[David McClintock, served as an elder in Donegal Presbytery]





Hanover twp.

William McClintock             "deeded 370 acres"  17 rent                2H3C 20 corn


Lebanon twp

John McClintock




Lebanon twp.

Jno Meclantick                     1 - 6

[adjacent: Tho. Clark, Jno Clark, Richard Robertson, Peter Kingery; near Felix Landas]


Paxton twp.

William MacClentock          [close to Albert Staret, Thomas McCord, John Montgomery & Edward Sharp]



[John McClintock was on a list of parishoners calling Rev. Elder to Paxton & Derry Pres. Churches]





Lebanon twp

John McClintock





Lebanon twp.

John MaClentick                  1 - 6

[Adjacent: Jo Casper Stover and Abraham Weilman; Near: John Gamble, Ralph Whiteside]


Paxtang twp

William McClenteg




Lebanon twp.

John McClintick                   0 - 3 - 0

[Adjacent: Abraham Whitmann and Rev. John Casper Stover; near: Nathaniel Nesbit, James Atkinson, George McConnell, Thomas Clark, John Clark, and William Clark]





Lebanon twp

John McClintock





Hannover twp

William McClintock




[William McClintock married Jean Sharp on  9 Oct 1760, by Rev. Roan, min. of new side Pres. Church in Paxtang twp.]





Lebanon twp.

[Abraham M'Clanty  of Lebanon  twp. m. Sarah Bard of Hanover twp., 4 Jun 1761, recorded in John Casper Stoever's journal]




[Alexander McClunty m. Mary Aston (she is from Derry twp.) 3 Dec. 1767, in John Casper Stoever's journal]




Lebanon twp.

John Mack Glintick                              freeman

Willem Meck Clindig                           "farm"

Abraham Meck Clindy                        "farm"

Robert Meck Clindy                            "farm"


Londonderry twp.

Alexr McClintock                 40 acres                  1H1C2S

Joseph McClintock                              20 acres                  2H2C


Mt. Joy twp

Joseph McCintock                               freeman







Lebanon twp.

John Mack Clintick                              freeman

Abraham McClinty                              "farm"

Robert McClinty                                  "farm"

William McClinty                 "farm"


Little Brittan twp.

Widow Ewing and McClinton

Alexander Ewing

Patrick Ewing


Paxton twp

William McClintock                             freeman


Salisbury twp

Alexander McClintock                        tennant of Henry Kepple

[Bill of Sale: Alexander McClintock to John Whitehill et al, Book O, p. 101]




Lebanon twp

Abraham McClintick                           50 acres                  2H1C

William McClentick                             60 acres                  2H2C

Robert McClintick                                75 acres                  2H2C

John McClentick                                  freeman


Easter twp

William McClintock                             freeman


[William and Abraham McClintock are among other church members who pay for a wall at Derry Pres. Church]

[26 Feb 1771 Joseph McLyntie m. Margaretha McQuien, from Lebanon and Londonderry twps., in pastorial records of John Casper Stoever]




Londonderry twp

Alexander McClintick                          no land                   1C

Joseph McClintick                               no land                   1H1C





Lebanon twp

Abraham McClindigh                          80 acres                  2H2C

John McClindigh                                 80 acres                  1H1C

Robert McClindigh                              80 acres                  2H2C

[Will of Abraham McClintock, Lebanon twp., mentions, wife: Sarah, brothers: Robert, William, Joseph, John, and Hugh, sisters: Elizabeth Ewing and Susanna]

[Mortgage: William Kirkwood to Abraham McClintock's executor, Book R, p. 3]


Londonderry twp

Alexander McClintick                          no land                   1H

Joseph McClintick                               30 acres                  1H2C

[Land grants to Alexander McClintcok on Jan. 2 for 50 and 25 acres; grant on Mar. 8th for 35 acres]




Lebanon twp.

[Land warrant: John McClintock, 100 acres, 6 Mar 1775]


Londonderry twp

Joseph McClintick               [adjacent: Josiah, Joseph, David & Robt. McQueen]                   





Londonderry twp

Alexander McClintock

Joseph McClintock



Londonderry twp

Alexander McClintock

Joseph McClintock

John McClintock                                  freeman

[30 Jun 1778 Thomas Gorden m. Susannah McLinty, both from Lebanon twp., in pastorial records of John Caper Stoever]


1778 Militia Lists


Londonderry  twp.

John McClintock                  private    5th Class                 Cap. Arlhart          Oct. 29

John McClintock                  private    1st Class                  Cap McQueen      May 25

Alexander McClintik            private                                    Cap. Arlhart          Oct. 29







Lebanon twp.

John McGlindick                  90 acres                  1H2C



Londonderry twp

Alexander McClintock                        40 acres                  2H2C

Joseph McClintock, shoemaker         30 acres                  2H2C


1779 Militia  Lists


Londonderry twp.

Alexander McClintock                                                        Cap. McQueen

John McClintock                                                                  Cap. McQueen




Lebanon twp.

John McClindigh                 90 acres                  2H2C




Lebanon twp.

John McClindigh                 90 acres                  2H2C


Joseph McClintock              10 acres                  [near: Robt., Tho. & John McCallen]



1781 Militia Lists


Londonderry twp.

Alexander McClintock        private                    8th Class                 Cap. McQueen     Oct. 1

Joseph McClintock              private                    6th Class                 Cap McQueen      Oct. 1


Lebanon twp

John McClindigh                 private                    4thClass                 Cap. Holderbaum Dec 25


[Marriage preformed by Rev. John Cuthbertson of Middle Octoraro twp, Lancaster Co., PA: married  John McClintock and Agnes Ayres on 4 Sep 1781, according to Rev. Cuthbertson's journal, he preformed this marriage within Lower Chanceford twp., York Co., PA, right across the river from Lancaster Co., he noted in his journal that he was at W. Ayres house that day, this very well could be Agnes' father]]




Lebanon twp

John McClindick                                  90 acres                  2H2C


Londonderry twp

Joseph McClintock                              30 acres                  2H2C


1782 Militia Lists


Lebanon twp.

John McClintock                  private                    4th Class                 Cap Holderbaum


Londonderry twp.

Joseph McClintock              private                    6th Class                 Cap McQueen






Lebanon twp.

John McClintock                  80 acres


Londonderry twp.

Joseph McClintock              20 acres                  1H2C2S





[Power-of-attorney: Abraham McClintock's Exec. To  George Wolf, Book W, p. 291]




Lebanon twp.


[Estate of Robert McClintock (per History of Lebanon Co., by Eagle0, mentions children: William b. 1769, Elizabeth b. 1771, Martin b. 1773 and Mary b. 1775]




[John McClintock evidence that he was married to a _______ Sloan, per Dauphin Co., PA Mortgage Book C-I:14]




Dauphin Co..Marriages

Samuel McClintock and Miss Margaret Buffington, daughter of Thomas Buffington, 20 Jan 1809




Salisbury twp.

[Deed: Hugh McClintick to James McKimen, Book Z-5, p. 237]


The tax lists were abstracted from Penn. Archives Series and from Eagles Notes and Queries, and are far from complete.