1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Lists


Patrick McClin[  ] in Loughguill parish

Thomas McClintock in Loughguill parish

James McClintock in Skerry parish

Joseph McClintock in Skerry parish, adj to James on list





1630 Muster Roll


Muster of the Duke of Lennox, [owner of 4,000 acres] Barony of Raphoe

Wm McClintock

John McLenockan

Gilbet McLyntock

Alexander McLentock


Muster of Sir John Willson, Baronet, 2,550 acres, in Barony of Raphoe

John McClentock


Muster of the Churchland, Baroney of Raphoe

Fynlay McClentock


Muster  of Robert Harrington, esq., 4,000 acres, Barony of Raphoe

Patrick McLintog


Muster of Earl of Annandell, 10,000 acres, Boylagh and Bannagh Baronies

John McClintog


1665 Hearth Money Roll


John McClintock: Raymochy parish, Barony of Raphoe

Donel McClintock: Raymochy parish, Barony of Raphoe, [10 away from John McClintock on the list]


John McClintock of Maghrihee: Raphoe parish, Barony of Raphoe

James McClintock of Maghrihee: Raphoe parish, Barony of Raphoe, [adjacent John McClitnock]

Robert McClintock of Glenmquein: Rahoe parish, Barony of Raphoe


John McClintock of Momein: Taughboyne parish, Barony of Raphoe

Widow McClintock of Ratein: Taughboyne parish, Barony of Raphoe [Gilbert McClintock of Ratein was on the 1663 tax list]

Finlay McClintock of Altacaskein: Taughboyne parish, Barony of Raphoe

Alexander McClintock of Tryentagh: Taughboyne parish, Barony of Raphoe



McClintock probate records Co. Donegal that do not relate to Alwxander McClintock’s family of Trintagh

John McClintock of Machryhee, Raphoe parish, 1721 [1A-98, Derry], refers to wife and children, not named.


Administration, Raphoe parish

17 Mar 1719, John McClintock, Jr. administrator on property of John McClintock, Sr

23 July 1719, John McClintock and John McClintock, Jr., father and brother of Samuel McClintock, administrators on Samuel McClintock’s property.





Samuel McClintock in Lurgy

Samuel McClintock in Lurgy





David McClintock, Ardagh

James McClintock, Ardagh

James and John McClintock, Ardagh

Thomas McClintock, Creatland

Alex McClintock, Drumenan

Samuel McClintock, Gillistown





John McClintock

John McClintock

Robert McClintock





John McClintock, Donaghmore

William McClintock, Killaghtee

Aaron McClintock, Killaghtee

Robert McClintock, Esq., Killea

Alexander McClintock, Kilmacrenan

Alexander McClintock, Leck

Alexander McClintock, Raphoe

Andrew McClintock, Raphoe

William McClintock, Raphoe

Alexander McClintock, Taughboyne

Daniel McClintock, Taughboyne

James McClintock, Taughboyne

John McClintock, Taughboyne

Joseph McClintock, Taughboyne

Robert McClintock, Taughboyne

Thomas McClintock, Taughboyne




Ann McClintock, Londonderry, 1757

James McClintock, Gilestown, 1795

Mary McClintock, n.d.

William McClintock, Bettany, 1801



Tombstone Inscriptions from Taughboyne Church Cemetery

Abstracted by Sir Francis L. McClintock

[The abstracts were made by him before 1904, probably in the late 1800s, he did not abstract every McClintock stone in the graveyard]


South side of the Church:


White marble stone

John McClintock, d. 3 Sep 1707, 59th year

Janet McClintock, his wife, d. 23 Dec 1739

John McClintock, Jr., esq., d. 26 May 1765, 67 years of age

Susanna McClintock, wife of John, d. 22 Nov 1742, 42 years of age



Near South side of Church near the West end


White marble stone

Alexander McClintock, d. 6 Sep 1670

Agnes Stinston, his wife, d. 6 Dec 1696

Alexander McClintock, d. 14 Sep 1689

Alexander McClintock, d. 29 Sep 1722, aged 40 years




Near the above stone is a dark limestone marker

Alexander McClintock, d. 12 Jun 1752, aged 73 years

Mary McClintock, his wife, d. 4 Oct 1767



Elsewhere in graveyard  is the stone of

Alexander McClintock, son of Alexander, d. Mar 1737



South side of Church


Stone with inscription of

Sarah Young, wife of Alexander McClintock, d. 27 Jun 1739

William McClintock, d. 5 Sep 1724, aged 67 years

Elizabeth Harvey, wife of William, d. 13 Jun 1722, aged 56 years




The actual wills were all consumed in the 1922 four courts fire in Dublin.  Fortunately Betham abstracted nearly all the prerogative wills of Ireland in about the year 1800.   Prerogative wills were for testors who had over five pounds worth of property in two or more baronies, so these testors tended to be amongst the wealthiest group of Irishmen.  Most of the wills cover the McClintocks of Trinta, Co., Donegal.


Betham Will Abstracts, book Ma, p. 80-81.



Alexander McClintock

Of Taughboyne

Dated: 1690

Children: Alexander and Elizabeth

Brothers: John and William

Sister: Jane

[Burkes gives his wife's name as Sarah, see below]


Alexander McClintock

Of Castletrues, Co. Donegal

Dated: 24 Oct 1722

Proven: 6 Mar 1722

Wife: Anna

Children: John, Robert, Mary, Sarah and Ann


John McClintock

Of Strabane, Co., Tyrone

Dated 1 Feb 1750

Proven: 21 Feb 1752

Wife: Rebecca

Children: Robert, William, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane, Rebecca and Lydia


Alexander McClintock

Of Dublin

Dated 10 Jul 1772

Proven 8 Jun 1775

Brothers: John and Robert

Sister: Katharine Keys

Brother Robert's children: John, David and William

Brother John's children: William (and his two sons: John and Alexander), James (and his son Alexander), John, Catharine Fenton, Anne Gray, Frances Keys, Rebecca O'Harra, and Alexander


Robert McClintock

Of Cashruse, Co. Donegal

Dated 15 Dec 1755

Proven: 10 Feb 1757

Wife: Helen

Children: John, David, William, Henry, Rose, and Helena


Catharine McClintock

Of Londonderry

Dated 10 Oct 1794

Proven: 10 Aug 1799

Brother: David Harvey

Sisters: Rebecca Harvey and Mary Harvey

Nephew: Andrew Ferguson, his wife, Elizabeth and their children: Anne, Sarah and Jane


John McClintock

Of Trintaugh, Co. Donegal

Dated 14 May 1765

Proven 30 Nov 1765

Brother: Alexander

Children: William, John, Frances Keys, Rebecca O'Hara, Catharine Nesbit, Alexander and James

William's Children: Mary, Ann, Susannah and Catharine

Alexander's Children: John, Samuel, Jane, Mary and Catharine


The next three wills are inferred from Burkes Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1912, p. 435-7


William McClintock

Of Dunmore, Co. Donegal

Proven: 1724

Wife: Elizabeth

Children: John, Mary Harvey, Elizabeth Alexander, Margaret, and Jane


John McClintock

Of Trinta, Co. Donegal

Proven: 1707

Wife: Jenet

Children: John, Mary Gray, Alexander, William, James, Robert and George.


Alexander McClintock

Of Trentaugh, Co. Donegal

Proven: 1690

Wife: Sarah

Brothers: William and John

Sister: Jane Porter



Will abstracted by Emory McClintock ca 1910 from the Registry Office in Dublin


William McClintock

Of Cappagh, Co. Tyrone

Dated: 24 Feb 1774

Son: James; son Robert is mentioned as being deceased

Daughters:  Jenet and Margaret




Will of Finlay McClintock of Dromao, Co. Tyrone, names brother’s son Samuel, proved 24 Jan 1714, but was indexed for 1718 [1A-67, Armagh, Drogheda]



1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Lists


Joseph McClintock in Cappagh parish

James McClintock in Cappagh parish

Joseph McClintock in Clogherney parish

James McClintock in Clogherney parish, adj Joseph on the list

George McClintock in Donaghedy parish

John McClintock in Drumra parish

Widow McClintock in Drumra parish





1740 Protestant Householders Census


Widow McClintock in Coldaff parish

Mr. McClintock in Tyrkeering by Templemore parish

John McClintock in Lisglass, Glendermot parish along with: Edward Pogue, Robert Wilson, James Buchanan

Robert Whitehill in Ardmore, Glendermot parish, along with: James Barr, Saml Barr, Alexander Logan, John Nicholson, John Allison and John Burnside


1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Lists


Henry McClintock in Cumber parish

John McClintock in Templemore parish

James McClintock in Templemore parish, adj John on list