA/VA/VA

George McClintic                                                 27            VA/VA/VA

Thomas Fore                                                         14            MO/KY/KY


Warren, p. 415A

William S McClintic             farmer                     36            VA/VA/VA

Bettie McClintic                   wfe                          32            VA/VA/VA

Virginia McClintic                dau                         9              MO/VA/VA

Lena J McClintic                  dau                         8              MO/VA/VA

Hasey McClintic                  son                         6              MO/VA/VA

Robert McClintic                  son                         4              MO/VA/VA

Bessie McClintic                  dau                         3              MO/VA/VA



Warren, p. 415A

James A McClintic               farmer                     37            VA/VA/VA

Grace McClintic                    wife                         28            IL/NY/NY

James W McClintic              brother                   32            VA/VA/VA


Warren, p. 415B

John S McClintic                  farmer                     36            VA/VA/VA

Susan McClintic                   wife                         34            VA/VA/VA

Lelia McClintic                     dau                         11            VA/VA/VA

Jasper McClintic                  son                         6              MO/VA/VA

Clarence McClintic              son                         3              MO/VA/VA


Warren, p. 415B

William McClintic                farmer                     41            VA/VA/VA

Nannie McClintic                 wife                         32            VA/VA/VA

Rebecca McClintic               dau                         3              MO/VA/VA

Ada McClintic                      dau                         9mon      MO/VA/VA


Warren, p. 415B

Moses McClintic                 doctor & farmer    74            VA/VA/VA

Susan McClintic                   wife                         74            VA/VA/VA

Sarah McClintic                    dau                         37            VA/VA/VA

Susan McClintic                   dau                         35            MO/VA/VA





South Fork, p. 524C

Charles Tanner                     druggist                 28            MO/KY/VA

Sallie M Tanner                    wife                         23            MO/MO/MO

Lida Tanner                           dau                         6              MO/MO/MO

Wallace Tanner                    son                         5              MO/MO/MO

Ingemisca Tanner                                dau                         1mon      MO/MO/MO

Mary McClintock                 sister-in-law          14            MO/MO/MO





Grandy, p. 533C

F McClintock                        farming                   31            OH/PA/PA

Frances M McClintock       wife                         31            IL/OH/IN

Grace A McClintock            dau                         8              MO/OH/IL

Edgar McClintock                son                         2              MO/OH/IL

Edith McClintock                 dau                         1              MO/OH/IL





Hughes, p. 58B

S S Daugherty                      merchant                26            MO/PA/PA

Anna Daugherty                  wife                         23            IN/IR/IR

F C McClintock                    cousin                    26            CA/OH/KY


Maryville, p. 204B

Malinda E McClintock        servant                   18            VA/VA/KY





Rolla, p. 376A

Rachel McClintock              keeps house          30            black       MO/TN/VA





Henrietta, p. 357B

A K McClintock                   hotel & livery keeper           56            VA/VA/VA

Catharine McClintock         wife                                         52            MN/SC/MN

Annie McClintock               dau                                         26            MO/VA/MN

J L McClintock                     son                                         24            MO/VA/MN

Katie McClintock                 dau                                         18            MO/VA/MN





Union, p. 535B

Robert McClintock              farmer                     61            TN/IR/TN

A C McClintock                   wife                         51            TN/NC/TN

James T McClintock            son                         24            TN/TN/TN

William S McClintock          son                         17            TN/TN/TN

Robert N McClintock          son                         14            TN/TN/TN

Jasper McClintock               son                         12            TN/TN/TN

Hugh C McClintock             son                         10            TN/TN/TN

Laura S McClintock             dau                         9              TN/TN/TN


Union, p. 536C

A H McClintock                   doctor                    60            TN/SC/TN

Evans McClintock               son                         22            TN/TN/AL

Mary F McClintock                                             18            TN/TN/TN


Union, p. 547A    

R A McClintock                   school teacher      26            TN/MS/KY

Rosa A McClintock             wife                         20            MS/TN/MS

Evans S McClintock            son                         3              TN/TN/MS

Sarah U McClintock            dau                         1              MO/TN/MS





Liberty, p. 485A

Thomas McClintock            farmer                     35            MO/VA/MO

Louisa McClintock              wife                         30            MO/KY/TN

George McClintock              son                         11            MO/MO/MO

Rosie L McClintock             dau                         9              MO/MO/MO

Mary F McClintock             dau                         6              MO/MO/MO

Febia A McClintock            dau                         2              MO/MO/MO


Liberty, p. 491B

Ed McClintock                      farmer                     29            MO/MO/MO

Alphia McClintock              wife                         25            MO/MO/MO

Alphia E McClintock           dau                         5              MO/MO/MO
Mary L McClintock             dau                         3              MO/MO/MO

Lillie W McClintock             dau                         3              MO/MO/MO





Union, p. 621C

William H McClintock         farmer                     29            MO/TN/VA

Lucy McClintock                 wife                         21            MO/TN/TN

Mabrey McClintock                                            3m           MO/MO/MO

Lela McClintock                                                   5mon      MO/MO/MO


Union, p. 625C

James McClintock                farmer                     68            NC/NC/NC

Elisabeth McClintock          wife                         54            MO/NC/VA

Nettie McClintock                dau                         25            MO/NC/VA

Rebecca McClintock           dau                         23            MO/NC/VA

Nancy McClintock               dau                         21            MO/NC/VA

Charles McClintock             son                         19            MO/NC/VA

Susan McClintock               dau                         16            MO/NC/VA

Laura McClintock                dau                         13            MO/NC/VA





Grand pass, p. 359B

Steward McClintick             farmer                     60            VA/VA/VA

Mary A McClintick              wife                         35            MO/TN/MO

Lucinda Cullin                      niece                       9              KS/CN/MO





St. Louis, p. 227B

Warren McClintick              farmer                     60            MO/IR/NY

Adelaide McClintick            wife                         35            MO/IR/IR


St Louis, p. 457A

Daniel McClintock               cooper                    50            OH/KY/OH

Mary McClintock                 wife                         50            EG/EG/EG

Daniel C McClintock           son                         17            IL/OH/EG

Mary McClintock                 dau                         13            IL/OH/EG

Harriet Green                         mother-in-law        72            EG/EG/EG


St Louis, p. 61A

W K McClintock                  cotton merchant   28            PA/PA/PA

Alida McClintock                 wife                         27            OH/CT/OH

Stella McClintock dau                         10            OH/PA/OH


St Louis, p. 147A

John S McClintock              retail grocer           46            IR/IR/IR

Eliza McClintock                  wife                         35            PA/SC/PA


St Louis, 6th ward, p. 271B

N L McClintock                    machinist               46            GA/NJ/NJ


St Louis, 9th ward, p. 606B

Ruben F McClintock           carpenter               47            PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 wife                         38            MO/TN/VA

Willie McClintock                son                         14            MO/PA/MO

Fannie McClintock              dau                         6              MO/PA/MO

Mary Fitzhugh                      mother-in-law        57            VA/IR/IR


St Louis, 10th ward, p. 239C

J W McClintock                   book keeper          40            IL/IL/IL

E A McClintock                    wife                         40            IL/PA/VA

W H Starr                              step son                 21            IL/IL/VA


St Louis, p. 396B

George McClinton               30m         stair builder           PA/PA/PA

Helen McClinton                  27f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Leone McClinton                 8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Clifford McClinton               6m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Essie McClinton                   1f             dau                         MO/PA/PA





Harrison, p. 121B

John McClintic                     farmer                     37            OH/IR/IR

Elen E McClintic                   wife                         38            MO/NY/NY

Bell M McClintic                  dau                         6              MO/OH/MO

Maude McClintic                 dau                         5              MO/OH/MO

John McClintic                     son                         3              MO/OH/MO

Alexander McClintic            son                         1              MO/OH/MO


Harrison, p. 121B

Willis Purdy                                                          52            KY/KY/KY

Mollie Purdy                                                         35            MO/IR/IR

Jim McClintick                      brother-in-law       40            OH/IR/IR


Harrison, p. 123B

Alex McClintic                      farmer                     48            CN/IR/IR

Tabitha McClintic                wife                         39            OH/OH/OH

Prise Phillips                         step son                 26            MO/--/--





Morris, p. 55C

Ettie McClintoch                                                  19            MO/IL/MO





Allen, p. 455C

Hugh McClintock                                farmer                     46            MO/KY/KY

Sue McClintock                    wife                         36            MD/VA/PA

Cora McClintock                  dau                         11            MO/MO/MO

Cornelia McClintock            dau                         6              MO/MO/MO


Allen, p. 455C

John W Freland                    farmer                     54            IN/PA/PA

Sarah J Freland                     wife                         48            MO/KY/KY

Henry Freland                       son                         16            KS/IN/KY

John Freland                         son                         16            KS/IN/KY

Edwin W Freland                 son                         13            MO/IN/KY

Frank B Freland                    son                         10            MO/IN/KY

Laura D Freland                    dau                         10            MO/IN/KY

Zenette McClintock             sister-in-law          38            MO/KY/KY

Mary McClintock                 mother-in-law        72            MD/MD/MD









Alder Gulch, p. 381D

Finley McClintick                 26m         wood chopper      MO/OH/OH





Diamond City, p. 393C

Joseph McClintock              47m         county treasurer   KY/PA/MD











West Cedar Valley, p. 133B

Dave McClintic                    33m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Minerva McClintic               23f           wife                         IA/PA/PA

John McClintic                     7m           son                         IA/PA/PA

Robert J McClintic               5m           son                         IA/PA/PA

Dave McClintic                    1m           son                         NE/PA/PA





Cedar, p. 192B

Hugh McClintick                  45m         farmer                     IN/PA/PA

Louisa McClintick                41f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

W George McClintick          22m         son                         WI/IN/IN

Ida Minkler                            19f           step dau                 PA/PA/NY

James McClintick                 18m         son                         WI/IN/IN

Cora Minkler                         14f           step dau                 IA/PA/NY

Joseph McClintick               13m         son                         WI/IN/IN

Eva Minkler                           9f             step dau                 IA/PA/NY

Evert McClintick                  1m           son                         NE/IN/NY





Franklin, p. 65D

James McClintock                23m         farmer                     IA/PA/PA





Tipton, p. 286D

Samuel McClintock              41m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Harriet McClintock              36f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Estella McClintock               3f             dau                         NE/OH/OH


Tipton, p. 286D

George McClintock              34m         farmer                     OH/PA/OH

Mary McClintock                 27f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Frank McClintock                5m           son                         NE/OH/PA

James McClintock                42            cousin                    PA/--/--

George Johnson                   23m                                         IN





St Johns, Summit and Pigeon Creek, p. 327D

James Knox                           40m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Mary Knox                            35f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Maggie McClintock             9f             niece                       NE/IR/IR





Silver Creek, p. 407C

James McClintock                32m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Frances McClintock            26f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Ada G McClintock               6f             dau                         NE/PA/OH

William McClintock             3m           son                         NE/PA/OH





Fremont 1st and 4th wards, p. 434A

James McClintock                55m         laborer                    Scot/Scot/Scot

Annie McClintock               54f           wife                         Scot/Scot/Scot

James McClintock                18m         dau                         Scot/Scot/Scot


Cuming, p. 529D

H McClintoc                         69m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

S A McClintoc                      59f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

W E McClintoc                     25m         son                         PA/--/--





Omaha, p. 283B

Emma McClinton                  22f           black       works in laundry  MO/MO/MO





Jennings, p. 307A

John Fallon                           55m         section hand on R R            IR/IR/IR

Catharine Fallon                   60f           wife                                         IR/IR/IR

Jennie McClinton                 23f           stepdau                                  MO/IR/IR






Plymouth, p. 579B

W G McClintock                  30m         farmer                     IL/--/--

Chrisine McClintock            29f           wife                         IL/--/--

Francis W Bates                   22m                                         OH/MA/MA






Clarksville, p. 10B

William McClintic                30m         farmer                     PA/--/--

Emma McClintic                   29f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Frederick McClintic             7m           son                         NE/PA/PA

Irvin McClintic                     3m           son                         NE/PA/PA

William McClintic                1m           son                         NE/PA/PA


Clarksville, p. 14B

John McClintic                     35m         farmer                     IN/NY/OH

Mandila McClintic               34f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Walter McClintic                  5m           son                         NE/OH/OH

Jesse McClintic                    1mon      son                         NE/OH/OH





District 187, p. 294B

M C McClintoc                     40m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA





Pawnee, p. 44C

William McClintock             64m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Sarah McClintock                54f           wife                         KY/VA/VA

Mary McClintock                 28f           dau                         NE/IR/KY

Alexander McClintock        21m         son                         NE/IR/KY

Winfield McClintock           20m         son                         NE/IR/KY

Annie McClintock               18f           dau                         NE/IR/KY

Lena McClintock                  15f           dau                         NE/IR/KY





Dry Creek, p. 121D

Henry Neff                            51m         farmer                     OH/--/--

Harriet Neff                           46f           wife                         IN/--/KY

L A McClintock                    15f           step dau                 IA/KY/IN

Ellen McClintock                  11f           step dau                 MO/KY/IN

Lee McClintock                    6m           step son                 MO/KY/IN





Fort Calhoun, p. 217C

Lorenzo Crounse                  46m                                         NY/NY/NY

Mary E Crounse                   42f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Sarah G McClintock             41f                                           PA/NJ/PA

Henry C McClintock            37m                                         PA/PA/NY









Northumberland, p. 100B

Henry McClintick                 21m         shoemaker             Can/IR/IR boarder


Lancaster, p. 167C

James McClintock                26m         laborer                    NH/NH/NH


Whitefield, p. 202C

James McClintock                50m                                         IR/IR/IR

Margrett McClintock           45f           wife                         Can/Scot/Scot

William M McClintock        20m         son                         Can/IR/Can

Elbridge McClintock            19m         son                         Can/IR/Can

Agnes C McClintock           16f           dau                         Can/IR/Can

Levi McClintock                   13m         son                         Can/IR/Can

Herbert M McClintock        10m         son                         Can/IR/Can

Harriet J McClintock            6f             dau                         Can/IR/Can

Ida McClintock                     3f             dau                         NH/IR/Can


Whitefield, p. 206D

James N McClintock            19m         laborer                    Can/IR/Scot





Thornton, p. 403D

James McClintock                66m         works on farm       NH/NH/NH

Betsey McClintock              48f           wife                         NH/MA/NH

Sarah McClintock                31f           dau                         NH/NH/NH

Guy McClintock                   13m         son                         NH/NH/NH

Samuel G McClintock          10m         son                         NH/NH/NH

Liller B Merrill                       6m           grandson               NH/NH/NH







Hillsborough, p. 336D

Theron McClintock             61m                                         NH/NH/NH

Sarah J McClintock              57f           wife                         NH/NH/NH

Kneeland McClintock         31m         son                         NH/NH/NH

Cordelia McClintock            19f           dau                         NH/NH/NH


Hillsborough, p. 346C

Luke McClintock                  72m         farmer                     NH/NH/NH

Louise McClintock              29f           dau                         NH/NH/NH

John McClintock                  27m         son                         NH/NH/NH

George E McClintock          14m         son                         NH/NH/NH


Hillsborough, p. 348C

Mark McClintock                 41m         farmer                     NH/NH/NH

Maria McClintock                37f           wife                         NH/NH/NH

Fred A McClintock              11m         son                         NH/NH/NH

Louise F McClintock           7f             dau                         NH/NH/NH


Manchester, p. 18D

Rhoda J McClintoc              36f           works in cotton mill             NH/NH/NH


Manchester, p. 110D

James McClintock                46m         clerk in store         NH/NH/NH

Anna McClintock                                43f           wife                         NH/NH/NH

Annie McClintock               16f           dau                         NH/NH/NH


Nashua, p. 517C

Hiel McClintock                   57            works in sash shop              NH/NH/NH

Roxy McClintock                 48f           wife                                         NH/NH/NH

Sillman McClintock              25m         son                                         NH/NH/NH

Nellie E McClintock             22f           dau-in-law                             NH/NH/NH

Fred H McClintock              1m           grandson                               NH/NH/NH


Peterborough, p. 592A

John McClintock                  27m         fireman on R R      NH/NH/NH





Boscawen, p. 45D

Annie O McClintock           18f           seamstress            NH/NH/NH


Concord, 4th ward, p. 128D

John N McClintock              34m         civil engineer        ME/ME/ME

Josephine McClintock        38f           wife                         NH/NH/NH

John T McClintock              8m           son                         NH/ME/NH

Edward McClintock             5m           son                         NH/ME/NH

Arabella McClintock           2f             dau                         NH/ME/NH





Dover, 4th ward, p. 122C

Thomas McClintock            32m         works in Woolen Mill          ME/IR/IR

Helen McClintock                30f           wife                                         MA/Scot/Scot

Helen A McClintock            1f             dau                                         NH/ME/MA


Somersworth, p. 354D

Neil O’Brien                          50m         cobbler                   IR/IR/IR

Jane O’Brien                         49f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Sarah McClintock                20f           dau                         NH/IR/IR

John F O’Brien                     18m         son                         NH/IR/IR

Susan O’Brien                      15f           dau                         NH/IR/IR

Annie O’Brien                      10f           dau                         NH/IR/IR

Joseph McClintock              24m         son-in-law             ME/IR/IR

Margaret McWilliams         78f           mother-in-law        IR/IR/IR





Claremont, p. 276D

Robert McClinton                45m         works in papermill                IR/IR/IR

Mary McClinton                  40f           wife                                         IR/IR/IR

William McClinton               6m           son                                         NH/IR/IR

Robert McClinton                1m           son                                         NH/IR/IR









Camden, p. 117C

Robert McClintock              40m         stone mason         IR/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  39f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Thomas McClintock            20m         son                         NJ/IR/IR

Sallie McClintock                 17f           dau                         NJ/IR/IR

Maggie McClintock             15f           dau                         NJ/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 11f           dau                         NJ/IR/IR

Bella McClintock                  9f             dau                         NJ/IR/IR


Camden, p. 226B

John McClintock                  39m         manufacturer of straw goods             NJ/PA/PA

Mary Jane McClintock        36f           wife                                                         VA/PA/VA

Meriam McClintock             16f           dau                                                         NJ/NJ/VA

John E McClintock              13m         son                                                         NJ/NJ/VA

George McClintock              11m         son                                                         NJ/NJ/VA

Clarence McClintock           9m           son                                                         NJ/NJ/VA

Wilbure McClintock            6m           son                                                         NJ/NJ/VA

May McClintock                  4f             dau                                                         NJ/NJ/VA

Arthur McClintock              2m           son                                                         NJ/NJ/VA


Camden, p. 268B

James McClintock                34m         USN                        PA/Scot/PA

Laura McClintock                21f           wife                         PA/PA/NJ

Augustus McClintock        5m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary Collie                           56f                                           NJ/NJ/NJ





Bridgeton, p. 112B

S A McClintock                    57m         nail cutter              DE/DE/DE

Phebe McClintock               43f           wife                         NJ/NJ/NJ

William S McClintock          23m         son                         NJ/DE/NJ

Elizabeth McClintock          14f           dau                         NJ/DE/NJ

Caroline McClintock            9f             dau                         NJ/DE/NJ


Bridgeton, 1st Ward, p. 116B

Mary Ogden                         57f                                           DE/NJ/NJ

Mary McClintock                 85f                                           NJ/NJ/NJ

Lewis H McClintock            30m         osterman                NJ/NJ/NJ


Fairfield, p. 270A

Elizabeth McClintock          55f           keeping house      NJ/NJ/NJ

Emma J McClintock             15f           dau                         NJ/NJ/NJ


Landis, p. 324A

Thomas W McClintock       59m         laborer                    NJ/NJ/NJ

Elizabeth McClintock          49f           wife                         NJ/NJ/NJ

George W McClintock        10m         son                         NJ/NJ/NJ

John Simkins                         43m         brother-in-law       NJ/NJ/NJ


Millville 1st Ward, p. 410C

Charles McClintock             45m         sailor                      NJ/NJ/NJ

Mary McClintock                 38f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

John McClintock                  18m         son                         NJ/NJ/PA

Nellie McClintock                5f             dau                         NJ/NJ/PA

Leona McClintock               2f             dau                         NJ/NJ/PA





Newark, p. 88B

Edward McCormick             40m                                         NJ/NJ/NJ

Matilda McCormick             35f           wife                         NJ/NJ/NY

Henry McCormick                13m         son                         NJ/NJ/NJ

Anna McClintock                                37f           sister                      NJ/NJ/NJ


Newark, p. 21A

Ferdinand McClintock        44m         fruit dealer             NJ/NY/PA

Catherine McClintock         38f           wife                         NJ/IR/IR

Edward E McClintock          19m         son                         NJ/NJ/NJ

Anna McClintock                                2f             dau                         NJ/NJ/NJ


Newark, p. 123A

Augustus McClintock        35m         machinist               NJ/NJ/NJ

Mary E McClintock             25f           wife                         NJ/NJ/NJ


Newark, p. 268A

William R McClintock         65m                                         NJ/NJ/NJ

Edgar G McClintock            26m                                         NJ/--/--

Celia McClintock                  26f           wife                         IN/IN/IN


East Orange, p. 466A

Charles Waterman               47m                                         NY/NY/NY

Emma R Waterman               36f           wife                         NJ

Lizzie Waterman                   14f           dau                         NY

Arthur Waterman                 1m           son                         NJ

Laura McClintock                22f           sister                      NJ/NJ/NJ


Mont Clair, p. 13B

Mary Parrott                         39f                                           IR

Matthew McClintock          45m         coachman              IR/IR/IR


Jersey City, p. 244A

Andrew McClintock            48m         carpenter               ME/Scot/Scot

Mary C McClintock             37f           wife                         ME/Scot/Scot

William McClintock             22m         son                         ME/ME/ME

Rebbeca McClintock           13f           dau                         ME/ME/ME

Benjamen Pike                      32m                                         ME/ME/ME

Mary C Pike                          25f                                           ME/ME/ME





Lambertville, p. 84A

Margaret Heins                    65f           keeping house      IR/IR/IR

Margaret McClinton            39f           dau                         IR/IR/IR

Andrew McClinton              15m         grandson               NJ/IR/IR






Trenton, p. 308A

John McClintock                  18m         machinist               PA/PA/PA





Patterson, p. 444D

James McClintock                40m         laborer                    IR/IR/IR

Ellen McClintock                  30f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          12f           dau                         NJ/IR/IR

Ellen McClintock                  9f             dau                         NJ/IR/IR

Annie McClintock               7f             dau                         NJ/IR/IR

James McClintock                2m           son                         NJ/IR/IR


Patterson, p. 496D

George McClintock              34m         laborer                    MA/IR/IR

Jennia McClintock               24f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Edward McClintock             3m           son                         RI/MA/IR

Lidia McClintock                  1f             dau                         RI/MA/IR





Westfield, p. 569B

Rachel A McClintock          58f           seamstress            NJ/NJ/NJ

Hannah Perrine                     20f           dau                         NJ/NJ/NJ

Robert M C Hodge              5m           grandson               NJ/NJ/NJ

Emma Perrine                        11mon    granddaughter      NJ/NJ/NJ

Adigail Mills                         70f                                           NJ/NJ/NJ







Los Cerillos, p. 89A

---- McClintic                        32m         miner                      VA/VA/VA










Waterviliet, p. 406C

Alexander McClintock        55m         laborer                    IR/IR/IR

Charles McClintock             25m         son                         NY/IR/IR

William McClintock             16m         son                         NY/IR/IR

John McClintock                  13m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  13f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

James McClintock                10m         son                         NY/IR/IR


West Troy, p. 233D

Mary J McLintock               10f                                           NY/IR/IR

with Henry Maben               35m         woolen mill            IR/IR/IR

Eliza M Maben                     28f           wife                         IR/IR/IR


West Troy, p. 239D

Charles McLintock              45m         cooper                    IR/IR/IR

Jane McLintock                    40f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Eliza J McLintock 20f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

Charles A McLintock          18m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Margaret McLintock           17f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

Mary McLintock                  14f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

William McLintock              10m         son                         NY/IR/IR

John McLintock                   8m           son                         NY/IR/IR

George H McLintock           6m           son                         NY/IR/IR

Joseph H McLintock           5m           son                         NY/IR/IR

Emma Sue McLintock          3f             dau                         NY/IR/IR

Frederick L McLintock        1m           son                         NY/IR/IR





Moravia, p. 208A

Jay McClintock                    25m         wagon maker         NY/OH/NY

Luella McClintock                23f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

----- McClintock                    1mon      dau                         NY/NY/NY

Samantha Holly                    69f           aunt                        NY/NY/NY


Moravia, p. 219B

Joseph McClintock              50m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Augusta McClintock           45f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Mary McClintock                 18f           dau                         NY/NY/NY

Frank Adams                        25m         son                         NY/NY/NY





Jamestown, p. 337A

T W McClintock                  34m         book publisher     PA/PA/PA

Amelia McClintock              32f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Theodore McClintock         3m           son                         NY/PA/NY

Marvin McClintock             6mon      son                         NY/NY/NY





Valatie, p. 404C

John McClintock                  42m         works in cotton mill             IR/IR/IR

Joseph McClintock              13m         son                                         NY/IR/IR


Stuyvesant, p. 490D

Joseph McClintock              74m                                         IR/IR/IR

Ellen McClintock                  76f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          38f           dau                         IR/IR/IR

Bridget McClintock             34f           dau                         IR/IR/IR





Kortright, p. 248D

William F McClintock          46m         farmer                     NY/IR/NY

Susan M McClintock          40f           wife                         NY/IR/IR

John G McClintock              16m         son                         NY/NY/NY

Fannie I McClintock            14f           dau                         NY/NY/NY

William E McClintock          7m           son                         NY/NY/NY

John McClintock                  75m         father                      IR/IR/IR

Margaret Mahaffe                75f                                           NY/IR/IR






Brooklyn, p. 609C

James McClintock                30m         moulder                  Scot/Scot/Scot

----- McClintock                    25f           wife                         Scot/Scot/Scot

Adam McClintock                7m           son                         Scot/Scot/Scot

Agnes McClintock              4f             dau                         Scot/Scot/Scot


Brooklyn, p. 151D

Jane McClintock                  27f           servant                   IR/IR/IR





Geneseo, p. 92A

John McClintock                  62m         farmer                     NY/PA/PA

Tracy McClintock                29m         son                         NY/NY/NY

Charles McClintock             57m         brother                   NY/PA/PA


Geneseo, p. 93C

Robert McClintock              68m         farmer                     NY/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          50f           wife                         NY/NY/PA

Nettie McClintock                13f           dau                         MI/NY/NY


Geneseo, p. 101A

Abram McClintock              54m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Jane E McClintock               49f           wife                         NY/NJ/NJ

George F McClintock          18m         son                         NY/PA/NY


Livonia, p. 206A

Abram McClintock              55m         farmer                     NY/PA/PA

Mary A McClintock            49f           wife                         NY/CT/NY

Herbert A McClintock         25m         son                         NY/NY/NY

Ella McClintock                    25f           dau-in-law             NY/NY/NY

Earle B McClintock              3m           grandson               NY/NY/NY

Abram C McClintock           1m           grandson               NY/NY/NY

Michael Cleary                     50m                                         Can/IR/IR

Martha A Morrison             20f                                           NY/IR/IR





New York, p. 218D

John Hoag                             79m         retired merchant   Scot/Scot/Scot

Archibald McLintock          54m         son-in-law             Scot/Scot/Scot

Hannah McLintock              52f           dau                         Scot/Scot/Scot

Archibald McLintock          27m         grandson               NY/Scot/Scot

Sophia McLintock               26f           granddaughter      NY/FR/FR

Archibald McLintock          2m           great grandson     NY/NY/NY



New York, p. 75C

David P McClintock            38m         silk merchant         IR/IR/IR


New York, p. 90B

William H McClintock         26m         stock broker          CA/IR/MD


New York, p. 411A

Andrew McClintock            54m         police surgeon      IR/Scot/IR

Margaret McClintock          51f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 24f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          23f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

Emma McClintock                18f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

William McClintock             16m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Thomas McClintock            14m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Henrietta McClintock          12f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

Andrew McClintock            10m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Joshua McClintock              8m           son                         NY/IR/IR


New York, p. 75C

Alexander McClintock        40m         chemist                  IR/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          35f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

William McClintock             15m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 9f             dau                         NY/IR/IR

Lilly McClintock                   7f             dau                         NY/IR/IR

Belle McClintock                  4f             dau                         NY/IR/IR

Katie McClintock                 2f             dau                         NY/IR/IR


New York, p. 392D

William McClintock             45m         hotel waiter           IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 50f           wife                         IR/IR/IR


New York, p. 237C

Hugh McClintock                                40m         roofer                     IR/IR/IR

Kate McClintock                  34f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

William McClintock             15m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Sarah McClintock                12f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          8f             dau                         NY/IR/IR

Robert McClintock              5m           son                         NY/IR/IR

William Moodey                  73m                                         IR/IR/IR


New York, p. 536A

Mary McClintock                 50f           keeps house          IR/IR/IR

Daniel McClintock               32m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Alexander McClintock        24m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 20f           dau                         NY/IR/IR

James McClintock                11m         son                         NY/IR/IR


New York, p. 4C

Francis McClintock             48m         cigar dealer            NY/MA/MA

George W McClintock        14m         son                         OH/NY


New York, p. 304A

Samuel McClintick               28m         street car conductor            NY/NY/NY

Mary McClintick                  26f           wife                                         NY/NY/NY

Mary McClintick                  5f             dau                                         NY/NY/NY

Lititia McClintick                  3f             dau                                         NY/NY/NY


New York, p. 314B

Samuel McClintock              64m         gardener                                IR/IR/IR

William McClintock             23m         son                         NY/IR/IR

Robert McClintock              22m         son                         NY/IR/IR


New York, p. 349A

Bridget McClintock             45f           laundress               IR/--/--


New York, 19th Ward, p. 254D

Robert McClintock              24m         office clerk             NY/Scot/Scot

Eliza McClintock                  22f                                           NY/IR/IR


New York, p. 455D

George McClintock              35m         works in tannery  Scot/Scot/Scot

Annie L McClintock            34f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Andrew B McClintock        12m         son                         NY/Scot/NY

John H McClintock              10m         son                         NY/Scot/NY

William McClintock             8m           son                         NY/Scot/NY

Robert McClintock              3mon      son                         NY/Scot/NY





South Worcester, p. 549A

James McClintock                46m         farmer                     NY/IR/Scot

Margaret McClintock          47f           wife                         NY/CT/CT

Mary J McClintock              17f           dau                         NY/NY/NY

Anna McClintock                                13            dau                         NY/NY/NY

Leonard McClintock            9m           son                         NY/NY/NY


Worcester, p. 550D

John McClintock                  54m         farmer                     NY/IR/Scot

Margaret McClintock          42f           sister                      NY/IR/Scot

Charles McClintock             83m         father                      IR/IR/IR

George McClintock              23m         nephew                  NY/NY/NY

Sarah Pulling                         22f                                           NY/NY/NY


Worcester, p. 552C

Alexander McClintock        51m         farmer                     NY/IR/Scot

Laticia McClintock               48f           wife                         NY/IR/NY

Samuel Sloan                        11m                                         NY/NY/NY


Worcester, p. 552C

William McClintock             42m         farmer                     NY/IR/Scot

Elosia McClintock                37f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Jennie McClintock               11f           dau                         NY/NY/NY

Lettie McClintock                9f             dau                         NY/NY/NY

Nellie McClintock                9f             dau                         NY/NY/NY

Sally Sanders                        71f           mother-in-law        NY/NY/NY

Darius Denny                       40m                                         NY/NY/NY

Robert Hall                            23m                                         NY/IR/IR

Edward Day                          22m                                         NY/NY/NY





Oyster Bay, p. 432D

Lizzie McClintock 20f           servant                   IR/IR/IR





Troy 3rd Ward, p. 92A

H Plummer McClintock       23m         student RPI           PA/PA/PA






Catherine, p. 267B

George McClintic                 45m         laborer                    NY/NY/NY

Lydia J McClintic                 46f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Claudius I Trotter 31m         brother-in-law       NY/NY/NY





Dryden, p. 57B

Charles McClintock             64m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Elisabeth McClintock          55f           wife                         NY/NY/France

Lizzie McClintock 21f           dau                         NY/IR/NY

Willatt McClintock              18m         son                         NY/IR/NY

Robert McClintock              15m         son                         NY/IR/NY

Jennie McClintock               13f           dau                         NY/IR/NY






Salem, p. 414B

Nellie McClintock                20f           servant                   IR/IR/IR




Starkey, p. 521C

Edwin McClintic                   49m         laborer                    NY/NY/NY

Elizabeth McClintic              39f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Minnie McClintic                 18f           dau                         NY/NY/NY

Bell McClintic                       10f           dau                         NY/NY/NY

Willie McClintic                   6m           son                         NY/NY/NY

Frankie McClintic                 4m           son                         NY/NY/NY









Clay, p. 165A

G M McClintock                   34m         farmer     NC/NC/NC

Nancy McClintock               33f           wife         NC/NC/NC

Sarah I McClintock              6f             dau         NC/NC/NC

Letha Ann McClintock       3f             dau         NC/NC/NC


Clay, p. 165A

Mary McClintock                 74f           keeps house          NC/NC/NC

Emsly W McClintock          50m         son                         NC/NC/NC


Jefferson, p. 157D

Nathan McLintock               41m         farmer                     NC/NC/NC

Martha T McLintock           41f           wife                         NC/NC/NC

Mary E McLintock               8f             dau                         NC/NC/NC

Georgia A McLintock          6f             dau                         NC/NC/NC

Donna V McLintock            4f             dau                         NC/NC/NC

John A McLintock               1m           son                         NC/NC/NC


Monroe, p. 179C

George McLintock               34m         farmer                     NC/NC/NC

Jane McLintock                    34f           wife                         NC/NC/NC

Samuel McLintock               13m         son                         NC/NC/NC

Margaret McLintock           10f           dau                         NC/NC/NC

George McLintock               7m           son                         NC/NC/NC

Addie J McLintock              3f             dau                         NC/NC/NC







Dewese, p. 420D

J H McClintock                     35m         teaching                 SC/SC/SC

Emma S McClintock             29f           wife                         NC/NC/NC

Janie P McClintock              2f             dau                         NC/SC/--

Annie I McClintock             10mon    dau                         NC/SC/--








Bluffton, p. 346C

William  McClintock            52m                                         VA/VA/VA

Elisabeth McClintock          46f           wife                         VA/VA/VA

Emma McClintock                7f             dau                         OH/VA/VA

Charles McClintock             26m         son                         VA/VA/VA


Perry, p. 480C

Andrew McClintock            35m         farmer                     OH/IR/IR

Uretta McClintock               30f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Qulia McClintock                 17f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Albert C McClintock           8m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Anna A McClintock            3f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Pearl McClintock                  1f             dau                         OH/OH/OH


Lima, p. 553D

James McClintick                 45m         works in hub and spoke factory        OH/IR/PA

Rebecca McClintick             40f           wife                                                         OH/OH/VA

Ransom McClintick             18m         son                                                         OH/OH/OH

Shelton McClintick              13m         son                                                         OH/OH/OH

Eldia McClintick                   11f           dau                                                         OH/OH/OH

Alta McClintick                    5m           son                                                         OH/OH/OH





Ashland, p. 175B

Susan McClintock               62f                                           PA/PA/PA

with William Drumheller      29m         carpenter               OH/PA/PA

Susan Drumheller                 23f           wife                         OH/OH/OH





Denmark, p. 387A

L McClintock                        33m         farmer                     PA/NY/PA

Olive R McClintock             28f           wife                         PA/NY/PA

Edith G McClintock             3f             dau                         OH/OH/PA


Denmark, p. 391A

M D Wilsey                          46m         farmer                     NY/NY/CT

Harriet Wilsey                      41f           wife                         OH/NY/PA

Mary A Wilsey                    22f           dau                         OH/NY/OH

Carrie O Wilsey                    12f           dau                         OH/NY/OH

Lucius M Wilsey                 10m         son                         OH/NY/OH

Mary McClintock                 62f           mother-in-law        PA/PA/PA


Geneva, p. 415C

Charles McClintic                                30m         boot and shoe merchant     OH/MA/CT

Ida A McClintic                    24f           wife                                         NY/NY/NY





Duchouquet, p. 322B

Charles McClintic                                24m         farmer                     OH/IR/IR

Mollie McClintic                  22f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Maud McClintic                   2f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

C McClintic                           16m                                         OH/IR/IR

Cora Nungester                    15f                                           OH/OH/OH


Duchouquet, p. 322B

Charles McClintic                                65m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintic                    64f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

John McClintic                     16m         son                         OH/IR/IR

Mary McClintic                    14f           dau                         OH/IR/IR

Isaac Delong                         38m                                         OH/OH/OH


Duchouquet, p. 322B

George McClintic                 63m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintic              53f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Floretta McClintic                18f           dau                         OH/IR/IR

Emory McClintic                  16m         son                         OH/IR/IR

Edward McClintic                12m         son                         OH/IR/IR

Dora Neese                           20f           servant                   OH/OH/OH          


Duchouquet, p. 322B

R McClintic                           24m         farmer                     OH/IR/IR

Amanda McClintic               21f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Hugh McClintic                    7mon      son                         OH/OH/OH


Duchouquet, p. 323D

George Burke                        65m         farmer                     VA/VA/VA

Sarah Burke                           47f           wife                         OH/NJ/OH

S McClintic                           28f           dau                         OH/VA/OH

Milton Burke                         21m         son                         OH/VA/OH

Charles Burke                       17m         son                         OH/VA/OH

Eugene Burke                       16m         son                         OH/VA/OH

Otho Burke                            12m         son                         OH/VA/OH

William McClintic                6m           grandson               OH/OH/OH


Duchouquet, p. 324B

A McClintock                       40m         farmer                     OH/IR/IR

Ruth McClintock                  36f           wife                         OH/PA/NY

Malissa McClintock            17f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Mary McClintock                 14f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Margaret McClintock          12f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Sarah McClintock                11f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Charles McClintock             9m           son                         OH/OH/OH

George McClintock              7m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Netta McClintock                 2f             dau                         OH/OH/OH





Union, p. 274D

Beverly McClintock             49m         laborer                    VA/IR/IR

Hannah J McClintock          33f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Nelson G McClintock          13m         son                         OH/VA/OH

Minerva A McClintock       12f           dau                         OH/VA/OH

Thomas H McClintock        10m         son                         KY/VA/OH

John F McClintock              7m           son                         OH/VA/OH

Roselle McClintock             3f             dau                         OH/VA/OH

David Mayfield                    48m                                         OH/OH/OH


Ripley, p. 305B

W C McClintick                    56m         fire insurance agent             OH/PA/PA

Tamsey McClintick              48f           wife                                         OH/OH/OH

Lizzie McClintick                  28f           dau                                         OH/OH/OH

Kate McClintick                   25f           dau                                         OH/OH/OH

Robert McClintick                18m         son                                         OH/OH/OH


Ripley, p. 305B

Lizzie McClintick                  25f           servant                                   KY/KY/KY





Milford, p. 159C

Robert S McClintock           52m         farmer                     KY/KY/KY

Sarah J McClintock              39f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Anna L McClintock             19f           dau                         OH/KY/OH

Samuel W McClintock        17m         son                         OH/KY/OH

John M McClintock             15m         son                         OH/KY/OH

Robert O McClintock          12m         son                         OH/KY/OH

Edwin E McClintock            10m         son                         OH/KY/OH

Sidney S McClintock           5m           son                         OH/KY/OH


Union, p. 284C

A J McClintic                        27m         farmer                     OH/PA/OH

Laura G McClintic                23f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

John McClintic                     4m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Walter McClintic                  2m           son                         OH/OH/OH


Union, p. 287A

Hamilton Gerrard                  23m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Lizzie Gerrard                        18f           wife                         OH/PR/PR

Louisa Gerrard                      7f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

David McClintock                33m         cousin                    OH/OH/OH

Theodore Clark                     21m         nephew                  OH/OH/OH


Union, p. 287B

William Gerrard                     54m         farmer                     OH/NJ/NJ

Susan Gerrard                       52f           wife                         OH/VA/PA

Hester McClintic                  63f           sister                      OH/NJ/NJ





Augusta, p. 4C

Armstrong McClintock       27m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Samantha McClintock         26f           wife                         OH/OH/IR

Mary J McClintock              3f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

John W McClintock            2m           son                         OH/OH/OH

----- McClintock                    10mon    dau                         OH/OH/OH


Carollton, p. 46A

Eliza McClintock                  48f           keeps house          OH/OH/OH

Minna McClintock               21f                                           OH/OH/OH

Frank McClintock                19m                                         OH/OH/OH

George McClintock              18m                                         OH/OH/OH


Union, p. 175C

Eva McClintoc                      76f           keeps house          MD/Ger/Scot

Mary Bell Nixon                   31f           granddaughter      OH/IR/OH





Urbana, p. 431A

Charles McClintock             50m         wagon maker         IR/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          50f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

John D McClintock              16m         son                         OH/IR/OH

Alice McClintock                 14f           dau                         OH/IR/IR





Springfield, p 217C

Edwin R McClintock            33m         Farmer                    OH/PA/OH

Rachel C McClintock           26f           wife                         OH/PA/OH


Springfield, p. 217C

Mary M McClintock            58f           keeps house          OH/TN/VT

Mary McClintock                 18f           dau                         OH/PA/OH

William G McClintock         14m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Carrie McClintock                8f             niece                       CO/OH/OH

Herman Perry                        56m                                         NY/NY/NY


Springfield, p. 284B

Harvey McClintock             48m         carpenter               KY/KY/KY

Rose McClintock                 36f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Walter McClintock              16m         son                         IL/KY/PA

Charles McClintock             14m         son                         IL/KY/PA





New Vienna, p. 74D

James McClintock                37m         painter                    OH/OH/OH

Rachel McClintock              39f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

James McClintock                14m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Eddie McClintock                11m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Nellie McClintock                3f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Mary Abbot                          18f           dau                         OH/OH/OH





Salem, p. 560A

Ann McClintock                  72f           in boardinghouse Scot/Scot/Scot


Wayne, p. 702B

Anthony Clager                   33m         farmer                     PA/Ger/PA

Emma Clager                         24f           wife                         OH/--/PA

Ida Belle Clager                    4f             dau                         OH/PA/OH

Sarah E Clager                      3f             dau                         OH/PA/OH

George W Clager                  1m           son                         OH/PA/OH

Mary McLintock                  57f           mother-in-law        PA/PA/PA






Jackson, p. 91B

Cal McClintock                     39m         painter                    OH/OH/OH

Pet McClintock                     33f           wife                         OH/VA/VA

Flora McClintock                 11f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Eda McClintock                    9f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Adam McClintock                28m         brother                   OH/OH/OH

Am Rich                                 24m                                         OH/OH/OH





Galion, p. 532B

John McClinton                   46m         machinist               OH/VA/OH

Ann R McClinton                                39f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Attilli McClinton                  16f           dau                         OH/OH/PA


Galion, p. 534A

Harriet McClinton                48f           keeping house      OH/IR/PA


North Robinson, p. 609D

Alexander McClintic            63m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Agnes McClintic                  63f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

James McClintic                   18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary E Mills                         4f             granddaughter      PA/OH/PA


North Robinson, p. 609D

Joseph McClintic                 23m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Ellen McClintic                     26f           wife                         IN/PA/PA

Lawrence McClintic             2m           son                         OH/PA/IN

Walter Scott McClintic       7mon      son                         OH/PA/IN





Cleveland, p. 339D

Augusta McClintock           34f           teacher                   OH/MD/OH


Bedford, p. 7A

James McClintock                33m         works in chair factory          PA/PA/PA

Betsey E McClintock           21f           wife                                         OH/OH/OH


Chagrin Falls, p. 64B

Milo A McClintock              35m         carpenter                               OH/NY/NY

Margeret McClintock          28f           wife                                         OH/Scot/Scot

Pearl McClintock                  2f             dau                                         OH/OH/OH


Chagrin Falls, p. 67C

John A McClintock             48m         jeweler                    OH/MA/MA

Calista A McClintock          42f           wife                         NY/NY/NY

Maud M McClintock           17f           dau                         OH/NY/NY

Willey G McClintock           16m         son                         OH/NY/NY

Jenney McClintock              14f           dau                         OH/NY/NY

Myrtie C McClintock           9f             dau                         OH/NY/NY

John O McClintock              8m           son                         OH/NY/NY

Lloyd B McClintock            2m           son                         OH/NY/NY

Polly Willey                          56f           mother-in-law        NY/NY/NY


Chagrin Falls, p. 69C

Eunice M McClintock         33f                                           OH/NY/VT

with Orrin Frazer                   34m                                         OH/Scot/NY

Mary J Frazer                        28f                                           NY/NY/NY


Chagrin Falls, p. 71D

Water McClintock               28m         billard & saloon    OH/--/--

Polly V McClintock              28f           wife                         OH/CT/CT

Myrtie M McClintock         6f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Harrie W McClintock          3m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Oney R McClintock             1m           son                         OH/OH/OH


Solon, p. 353B

Roman McClintock              32m         farmer                     OH/OH/PA

Mary S McClintock             29f           wife                         OH/--/--

Sarah Brumen                       60f                                           PA/--/--


Solon, p. 356D

Josh McClintock                  65m         farmer                     NY/NH/NH


Solon, p. 357A

Dert McClintock                   61m         farmer                     NY/NH/NH

Sarah McClintock                88f           mother                    NY/NH/NH


Solon, p. 357A

Charles McClintock             24m                                         OH/NY/NY

Phebe McClintock               24f           wife                         OH/NY/NY





Washington, p. 373A

Oliver McClintock                67m         farmer                     OH/--/--

Catharine McClintock         63f           wife                         PA/--/--

Benjamin McClintock          27m         son                         OH/OH/PA

Joseph McClintock              24m         son                         OH/OH/PA

Charles McClintock             5m           grandson               OH/OH/OH





Blendon, p. 358B

Elizabeth McClintick            73f                                           MD/MD/MD


Columbus, p. 541C

James W McClintock          27m         keeps grocery       OH/OH/PA

Anna McClintock                                24f           wife                         OH/Eng/WV

Olive McClintock                 2mon      dau                         OH/OH/OH


Columbus, p. 541C

George McClintock              24m         works in tile factory             OH/OH/PA

Minnie McClintock              20f           wife                                         OH/Eng/Eng

Nelly McClintock                 4mon      dau                                         OH/OH/OH


Columbus, p. 541D

William McClintock             36m         policeman              OH/OH/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          37f           wife                         Wales/Wales/Wales

Charles McClintock             12m         son                         OH/OH/Wales

Anna McClintock                                8f             dau                         OH/OH/Wales

William McClintock             6m           son                         OH/OH/Wales

Herbert McClintock             3m           son                         OH/OH/Wales

Albert McClintock               1mon      son                         OH/OH/Wales





Auburn, p. 5B

John B Frost                         23m         machinist               OH/OH/OH

Ella M Frost                          22f           wife                         MI/OH/OH

Clair J Frost                           2f             son                         OH/OH/MI

Clara A McClintock             20f           sister                      MI/OH/OH


Bainbridge, p. 15A

Russell McClintock             29m         farmer                     OH/NY/OH

Marcy L McClintock           29f           wife                         OH/--/--

Worthy S McClintock         8m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Guy V McClintock               6m           son                         OH/OH/OH





Winton Place, p. 404D

James R Wood                     70m         retired carpenter   VA/VA/VA

Emma A Wood                     69f           wife                         VA/IR/Eng

Alonzo Wood                       30m         son                         OH/VA/VA

Margaret McClintock          40f           dau                         OH/VA/VA

Henry McClintock               8m           grandson               OH/--/OH

Effie McClintock                  7f             granddaughter      OH/--/OH

Emma McClintock                5f             granddaughter      OH/--/OH

Burton McClintock              3m           grandson               OH/--/OH

Ella W Chapman                   13f           granddaughter      OH/--/OH


Cincinnati, p. 521B

Charles McClintock             50m                                         Scot/Scot/Scot





Mount Victory, p. 87C

W S McClintock                   31m         mill right PA/PA/PA


Hale, p. 97D

James H McClintock            47m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Margrett McClintock           47f           wife                         OH/PA/PA

Augusta J McClintock        21f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Joseph W McClintock        19m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Ruby A McClintock            17f           dau                         OH/OH/OH





Franklin, p. 353D

Jonathon McLintic              66m         farmer                     OH/NC/VA

Sarah McLintic                     60f           wife                         OH/PA/IR


Franklin, p. 353D

Thomas McLintic                 35m                                         OH/PA/IR

Rebecca McLintic                32f           wife                         OH/PA/IR

Ettie Dell McLintic               8f             dau                         OH/PA/IR

Lillie Dale McLintic              6f             dau                         OH/PA/IR

John C McLintic                   4m           son                         OH/PA/IR

Jesse A McLintic                 2m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Eva Mary McLintic              9mon      dau                         OH/OH/OH


Stock, p. 502B

Eliza McClintoc                    55f           house keeping      NY/IR/IR


Washington, p. 518C

James McClintock                32m         laborer                    OH/OH/OH

Matilda McClintock             27f           wife                         OH/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          2f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Florence McClintock           1mon      dau                         OH/OH/OH


Washington, p. 518D

J McClintock                         65m         farmer                     OH/IR/PA

Susan McClintock               26f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

David McClintock                18m         son                         OH/OH/OH

James McClintock                17m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Samuel McClintock              15m         son                         OH/OH/OH

George McClintock              15m         son                         OH/OH/OH

A McClintock                       12m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Nancy McClintock               9f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Ora McClintock                    7f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

James Baily                           6m           stepson                  OH/OH/OH

Harren McClintock              2m           son                         OH/OH/OH


Washington, p. 519D

Walter McClintock              30m         carpenter               OH/OH/OH

Joanah McClintock              28f           wife                         OH/OH/OH





New Market, p. 451C

James H McClintick             51m         farmer                     OH/PA/--

Zerilda F McClintick            51f           wife                         OH/OH/PA

Anna M McClintick             20f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

George L McClintick            19m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Louella B McClintick           16f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Frances A McClintick         12f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Lottie B McClintick              6f             dau                         OH/OH/OH





Logan, p. 222C

Eliza McClintock                  52f           keeping house      OH/IR/IR

Wesley H McClintock         27m         son                         OH/PA/OH

William C McClintock         22m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Frank A McClintock            18m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Lucy M McClintock            12f           dau                         OH/PA/OH





Steubenville 2nd Ward, p. 483A

William McClinton               27m         nailer                      PA/IR/PA

Mary McClinton                  24f           wife                         OH/OH/Scot

Charlie McClinton                2m           son                         OH/PA/OH






Bennington, p. 122C

William W McClintick         48m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Maggie McClintick              33f           wife                         OH/VA/VA

John P McClintick                19m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Winnie McClintick               13f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Jessie McClintick                 11f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Willie McClintick                 4m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Hallie McClintick                  4m           son                         OH/OH/OH





Elyria, p. 478C

George McClintock              47m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Ellen McClintock                  34f           wife                         NY/IR/IR

Lerretta McClintock             11f           dau                         OH/PA/NY

Frank McClintock                10m         son                         OH/PA/NY

George McClintock              5m           son                         OH/PA/NY

Ella Rose McClintock          2f             dau                         OH/PA/NY


Grafton, p. 501D

Lucinda McClintock            66f           keeping house      CT/CT/CT


Grafton, p. 502B

Francis McClintock             36m         livery stable keeper              PA/CT/CT

Mary Jane McClintock        35f           wife                                         OH/Eng/Eng

Charles F McClintock          13m         son                                         OH/PA/OH

Franklin M McClintock       11m         son                                         OH/PA/OH

Homer R McClintock           6m           son                                         OH/PA/OH

Arthur E McClintock           2m           son                                         OH/PA/OH





Pike, p. 190C

James McClintock                24m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Ida McClintock                     20f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Abizer Mitchell                     74m                                         PA/MA/MA


London, p. 224A

E F McClintick                      26m         carpenter               OH/OH/OH

Willie McClintick                 26f           wife                         OH/OH/VA

Dora McClintick                   1f             dau                         OH/OH/OH





Bowling Green, p. 32C

Jane McClintic                      63f           keeping house      PA/IR/IR

Allen Watkins                      21m         laborer                    OH/PA/PA


Bowling Green, p. 32D

Joseph McClintic                 58m         farmer                     PA/VA/IR

Mary McClintic                    58f           wife                         OH/PA/PA


Bowling Green, p. 32D

Samuel McClintic                 31m         farmer                     OH/OH/OH

Nancy McClintic                  31f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Laura McClintic                    8f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Mary A McClintic                5f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Alla D McClintic                  2f             dau                         OH/OH/OH


Marion 1st and 4th Ward, p. 184D

James McClinton                 45m         machinist               OH/OH/OH


Marion 1st and 4th Ward, p. 185A

Melissa McClinton              40f           keeping house      OH/MA/MA

Larena B McClinton            18f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

George McClinton               15m         son                         OH/OH/OH





Letart, p. 72A

George B McClintock          33m         farmer                     OH/PA/OH

Harriett A McClintock         31f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Fanny McClintock               11f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

John E McClintock              5m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Frank B McClintock             9mon      son                         OH/OH/OH


Middle port, p. 222D

Thomas Nixon                      59m         billard room           Eng/Eng/Eng

Brinker McClintic 27m         caulker                   PA/PA/PA

Kate McClintick                   24f                                           VA/Scot/IR





Spring Creek, p. 307A

Frank McClintic                    24m         farmer                     OH/IR/OH

Flora McClintic                     23f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Elmer Long                            18m                                         OH/OH/OH





Bloom, p. 657B

Joseph McClintock              61m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Rachel McClintock              54f           wife                         OH/PA/PA


Manchester, p. 93C

Abraham McClintock          54m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Adeline McClintock            46f           wife                         OH/MD/OH

George W McClintock        26m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Sarah L McClintock             18f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Elizabeth A McClintock      9f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Laura M McClintock           4f             dau                         OH/OH/OH





Shannon, p. 217B

William McClintock             46m         laborer                    OH/OH/VA

Letitia McClintock               44f           wife                         OH/PA/VA

Hannah I McClintock          18f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Owen A McClintock            16m         son                         OH/OH/OH

William McClintock             13m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Sarah J McClintock              12f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Alta M McClintock              9f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Joseph B McClintock          7m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Henry J McClintock             2m           son                         OH/OH/OH





Marion, p. 131A

William W McClintock        35m         farmer                     OH/PA/PA

Mary A McClintock            35f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Willie A McClintock            9m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Martha Ray                           23f                                           OH/OH/OH


Marion, p. 135B

James McClintock                62m         farmer                     PA/IR/IR

Catherine McClintock         62f           wife                         PA/IR/IR

Mary T McClintock             28f           dau                         OH/PA/PA

Samuel D McClintock          25m         son                         OH/PA/PA

Edward T Amas                    14m         grandson               OH/OH/OH

Sarah F Sayers                      22f                                           OH/OH/PA


Freedom, p. 138C

Jonas R McClintock            41m         merchant                OH/PA/PA

Mary A McClintock            34f           wife                         OH/IR/IR

Iona L McClintock               9f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Harry R McClintock             1m           son                         OH/OH/OH





Bairds Furnace, p. 205B

Wesley McClintock             28m         bookkeeper           OH/PA/OH





Freedom, p. 273A

Frank McClintock                36m         farmer                     OH/MA/CT

Willie F McClintock             10m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Estella McClintock               8f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Gracie McClintock               5f             dau                         OH/OH/OH

Howard C McClintock         3m           son                         OH/OH/OH

Anna Chambers                   35f           sister-in-law          OH/PA/PA


Mantua, p. 291B

William McClintock             50m         farm laborer           OH/CT/CT

Mary McClintock                 43f           wife                         OH/MA/NY


Ravenna, p. 348B

Albert McClintock               41m         nurse                      OH/NY/NY

Jennette McClintock           33f           wife                         PA/NY/OH

Delbert G McClintock          15m         son                         OH/OH/PA

Clarence D McClintock       11m         son                         OH/OH/PA

Ernest C McClintock           5m           son                         OH/OH/PA





Chillicothe, p. 56B

James McClintick                 64m         book & shoe merchant        OH/PA/OH

Mary J McClintick               61f           wife                                         OH/KY/CT           

Belle Johnson                       23f           granddaughter                      OH/OH/OH


Chillicothe, p. 76B

William T McClintock         61m         lawyer                                    OH/VA/VA

Elizabeth McClintock          56f           wife                                         KY/VA/KY

M Petrea McClintock          30f           dau                                         OH/OH/KY

Annie P McClintock            23f           dau                                         OH/OH/KY


Clarksburg, p. 204C

Margaret A Johnson           52f           keeps house          OH/IR/PA

Alton Johnson                     21m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Carey Johnson                     19m         son                         OH/OH/OH

Elizabeth McClintick            83f           mother                    PA/IR/IR





Madison, p. 119B

Robert McClintock              38m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Ruthellen McClintock         41f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Franklin McClintock            14m         son                         OH/PA/OH

Mandana McClintock         10f           dau                         OH/PA/OH

Manta A McClintock          7f             dau                         OH/PA/OH

Julia A McClintock              4f             dau                         OH/PA/OH





Sugar Creek, p. 408D

Andy McClintock                                25m         laborer                    OH/OH/OH

Jennie F McClintock            24f                                           OH/OH/OH


Sugar Creek, p. 417B

Elmer E McClintock             16m         works on farm       OH/OH/OH


Wilmot, p. 426A

James N McClintock            25m         school teacher      OH/OH/OH





Uhrichsville, p. 236D

John P Gregary                     31m                                         VA/VA/VA

Amanda Gregary                  29f           wife                         VA/PA/PA

Henry McClintock               24m         brother-in-law       VA/PA/PA


Mill, p. 246C

Walter McClintock              45m         farm laborer           OH/OH/OH

Susanna McClintock           42f           wife                         OH/OH/OH

Mary C McClintock             15f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Sarah E McClintock             13f           dau                         OH/OH/OH

Joseph Kennedy                  25m                                         OH/OH/OH

David E Latto                        32m                                         OH/IR/IR





McArthur, p. 54A

M McClinton                        34m         teacher                   OH/OH/OH






Lebanon, p. 429C

William C McClintock         35m         newspaper publisher           NJ/PA/Eng

Emma B McClintock            31f           wife                                         OH/PA/OH

Mary C McClintock             7f             dau                                         OH/NJ/OH

Elva Egbert                            64f           mother-in-law                        OH/PA/PA





Belpre, p. 55D

Rankin McClintock              45m         mulatto   laborer    VA/VA/VA

Alice McClintock                 35f           mulatto   wife         VA/VA/VA

Perry McClintock                 17m         mulatto   son         OH/VA/VA

Renick McClintock              8m           mulatto   son         OH/VA/VA

William McClintock             6m           mulatto   son         OH/VA/VA

Asa F McClintock                1m           mulatto   son         OH/VA/VA


Waterford, p. 420B

John W Vanhdy                   59m         laborer                    PA/NJ/--

Catharine Vanhdy                                55f           wife                         PA/PA/NJ

Martha McClintock             84f           mother-in-law        NJ/NJ/NJ





Millburg, p. 306A

Jackson McClintock            35m         carpenter               OH/PA/OH

Sarah Ann McClintock       37f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Etma U McClintock              11f           son                         OH/OH/PA

Lotta Belle McClintock       6f             dau                         OH/OH/PA


Millburg, p. 306A

John McClintock                  62m         blacksmith             PA/PA/VA

Minerva McClintock           59f           wife                         OH/Eng/VT












Portland, p. 315C

Thomas McClintock            54m                                         PA/--/--

Jennie McClintock               35f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Allick McClintock                16m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Anne McClintock                                14f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA





North Fork, p. 404C

Alfred McClintock               22m         farm laborer           IL/IN/IN









Allegheny, p. 18D

W S McClintock                   40m         carpet business    PA/PA/PA

Mary J McClintock              37f           wife                         PA/NY/NY

A Garrison McClintock       12m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Oliver McClintock                7m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Allegheny, p. 455C

William McClintock             57m         river engineer        PA/PA/PA

Margret McClintock            52f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

William A McClintock         24m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Maggie L McClintock         18f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Laura McClintock                16f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Findley, p. 243C

William McClintock             29m         farm laborer           PA/PA/PA

Sarah McClintock                29f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Mine O McClintock             10f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Charles McClintock             8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Martha McClintock             6f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Harry W McClintock           4m           son                         PA/PA/PA


McKeesport 2nd Ward, p. 390D

Andrew McClintock            34m         stone mason         PA/PA/PA

Marusa McClintock             35f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

John Rodgers                       16m         son                         PA/PA/PA


McKeesport 3rd Ward, p. 405A

Alexander McClintock        25m         baggage master    PA/PA/PA

Mary C McClintock             21f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

William H McClintock         4m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary C McClintock             2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

George L McClintock          3mon      son                         PA/PA/PA


Patton, p. 118B

Isaac McGinley                    57m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Margaret McGinley             56f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

John McGinley                     26m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Jomus B McGinley               22m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Ann McGinley                      19f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Joseph McGinley                 11m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Sophia McGinley                 11f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

John McClintock                  93m         father-in-law          PA/PA/PA


Patton, p. 120B

James McClintock                36m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Sarah R McClintock             35f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Mary M McClintock            11f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Lewis C McClintock            9m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Charles M McClintock        5m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Flora A McClintock             1f             dau                         PA/PA/PA


Penn, p. 157C

John McClintock                  54m         miner                      PA/PA/PA

Jane McClintock                  58f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Josephine McClintock        23f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Alwilda McClintock             21f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Catharine E McClintock      18f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

David McClintock                14m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Edward McClintock             12m         son                         PA/PA/PA

John W McClintock            6m           grandson               PA/PA/PA


Penn, p. 157C

William McClintock             27m         miner                      PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          25f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

William J McClintock          6m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Joseph D McClintock          3mon      son                         PA/PA/PA


Pine, p. 160B

Aaron McClintock               54m         farmer                     PA/IR/IR

Elizabeth H McClintock      47f           wife                         PA/PA/IR

Margaret M McClintock     25f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Sarah J McClintock              21f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth E McClintock       18f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Catharine W McClintock    16f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Clara C McClintock              14f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Annie P McClintock            12f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Pine, p. 162A

William Dunlap                     59m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Margaret Dunlap                  59f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary A Gibson                    31f           dau                         OH/IR/IR

Ellen Dunlap                         21f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

Clint Dunlap                          19m         son                         PA/IR/IR

Kate Dunlap                          15f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

Charles E Gibson                  11m         grandson               PA/PA/OH

Maggie C Gibson                 3f             granddaughter      PA/PA/OH

Margaret McClintock          88f           mother-in-law        IR/IR/IR


Pine, p. 163D

Andrew McClintock            63m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Elizabeth McClintock          54f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

William McClintock             21m         son                         PA/IR/PA

Margaret J L McClintock    19f           dau                         PA/IR/PA

Andrew E McClintock         13m         son                         PA/IR/PA


Pine, p. 165D

John McClintock                  32m         farmer                     PA/IR/PA

Annie M McClintock          30f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Jane Bavera                           68f           mother-in-law        PA/Eng/PA


Plum, p. 181C

D McClintock                       47m         miner                      PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 36f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

James McClintock                15m         son                         PA/PA/PA

William McClintock             13m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Lewis McClintock                11m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Essie McClintock                 8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Isaac McClintock                 5m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Thomas McClintock            1m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Richland, p. 205C

George McClintock              50m                                         PA/IR/IR

Fanna McClintock               56f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

James McClintock                26m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Nancy McClintock               19f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Versailles, p. 392B

Morrow McClintock            34m         farmer                     PA/IR/PA

Tille J McClintock                34f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Emma McClintock                8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

David S McClintock            7m           son                         PA/PA/PA

James P McClintock            4m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Walter C McClintock           2m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Pittsburgh, p. 69D

John P McClintock              44m         laborer                    IR/IR/IR

Mary J McClintock              46f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Annie McClintock               13f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

Jane Edmunds                      90f                                           US/--/--


Pittsburgh, p. 229A

Carolin McClintock              21f                                           PA/PA/PA


Pittsburgh, p. 259B

Mary McClintock                 25f           in boarding house                PA/--/--

Lizzie McClintock 30f           same                       PA/--/--


Pittsburgh, p. 259B

Mary McClintock                 25f                                           PA/--/-- in boarding house

Lizzie McClintock 30f                                           PA/--/-- in boarding house


Pittsburgh, p. 415C

Mary Hughes                       43f           keeping house      PA/IR/IR

Lizzie McClintock 28f           cousin                    IR/IR/IR

John W McClintock            26m         cousin                    IR/IR/IR


Pittsburgh, p. 517B

J B McClintock                     30m         R R clerk                PA/--/--


Pittsburgh, p. 400A

Joseph L McClintock          43m         carpenter               PA/PA/DE

Margaret A McClintock      37f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Charles McClintock             81m         father                      PA/IR/IR

William M McClintock        20m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Elmor E McClintock             18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Charles Y McClintock         17m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Alvin McClintock                                14m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Clarence V McClintock       9m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Bessie McClintock               6f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Ella P McClintock 1f             dau                         PA/PA/PA


Pittsburgh, p. 412A

Charles McClintock             30m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 30f           wife                         IR/IR/IR


Pittsburgh, p. 442C

O McClintock                       40m         carpet dealer         PA/PA/PA

Clara McClintock                 37f           wife                         PA/MA/PA

Norman McClintock            12m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Walter McClintock              10m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Emma McClintock                5f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Jane B Childs                        74f           mother-in-law        Scot/Scot/Scot


Pittsburgh 17th Ward, p. 280A

Alexander McClintock        52m                                         NY/NY/NY


Pittsburgh 19th Ward, p. 386B

D Lewis McClintock            52m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Susella McClintock              48f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Harry C McClintock             18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Susanna McClintock           7f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

William Bollinger                  23m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Lincoln Bollinger                  13m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Sarah Bollinger                     73f                                           PA/PA/PA

Lillie Duncan                         10f           niece                       PA/PA/PA


Pittsburgh 20th Ward, p. 453A

Jonas J McClintock             26m         R R clerk                PA/PA/PA


Pittsburgh 21st Ward, p. 505C

Hamilton McLintock            60m         oil merchant          PA/PA/PA

Mary E McLintock               58f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Hugh P McLintock              23m         son                         PA/PA/PA

James S McLintock              18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Antionnette Speers             23f           niece                       OH/PA/PA


Pittsburgh 22nd Ward, p. 523C

William McClintock             21m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA




New Galilee, p. 75C

John McClintock                  37m         cooper                    PA/IR/IR


St Clair, p. 331B

Miller McClintock                58m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Margaret McClintock          48f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

David McClintock                19m         son                         PA/PA/PA

James McClintock                17m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Herman McClintock             11m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Philip B McClintock             9m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Margaret McClintock          7f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Edward M McClintock        4m           son                         PA/PA/PA

----- McClintock                    7mon      dau                         PA/PA/PA





Bedford, p. 6D

John McClintock                  43m         retired clerk           PA/PA/MD





Doylestown, p. 204C

Albert McClintock               20m         slater                      PA/PA/PA


Lower Makefield, p. 337B

James McClintock                29m         laborer                    IR/IR/IR

Margaret McClintock          18f           wife                         PA/IR/IR

William McClintock             1mon      son                         PA/IR/PA





Allegheny, p. 25B

Samuel McClintock              60m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 57f           wife                         PA/CT/IR

Elisabeth McClintock          26f           dau                         PA/IR/PA

John A McClintock             18m         son                         PA/IR/PA


Donegal, p. 358B

J C McClintock                     29m         oil producer           PA/PA/PA

Laura McClintock                27f           wife                         OH/IR/PA

Albert L McClintock            5m           son                         PA/PA/OH


Mercer, p. 368D

William McClintock             64m         farmer                     PA/IR/PA

Rebecca McClintock           54f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

William Evans                       12m         son                         PA/PA/PA


Mercer, p. 370C

Thomas McClintock            36m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Amanda McClintock           39f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

David Ira McClintock          10m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Charles C McClintock         8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Ada Ruth McClintock         4d            dau                         PA/PA/PA


Mercer, p. 370C

John McClintock                  29m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Fannie McClintock              22f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Clyde McClintock                8mon      son                         PA/PA/PA


Mercer, p. 370C

John E McClintock              66m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Eliza McClintock                  52f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Samuel McClintock              21m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          27f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Edward M McClintock        18m         son                         PA/PA/PA


Washington, p. 495A

William McClintock             61m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Mary McClintock                 43f           wife                         PA/--/PA

Henry McClintock               13m         son                         PA/IR/PA

John McClintock                  11m         son                         PA/IR/PA

Jane McClintock                  4f             dau                         PA/IR/PA

Mary McClintock                 1f             dau                         PA/IR/PA





Summit Hill, p. 358B

David McClintock                34m         works in mine        IR/IR/IR

Jane Ann McClintock         38f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Robert McClintock              9m           son                         PA/IR/IR

James McConell                   21m         stepson                  IR/IR/IR





Gregg, p. 360A

J A McClitick                        42m                                         PA

Elizabeth McClintick            39f           wife                         PA

Clara R Loose                       14f                                           PA

John Emeric                           27m                                         PA


Harris, p. 408A

Samuel McClintock              41m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Nancy McClintock               40f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Sarah E McClintock             9f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Franklin A McClintock        8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Elmer L McClintock             6m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary A McClintock            4f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Cora B McClintock              2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

John Hook                             42m         brother-in-law       PA/PA/PA


Marion, p. 161A

Clark McClintick                   25m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA


Marion, p. 161A

Andrew McClintick             23m         teaching music     PA/PA/PA

Malissa C McClintick          21f           wife                         PA/PA/PA


Marion, p. 166C

Andrew McClintick             51m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Kate McClintick                   37f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Mary M McClintick             13f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Ella G McClintick  9f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Blake Buttler                         20m                                         PA


Potter, p. 394B

James McClintock                61m         shoemaker             PA/PA/PA

Caroline McClintock            58f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Samuel J McClintock           28m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary E McClintock             23f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Mira McClintock                  19f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Potter, p. 400B

Felix M Burkholder              40m         implement agent   PA/PA/PA

Mary E Burkholder              35f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Effie E Burkholder                2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Morris A Burkholder           9mon      son                         PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          64f           mother-in-law        PA/PA/PA


Potters Mill, p. 398A

David R McClintic               32m         works in factory   PA/PA/PA

Lydia S McClintic                32f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Emory E McClintic               10m         son                         PA/PA/PA

James H McClintic               8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Margaret C McClintic          7f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

John E McClintic                  4m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Elsie McClintic                     1f             dau                         PA/PA/PA





Bald Eagle, p. 527C

John Gaughbaun                  49m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Catharine Gaughbaun         46f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Ettie Gaughbaun                  24f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Jane Gaughbaun                  21f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Ellen Gaughbaun                  19f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Minne Gaughbaun               16f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Henry Gaughbaun               14m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Jessie Gaughbaun                                10m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Minnie McClintock              1f             niece                       PA/PA/PA


Lamar, p. 565C

A C McClintick                     36m         farm laborer           PA/PA/PA

Anna M McClintick             39f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Harry McClintick                  11m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Irvin McClintick                   7m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary Jane McClintick         76f           mother                    PA/PA/PA


Lamar, p. 566B

Blanch McClintick               16f                                           PA/PA/PA

with John McNaul               40m         farmer                     PA/IR/PA

Elizabeth McNaul                 54f           wife                         NB/IR/IR


Lamar, p. 566B

Samuel McClintick               53m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Beaulah McClintick             47f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Sadie McClintick                  22f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

William McClintick              19m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Alma McClintick                  17f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Nannie McClintick               15f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Charles McClintick              11m         son                         PA/PA/PA

James Taylor McClintick    8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Mabel McClintick                                1f             granddaughter      PA/PA/PA

Aaron Waliser                      22m                                         PA/PA/PA


Lock Haven, p. 672C

W H McClintic                     25m         huckster                 PA/PA/PA

Fanny McClintic                  23f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Arthur McClintic                  1m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Lock Haven, p. 686D

John McClintic                     32m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Sellie McClintic                    34f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Mona B McClintic               9f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Bertha M McClintic             8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

William D McClintic            7m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Blanche McClintic               5f             dau                         PA/PA/PA


Porter, p. 578A

John W McClintic                55m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

July McClintic                      53f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Elmer E McClintic 18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Geroge B McClintic             18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Bertha M McClintic             16f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Reuben L McClintic             14m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Vergie A McClintic              10f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Porter, p. 579C

Edward McClintic                21m                                         PA/PA/PA

Charles McClintic                                20m                                         PA/PA/PA


Porter, p. 585D

John J McClintic                  26m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Sarah C McClintic                29f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Harry M McClintic               2m           son                         PA/PA/PA

William Bachman                 17m                                         PA/PA/PA


Porter, p. 588A

Mortimer W McClintic        30m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Luzema F McClintic             30f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Carrie Elizabeth McClintic  8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Ira M McClintic                    7m           son                         PA/PA/PA

John M McClintic                5m           son                         PA/PA/PA





East Bradford, p. 171C

M McClintock                      15m         at home                  MO/IR/IR

with John A Kreile               51m         farmer                     Ger/Ger/Ger

Tarissa Kreile                        52f           wife                         Ger/Ger/Ger


East Bradford, p. 171C

Eliza McClintock                  82f           lady                        IR/IR/IR

John McClintock                  28m         son                         PA/IR/IR

Ellie McClintock                   25f           dau                         PA/IR/IR


East Bradford, p. 172B

Alexander McClintock        46m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Susan McClintock               46f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Harry McClintock                16m         son                         PA/IR/IR

Rachel McClintock              13f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

James McClintock                11m         son                         PA/IR/IR

Mary E McClintock             7f             dau                         PA/IR/IR

Sarah McClintock                5f             dau                         PA/IR/IR


East Caln, p. 154A

William McClintock             18m         apprentice blacksmith         PA/PA/PA

with James White                 69m         blacksmith                             PA/PA/PA

Hannah White                      67            sister                                      PA/PA/PA


Harveyville, p. 245D

Thomas McClintock            76m         laborer                    IR/IR/IR

Susan McClintock               54f           wife                         ME/ME/ME

Lemuel Chappell                   21m         stepson                  PA/ME/ME

James Chappell                     13            stepson                  PA/IR/IR

Rachel Work                         75f           mother-in-law        ME/ME/ME


Tredyfinn, p. 15B

Alexander McClintock        38m         foreman on farm   PA/PA/PA

Margaret J McClintock       32f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Mary E McClintock             9f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Anna V McClintock             7f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

John H McClintock              5m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Katie A McClintock             2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA


Coventryville, p. 422A

Lorenzo D McClintock        56m         clergyman MEC    DE/DE/PA

Ada B McClintock               42f           wife                         MD/MD/MD

Mary C Phillips                     23f                                           MD/MD/MD


Downington, p. 177C

James McClintock                32m         carpenter               IR/IR/IR

Emma L McClintock             44f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Florence McClintock           7f             dau                         PA/IR/PA

Elwood Gordon                    22m         stepson                  PA/PA/PA

Mary E Gordon                     17f           stepdau                  PA/PA/PA

George W Gordon                15m         stepson                  PA/PA/PA


Downington, p. 180A

William McClintock             43m                                         IR/IR/IR

Sallie McClintock                 18f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

Ida McClintock                     15f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

Anna M McClintock           13f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

James McClintock                8m           son                         PA/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  3f             dau                         PA/IR/IR


Downington, p. 182A

William McClintock             40m         keeps marble yard                IR/IR/IR

Annie McClintock               37f           wife                                         PA/PA/PA

Mary E McClintock             9f             dau                                         PA/IR/PA

Charles McClintock             8m           son                                         PA/IR/PA

William L McClintock          7m           son                                         PA/IR/PA

George H Perry                     18m                                                         PA/PA/PA


Schuylkill, p. 240A

John McClintock                  35m                                                         PA/IR/PA





Beaver, p. 25A

H H McClintock                   42m         pumps at oil well  PA/PA/PA

H M McClintock                  41f           wife                         PA/NY/NY

Minnie McClintock              12f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Charles McClintock             10m         son                         PA/PA/PA


Foxburg, p. 316B

Tena McClintock                 22f           servant                   PA/IR/PA


Foxburg, p. 318A

Anna McClintock                                24f           servant                   PA/IR/PA





Cochranton, p. 92A

John McClintock                  66m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Eliza B McClintock               59f           wife                         PA/MD/PA

Eli Crother                             84m                                         MD/Eng/MD


Fairfield East, p. 132D

D N McClintock                   43m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary M McClintock            34f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Alvy McClintock                 13m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Austin O McClintock          7m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Adelbert McClintock           5m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Meadville 1st Ward, p. 266B

John O McClintock              29m         attorney                 PA/PA/PA

Hattie McClintock                30f           wife                         PA/VT/NY

Margaret McClintock          7mon      dau                         PA/PA/PA

Flora Coburn                         20            sister-in-law          PA/VT/NY


Meadwille 2nd Ward, p. 318A

Florence McClintic              25f           keeping house      PA/PA./PA

Marion McClintic                 4f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Ethel McClintic                     1f             dau                         PA/PA/PA



Meadville, p. 283D

John McClintick                   55m         retired                     PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintick                  53f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Lucie McClintick                  29f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Louis McClintick                  25f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Laurie McClintick 23f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Virgina McClintick               19f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Minnie McClintick               16f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Anna McClintick                  11f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Meadville, p. 292B

Burt McClintic                      22m         teamster                 PA/PA/NY

Hattie McClintic                   21f           wife                         PA/PA./PA

Guy McClintic                      2m           son                         PA/PA/PA

George McClinic                  9mon      son                         PA/PA/PA


Crawford, p. 286A

Hugh McClintic                    47m         Ingot                      PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintic                    40f           wife                         PA/RI/PA

Emma McClintic                   17f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Angie McClintic                   13f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Albert McClintic                  9m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Harry McClintic                    4m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Titusville 1st Ward, p. 215A

S H McClintock                    31m         bookkeeper           PA/PA/PA


Vernon, p. 361B

Levi Lamey                            46m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Liddy Lamey                         46f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

James McClintock                38m                                         PA/PA/PA

Louisa McClintock              77f                                           PA/Eng/Eng





Shippensburg, p. 487A

John C Altick                        58m         druggist                 PA/PA/PA

John A Flemming                 30m         nephew                  PA/PA/PA

Frank B Flemming                24m         nephew                  PA/PA/PA

Isabel McClintic                   49f                                           PA/PA/PA





Harrisburg 1st Ward, p. 85A

Elisha B Marshall                 41m         black       porter     VA/PA/PA

Harriet Marshall                   40f           mulatto   wife         PA/PA/PA

William H Marshall              14m         mulatto   son         PA/VA/PA

Mariah E Marshall               12f           mulatto   dau         PA/VA/PA

Catherine McClintock         76f           mulatto mother-in-law         PA/PA/Ger


Harrisburg 4th Ward, p. 190A

William Lewis                       36m         mulatto   laborer                    VA/VA/VA

Sarah Lewis                           21f           mulatto   wife                         PA/PA/PA

Bertha Lewis                         7f             mulatto   dau         PA/VA/PA

Mary S Lewis                        5f             mulatto   dau         PA/VA/PA

Laura V Lewis                       3f             mulatto   dau         PA/VA/PA

John W Lewis                       1m           mulatto   son         PA/VA/PA

Amelia McClintock              18f           mulatto                   PA/PA/PA



Harrisburg 4th Ward, p. 204D

Minnie McClintock              31f           black       keeping house      PA/PA/PA

Charles Green                       2m           black       son                         PA/PA/PA


Harrisburg 8th Ward, p. 369A

Amelia McClintic                 29f           black       house keeping      PA/MD/MD

William McClintic                33m         black       barber                     PA/PA/PA


Harrisburg, p. 147B

Annie McClintock               20f           servant                                   PA/PA/PA


Harrisburg, p. 166B

Charles McClintock             29m         telegraph operator               PA/PA/PA

Laura McClintock                25f           wife                                         PA/PA/PA

Grace McClintock                4f             dau                                         PA/PA/PA

Frederick McClintock          2m           son                                         PA/PA/PA



Harriburg, p. 251A

Benjamin McClintick           55m         carpenter               PA/PA/PA

Virginia McClintick              38f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Maria McClintick                 14f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Sallie McClintick                  13f           dau                         PA/PA/PA





Birmingham, p. 543A

Jehu Roberts                         63m         shoemaker             PA/PA/PA

Rebecca Roberts                  63f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Davis Roberts                       26m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Howard McClintock            12m         grandson               PA/PA/PA


Media, p. 202D

Daniel McClintock               48m         marbel cutter         IR/IR/IR

Hannah J McClintock          46f           wife                         PA/PA/Scot

William McClintock             22m         son                         PA/IR/PA

John E McClintock              19m         son                         PA/IR/PA

Agnes McClintock              16f           dau                         PA/IR/PA

Edgar C McClintock            15m         son                         PA/IR/PA


Chester, p. 362A

Arthur McClintock              69m         boiler maker           IR/IR/IR

Jane McClintock                  66f           wife                         IR/IR/IR

Mary Jane McClintock        20f           dau                         PA/IR/IR

James McClintock                23m         son                         PA/IR/IR


Chester, p. 375C

George McClintock              35m         blacksmith helper PA/PA/PA


Bethel, p. 575D

William McClintock             67m         shoemaker             DE/DE/DE

Frances L McClintock         60f           wife                         PA/IR/PA

Anna McClintock                                29f           dau                         DE/DE/PA

Emma McClintock                17f           dau                         DE/DE/PA





Benezette, p. 349B

Alexander McLintick           22m         works in saw mill  PA/PA/PA


Jay, p. 345B

Samuel C McClintick           29m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Debra McClintick                 23f           wife                         PA/PA/PA




Concord, p. 22A

James McClintick                 66m         farm laborer           PA/IR/PA


North East, p. 175A

----- McClintock                    46m         farmer                     NY/PA/NY

Lovina McClintock              76f           mother                    NY/NY/NY


Union City, p. 225C

John McClintock                  29m         lawyer                    PA/--/--


Union City, p. 233A

F M McClintock                   27m         lawyer                    PA/--/-- in hotel




Henry Clay, p. 251C

Mathias McClintock            40m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 33f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Milton H McClintock          13m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Walter E McClintock           10m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Ada A McClintock              8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Martin L McClintock           6m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Silas W McClintock             3m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Mary L McClintock             5mon      son                         PA/PA/PA

Alexander McClintock        71m         father                      PA/PA/PA


Henry Clay, p. 254B

James McClintock                35m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 43f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth McClintock          18f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Daniel W McClintock          15m         son                         PA/PA/PA


Henry Clay, p. 256A

Lutittus Davis                       32m         farmer                     PA/MD/PA

Sarah A Davis                      33f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Manda Davis                        10f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Isaac Davis                           9m           son                         PA/PA/PA

John Davis                            7m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Matthias Davis                     5m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Sophia Davis                        2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Annabell                Davis                     7mon      dau                         PA/PA/PA

Alexander Hinbaugh           13m         stepson                  PA/PA/PA

Nancy McClintock               73f           mother-in-law        PA/PA/PA


Springfield, p. 468B

Andrew J Hyatt                    35m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Elizabeth Hyatt                     37f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Alexander R Hyatt               19m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Joanna Hyatt                        15f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Homer Hyatt                         13m         son                         PA/PA/PA

John Hyatt                            12m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Almira Hyatt                         7f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Mitch McClintock                60m                                         PA/PA/PA


UpperTyronne, p. 535B

James C Moore                     45m         coal miner              PA/--/--

William Moore                      18m         son                         PA/PA/PA

John Moore                          4m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Martha McClintick               19f           stepdaughter        PA/.PA/PA

Luscinda Rittenour              8mon      granddaughter      PA/PA/PA





Greene, p. 177A

Susan McClintick                 50f           works in house     PA/PA/PA


Fayetteville, p. 200A

John McClintic                     50m         farm laborer           PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintic                    44f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Martha McClintic                 12f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

George McClintic                 10m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Sallie McClintic                    8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Frank McClintic                    3m           son                         PA/PA/PA

William McClintic                1m           son                         PA/PA/PA


Peters, p. 239A

J W McClintock                   63m         physician               PA/PA/PA

Sarah A McClintock            51f           wife                         PA/MD/PA

Willie H McClintock            21m         son                         PA/PA/PA


Chambersburg, p. 349D

M McClintock                      65m         hat and cap           PA/PA/PA

Mary E McClintock             57f           wife                         PA/PA/PA





Cumberland, p. 157A

John McClintock                  71m         minister                  PA/IR/PA

Mary McClintock                 76f           wife                         PA/PA/MD

Margaret E McClintock       45f           dau                         PA/PA/PA





Little Britain, p. 601D

Lorenzo McClintock            32m         black       farmer     PA/PA/MD

Sarah McClintock                27f           black       wife         PA/PA/PA

Thomas C Wilson                                68m         black                       MD/MD/MD

Isaac Anderson                    13m         black                       PA/PA/PA

Aima C Coole                        8f             black                       PA/--/PA

Jacob Tillison                       6m           black                       PA/PA/PA





Little Beaver, p. 41B

Joseph McClintock              59m         farmer                     IR/IR/IR

Martha McClintock             60f           wife                         PA/IR/IR

James Steven                        19m         grandson               PA/PA/PA


North Beaver, p. 191A

John McClintock                  49m         laborer                    PA/PA/PA

Mary McClintock                 40f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Alpharata McClintock         16f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

William G McClintock         13m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Harriet E McClintock           11f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

James O McClintock            9m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Herbert L McClintock          8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Ulaforest McClintock          6f             dau                         PA/PA/PA





Wilkes Barre, p. 654C

A T McClintic                       70m         lawyer                    PA/IR/PA

Augusta B McClintic          60f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Andrew H McClintic           25m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Helen G McClintic                28f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Jan H McClintic                    23f           dau                         PA/PA/PA





Loyalsock, p. 210C

James McClintock                58m         farmer                     PA/IR/PA

Maria McClintock                39f           wife                         PA/PA/VT

Annie McClintock               7f             adopted dau          PA/PA/PA


Loyalsock, p. 210C

David McClintock                52m         sexton                    PA/IR/PA

Frances A McClintock        28f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Lizzie McClintock 11f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Minnie McClintock              10f           dau                         PA/PA/PA

Maggie McClintock             8f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Nellie McClintock                2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Hannah McClintock            6mon      dau                         PA/PA/PA


Penn, p. 242A

Joseph L McClintick            25m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Alice McClintick                  21f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Bertie A McClintick             1f             dau                         PA/PA/PA


Penn, p. 242B

John McClintock                  67m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Catherine McClintick           50f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

William E McClintick           26m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Thomas S McClintick          21m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Martha L McClintick           19m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Maggie A McClintick          15f           dau                         PA/PA/PA


Penn, p. 242B

George W McClintick          30m         works on farm       PA/PA/PA

Sarah M McClintick             24f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Harry M McClintick             6m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Maggie C McClintick          4f             dau                         PA/PA/PA

Emma McClintick 2f             dau                         PA/PA/PA


Penn, p. 243D

Joseph McClintick               65m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Hannah McClintick              55f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

Ellis McClintick                    16m         son                         PA/PA/PA

Melton A McClintick          13m         son                         PA/PA/PA


Shrewsbury, p. 424A

Lafayette McClintock          56m         farmer                     PA/PA/PA

Harriett McClintock             50f           wife                         PA/PA/PA

George W McClintock        8m           son                         PA/PA/PA

Carrie E Long                        6mon      dau                         PA/PA/PA


Williamsport 7th Ward, p. 598D

George F Aurand                 57m         hotel keeper          PA/PA/PA

Sarah Aurand                       51f           wife                         PA/IR/PA

Emma C Aurand                   22f           dau                         PA

Rebecca M Aurand             20f           dau                         PA

Mary R Aurand                    18f           dau                         PA

Frank Aurand                       15m         son                         PA

Carrie H Aurand                   12f           dau                         PA

Harry P Aurand                    10m         son                         PA

Sam McClintock                   65m         merchant                PA/IR/PA